Poke Her Night Ch. 01

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Mark always liked his Friday nights. It is a night when his wife and two teenage daughters leave him alone to play poker with his father, two brothers, and two friends. It has been like tradition for them to get together and bond, ever since his mother died four years ago and needed to spend time with his dad. Tonight started out like every normal Friday but ended differently which would change not only his life but his family’s as well.

Everyone arrived around 7pm. Paul, his dad arriving first, followed by his friends, Jim and Bob, and finally his brothers Tim and Tom, with his wife Amy. Amy and Mark’s wife Kerry had planned to have dinner together and afterwards see a movie. His 18 year old daughter, Anne, was getting ready to go to her friend’s house wearing jeans and a sweatshirt, her usual attire and Heather, 19, had already left to go on a date with her boyfriend. The night was set and the beer is sitting cold in the refrigerator. As soon the girls left the house, the game started.

A little after 9 they were all gathered in the dining room, cards and chips being tossed on the center of the table when Heather stormed in the front door, slamming it close. Mark could tell that she was upset about her night. She entered the room and said his to everyone and gave her dad, grandfather, and two uncles a kiss on the cheek. As she bended over, he noticed his friends eyeballing his daughter. Who could blame the both of them? Heather was hot, wearing a black skirt and a low cut silky top. He sometimes catches himself staring at both her and Anne whenever they are dressed to go out. And he’s pretty sure that the other males in his family had done the same.

“I’m going to my room and probably going to bed.” She said.

“Ok, honey.” Mark said.

All eyes were on her as she left the room. Mark could just imagine what everyone has in their mind. He has it in his even though he knew it was wrong to think about it.

“Do you think she’s too old to be tucked in?” Jim asked everyone jokingly.

After drinking a couple more cans of beer, Mark got up to relieve himself. Afterwards as he walked from the bathroom, he noticed the light on in Heather’s room. He opened the door and peeked in to see if she was already sleeping. He sees her sobbing lightly.

Mark wondered what this is all about as he entered her room and sat at the edge of her bed. “Hey what’s this all about?” He asked.

Heather wiped her eyes. “It’s Steve!” She replied. “He’s telling everybody I’m a whore.” “I’m not. I’m still a virgin,” she paused. “He’s mad because we broke up.” She added. She held back her tears while she explained, now the tears started to flow again. Heather leaned against Mark, resting her head against his shoulder.

Mark tried to console her. He placed a hand on her head while the other patted and rubbed her back. It might just be the amount of beer Mark drank but he began to feel the warmth radiating from her body. His thoughts are now sexual and allowed his perverted fantasies to come out, his mind playing around with images of Heather in various sexual positions. Mark’s hand freely moved and touched the side of her breast. When Heather didn’t respond, he palmed her breast. Mark stroked her arm with one hand and unbuttoned her silk ataşehir escort bayan shirt with the other. When she didn’t complain, he ran his finger along her stomach and slid his hand inside her skirt. He looked up unto his daughter’s unresponsive face, gave her a smile and said, “I’m going to make you forget about having a bad night with Steve.”

Mark let go of her and quickly got off the bed. He stood between her legs and reached for her shirt, pulled it open and pushed her bra over her tits. Then he slid her skirt and panties down and off her legs. Mark paused and took in the detail of his daughter’s body. Her body was mature enough but her tits and pussy mound were surprisingly small.

Heather’s eyes instantly opened and a look of confusion settled on her face as her father unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, pulling out his cock. Mark placed his hands on her shoulder and pulled her down between his legs, gently guiding her head over his cock. Heather had no experience. She slowly licked the tip, getting used to the taste before her dad’s cock disappeared in her mouth. Mark placed his hand firmly over his daughter’s head and began to slowly slide his now dripping shaft in her mouth. Heather vigorously sucked her dad’s cock as he slid in and out of her mouth, each time going deeper into her throat. After a few minutes, Heather is becoming a pro at sucking his cock. She licked, sucked and tongued on his cock. Her dad groaned and shuddered as he shot his load into her mouth surprising her, trying to swallow the salty liquid.

“Fuck yeah, Heather.” He said. “What a fucking blowjob.”

Heather pulled her head away as Mark’s cock shot more cum on her face.

Both father and daughter were in their own world and didn’t notice the two men standing in the doorway, looks of lust in their face. Mark’s brother Tom, Heather’s uncle, and his friend Jim both have their cocks hanging out, hand stroking.

“Hey bro,” said Tom, “you not only thought what we were thinking, you actually did it.”

Mark stood in front of them grinning while Heather tried to hide behind the bed.

“Hey Heather,” Jim said, “You don’t have to hide because we’ve already had a front row seat and seen what you have.”

Heather stood up, her dad’s cum on her face, dripping from the tip of her nose and the corner of her mouth from trying to swallow and landing on her tits. Seeing her like this, got Mark hard again.

“We got a couple more hours before our wives and Anne gets back. Why don’t we move this in the family room so everybody can enjoy my lovely niece?” Tom suggested to his brother.

Why not, Mark thought. A father already bangs his daughter. Why not her uncles and grandfather as well. Dad hadn’t been laid since mom passed away. As both brothers talked, Jim went back to the dining room and told everyone about the new activity for the night.

Heather couldn’t believe that her own dad and uncle were not only pondering about doing more sexual acts with her, but they will have everybody else in the house involved. It made her both disgusted and excited at the same time, now that she had a taste of cock in her mouth.

