Plan B

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Linda caught herself licking her lips as she thought of the young man next door.

Six months ago Peter had come into her life in a most unusual way, and the promise of sex that swelled in her since then seemed to pale every month that nothing actually happened between them.

Just now a scene popped into her mind and tingled her pussy, something she watched a month ago. She had heard Peter’s and a woman’s voice filter through the thin walls between their apartments. Linda couldn’t help peering through her kitchen curtains, into his living room window.

He was framed in that window–just her luck!–and she could see him kissing a short woman with long black hair. As the woman turned, Linda could see she was Japanese or Chinese. Peter and the woman sank to their knees still kissing, and the woman grabbed his belt and zipper. Linda could see the surprise on his face and then heard his moans as the woman pulled out his stout, thick cock standing at attention. The woman wasted no time taking it into her mouth, sucking on it, bobbing her head down and down and down in urgent rhythm. Linda could see the blissful look on Peter’s face as the woman made him squirt his cum deep into her mouth.

Just then, he glanced over toward the window, in Linda’s direction. Linda ducked away. She felt stirred up and didn’t know what to do with herself.

But that was a month ago, and as the scene replayed in her mind, Linda found herself reaching her tongue out as if to take in that stout cock, and her hand slipped up to her right nipple, the one she had wanted her boyfriend to hold a few minutes ago.

She had brazenly placed her boyfriend’s hand on her breast when he got home. She was naked under her smooth silk nightie. But he had pulled his hand away with a scowl and buried himself in Aviation magazine.

It was sometimes like that when Gerhard came home from work, especially the night shifts. Being an air traffic controller was so intense that he seemed to have special needs for peace and quiet. Sometimes he needed to vegetate, sometimes to fuck quickly and sleep, and sometimes he needed to go to his own apartment and talk to no one. Something about the abusive demands of his job made it hard for him to soften up at home. There were times when he felt that making Linda happy was like another job, except without pay.

But Linda wanted him enough to stick it out. After his night shift, she would put on her nightie to welcome him home and join him for his midday nap. It was good timing because her daughter Annie didn’t come home from school for a few hours. And if Gerhard was in a good mood, it was decent sex, though he was tired and didn’t usually last very long.

Her sister Valerie kept telling her to end it. Valerie had the blonde hair in the family, and was less cautious than Linda about men. Linda knew all about the times Valerie had been burned by men, but Valerie was smart, perky, and knew how to have fun. Linda was different; she was afraid to lose every man she got.

Now Gerhard sat reading his magazine in the living room, and in the bedroom, Linda lay on her bed, her hand cupping the breast he didn’t want.

Her fingers were massaging the nipple made hard by thoughts of Peter. Her hand slid down the silk over her belly to feel the warmth and softness, and outlined the crease of her raised leg at the hip, which led her hand down to the turbulence of her pussy hair. There her nightie was moist. Thoughts of Peter seemed to get her wet any time of day or night. She slowly rubbed her hand over her pussy through the smooth nightie.

For the hundredth time she replayed the scene of Peter’s first appearance in the apartment next door: There had been noises on the other side of the wall. Panic as she realized the apartment was supposed to be empty. Who had broken in?

She remembered grabbing a glass from the kitchen and quietly placing it against the wall so she could listen through it to what was going on.

Kisses, groans, moans, a creaking bed. Linda couldn’t tear herself away from the wall until her boyfriend came into the bedroom.

“What iss dat happening,” said Gerhard. “Who is it? Let’s call the police.”

And she said quickly, “No, it’s fine, it’s harmless.” After a moment she added, “I think someone is having sex in there.” She looked at her boyfriend, his mouth, his chest, his crotch, which was bulging more because of a fold in his pants than anything going on down there.

Linda turned back to the wall and continued listening. It was at this point that she flushed, hearing a woman say, “I’ve never felt anyone’s cock stay so hard for so long.”

Gerhard grumbled to her to get away from the wall, and forget about them. She got up and followed him as he walked to the living room and sat down, fidgeting. She stopped when she got to the kitchen, fiddled with some drawers, and then slipped back into the bedroom.

She listened again at the wall. It was still going on. This time she heard the woman moaning and gasping, apparently in orgasm, and ataşehir escort then more creaking and more words: “Fuck me to the hilt, fill me up, come again, again, make it five times, five, oh, yess.”

