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It had been a terrible and stressful week as RJ Cortez fired up his old Ford Ranger, and left the Park and Ride. He was finally done for the week having dropped off his last employee. He would end up firing the guy on Monday for piss poor attendance, but as for today just wanted to be done. RJ owned his own tree trimming and removal business at which he was a climber. However, he had spent the majority of his week short handed and working longer days to make up the difference. He was tired of his employees taking advantage of him. Everyone did. Not because of his kind nature, or his disdain for conflict, but rather for his debilitating stutter.

It was so bad that he would refrain from speaking as much as possible. He hated how people would finish his sentences for him, or the frustrated inpatient looks he would get over simple questions. In his mind, it was a curse. He had so many strengths that went unseen on account of how he sounded when he spoke. He was a good looking guy tall strong, not ripped but in shape, even so, he struggled with relationships. He knew his girlfriend of a year was cheating on him.

She would go out every other night with condoms, and come home drunk and “just not in the mood”. Becca his girlfriend didn’t work, was above cooking and cleaning and was generally mean spirited toward RJ. He hated himself for putting up with it but hated being alone even more. He hated being broke all the time because Becca would raid his account as soon as his check hit. He hated knowing that she was cheating on him, but accepting every stupid lie she fed him before she went out. They had not had sex in four months, but she would continue to buy condoms of various brands.

He could see the way she hid her phone when she would send and receive texts. He would look through her phone while she was passed out drunk. He even knew the names of the guys she would hook up with. Kyle on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Mike on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. On the weekends she would go out with her friends and let random dudes take her home.

As tired as he was, he knew that he still had several errands left to run. He still had to hit the bank and pull cash, get dinner, drop off the past due movies, and pick up Becca’s sister Stacy from the bus station. He wasn’t happy about picking up Stacy. He didn’t have any problem with her, rather than the fact that Becca just dropped this on him in a text the night before. Becca alone was a virtually crippling financial burden, and now her sister was not simply visiting, but moving in. “I should have said no.”, RJ thought to himself. His self-esteem had been in the toilet for a while now, and the last thing he needed was another Becca under his roof.

He was disgusted by his own inability to stand up for himself. He felt like a prisoner in his own life. He knew she was cheating on him. He knew she was lying to him. He knew he was being used and abused, but he lacked the balls to tell her off. He was always a patient man, but he would have never tolerated this level of disrespect from a man. He never met Stacy but dreaded the long drive home. He was 32 years old and she was only 19, so they probably had nothing in common. After all, she was Becca’s kid sister.

Becca was a diva. She was spoiled and entitled on account of her wealthy parents. She has never had a job, never had money of her own, or even been responsible for anything. At 27 years old she obtained an associate’s degree in liberal arts that she has never used and a 2017 Volkswagen Jetta paid for in full from daddy. She was quite beautiful with her long blond hair, gorgeous green eyes, perky b-cup breasts, and long sexy legs. It was a nice situation when the first met, but things went downhill when she got pulled over on a DUI. It had been her fourth offense and resulted in her parents cutting her off. RJ, being unable to support her princess lifestyle, wound up catching the bulk of her resentments.

He was a business owner but still had to work to get by. The more she spent, the more he had to work, the more side jobs he had to pick up, the less he was home, and the more she was bitter toward him for not spending time with her. He could understand why she would seek the company of others. He worked sixty-plus hours a week at his company and would spend his weekends mowing lawns for extra cash. What he couldn’t understand was why she doesn’t just leave him. He was too soft to kick her out, but there were plenty of people who would have taken her in. After a certain point, it just felt live a vendetta. Like she was only with. Him to cause him pain.

Before he realized it he was at the bus station. He thought it was odd that a rich girl like Stacy would go Greyhound when her parents could send her anywhere first class, but if she was anything like her sister then she was probably cut off too. RJ didn’t hate people that came from money. It was the attitude of superiority that usually accompanied them that would piss him off.

He bahis firmaları had a three-bedroom farmhouse on five acres that he worked hard to get, and a company that he built from the ground up. He wasn’t deprived of opportunities, but he had earned everything he had. He had sat there and watched as the busses would come and go, load and unload. Finally, he got the text from Becca telling him that Stacy was at the station waiting. The whole scenario was poorly planned. He had been sent to pick someone up with no idea what they looked like, was wearing, or where they would wait.

