Princess Twincest Ch. 02: Two for Two

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A few weeks had passed since our first sexual encounter and as far as we knew, neither one of our parents had found out about what me and my twin sister Cheryl were up to. Both of us had sworn ourselves to secrecy about our naughty-time escapades until the time was right. For reasons still unknown to us, our Mother and Father were secretly pushing for the both of us to have a more ‘physical’ relationship together for a while. We had a good thing going for right now and didn’t really want to upset the balance and it felt REALLY good! Cheryl was giving head to Dad, Mom was enjoying some lesbian activities with Cheryl, and the two of us were having debauched fuck sessions on a daily basis. We feared that telling them if the goal they had set out to accomplish had been achieved, it might bring it these incest-laden romps to an eventual end.

I was still unclear of the grand scheme our folks had concocted. My sister and I had speculated that they wanted the whole thing to end up in a giant taboo-esque orgy involving everybody under our roof, but then what? Was this to spread to our Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and the like? Who’s to say that this hasn’t been going on for generations? I’m sure our parents didn’t wake up one day and had the idea to have sex with their offspring and then make them have fuck each other. The thoughts made our heads spin and we wondered just who was getting it on with who across all the members of our family. Perhaps this was the ultimate goal. An entire family that was comfortable having sex with an almost unlimited supply of relatives as interchangeable fuck-buddies. If there was any validity to this theory, I’ll admit that there was a certain Aunt who always captured my fancy. My Mother’s sister Beth was an almost carbon copy of Mom just a few years younger. She had a little bit nit more of a wild side than Mom so I guess taking a poke at her wouldn’t be the worst idea ever.

It still felt like there was something missing to bring the circle of incest to a close in our home. Simply put, I had to fuck my Mother who, according to Sis, had the hots for me for a while. The feeling was mutual and long overdue. I had admired my Mother’s physical appearance and had always been the very first target of my sexual desires since I hit puberty. I had the raunchiest thoughts involving what I would do to my Mom’s naked body on more than one occasion. Now that I was older and a little more experienced, It seemed as if making those dreams become reality was now within my grasp. Mom had been secretly talking to Cheryl about her plans to seduce me for the past few months and I had no idea. My biggest problem was how would I instigate a situation where a Mother and Son would end up in a lust filled fuck-frenzy? It had to be organic and I couldn’t let her know that I found out about her nefarious schemes to ride my cock.

Until that time, I would have to simply enjoy my Sister and all of our depraved physical exploits. We would go at it hard two or three times a day, especially when we found ourselves alone in the house together. The rest of the time we would look for new places to bang, or try to do it on the sneak when no one was looking. Our parents thought we were just washing an extraordinary amount of clothes in the laundry room. Turns out it was just our favorite spot to have sex in the house when they were still home. The loud machines would mask our cries in an almost soundproof basement where hardly anyone ventured. It was the perfect spot to drill my Sister when we both felt the urge..

After starting the washing machine, Cheryl would bend herself over it and hold on to the sides as we fucked. I think she enjoyed the vibrations as I relentlessly pounded her from behind. I couldn’t blame her, it looked enticing and I wondered what it felt like to be filled from behind and have my entire body be shaken violently at the same time. It was laundry day once again for the third time this week and the two of us filled our baskets full of clothes that were not even dirty and excused ourselves to the basement.

“Laundry again?” my Mom asked with one eyebrow raised. “You two have been doing a lot of wash lately. And why are you wearing nylons?”

Cheryl softly said “My legs get cold down there.”

Mom looked concerned. “well take it easy on those, I keep finding a lot of them all torn up down there.”

We both just stood there looking nervous. Finally Cheryl responded.

“Well, it’s good practice for when we move out someday. We’re going to have to fend for ourselves, right?” It was clear that Sis was trying to throw Mom off the subject with this maneuver, and it worked. Mom’s brow went from furrowed to apologetic in an instant. The thought of us leaving the house eventually was a touchy subject with her.

“Just let me know if we need more soap, I think we might be out.” Mom muttered as she walked on.

