Round One With The Tennis Coach

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The first person that really enlightened me to wonderful sex took me totally by surprise. About six months after my divorce, I took a job as technology coordinator at a Junior High school. The first day of school, I was standing at the copier looking down, when the best looking pair of legs I had ever seen on a man walked by. I guess I caught his interest also, because he stopped, turned around, and walked back into the copier room. He came up to me and said, “Hi, my name is Kyle, I am the tennis coach. I don’t think we’ve met, are you new this year?” He wasn’t great looking or anything; but I could tell he was in great physical condition. I was only 27 and he had to be at least forty-ish; but there was definitely instant attraction. I said, “Well, that would explain the legs.” and laughed. He looked me up and down and said, “I don’t even know where to start on you. It all looks good.” I blushed and we both laughed a little. He grinned with perfect teeth and said, “Welcome, to our Jr. High. Looks like we will have a great year!” Our boss came in and he left. She looked at me and said, “Watch out for that one, he’s a smooth talker.” I asked her if it was all talk and she said she wasn’t sure, and we laughed.

I later found out that he was married to a very wealthy lady in town and that he was quite a womanizer. So, although I was single at the time, I dismissed the idea of a relationship with him. I thought I was looking for something more “permanent”. Throughout the year, he would seek me out almost every day and we would talk or he would invite me to the coach’s lounge. Many times, he hinted that he would like to get me to go away with him for a weekend but I just had my doubts about him as a lover and never would commit to an actual encounter.

On the last day of school, he came to my office and sat talking with me for a while. I was wearing a short black dress with pink floral pattern. It was cut very low in the back and I wore black heels. I could tell he was feeling the attraction between us by the way his eyes kept sweeping over me like he was having a hard time concentrating on the conversation. I mentioned a project I was working on and he stood up and moved behind me to look at the computer screen. As he leaned over my shoulder, he pretended to reach for the mouse. Instead he reached for my breast. That was the first time he had forced the intimacy and it felt good. My nipples hardened instantly and he began to massage and tweak my nipple. It was a weak moment for me for I was very wanting and as our eyes met his burned with pure lust. I stared back as his questing hand toyed with my nipple. He must have sensed that I was aroused and felt his near victory because he leaned closer, his breath fanning my cheek. Someone knocked at my office door and he removed his hand and left my office. I was hot and very wet and almost moaned aloud at his abrupt departure.

Later that day I caught him watching me across the cafeteria. When he saw me leave for my office again, he followed me and pulled me into a book room. His hands on my bareback were so hot; bursa escort I thought it would actually leave a mark. He lowered his head to kiss me but he never touched my lips, his lips touched my neck and I melted. I was burning so hot between my legs and I raised one knee to feel relief. He took that as a queue and ran a hand beneath my skirt to the center of my thighs. I was only wearing panty hose and he could feel the wetness seeping through the nylon and began to finger my clit wetting his fingers with the moisture. Through the panty hose it was difficult to really get to my clit or the lips of my vagina. I felt his cock grow hard against my thigh; it felt long, thick and hard. I rubbed my wet pussy against his hand but we both knew this wouldn’t work. Finally, we broke apart and I turned and placed my forehead against the shelf there in the book room to cool down. There were some magazines on the shelf and to break the silence he pointed at the woman on the front and made a comment. I looked up at him and he said, “Now, will you meet me somewhere?” A little breathless I said, “Yes, where?” He said, “My house at 3:00 this afternoon.” I asked about his wife and what she would think? He said he wasn’t taking “no” for an answer. If I wouldn’t meet him there, he would lock the door and do me here and to hell with the boss lady. I agreed to meet him there and he left. I felt his handprint on my back all afternoon and was sure that everyone could see it.

He met me in the parking lot after school at 2:45 and he told me to follow him. I had never done anything like this and was very nervous driving to his house. The only thing that kept me from changing my mind was the memory of how his hands burned my body everywhere he touched me. He had great hands. When we reached his house in a very elite part of town. He told me to park in the church parking lot a little ways from his house. When I got to his door, he invited me in and asked if I wanted anything to drink? My mouth was so dry from the nervousness; so, I told him yes. He asked if I wanted to freshen up and showed me the guest bathroom. He told me that I could use anything in there because his wife never goes in there. I used the restroom and noticed that I was already creaming between my legs. I splashed water on my face to cool down and patted it dry not to mess up my make-up. I slipped out of my panty hose and put them in my purse. I put my heels back on and walked back to the living room to find Kyle.

He was sitting on the sofa in the den. He had changed his tennis shorts and put on a button down shirt but most of the buttons were open. I sat down in a chair across from him. He indicated my drink on the table in front of him. I stood up to reach for the drink and he caught my wrist. He pulled me over to the sofa next to him and I sat down. He kissed me, but I was so nervous I didn’t respond. I reached for my drink and he began to massage my back and shoulders. He guessed that I had never been with a married man and I told him that was true and that I was very nervous. He told me there was nothing to bursa escort bayan be frightened about and that if I would feel more comfortable, he would call her to make sure she wasn’t coming home anytime soon. I said, “okay!” He said but first you have to relax and kiss me. I leaned toward him, pressed my lips to his and he slid his hand down my back to release my zipper.