Now, six month’s later, as she heard those words again in her mind, Linda’s hand massaged her pussy lips and slid round her wet clit; she was breathing heavily, holding her nipple with the other hand, and her face was in anguish from the hunger in her pussy and the number five that kept haunting her–the thought of being fucked five times without stopping.

As Gerhard trudged into the bedroom to tell her he was going home, he said, “Linda, I…” But when he saw her face and hands and her writhing body, he stopped and felt himself starting to get turned on. But then he heard her whisper, “Fuck me, Peter, fuck me. Mmmmm, Peter, ohhh….”

Gerhard suddenly felt cold. He said,”Oh fuck, I’m out of here,” and he marched heavily through the kitchen and living room and slammed the front door behind him.

Her eyes flew open when she heard him speak. When the door slammed, all became still. It was as if loud static on the radio had stopped and transmissions became quiet and clear.

Her mouth suddenly scowled just like Gerhard’s had a few minutes ago. Something clicked in her. She was weary of frustration, and tired of temptation.

Five times on one erection! She would be happy with once or twice. But five times was probably more cock than she could handle. She trembled as a vague plan took shape in her mind. She decided to talk it over with her sister Valerie.


Peter often thought about the dark, beautiful woman next door. He imagined she was passionate, just by the way she walked up the stairs, and the way her dark eyes had taken him in, even the very first time he’d seen her.

He remembered how she had smiled at him when he had introduced himself, and cringed in embarrassment at the thought that she had probably heard him through the wall, making love the day he had signed his lease and unexpectedly found the back door unlocked with an equally unexpected woman by his side.

But there was thick tension as well as attraction between them. They barely said hello when they saw each other in the stairway, yet he would watch her come up to her door, and sometimes caught her gazing at him through his window as she went down the stairs.

He steered shy of her because, first of all, she had a boyfriend. Second, she had a 7-year-old girl. Third, although he sometimes dreamed of getting it together with her, sharing apartments, drinking coffee or tequilla out on their balcony, he was also afraid that if things screwed up, it would be hell to live next door to her with no way out.

Still, she was intriguing. One time, when Tayaka had given him one of her surprise blowjobs right in his living room, he thought he saw Linda’s kitchen curtains fall back into place as if she’d been watching.

Sometimes when Linda walked out her door with her boyfriend, she would lock her eyes on Peter with such intensity that Peter had to look away. He didn’t want Gerhard to see the glow in his face, and he didn’t know what words would come out his mouth.


“You’ve got to do something,” Valerie laughed as they started their second beer.

“Yes, I do,” said Linda, “but you have got to help me.”

“Right. But what can I do? I could look after Annie so you could hook up with him,” offered Valerie.

“Yeah, maybe you could come over and look after Annie and just be there to help me. And you’re good with guys. Help me get into his apartment with him. I can’t even seem to do that.”

Valerie sipped her beer. “Okay,” she said. “I’ll help you get in, and this time I won’t let you fuck up!”

They laughed. Linda was elated. “If we don’t do it soon, I’m afraid it’ll never happen. …Listen, Gerhard is flying back to Germany next Friday for a week. Can you come then?”

“You’re on,” laughed Valerie, and they clinked glasses. “And if it doesn’t work Friday, you can try again Saturday.”

“And if it does work Friday, I can try again Saturday!” chuckled Linda.

That Friday was a wet day. No, it didn’t rain. It’s just that Linda’s pussy dripped into her panties about every hour on the hour.

Annie came home from school begging to go to a friend’s house. Linda called up Annie’s best friend’s mother, Lois, who startled her by offering to keep Annie overnight for a slumber party.

“They’ve been dying to do this for so long, is it okay with you?” asked Lois. “Linda? Hello? Are you there?”

Linda caught her breath and stammered, “Y-yeah, that’s perfect, okay, I’ll bring her over right away.”

So it was that when Valerie came over to look after Annie, there was no Annie.

“Oh,” said Valerie. “Well that’s perfect! I don’t have to explain why mommy’s going next door for, like, all night and day!”

Linda blushed. Her heart skipped when she heard noises next door. It was Peter. She kadıköy escort bayan peeked through the kitchen window. He was in the living room, playing guitar. Alone.