The two of us threw our clothes in the machines and I immediately started groping my sister’s ass and crotch from behind. She purred pendik escort as I slid my hands down the waistband of her silky nylons. I pulled her shorts down and off as my cock became as stiff as iron. Cheryl removed her top and then my shorts as well causing my hardened rod to spring out of it’s confines. I picked my Sister up by her hips and sat her squarely on the undulating machine facing me. Cheryl smiled ear to ear. We had never tried it this way before. I was fixed on the ever growing wet spot forming in the center of her hosiery. I began to paw at her imprisoned vagina. Somehow I had found a weak point in the crotch of her pantyhose and jammed my finger through it finally touching her moist opening. Cheryl cooed aloud. Finally, I managed to get a few more fingers in them and with a single yank, the hose popped and split almost in half at the seam.

Now Her entire genitalia was exposed to the musty basement air. I had apologized for the current condition of her stockings but she couldn’t have cared less right then. She wrapped her hands around the back of my neck and began to pull me closer to her to her soft perky tits and I began to lick and suck them both. Her nipples were rock hard but her breasts were softer than anything I had ever touched before. I wanted to rub my cock all over them. I had always wanted to shoot my load on her silky titties but it would mean I had to miss an opportunity to fill her sweet pussy with my pearly-white seed. The two of us enjoyed that the most. We always found it erotic to see her red raw cunt push so much of the stuff back out of her canal when we were done fucking.

As I moved in closer, I poised myself for immediate entry. Cheryl’s warm little pussy was drenched and I slid the entire thing in her with a single push. Her head fell back as she let out a single continuous moan. I was astonished as I witnessed this girl’s body was able to devour my entire cock on the first try. Both of us knew when I was all the way inside her when we could feel our fuzzy parts intertwine. After a few seconds we always smiled at each other as if we knew we were getting away with something so naughty. I retracted my hardened length a bit and plunged it right back in her slimy gash. Now Cheryl had a more serious look on her face as she bit her bottom lip and gasped in time with each thrust. I held onto her ass as her legs waved wildly over my shoulders. It was clear that she was thoroughly enjoying this new position as she could hardly contain her cries of ecstasy.

The both of us were full-on fucking and it was like we had discovered something new. I grabbed both of my sister’s sexy little nylon sheathed legs and hoisted them up higher and together making her hole squeeze my cock a bit tighter. Cheryl’s back was now flat on the machine and I pushed my length deep in her quivering vagina. Now I just held her ankles as her lower half was suspended in the air as I maliciously stabbed her cunt with my rigid cock in a lust filled frenzy. Cheryl wasn’t sure what to do as she attempted to hold on to the machine or me as she was getting drilled into an orgasmic bliss. The basement was pretty sturdy in its construction and I was extremely thankful for its almost sound-proof qualities as my Sister’s wails of agony were now at deafening levels.

“Oh yeah, Oh YEAH! Keep fucking me like that…YES! Fuck my pussy, fuck my pussy!” she shouted in a never ending barrage of the dirtiest sentences two siblings should NEVER hear.

It was like she was possessed. Cheryl kept weaving a tapestry of the most disgusting filth I had ever heard. I wondered where she had even heard such things. It was quite the turn-on!

“Don’t stop fucking me, DON’T stop fucking my pussy! Do you like fucking that little pussy, huh? You like to fuck your sister don’t you? Yeah…YEAH! OH FUCK…keep fucking my pussy, fuck it HARD!”

I was so incredibly turned on by hearing her order me to fuck her, I was ready to blow right away. I warned her that I was going to explode soon and it made her even hotter.

“I’m gonna blow! I’m gonna cum hard in you!” I said with warning.

“Yes! Yes! Cum in my pussy! I wanna feel it inside me! Cum in me!” she seethed through gritted teeth.

I was not holding back. She would indeed receive every drop. I could feel myself getting a little light-headed as I filled her blaze-red vaginal opening with a river of my hot and sticky goo.

“Oh, Oh yes! I can feel your cum in my body! Fill my pussy with cum!” Cheryl demanded. “Mmmm I need your cum in my pussy!”

I released my Sister’s legs and she sat back up on the washer. Coincidentally the washer’s buzzer had sounded just as we finished. Cheryl was sitting there still rubbing her freshly mutilated pussy as my semen gushed back out of it.

“Mmm, Damn, that was fun!” she said with a grin. Her voice was hoarse now.

I agreed. “Yeah that was fucking amazing! There might just be something to this twin-thing after all. I know you are my sister but maltepe escort it just feels so…right,”

Just as I came toward her for our usual post-sex hug a voice came from behind us.

