Room Service at Motel 6

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The setting is a classy Motel 6 bed draped in the finest old ratty towels with the covers pulled back.

I lay naked, soft white skin against the dark fabric, fresh from the shower. My legs are spread wide above me, butt on the edge of the bed as I present my lovely, loose hole to the air.

A man sits on the floor naked and places himself between my legs, looks at my hole hungrily and immediately moves in to taste – at first, slowly, and then deeper, lapping passionately, french kissing my ass.

As his tongue delves deep, the tip brushes against the protruding end of a warm, solid, bitter mass. Immediately, he moans and says to me with lust in his voice: “Oh, God, I can feel it – it’s right there.”

He is immediately hard, and has to restrain himself from cumming on the floor as he digs in deep to taste the tip of my log. He licks and plays with the end of the turd, becoming more and more excited.

My body is electric, head thrown back, eyes half shut, one hand gentling caressing my slick, engorged clit as I savor the sensation of his hot, wet tongue penetrating my full ass, licking the ring.

I catch my breath as I begin to push with my muscles, feeling the large, solid shit slide down my tract, inch by inch, towards that eager tongue. As more of the turd comes within reach, more moans escape the mouth of my partner, deep vibrations sending shivers of ecstasy through my limbs. “I’m ready,” he says urgently, barely removing his tongue from my anus.

We stand and move into the bathroom – I step into the bleached-white porcelain tub and squat on the edge of its cool surface, my hole open to the air as my thighs hold my weight.

He lies down beneath me on the black vinyl exercise mat we bought for the purpose and cranes his head the short distance to my puckered ring, licking lightly before plunging in again to taste what will soon be his.

As his tongue strains and ventures into my hole once more, I feel the tickle of his stubble on the tender skin, the press of his lips against my ass.

With gravity on my side, I begin to push, and the turd slides bahis firmaları further down inside, rubbing against the inner walls.

A dribble of pee begins to emerge, and then a full on stream, as my bladder gives in to the pressure, and releases its contents to splash and run down the man’s head, into his hair.

Then my hole begins to open up on its own, and he can feel my muscles pressing the large, bumpy log against his tongue.

He moans and fidgets, opening his mouth further, tongue lapping at the protruding brown tip. I strain, and suddenly feel the grainy texture of shit rubbing my outer ring, stretching it, the bumps massaging my anal passage as the log makes its way out of my body.

The relief is accompanied, this time, with intense pleasure as I listen to the muffled moans beneath me. The man’s mouth encompasses the large turd, and, as I push, it slides past his waiting lips into his mouth, filling it completely.

He catches the remainder with his hand. As I strain to push the last of it out, he inserts a finger, squishing it into the last globules of shit caught in the pocket in my ass and sending waves of pleasure up my spine.

I stand up and turn around to see the sizable log that sits, now, in his hand, a dark chocolate color, thick, marbled with specks of yellowish food particles.

I sit on the mat and he hands me the pile in his hand. I take its warm, heavy weight into my hand and lay back against the tub. With my other hand, I take the first glob of shit and gently, but forcefully push it past my ring and back into my ass.

He watches me in awe as I shove the shit that was just in his mouth, piece by piece, back into my ass, clearly enjoying the mess and the smell.

He steals a piece from my hand and begins to jack off with it, covering his cock in a layer of thick brown mess.

My ass grows fuller and fuller as three fingers squish the sticky shit inside, until it is all back in, and my cheeks and hands are smeared with brown.

I slide my fingers in and inhale deeply one last time before getting up to wash my hands off, kaçak iddaa watching the swirls of brown in the sink.

I return to the bathroom and sink to my knees, cushioned by the foam in the mat. Before I am completely down, he comes up behind me and slides a finger into my ass.

I gasp as my body reels, pleasure radiating out from that one, slick entry point. He begins to finger my shit-smeared ass.

Behind me I can hear the squishing sounds of his other hand working furiously at his shit-covered dick. I melt onto the edge of the bathtub, concentrating on the sounds, the smells, and the sensations.

My lust-filled consciousness focuses on every movement that his fingers are making at my ass: the slippery, gritty feel of the churned up shit squished by his messy digits, sliding in and out, filling and emptying, satisfying and making me ache for more.

My thoughtless brain, in its reckless abandon, feels the power of that one finger, and begs for the moment when that finger will be replaced with a hard, throbbing, shit-covered cock. My own fingers work frantically at my dripping clit as I imagine the imminent shit-fucking that I have so been craving.

But as long as I wait, it doesn’t happen. And finally he says “I think I have to pee.”

At first I am a tad let down, impatient to be fucked. But then he adds: “Would you like me to pee in your ass?”

The moment he says this, my heart flutters, at first surprised, then eager. I nod my head and breathlessly let out a whispery yes, bending down and renewing my pose against the edge of the bathtub.

I hold my ass open and then his warm, slick, soft flesh is at my hole, hands guiding the head of his slack member into the opening. It takes a couple of tries, but then it finally squishes in.

He begins to release his bladder. I concentrate on the feelings in my ass, and then I feel a strange warmness filling me up, a kind of slow current of heated liquid pooling in my rectum.

As I take in the oddness of this feeling, his penis suddenly slips out and piss spurts from my ass to the floor, flowing over kaçak bahis my pussy and dripping from my clit into the brownish yellow puddle below.

He feeds it back in and pisses some more, but again slips out — there’s no room left in my ass for his pee. So he pushes and it flows out over the round globes of my ass in a steady flow, a warm golden shower running down my back and legs. Finally he finishes.

My ass is still full of his piss when he slides his fingers back in. My now-sensitive ring sends a strong pulse of sensation through my nerves and I moan as he renews his finger-fucking.

I take the full length of his supple digits into me and feel them glide out again and I ache for more. One hand works my clit feverishly as I begin to move my body back and forth against his fingers.

I push with my ass muscles… and a gush of piss burbles out over his fingers and mine.

Another push — more piss, this time with a brownish tint.

His fingers start to make squishing sounds as they hit a blob of softened shit, and the added textures throw me into a frenzy.

I push again, and the shit begins to ooze around his fingers and out to slide slowly down the stretch of skin between my ass and pussy.

The hand at my clit, dripping musky piss, feels the glob of gritty shit reach my pussy and this sends me over the edge. A dull pressure begins to build in my body, growing slowly and steadily over a few long seconds. My breathing gets shallow and with one last gasping breath I softly exclaim: “I’m cumming!”

And then the pressure breaks and waves of pleasure flood my limbs, radiating from that core of pleasure, my ass, where his fingers are still pumping in and out, despite the sudden spasming of my anal ring around his knuckles.

As the waves die away, I sink onto the floor, spent and shaky. His fingers slip from my ass. Closing my eyes, I let the heavenly exhaustion spread and take me for a few moments. Then I open my eyes, and slowly lift my weak body into a sitting position.

I look back at him, sitting there in a puddle of pee with my shit all over his hands, and I smile.

He smiles back at me.

I give a breathless chuckle before finally standing up to begin the arduous task of returning the motel bathroom to its original spotless white perfection.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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