However, before he knew it there was only one person left waiting on the curb. She was a teenage girl. She stood 5’2″, curvy, with long dark red hair. He couldn’t imagine this was the right girl. She had thick thighs, a firm looking heart-shaped booty, and large breasts that couldn’t have been smaller than a D-cup. She was wearing tight blue jeans, work boots and a flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows. She was sitting on a trunk with two suitcases beside her looking around as if she were waiting for someone. “This can’t be her”, he thought to himself. This girl was the exact opposite of Becca. Nonetheless, he started his truck and pulled alongside her. He looked out the downed passenger window at this stunning redhead staring back at him with her deep green eyes.

“St-st-st-Stah ah ah… are you st-st-?” he said, struggling to form the words.

“My name is Stacy. Are you RJ?” she responded staring back at him.

A bit flustered, as well as, embarrassed, RJ nodded rapidly in order to avoid speaking.

“I’m sorry, but my stuff is pretty heavy. Could you please help me load it?” Stacy asked smiling gently.

RJ quickly got out of the truck, jogged around the front, and opened the passenger side door motioning for her to take a seat. She looked at him blankly for a moment, then at her luggage before getting into the passenger seat. Even though he was tired, he figured that he would have no problems with her luggage. He didn’t know if it was her remarkable beauty or the fact that she asked him nicely, but he found himself happy to be of assistance. He had got the suitcases in without a hitch, but the trunk was insanely heavy. RJ’s legs wobbled and his biceps felt like they were going to snap as he heaved the 18″x32″ trunk into the bed of his Ford Ranger.

He caught a glimpse of his now beet red face in the rearview mirror when he got back in the truck. He was sweating profusely, breathing hard, and even a little light-headed when he started back up to head home. He was embarrassed. He wasn’t trying to impress her with some kind of masculine display of strength. However, he felt self-conscious enough without nearly keeling over, loading her luggage. Stacy then began digging in her brown leather purse and pulled a 12oz bottle of water motioning for RJ to take it. He smiled and almost bowed as he took the water from her hand.

The rest of the drive home was quiet and uneventful. He tried to make the drive as comfortable as possible but was too nervous to speak. He had concerns about sounding like a fool. It was after 7:00 pm when he pulled in the unpaved driveway. The sun was beginning to set, as RJ commenced to unload Stacy’s luggage. This time around he wasn’t too proud to accept help. Stacy had removed her flannel shirt revealing the pink tank top beneath.

Her sweat glistened over her gorgeous round rack. Her breasts were pressed together as if proudly on display while she lifted her end of the trunk. RJ tried to be the gentleman and look away, but his eyes were fixed on her voluptuous chest. She wore a metallic blue cross that was sat just above her cleavage almost begging for his attention as it was twinkling with the setting sun. In his moment of distraction, RJ had tripped over the first step leading to his porch. He quickly managed to correct his balance and avoid falling, but the playful giggle he heard let him know that he had been caught. He then looked to Stacy only to see her smiling back at him. He tried to think of anything he could say that would explain his stumble. Anything that is but the truth. Yet, in his heart, he knew he had been busted.

“Yes, I go to church.” Stacey said giggling playfully.

“Sss, sss, sorry.” RJ replied clearly embarrassed.

“No worries. It’s a compliment, I suppose.” Stacy replied, her charming smile only adding to her beauty.

The two entered the house parched from the heat and the lifting. Becca was sitting at the kitchen table with another girl and a man. She was wearing a short black skirt and a pink bra. RJ was visibly upset at seeing her with no shirt on in front of another man but chose to say nothing. He knew he had walked in on something, because of the silence that now accompanied his presence. Becca hadn’t even thought to greet her sister as she entered the house. The three had obviously been drinking, judging from the empty Jack Daniels bottle that kaçak iddaa was resting in the center of the table. No one seemed to even acknowledge his presence with the knowledge that it was his house.

“Wha, what, what’s th, this?” RJ asked, clearly irritated.

“Don’t try to talk, you’ll just end up looking like a dumb ass in front of my friends.” Becca drunkenly sneered.