” Hey guys, good news, I found some more soap…” Mom said in triumph.

But before she could finish saying the word ‘soap’ the large bottle had hit the ground. Mom stood there completely stunned with her mouth open in silence and shock. She must have came downstairs in the midst of our passionate fuck-fest. There we were, Cold busted! I was naked and still hugging my sister on the washing machine who was wearing nothing but a pair of disheveled pantyhose and as a stream of cum continued to ooze from her crotch. Neither of us could move. We were caught in the obvious act of having sex and didn’t know what to do.

Mom finally snapped back into reality and began to scowl. She came a little closer to us to verify just what she was seeing.

“Cheryl, upstairs, your room… NOW!” Mom barked.

Sis tried to gather her clothes and slip them back on even over her ruined nylons and crept up the steps like a disciplined pet. Mom turned her focus to me now. I had slipped my shorts back on when she wasn’t looking

“And YOU, we’re going to have to have a little talk about this aren’t we?” Mom said still pointing at me shaking in anger.

I have seen her mad at me before but this was an entire new version of angry I don’t remember seeing before. As I shamefully marched upstairs, it dawned on me. Wait, wasn’t this what Mom and Dad had planned for us all along? I thought they WANTED the two of us to have sex. Why was Mom so mad? Unless, this whole story was made up by Cheryl! Did she master-mind this whole thing? Was she just making the sex stuff up about her and what she was doing with our parents? How did I fall for that? I should have seen this coming. It was all lies! Cheryl made up all of these things just to have fuck me. Mom was wearing pantyhose right now, she always does. How could I have mistaken that for a sexual invite from my OWN Mother? Now I had to go have a ‘talk’ with Mom which was never a good thing. I’m sure I would be asked to leave the house permanently this time. I was freaking out!

Mom held her bedroom door open for me and motioned for me to enter “Sit!” she said sharply. She couldn’t even look at me. This was bad. Every time there was a serious matter to be ‘discussed’ it was in this room behind closed doors. The last time I was here it was almost six years ago when they told us our cat had died. No luck or dead pets this time. I could tell by Mom’s body movements, her mood was elevated. After minutes of her just pacing in front of the bed with her arms crossed, Mom spoke.

“Do you remember the time we caught you sneaking one of your Father’s beers?”

“Yeah I remember.” I said softly.

“Do you also remember what your punishment was?” Mom eyes had gotten narrow.

“Uh, you made me finish the other five.” I said

“Yeah we sat there and watched you but you only got to three and started puking your guts out, didn’t you? We made you keep drinking til we said you could stop, to show you how wrong it was.” Mom said smugly.

I did remember that night and it was terrible. I still am not big on beer to this day because of it.

“Well I think I have an idea on how to punish you for this little incident. Mom continued. “You know doing those kinds of things with your sister is wrong and you shouldn’t be doing them, don’t you?”

As I nodded my head in shame, Mom turned her back toward me and began to remove her blouse. She tuned back around and exposed her black silk bra to me in full.

“I guess there is only one way to teach you a lesson.” Mom stated as she was now unzipping the back of the dark blue skirt she had on. The skirt fell to the ground and Mom stepped over it. She stood there with her hands on her hips wearing nothing but the black bra and some matching pantyhose. I couldn’t look away.

“If you want to fuck some one in this house so bad, than try fucking me.” Mom said calmly. “You are gonna fuck me until I say you can stop and you see how wrong it is.”

I tried to play it off like this were indeed some type of punishment and even tried to argue.

“But you are my Mother, I can’t have sex with you, that’s crazy!” I said with imaginary defiance.

“Well you should have thought of that before you started doing nasty things to your sister in the laundry room. You’re doing this so get those shorts off NOW!” Mom commanded.

I stood up and removed my shorts and like clock-work, my hard-on for my Mother was instantly present. Mom came over to me and reached out to grab my stiffness.

“Oh yeah, that will do just fine.” She said softly in my ear. Without warning she grabbed both sides of my head and rammed her tongue down my throat but it was nothing like a kiss.

” I bet you can’t wait to fuck your Mommy?” She whispered in my ear.

