Roman Life

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I recently read an article about the sexual conditions in Rome. Thought I would write a story about what was probably happening two thousand years ago. Vic5

I woke up this morning with the sun shining in my window. I laid in bed and was thinking about a conversation I had yesterday with my friend, Flavius. He said Caesar had been sending many slaves back to Rome. Caesar was very successful in the war with the barbarians in the far north.

I, as one of the Senators, was very impressed with the way he conducted the war and the looting. The sale of slaves would add to the state treasure and further aid the war effort.

Flavius told me I should attend the slave auction for curiosity or if I needed to buy another one. That brought to mind that I should buy another girl to replace the one I just sold. I had maintained this young slave girl for my enjoyment in the apartment in the back of my villa. She had been giving me trouble lately. When I have an important political guest in my home, I often suggest he could go to the apartment for a sexual encounter. If he enjoyed the encounter, it was a political plus for me.

Recently, I sent a very important guest to the girl. He complained she was not cooperative for the type of sex he wanted. I sold her because I never put up with any guff from a slave. The person who bought her was going to use her as a laborer and would probably have sex with her too. Her luxury life was over. Now, I need to buy another girl to replace her.

The slave auction was about to begin when I arrived. I noticed quite a few slaves in a fenced in area near the auction platform. Most of them looked like a sorry lot. The slave managers had tried to clean them up and give them better clothes for the auction so they would bring a better price. That helped, but I could see the dismal look and bewilderment on their faces. There were families huddled together and then there were many singles.

The auction had started but I didn’t see any pretty girls during the first few. I saw a mother along with a nice looking girl about age 10. The auctioneer said he would try to auction them off together. I thought I would bid, but a brothel owner was willing to pay a much higher price for the pair. I’ve noticed children in the brothels. Many citizens are not happy about that, but an owner can do most anything they want to do with the slaves. The barbarians from the north are considered sub human. The brothel owners make a good sum of money from the young ones. However, I was glad to see they were not being separated.

I noticed two girls who looked like twins were soon going to be auctioned. I guessed they were probably around the age of 18 to 20. When they were herded on the platform, they were looking down at the floor. The auctioneer demanded they look up and out at the people. I could see their facial features were nice and could be pretty if they had powder and their lips reddened. They had shapely bodies. With nicer clothing, they could look very sexy.

I decided to bid. The auctioneer knew someone would buy them for sex and maybe manage them as prostitutes. He decided to give a potential buyer a better view. He took hold of one of the girls dress and pulled it down to show her breasts. They were beautifully shaped.

As the bidding started, I saw my friend, Flavius, bidding. I didn’t want to bid against him. He had the final bid when the auctioneer said Sold. He settled the account with the auctioneer and led the two girls from the crowd.

I walked toward him and said, “Hello, looks as if just bought two nice ones.”

He responded, “I think when I get them washed and dressed properly, they will be very pretty and sexy. Have you bought anyone as yet?”

“No, but I’m going to bid on the next pretty girl to be auctioned off.”

Then a young man and girl were herded on the platform. He was a tall muscular man and she had the potential to be pretty. I assumed they were husband and wife. They probably had a barbaric marriage ceremony, if any, not recognizable according to Roman law.

I decided to bid and won them without costing too much. I took them home and gave the girl the apartment recently vacated by the previous girl. I gave the man to my slave manager to put him with the other male slaves.

I told my slave manager to tell him, “If he doesn’t like the arrangement, I’ll sell him. Also, tell him I will often visit the girl. However, he has my permission to visit her maybe once bahis firmaları a month if he won’t cause any trouble.”

After the manager explained the situation to the couple, the man was reluctantly led away because he knew he had no choice. The manager told me his name was Herman and her name was Hilda. I told a servant to make sure Hilda had a bath, then dress her in pretty clothes.

This servant’s name was Siscerene. She was a favorite servant and mistress for my father when he was living. When I was very young and began to wonder about sex, my father sent her to my room to teach me about sex. I lost my virginity to her. I never touched her again because there were many younger slave girls available. My father liked her so well that I never considered selling her.
Later that evening when I visited Hilda, she looked very pretty. She had a shapely body with her breasts practically exposed in the low cut toga that was held together with one pin. When I entered the room she stood up, but looked scared. We didn’t have a common voice language, so I motioned for her to recline on the pillows with me. I had arranged for Siscerene to bring us wine and food.

As we sipped wine and nibbled on the food, she became more relaxed. She tried telling me something but I didn’t understand her. Maybe she was telling me she wanted to be good to me, then again, maybe she was telling me she wanted her husband back. She was drinking quite a bit of wine. I was beginning to think she wanted to get dead drunk to ease her conscious mind while we had sex. She knew how the evening would evolve. However, she didn’t know if I was a pervert or would be gentle with her. She had no choice as she was my slave.