RJ glared at the man as he laughed at her reply. He hated the feeling of being made fun of and was not in the state of mind to be badgered in front of unwelcome guests.

“Hey, sis!” Stacy said.

“Hey, Stacy. How was the drive?” Becca asked.

“It was nice, Thank you. You have yourself a real gentleman here. He hauled all my books and even stopped at McDonald’s on the way home when I said I was hungry.” Stacy replied, almost as if she were defending RJ.

“Well, at least he’s good for something.” Becca said hatefully.

The man sitting with her began laughing loudly at her comment. It was just then that something in RJ had snapped. He swiftly grabbed a hold of the back of the man’s neck smashing his face down on the table hard before slinging him back out of his seat, and onto the floor. Becca and the other girl shot to their feet, as did the man.

“What the fuck RJ!” Becca shouted.

“Duh, duh don’t le, laugh attttt muh, me!” RJ stuttered angrily.

The man stood up attempting to stare down RJ. He was tall, pale, skinny, and wore all baby blue colored clothes. He was dressed like he was an extra in a rap video. The man was clearly trying to look like a hardened thug but was clearly a poser. RJ however, was visibly stronger and significantly more imposing. Only a moment had passed before RJ pointed to the door. The man continued to glare at RJ as he stepped carefully around him leaving defeated. The other girl quickly followed, and then Becca too grabbed her blouse off the back of her chair and started for the door. RJ cut her off, blocking her way with his body. She shoved him hard as she squeezed by him. She was still buttoning her blouse on the front porch when Stacey attempted to talk to her.

“Where are you going, Sis? I just got here.” Stacy asked playing peacemaker.

“Out, I’ll be back later. Just stay here, okay?” Becca replied callously.

“Just got here, and you’re going to ditch me?” Stacy questioned her noticeably irritated.

“It’ll be fine. I just don’t feel like dealing with that pathetic retard right now, and just wanna blow off some steam. I’ll be back in the morning, and we can chill then.” Becca said as she walked away, not even looking at her sister.

Mere seconds later she was gone speeding off with her friends. Stacy came back in to find RJ sitting alone at the table, his fists clenched tight, breathing hard, and a single tear streaming down his cheek. She could see that Becca’s words hurt him. She reached into his fridge and removed a single beer, placing it in front of him. RJ looked back to Stacy forcing a smile, but it did little to hide his pain. She picked up the chair that was knocked over in the scuffle and took a seat next to him.

“She doesn’t deserve you.” Stacey said softly.

“I duh duh don’t gah get a happappy ending.” RJ answered back as he struggled to pull back his tears.

“If I flash you my tits, will you smile for me?” Stacy asked humorously.

Stunned, RJ’s face lit up like a Christmas tree at what Stacy had said. He burst into laughter, his face blushing, his eyes wide. It was a wonderful thought even if only in jest. Yet, as glorious as it would be to see the breasts that had haunted his imagination since he met her, he wasn’t the type of person who could make such a deal. He looked over at her but quickly looked away as if he was afraid they were out already. Suddenly, his mind filled with thoughts of what if. However, he quickly dismissed such ideas or fantasies. He hated his relationship but wasn’t prepared to be a cheater in any way.

“Well I am going to try to get a shower in, but I will check-in on you later.” Stacy said trying to be supportive.

RJ pulled a tiny notepad and pencil from his breast pocket. He quickly scribbled something down and tore it out sliding the note to Stacy. This was RJ’s preferred method of communication, especially when he was feeling self-conscious in regards to his stutter.

“Your room is upstairs, first door on the left. It has its own shower and all towels are fresh.” the note read.

RJ just nodded as Stacy left the kitchen. He couldn’t help but admire her firm buns as she almost strutted out with her suitcase. Her nice round cheeks pressing hard against one another in their own little erotic rhythm with each step she took. He began to wonder if she could twerk. He was always aroused by a sexy booty bouncing around and popping to music. He found himself wondering how it would feel to have an ass like that popping and bouncing on his member. In his heart, he knew it was inappropriate for him to have such kaçak bahis thoughts, but between her amazing looks and gentle nature, he couldn’t help but feel the attraction.