The dress fell forward and he looked at my breasts through the lacey bra. He told me that he had looked down my shirt so many times and couldn’t wait to get his mouth on my nipples. He undid the front clasp of my bra and brushed it away. His hands closed over my breast and his mouth found my nipple. Gently he sucked at first until I pressed him more firmly. He began to suck harder using his tongue to circle the areola and with his free hand he massaged my other breast plucking the nipple with his thumb and forefinger. I ignited and lay back on the sofa giving him full access to my body… I massaged his head, neck and shoulders as he sucked and tugged at my nipples I arched my back against his hands and his mouth grew harder and more insistent. I closed my eyes and my mouth opened in a silent cry.

I could feel the moist heat between my legs and moaning, I began to finger my clit and opening searching for a release. His fingers followed my lead moving to my heated opening with surety. It felt so good as his questing fingers slid into the opening of my canal. His fingers were long and hard and sure. He quickly found the passion places in my vagina that I never knew existed. His forefinger circled my opening igniting all my fires then thrust again into my opening. My hips involuntarily thrust against his masterful hand. His thumb found my swollen clit and playfully flicked it alternately applying pressure increasing my excitement with each touch. I was suddenly lost in the emotions begging him to fuck me and suck me. He obliged kissing and sucking at my breast while his hands work magic in my pussy. Just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore, He slid his pinky finger into my asshole.

Applying the same techniques he was using on my vagina and clit. I gasped and thrust at his hand. All my awareness and emotion was centered on my pleasure. He sensed my readiness and lowered his head replacing his fingers with a warm hard tongue. Sensations exploded inside me and I arched my back moaning in pleasure. “Oh, God, Kyle! Uhhh!” I clutched at my pussy urging him to suck the clear sweet liquid as it gushed from my body. He fucked urgently now with his fingers in my tunnel and ass. The contractions started deep in my abdomen and I knew it would be a hard climax. He grasped my clit in his mouth sucking and flicking the charged tip with his tongue. I cried out rocking as the waves closed my opening. I shuddered and pleasure bumps passed across my skin that he noticed and traced the patterns on my skin with his tongue.

Knowing that my first storm had passed, he moved up to my lips again. Kissing me passionately allowing me to taste my juices on his tongue. Gently, I licked the sweet cum escort bursa from his mouth and chin which seemed to delight him even more. “You don’t mind?” He asked? I replied that I shouldn’t since it was my own juices. He seemed overcome with his desire of me and lustfully his eyes gazed at me. I realized that he had not cum, yet. I felt his cock press hard against my bare thigh and reached for him. I found the zipper and slid my hand inside. My fingers closed around his piece and I was shocked by the hard thickness. I guess in my surprise, I hesitated because he looked up at me and grew still.

He sat up pulling me with him. Standing up he unbuttoned his shirt and stepped out of his shorts. I was amazed at the size of his cock. It wasn’t really long, only about 7 or 8 inches but it was very thick and beautifully shaped. My mouth watered and I reached for him with both hands. Sliding him in and out of my mouth I tasted him. I had to open my mouth very wide and was careful not to let my teeth graze his skin. I rolled my tongue around the head of his penis and he shivered. It made me feel hot again, and I sucked again.

Licking and sucking, I moistened him from balls to tip. Each time I sucked, I’d roll my tongue around the head giving special attention to the sensitive tip. He massaged my head and shoulders as he stood in front of me and each time I’d take him in my mouth he would press slightly more insistent on the back of my head. He moaned and I was so wet. I slipped out of my shoes and pulled my feet beneath me so that my heel pressed against my clit and I rocked gently adding pressure. His hands grew more insistent as he pushed his cock deep into my throat… I had never taken anything this big in and wasn’t sure I could; I attempted a swallow and he glided into my throat. He moaned and shuddered as I took him all the way in….. deep. My eyes watered some and my wetness increased as he began to pump in rhythm. Lightly, he touched my face, neck and shoulders encouraging me to continue my quest for his pleasure. I felt the shivers on his skin as I put my hands on his ass and squeezed.

He looked at me and told me that he couldn’t stop… It just felt to good to quit…. I responded by tightening my grip on his ass and shoving him deeper into my throat. I felt his balls on my chin and new I had taken him all in. I began to tremble and moved my ass gently against my foot to stimulate my clit as he stroked my throat. He ground out, “Oh, my god, this is good!” Then I felt him jerk and warm cum filled my throat. He continued to pump while gasping and groaning with his hands hard in my hair. I sucked until he unloaded everything in my throat and mouth. I swallowed and he held my head to his cock until I had licked and sucked him dry then he collapsed on the sofa beside me. Pulling me onto his chest, he thanked me and apologized for taking his pleasure first. I told him it was okay but he wasn’t happy about it. He said he had been waiting to fuck me all year and then he blew it…. I said, “Yeah, you sure did!” We laughed… and he asked if I’d come back to see him the next day. School was out and we would have more free time. Since, we were out time today and his wife would soon be home. I told him yes but he made me promise I would call by 10. I freshened up and left with a kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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