“Look, why don’t you take that German magazine and ask him if he can understand any of it? It’s totally innocent. Tell him Gerhard is out of the country and you need to know what one of those sentences means.”

Linda considered this plan. She looked at the magazine and picked out a boring article that had a sexy ad next to it, screwed up her courage and knocked on Peter’s door.


It had been a roller coaster day for Peter. He had a temp job in a mail room, very boring except for some of the female scenery. In the lunchroom that day, several of the women talked about sex as if Peter wasn’t even there, and they joked about one of the managers–how handsome he thought he was, how he strutted, and how he smelled of cologne. One secretary announced she was going to get that fellow into the supply room, pull his pants down and grab his cock, and see what he was really made of.

Teresa, a young businesswoman who sat quietly listening to this conversation and slowly eating a banana, half uncrossed her legs, one calf on top of the other knee, and Peter couldn’t help noticing that her skirt was open in his direction. Was that black panties or nothing in there? She caught him eyeing her and licked a bit of banana off her lips. She left Peter wondering feverishly if he had imagined it all.

He mentioned it in a slow moment to his mailroom buddy, Lief, who was a tall blond Swede. Lief told him that Teresa was a tasty treat–he said he liked to nibble on her for an entire lunch hour sometimes in the old supply room, though Peter never knew whether to believe Lief’s stories.

As Peter left for the day, he used the bathroom by the old supply room and caught a glimpse of Lief and Teresa heading into it. He had been thinking of Teresa all afternoon, wanting to get to know her, and now he felt defeated and lonely.

All the way home he noticed every woman on the bus, on the billboards, on the street, but felt too defeated to look at anyone for long.

When he got home, he pulled out his guitar and plucked out some old tunes he knew well.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. This was odd, since no one could come to his door without ringing the outside bell at the bottom of the stairs. Except for Linda… Could it be Linda?

He opened the door, and caught his breath to see those dark mysterious eyes, the black hair pulled up into a braid, the full breasts pulling at the thin sleeveless white blouse–and he stopped himself from looking further down.

“Oh, hi.”

“Oh I hope I’m not bothering you. Do you know any German?” said Linda. “Gerhard’s gone back to Germany for a visit and I’ve got to figure this out.” She held out the magazine page to him.

He chuckled. “Well, actually, I do know some from high school, but I don’t know if I can help you. Here, let me take a look at it, and I’ll let you know if I can figure it out.”

Peter took the magazine without looking at it and smiled at Linda sociably. Still feeling downhearted from a frustrating day, he made to close the door, and Linda said, “OK, well, I’m home, so come knock if you figure something out.”

“OK,” said Peter, and he closed his door.

Linda walked back to her apartment dejected.

Valerie jumped up. “Well?” she demanded.

“He just took the magazine and said he’d get back to me.” Linda flopped down on the soft couch by the door.

“Okay, Plan B,” said Valerie.

“What’s that?” said Linda, as she sent her hand down her belly to rest between her legs.


Peter first looked at the ad in the magazine–a large condom ad showing a cartoon penis putting on protection, and a beautiful near naked woman in the background waiting to be fucked.

Peter sighed. Don’t go there, he told himself. He looked at the German article, which was something about airport runways, and since his mind was half filled with thoughts of sex and half filled with trying to stop from thinking about sex, he didn’t have any room for German airport runways.

He got up, flung open his door, and knocked on Linda’s door.

It opened quickly.

“Hi, come on in,” said Linda nonchalantly.

Peter walked in and tossed the magazine on a table by the couch. “I’m really sorry, I don’t know enough to help you with this. I’m sure Gerhard could do it when he gets back.”

“Oh, well,” said Linda.

Valerie surveyed the scene and chuckled to herself at the hopelessness of these two.

“Linda told me everything about you,” she said.

“Oh, Peter, this is my sister Valerie.”

Peter took sudden notice of Valerie–blonde, perky, friendly, intelligent looking–and felt the blood come back into his face. What did she mean, Linda told her “everything”? He nearly let it drop, and let the defeated feeling of his day batter him back into submission, but escort maltepe Valerie shocked him again.

“Sounded like you had a nice first visit to your apartment.”

Peter didn’t know what to make of this. Valerie got up and walked over behind Linda.