I told Siscerene to leave us alone. Then I turned to Hilda to kiss her. She responded reasonable well. I unpinned her toga to expose her breasts and kissed them. She seemed to like it. She was completely naked as I unwrapped the toga. She had a beautiful body. I pushed her back on the pillows and kissed her nipples. She simply resigned to her fate and cooperated with me.

I turned her around and had her up on her knees for me to enter her doggie style. I didn’t want to get her pregnant. Being in this position, it would be easy for me to pull out just before cumming. I moved the head of my cock up and down her slit before putting pressure to enter her. She was juicy enough for me to slowly enter all the way in. I started back and forth movement and began to speed up. I knew I was cumming and pulled out. My cum splattered all over her bottom and back.

I summoned Siscerene again to bring the potion for her to drink to avoid pregnancy just in case some of my cum was in her pussy. I often wondered if it did any good. Maybe someday there would be a better way to prevent pregnancy.

Hilda started talking while Siscerene was present. She could understand a little of what Hilda was saying. She was asking if Herman could come to see her. I told her if she continued to be cooperative with me, he could visit her in a month. She beamed and said she would please me any way she could. I told her I would be back the next evening.

The next evening, Hilda stood to greet me with a smile. I had Siscerene give her the opportunity for a bath again. She had been provided with makeup, her hair was combed nice, and Siscerene had given her perfume.

We reclined on the pillows while drinking wine and eating. We were beginning to communicate some by making motions with our hands and other body language. After several glasses of wine, she was becoming very tipsy. I kissed her deeply with tongues meshed several times. I made motions she should take my cock in her mouth. She made motions that suggested she had never done this before, but was willing to please me.

She took my cock head in her mouth and held it there. I put my hand on her head to indicated she should go up and down. She got the idea and started vigorously working on me. I pushed her head farther down to deep throat me. She gagged a little, but got the idea. Evidently I had taught her good because she was giving me all the thrills of a deep throat blow job. I blasted in her mouth and throat. She pulled back a little so she would not choke. I tried to tell her she learned fast. She seemed happy that she had pleased me.

She was beginning to be more relaxed now and enjoyed sex with me. Siscerene came in to leave the potion for her to drink to prevent pregnancy. Since I had not cum in her kaçak iddaa pussy, she did not need to drink it tonight.

While Siscerene was present, Hilda again asked when Herman could visit her. I told her she could see him if she did what I wanted her to do. I told her I wanted her to have sex with a guest of mine. He would be in my house tomorrow night and I wanted her to give him the best sex she could. If she did, she could see Herman after the guest left. I told her he would probably like a blow job like the one she gave me. She readily agreed.

My important guest arrived the next evening. He was much older than myself and I wanted to make a good impression on him. He had much political power and could help me in the future. I assumed he could still get an erection and perform. We had some wine and fruit, then I asked him if he would like to enjoy a young pretty girl. He said that was thoughtful of me. I escorted him to Hilda’s apartment. When he saw Hilda, he smiled and his eyes lit up to think he could have this pretty girl for awhile. Before I left them alone, I suggested he should take his time, but before he left, please come back to the house to see me.

The old man had been with Hilda for an hour and I was wondering how much sex can he take. After about two hours, he came back into the house. He looked well pleased. I asked him how he liked Hilda.

“She is wonderful, can I buy her from you?”

It was nice to know he was pleased, but I told him she was not for sale. He could come over some other time to be with Hilda. When my guest left, I notified my slave manager to let Herman spend the rest of the night with Hilda.

It was late, but I was not sleepy. Actually, I was feeling horny. I knew I could not visit Hilda because Herman was with her now. While I was wandering aimlessly around the rooms holding a candle, I noticed a person in the kitchen area. I recognized her as one of our kitchen slaves. My father had purchased her when he was living and had passed her on to my household. She was quite a bit older than I am. I had never thought of her as a sex object.

Right now I was horny and she looked like a good candidate for my bed. I told her to follow me which she obediently did. Once in my own private room, I removed her clothing. I felt her breasts and let my hands roam all over her body. We laid on an array of pillows. She was multi-orgasmic and we both enjoyed the remainder of the night together. Probably my father had enjoyed the company of this slave, too.

The next evening I went back to see Hilda. She greeted me at the door and was so happy that I let Herman spend the remainder of the last night with her. She was so appreciative that she made body motions indicating she would please me anyway she could. She kissed me very sexily.

I asked her how she pleased my guest the evening before. She immediately reached in the folds of my toga to hold my cock, then bent over to take it in her mouth. She raised back up to smile. I knew then what made my guest smile so much when I saw him before he left. She indicated she had done the same to Herman and he liked it too. I decided to fuck her in several different positions before she gave me the final blow job. It was another pleasant night with her.

