Rocking All Night

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I ran my fingers down my body, and into my already soaked pussy. We were already completely naked. A huge make out session got us both so hot. I laid back on the bed so that he would have a great shot of my cunt. Jay’s eyes widened, and his face lit up with excitement. He licked his lips. I slipped one finger into my wet cunt. I spread my legs further apart. I slipped another finger into my pussy, and worked it up and down. I moved faster and harder. Jay started to rub his growing cock. I put a 3rd finger into my pussy. I was working my cunt harder. I began to moan as I tilted my head back. My first orgasm was building up.

“Use this now.” Jay said. He was holding my large purple dildo. I grabbed it out of his hand and rammed in deep and hard into my pussy. I screamed in ecstasy. I turned it high on vibrate. I worked it faster and harder. I got hotter. I was on the verge of an orgasm. I moved the purple vibrator faster and faster into my hot cunt. “I-I’M CCCUUUMMMMMMINGGGG!!” I screamed out. Cum flowed out of my pussy. I pulled the dildo out of my pussy, and sucked off all the juices. Jay’s cock was rock hard by now. I crawled over to him.

I lightly kissed this tip of his cock. Then lightly wiggled my tongue around his head. I lightly kissed my way down his 9 inch cock. I made my way back up to the top of his cock., and slowly covered it with my mouth. Inch by inch I got closer to taking in his entire cock. He began to moan. I felt his pre-cum dribble into my mouth. His moan grew louder and louder. His moans made my pussy soaked all over again. With one hand I cupped his balls, and in the other in slipped 2 fingers into my pussy. I moved my mouth faster and faster over his enlarged cock. Cum came bursting out of his cock, and poured into my mouth. I took in every last drop as the rest of his orgasm subsided.

“Now it’s mine turn.” I said to Jay as I laid bahis firmaları back with my legs spread again. I ran my fingers along my pussy, and then put them into my mouth. “Yummy!” I looked deep into his eyes.

Jay leaned forward and kissed me around my thighs. My pussy began to tingle. It was burning and in desperate need for a tongue. I began to moan. He lightly pressed his lips up to my pussy lips. His lips were soft and felt great on my pussy. He parted my lips with his tongue. I let out a moan. My legs became slightly weak, and they began to shake. I rest my legs over his shoulder as he dug in face deeper into my hot cunt. My moans grew louder. He rapidly moved his tongue all over my pussy. Jay slipped 2 fingers into my pussy and he lapped up my juices. He moved his fingers faster and harder into my pussy. Another orgasm began to build up, and with in moment he had me cumming again. I let out a loud scream when I let loose of all my cum. He drank it all.

“I want you to sit on my face.” Jay said. He laid back, and I crawled up to his face, and lowered my pussy to his mouth.

“O-O-O-O–OH O-O-O-OH” I screamed. “Oh baby, that feels s-s-s-s-oooooo g-good.” I managed to get out. “OOOOH PLEASE BABY…DON’T STOP!!” I said in a high pitch scream. Within minutes I was cumming again. This orgasm hit harder than the last one. He grabbed my hips and pushed me deeper into his face. I was holding the head board of the bed to keep me down. Another 5 minutes passed and I was already having another orgasm. Then shortly after that I was having another one.

Finally my body shot off his face, and I collapsed onto the bed laying on my back with my legs spread. Jay crawled over, laid next to me and kissed me. I licked the remaining cum off his face. We laid for a few minutes to catch our breath. I rolled him over on his back and started to work his cock up again. kaçak iddaa It certainly didn’t take to long before I covered his entire cock with my mouth.

“I want to lick your cilt while you suck my cock.” Jay said. So I got up and settled my pussy over Jay’s mouth. As he went to town on my pussy, I lowered my mouth and took in his entire cock. He soon had me cumming once again. I worked my mouth over his cock faster and faster. And finally he let out a loud moan, and busted his load all over my face, barely getting any into my mouth. I took what I could, and wiped my face clean. I turned around facing Jay. I straddled over him, and leaned forward to kiss his lips. He smiled.

“Ride my cock baby.” Jay whispered.

I rubbed my pussy along his weakening cock. It began to stiffen again. Once I got it nice and hard, I slowly started to slide it into my awaiting pussy. I slowly rocked my hips back and fourth. I started to put a swing into my hips making a circular motion, my speed picked up. Little by little my speed picked up. Jay let out a long moan.

“OH FUCK ME HARDER BABY…FUCK ME HARDER!!” Jay let out almost screaming. I moved my pussy up and down over Jay 9 inch love stick. “OOOOH!! THAT’S IT BABY. RIDE IT FASTER!!” I rose my pussy up, and slammed it back down. I let out a loud scream. I was ready to cum at any moment. Mine and Jay’s moans echoed in the room. As I let out with a loud scream I came all over Jay’s cock.

Jay quickly threw me over on my back and pulled my legs up onto his shoulders. He them rammed his cock roughly in and out of my pussy. The harder he pounded my pussy the louder my scream was.

“HARDER!! HARDER!!” I demanded. I watched as his hard cock banged my tight pussy. I let out with yet another orgasmic scream. Jay keep pounding away until he let out a loud moan, and squirted his hot cum into my pussy. His cum filled kaçak bahis my pussy. It was warm, and it felt so good as it flowed out of my pussy. I laid there out of breath. Jay crawled on top of me, and kissed me. This kiss was long and soft. It made me melt. But most of all it made my pussy moist once again. “I want to feel your hard cock in my pussy again. Please fuck me again baby. Give it to me again. And this time do it harder.”

“Suck me til I cum again in your mouth first.” he demanded.

So, I moved my mouth strait to his cock, and worked it up in no time. I roughly bobbed my head up and down. He began his moaning right away. It didn’t take me to long to get him to cum. He shoot his biggest load of the night right into my mouth, and I took it all.

“Mmmmm. That taste so good baby.” I said. “I want to try some more. But with a little 69 again.” he laughed. He pulled my pussy over his mouth again, and I leaned forward to suck him off again. He started to fuck me with his tongue once more. He made it feel even better than it had before. Almost so good that I could hardly concentrate on his delicious cock. At almost the exact same time, Jay and I came. We filled each other mouths full of sweet cum.

Jay’s cock fell limp. I laid back, legs spread wide. I told Jay’s to get his cock back up. As he worked it, I let my fingers play with my pussy. As Jay’s cock stood at attention again, I motioned for him to move toward me.

“Cum on over and see me Big Boy.” I said in a seductive voice. And with one pounce Jay was all over me. His cock pounded into me like a jackhammer in the sidewalk. He worked it hard and fast. I began to pull his hair a little. I pulled his face up to mine and gave him a hard long kiss. He moved his cock in and out faster and harder…harder and faster…faster and harder.

Jay was moaning extra loud. It was turning me on more. With one last moan he let his load loose in my pussy. Then just as he came, I let out my loudest scream, and my cum flowed out. We laid there completely out of breath. Our hot naked sweaty bodies still touching.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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