This was it! This kartal escort was the scenario I had been looking for all this time. Little did I know it would involve getting caught with my dick up my sister’s ass, but this was how it was going to go down. All that feeling of dread was gone and I could finally focus on my one true goal. I pushed Mom down on the bed gently and just stared at her magnificent curves. Her wonderful tits were spilling out of the upper half of that bra and I could see the tops of her nipples as they tried to burst forth just begging to be tasted. I began to caress the entire length of my Mother’s long legs drenched in dark nylon. Oh, how I ached for so many years to finally get to do this. At last my Mom’s perfectly sculpted thighs and calves were all mine to enjoy.

Now I could explore her breasts and gently removed each one from their silky holsters. They were magical to touch, much like Cheryl’s they were firm and perky. Mom smiled and began to coo. I bent down and began to playfully lick the hardened nipple. Mom began to squirm and I was still stroking her sexy sheathed legs as I sought out the most sensitive areas of her shapely mounds. My tongue brought me up one side of her slender neck and she caught me with her own. Once again we were just swirling our tongues around each other’s as I playfully fondled Mom’s erect nipples. I slipped one hand down the front of my Mother’s pantyhose. She was NOT wearing panties and my fingers immediately met with her moisture. Under the confines of the hosiery, I managed to feel around her fuzzy parts and found which areas she enjoyed having prodded. Mom let me know with a series of moans that were getting more and more intense. When I finally found the correct spot Mom began to groan with my tongue still muffling her mouth.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I was dying to get back in my Mother’s sweet, sweet pussy. I began sliding my hands down her pantyhose in order to get them off then she stopped me.

“Oh no, you have to do it just like you did with our sister. Just tear a hole in them down there, it’s okay, these aren’t even my good ones.” Mom chuckled.

Just like with Sis, I located the weakness near the cotton gusset and broke through the panty portion of Mom’s black hose. I used both hands and destroyed them creating a whole large enough to expose her entire lower half. I could finally see it. After all of my teenage lust filled dreams had all but expired, this was the moment I was waiting for. Mom’s vagina was surprisingly neat and very pretty. There is no doubt that she took great care in it’s appearance. It was magnificent! Like seeing a unicorn up close. It was still drenched in her own fluids and glistening in the light like it was begging me to penetrate it. Mom spread her legs far apart.

“Well, what do you think? You came out of there you know?” Mom taunted.

Something in the back of my mind fired up. Hearing her say those words got me extremely hot and I had no choice but to shove my tongue deep inside. Mom shrieked aloud as I just kept lapping up her tasty juices as hard as I could. She began to squirm in ecstasy with every lick. Now I was enticing her opening with a combination of my mouth and fingers and this caused her to buck wildly. I never heard my Mother make such noises before and I knew she was enjoying this just as much as me. After several minutes of tasting Mom’s yummy gash, it was time to take my ‘punishment’ and fuck my Mother. She laid there with her tattered stocking-clad legs spread apart as I approached her stroking my rock hard shaft. She was definitely going to get it.

I grabbed Mom by her ankles and pulled her to the edge of her bed and threw her legs over my shoulders. My cock was drippy with pre-cum and I couldn’t wait to feel the inside of her warm body. I wasn’t sure if Mom could handle this kind of length but I didn’t care. She was going to get the whole thing in her hard and fast no matter how much it hurt. I wanted this too bad and for far too long to have to gently squeeze it in slowly. I rested the tip of my dick on the outside of her hungry cunt. Mom looked at me with a smile.

“C’mon honey, fuck your Mommy.”

Holding on to both of her calves like a wheelbarrow, I sank the entire length of my cock as deep as it would go inside of my Mother’s pussy and it felt like pure bliss. Mom’s head fell back into the pillows as her back arched upwards and she let out a wicked howl. Not moving I just let it rest in there as Mom’s vaginal walls gradually accepted my insertion. She finally looked down almost in disbelief to witness the sight of my cock fully inserted into her sweaty little body.

Mom was panting heavily. “I-i-it’s in! It’s all the way in! I didn’t think it would fit when I first saw it. I can’t believe it’s in! How did Cheryl do it? Oh, I can’t believe my Son’s cock is inside me right now! Take it out and do it again!” She said between shallow gasps.

As instructed, I repeated the process of pushing my shaft in and out of Mom’s dainty pink opening several times and she was still in absolute amazement.

“Holy shit, I have never had anything in me that big before! It feels so fucking good! Oh, keep fucking me baby!… Fuck Mommy’s pussy!” She insisted.

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