I met my friend, Flavius, one day near the Senate building. I asked how he liked the twin girls he bought. He was very happy with them. He assigned small household duties to them to keep them occupied, but at night the sex was fantastic. They were fairly well experienced in sex when he bought them and they knew how to please a man. Why didn’t I come over an evening next week to party with him. I readily accepted.

Flavius invited me into the great room when I arrived. As we reclined on pillows, two girls came into the room with wine.

He said, “These are the twins I bought.”

I was astounded at their beauty and poise. They looked so different than the two scared girls I saw on the auction platform. The girls reclined on the pillows with us to enjoy the wine. We soon paired off with the girls when I kissed one of them. Their pretty togas were unpinned allowing their naked bodies to show. I noticed they had shapely bodies and their nipples were pointed ready to be kissed.

I asked Flavius how does he tell them apart since they looked alike. He said the girl I was kissing had a birth mark on her butt. I had her get up on her knees for me to look. I saw it on her bottom and I also saw kaçak bahis her ass and pussy.

I took the opportunity to get up behind her and entered my cock. Flavius saw what I was doing and decided to do the same with his girl. We both leisurely fucked the girls for awhile, but refrained from cumming. We wanted sex with these girls for a long time before we finished. We tried different positions with them, then we traded girls.

Flavius suggested we finish by letting the girls give us blow jobs. The girl I had was very experienced doing this and seemed to enjoy it too. The evening had been very interesting. Flavius invited me to come back again sometime.

As time went by, both Hilda and Herman were learning our language. I was having sex with Hilda anytime I wanted it and she seemed to enjoy it too. Occasionally, I would send a special guest to her. He was always pleased with the results. To keep her contented, I let Herman stay the remainder of the night with her after she had satisfied a special guest.

Herman was assigned to the horse stables. My wife, Merula, often rode in her carriage. I might explain about our marriage. Our parents arranged for our marriage years in advance. We never loved each other, but we did meet for sex on rare occasions. Merula had her lovers while I had mine. I seduced other wives, but I could always depend on sex with my slave girls any time I wanted it.

Herman had been so prompt in preparing the carriage for her and tending to her every need. He often chauffeured her. Merula evidently looked upon Herman as a handsome stud. I was wondering how long it would be before she seduced him.

I’m sure Herman was afraid to approach Merula because of dire consequences if she called it rape. Once when I was talking to Merula, I asked her if she thought about sex with Herman. She admitted she thought him very handsome and sexy, but she didn’t know if she should get involved. I said I could somehow put Herman’s mind at ease about getting into trouble if he wanted to get personal with her.

Hilda had told me Herman’s cock was the biggest she ever had. I thought to myself that my wife would probably enjoy a big cock. I’m sure Herman gets very horny because he doesn’t have sex with Hilda very often. He would probably give Merula the best fucking of her life.

Herman had not seen Hilda for a couple of weeks. He should have a lot of pent up sex drive and be very horny by now. This would be a good night for Merula to experience Herman’s big cock. I told my slave manager to have Herman bathe and give him dress clothing. Then have him come to my private quarters tonight.

Herman looked bewildered when he was ushered into my room. I told him to not be alarmed and I expected him to have an enjoyable evening. I had him follow me to Merula’s room. When I opened the door, a slave girl was assisting her in preparing for bed. I told the slave girl to leave.

Merula looked her usual prettiest in her night clothing. She wanted to know what we were doing in her room. I said I wanted her to get a good look at Herman. I then unpinned his toga allowing it to fall to the floor leaving him naked. He stood still like a statue. His body was very muscular and solid. I noticed his cock was rather long even though it was limp and hanging down. Merula’s eyes roamed up and down his body, then broke into a broad smile.

I said, “I think you like what you see”. She smiled and suggested we two join her in lounging on her many colorful pillows. Herman wasn’t quite sure what was going on, but he dutifully did what we told him to do. I unpinned Merula’s toga allowing her breasts to be exposed. I noticed Herman was beginning to get an erection. It got bigger and bigger as he stared at her breasts.

He was still afraid to touch her. Merula then reached over to grasp his growing cock in her hand. It became very big as it hardened.

I told her I was leaving Herman with her for the night. She smiled and thanked me for bringing him.

I decided to immediately go visit Hilda. I picked up a flask of wine as I walked to Hilda’s room. She was hoping I would come to see her as she was bored. As we drank wine, I told her that Herman was now in Merula’s room. That surprised her and was worried that Herman would be in big trouble. I put her mind at ease and told her it was alright with me. She said she had been feeling sorry for him because he only had sex with her on rare occasions. She knew he needed more sex than she was allowed to give him. She hoped Merula would enjoy his large cock. Hilda told me he was very virile and could cum several times. I then realized my wife was going to be fucked all night or until she was worn out.

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