Mark, Tom, and Heather went into the family room. Heather was a little apprehensive escort kadıköy as she walked in the room, wearing the tattered shirt her father tore from her body earlier, and saw the four men standing around, her grandfather, uncle, and two men that she can consider part of the family. All the men were intently looking at her. Heather looked down at the floor and looked at all the men and slowly slid her shirt of her young body. All eyes were on the pert nipples that made her tits almost like a work of art.

“Alright let’s get to it,” she said. “But be gentle. It’s still my first time.”

“Wow look at those nipples.” Tom exclaimed. He reached out and palmed Heather’s right breast and put his mouth over her nipple and loudly sucked on it while he rubbed her pussy with his other hand.

“Yeah, smell that hot young stuff,” he said as he placed his finger against his nose. “Let’s get her ass over the coffee table and start this party.”

Heather silently complied. She sat on the edge of the table and slowly lied down on her back and opening her legs. Her wide open legs gave the men in the room a view of her pink pussy.

Already naked, Mark walked between his daughter’s legs and placed the engorged head of his cock against Heather’s glistening slit. He placed his hands around her hips with his palms under her butt, and slowly pushed his cock into her tight opening, gradually impaling her on his huge cock. After her muscle relaxed around his cock, Mark held her hips with his hand and pulled her up and down the length of his hard shaft. The slapping sounds of the father and daughter’s bodies connecting filled the room as he pounded away unto her into her first orgasm. Experiencing the new sensation was too much for her. Heather’s scream filled the room as her pussy exploded for the first time. She felt her pussy cling on to his cock as Mark shot his load into her pussy.

“This is good fucking pussy.” Mark said of his daughter as he pulled his cock out of her pussy then added, “Her mouth is a hot fuck also.”

Before she could catch her breath, her Uncle Tom mounted her and plunged into her wet pussy. Heather’s moans, groans, and scream filling the family room once again. Mark knew his daughter is really turned on now and everybody in the room knew it. They were taking advantage of Heather’s body trashing about on the table. Tom was pounding away with quick hard strokes.

Her grandfather, Paul, dropped his pants and stroked his cock. Heather looked at his huge cock horrified. It was much bigger than her dad’s and uncle’s. Paul pushed his granddaughter’s head towards his cock. She opened her mouth and eagerly clamped her lips around his hard shaft and let him face fuck her.

After a few minutes, Tom pulled his hard cock from her cunt. A disappointed look on his niece’s face that disappeared after realizing what her uncle wants her to do. Tom sat on the couch and had Heather slowly lower herself on his still standing prick. In no time, Tom had his hands on Heather’s waist and she was riding her uncle up and down on his pole.

Realizing the emptiness in her mouth, she asked her grandfather to get on the couch and give her his cock back. Paul following his granddaughter’s suggestion stepped over the maltepe escort couch and had his cock reunited with her mouth.

Mark looked at his daughter, her back to him bouncing up and down while sucking on a cock. His cock was hard again, his eyes locked on to her firm, young, round ass. Why not? He thought. Mark ran his hands over her ass cheeks and pressed his hard cock against her ass crack. Mumbling with her grandfather’s cock in her mouth, Heather began to struggle. Mark pressed down on her shoulder with one hand, and guided his cock to her rectum with the other hand. Heather tried to say no to her dad as he pushed the head of his cum-coated cock into her tight opening. Suddenly his cock head popped past her anal right and Heather screamed and clutched on to the sofa as he pushed ahead slowly inch-by-inch deep into her gut. She realized quickly that if she relaxed her muscle, the pain became almost bearable. Mark was thrilled as his cock slid into her tight ass. Mark held his daughter’s firm ass against his groin and didn’t move for a few moments. He wanted her rectum to adjust to his cock before he pounded her again, this time with his full shaft.

Heather groaned as her dad’s cock slowly plunged in and out of her rectum. The pounding she’s receiving from her three family members became rapid and she knew they were going to cum soon. Her uncle gripped her hips and began to slam deep into her with hard quick strokes.

“Heather, I’m going to cum in your mouth.” Paul said. “And I want you to swallow every single drop.”

Heather’s only response was to tighten her lips around her grandfather’s monstrous cock, sucking harder and harder, her tongue swirling faster and faster. His granddaughter’s hand automatically pumped at his sperm-filled balls, trying to send his seeds on its way. Paul was the first of the three to let loose a volley of sperm deep into Heather’s mouth and throat. She kept sucking him until he was spent, and she had swallowed every last salty drop. Heather’s dad was next, letting out a loud roar as he shot his load for the third time in less than an hour, this time deep in her tight ass.

Seeing the cum dripping from her ass and mouth, Tom just had to contribute into making his niece look like a cum bucket. He tightened his grip on Heather’s waist and rapidly plunged in and out, thrusting his cock into her as he exploded, shooting his cum deep into her convulsing cunt. Within an hour, 19-year old Heather had transformed from a virgin daughter to a family fuck toy, having three cocks in the three available holes.

Mark, Tom, and Paul sat down on the other couch, admiring the job they had done to Heather’s body. As she rested from her sexual ordeal, a pair of hands gently pulled her up and positioned her over another cock. Heather looked down and saw Tim, her other uncle, grinning up at her.

“You are going to love the rest of the night, sweetheart.” He said as he thrust his cock in his niece’s cum-filled pussy and lay still.

A weight pressed to her back, then another pressure in her ass, Jim’s voice sounded in a groan of pure satisfaction as his cock forced its way into her back passage, making her cry out weakly. Then her cries were stifled as Bob, the last of the six men, forced her head up and pushed his cock at her mouth, pushing it past her lips to slide deep into her throat. Another set of large hard cocks in every orifice, the sound of sexual pleasure coming from Heather filled the room again as the three men pounded deep into her body at the same time.

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