Before he knew it one beer had turned to several, and he passed out while sitting in front of the TV. Becca would likely be pissed at RJ for sitting on the couch without a shower and a fresh change of clothes. RJ though was too angry to care. It was strange to him that her infidelities hurt him less than her words. That with no hesitation she could tear him down with no concern of who bore witness. He had never felt so pathetic even with him dominating her friend, he simply felt weak. He knew it was his house, and that he could just throw her out, but he also knew that he wouldn’t. She had nowhere else to go, and despite how he felt he couldn’t do that to anyone even his worst enemy. Even worse, was the thought of him being alone.

It was then that RJ awoke from his alcohol induced slumber. He was disoriented and somewhat confused. He knew that something had woke him up, but the reality of what escaped him. He felt good, relaxed, almost euphoric. That’s when he felt it. He knew the sensation, however, it had been quite some time since he had experienced it. He realized that he was, in fact, getting a blowjob. He glanced down at his lap which was covered with a thick green plaid blanket. He could see the subtle undulating motion in the fabric, alerting him to the fact that someone else was beneath it with him. He could feel a hand wrapped around the shaft of his cock, as well as, moist warmth of a mouth engulfing the head of his dick. He let out a slight moan as a slick wet and certainly, gifted tongue massaged his stiff member.

Was this Becca by way of apology, or did she just come home so horny that he would do? He then had to ask himself if it were Becca’s mouth at all. They hadn’t been intimate in months, furthermore, she was never this good with her mouth. He then caught a glimpse of what appeared to be a lock of red hair coming from beneath the blanket. He peeled the cover from over his lap revealing that his fears, yet also his fantasy had become a reality. Stacy was, in fact, sucking his dick. She didn’t even pause when RJ removed the blanket. The feeling of his stiff rod sliding in and out of her amazing throat was unbelievable. As she was blowing him she had one hand stroking his shaft and the other gently squeezing his balls.

Her head began bobbing faster. Her strokes were also increasing in pace with her hand twirling as it traveled up and down. Her soft fleshy tongue was scrubbing every inch of RJ’s rock hard shaft as her moist hot mouth twirled up and down the length of his member. He temporarily diverted his attention to Stacy’s body, after all, he was now in a position to see the body that had been previously concealed by her clothes. She had a figure full of curves, yet she appeared to be in great shape. Both her round heart-shaped ass and thick shapely thighs were firm to the touch.

He couldn’t help but squeeze and caress her gorgeous round buns that we’re barely contained by her black cheeky panties. The sensation of her soft full lips and warm moist mouth lustfully polishing his hard needy cock was like a prayer answered. Thanks to her shampoo, he would be briefly treated to the scent of strawberries every time her head came back up. He wanted so badly to ask her why she was giving him the blowjob. Yet, he had no desire to ruin the moment trying to stutter out a stupid question. He also could not help but wonder how a girl who was only nineteen years old managed to get so proficient at sucking cock.

RJ then ran his fingers through Stacy’s long and dense red curly locks, grasping a tuft and clenching tightly. He began thrusting his hips and forcing her head down, fucking her greedy wanting throat. Her lewd slurping and gagging noises, as well as her erotic moaning only served to enhance RJ’s arousal. He could feel the pressure in his loins building as the urge to cum grew more urgent. Her slutty moans were getting louder and louder as her luscious mouth was feverishly working my swollen dick. It was at that moment, that RJ tightly grabbed Stacy’s hair, thrusting his pelvis upward, and firing his hot creamy load into her waiting throat. Although RJ released his grip on her long coiled strands, Stacy’s face remained buried in his lap. She instead swallowed both powerful bursts of semen as they coursed through his urethra.

Using RJ’s shoulder for leverage, she pulled herself up unhurriedly and slightly winded. Her bright green eyes were coated with tears as she turned to him smiling. She neither spoke nor broke eye contact with RJ as she took a large gulp from his beer. It wasn’t until she paused to gargle before swallowing that she ceased her gaze on him. The two sat there in a sweet euphoric stillness. It was at this moment that a feeling of guilt had begun to overturn RJ’s newfound bliss. He realized that he had just cheated on his girlfriend with her teenage sister. He had no illusions about Becca’s character. Nevertheless, he was now feeling miserable about the deed. Even worse, he was completely dumbfounded regarding the effects of the event.

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