“Linda, I’m really sorry about all that,” Peter said with a grimace. “It’s, uh, always been a little embarrassing to see you and Gerhard after that. I-I’m not really like that,” he stammered.

Valerie had slipped behind Linda to the front door behind Peter.

“Really, it’s okay,” said Linda. “It’s better than hearing some crime being committed! A lot better!” Linda blushed.

Valerie placed her ass firmly on the front door and slammed it shut. “Yes,” she said, “In fact, to hear Linda tell it, you have enough cock for two ladies.”

Peter gasped, and Linda choked. Valerie walked up to Peter and lay her hand on his chest. “Not that I’m looking for myself, Peter,” she whispered, “but my sister wants you bad.”

Now the blood that had rushed to his face rushed to his cock and raised it half mast. He’d always thought about how delicious Linda might be, but there were always complications he couldn’t think his way past.

Valerie slid her hand down his chest and smoothly lifted it off above the belt. She saw the bulge of his crotch and looked heatedly at Linda.

So Valerie wasn’t looking when Peter gripped her at the curve of her waist and pulled her towards him. Talk about breaking the ice! She had completely melted it.

She turned toward Peter and let herself be kissed, and then suddenly found herself buried in a passionate embrace. All the plotting and planning about Peter had got to her. She held him tight and slid her hand down to feel for his butt. Peter traced the edges of her breast as it pressed against him, and moved down to her hip, which pushed against his hard bulge.

Valerie broke the kiss and turned to Linda, and held her hand out.

“Kiss her, Peter, she’s dying for it.”

Peter turned to Linda. She stepped toward him and he reached out for her black hair. As they kissed, they breathed deeply, breaking months of tension between them. They wrapped arms round each other but couldn’t pull together too tightly because there was someone down below.

Valerie was on her knees holding Peter’s hips. She unbuckled his belt, unzipped him and placed her lips on his underpants over his cock. She breathed heavily and hotly on his penis through the cloth and it responded by arching even tighter than seemed possible.

She moved up an inch and breathed hotly and moistly onto his cock, still through the underpants, while pulling his pants down to his knees. She moved lower and again breathed hot on his cock as if steaming up a cold window.

Peter was elated. He looked down to see Valerie’s blonde head at his crotch and he started to peel down his underpants from the top, but she stopped him.

“We’ll take care of that. Come on down, Linda, the weather’s hot and steamy,” Valerie cooed.

Linda kneeled down and together they peeled back Peter’s underpants.

Linda gasped. She had always pictured his cock as stout and short, but now saw, up close and personal, that it was long and thick, and arched hard up to his belly button.

As Valerie pulled down his underpants all the way, Linda wrapped her long fingers round his warm cock and brought her lips close. Her own panties were soaked. She inhaled the masculine aromas, and stretched out the tip of her tongue to the base of his penis, licking it lightly upwards.

Valerie’s face appeared opposite her. Peter looked down to see a head on each side of his head, one blonde, one blackhaired. He caressed the two heads and brought them towards each other.

Both women licked his cock from the bottom and sucked their way slowly up, each on her own side. As they approached the tip, their lips met around his cock, and their tongues worked magic.

Peter was ready to explode right away. Valerie felt it coming and took over the tip of his penis to take the cum as it burst into her hungry mouth, while Linda held his balls and felt the base of his throbbing cock.

Valerie pumped down and up his cumming cock; she wanted more time with it filling her mouth. He pumped loads of cum into her before slowing down.

She pulled gently away, holding the cum in her mouth. She took hold of her sister’s head and looked into her dark wild eyes and kissed her full on the lips, pushing his cum into her mouth. They shared the sweet taste and smell in a long kiss.

Linda pulled away, shocked but not complaining, and turned to Peter’s cock, still standing at sharp attention. She licked it clean, bobbing up and down on his shaft.

Peter gently pushed her away and pulled her up to him to kiss her deeply. He tasted his cum in her mouth, and ran both hands firmly down her back to her ass. He found it bare, firm, and ripe, and squeezed it as Linda moaned into his mouth. Valerie had pulled down Linda’s skirt and panties and was busy taking them off her feet.

Peter slid his hands off Linda’s ass and onto the backs of her thighs, bent his own knees and hoisted her up to straddle him. Linda was caught off guard and took a moment to realize that this thin young man was strong enough to hold her up.

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