PITrified Ch. 3

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I had a shower and washed out my cum filled body. My hairy pussy was filled with cum which had dripped down my hairy legs. My ass too was feeling a bit strange having tasted its first cock and my armpits were bunched together with the slick pre cum of the various cocks, which had been pressed into my unshaven underarms. I felt good and relaxed and I was itching to meet up with Michelle to whom I was eternally grateful for having given me the courage to get fucked despite my hirsute appearance.

I changed into a nice floral dress and walked down to the living room to seek out Michelle but she was nowhere to be seen. I went up towards her room and as I crossed Dad’s room I heard lots of noises. As I pushed the door open I saw Michelle. She was on her knees and sucking my father’s immense cock. It was the biggest, thickest piece of meat I had ever seen. Uncle Bill my father’s brother was behind the French woman and shagging her hairy asshole. The two big men were fucking my teacher. I couldn’t believe it as I saw Michele slobbering over my Daddy’s big prick. She was hungry and she was gnawing at the meat. Dad was striped naked and I saw his naked hairy torso. Uncle Bill was looking towards the door from where I was pepping his eyes glazed with excitement and pounding Michelle’s hairy ass.

Uncle Bill was moaning “George this woman sure knows how to take us both Remember Sally how we had fucked her together” “Yes my Dad replied, “That hairy whore was something but Michelle is far hairier. Look at her pits she has so much hair more than any woman I have seen other than Lori”. Dad didn’t know I was listening. I was aghast that Dad was talking about my Mom Lori ataşehir escort as if she was some kind of whore and in any case I had much more hair than Michelle.

I could take it no longer and I burst into the room. “Dad you think Michelle is very hairy? Look at me” I screamed taking off my dress “see my bushy armpits don’t they have more hair than Michelle”. Even Michelle stopped sucking Dad as his erect penis dropped out of her mouth. Dad looked at me and tried to find his trousers but I was not going to let him off. I took his penis in my hands. It was hot and throbbing and I felt it grow bigger in my hands. He tried to pull away but I held on and in fact wrapped both my hands on his huge member.

I then bent down and sucked his immense cock. I licked the head of his massive dick and ran my tongue right down to his hairy balls. I lifted my arms and made him bend down and lick my bushy underarms. “Am I hairy enough, Dad?” I asked. I crammed more of his phallus into my mouth no doubt impressing my teacher Michele who had resumed being anally fucked by Uncle Bill. Michele winked at me as I continued on my cocksucking journey improving my blowing skills as I went along.

I don’t know how much Dad was enjoying being sucked off by his daughter but he was not retreating “Am I more hairy than Mom” I asked him as he thought momentarily whether I was hairier than my mother Lori but he preferred to keep quiet as I now concentrated on the blow job I was giving to Dad.

Uncle Bill had taken himself off Michelle and as he turned towards me he said “My turn, girl,” as he placed his cock at the entrance of my cunt. He grabbed both my ass kadıköy escort bayan cheeks with his hands and pulled me roughly to him. He started fucking me forcefully, bouncing me up and down on his cock. “Ohhhhhhhhh. Yeah! Fuck me Uncle Bill” I arched my back in pleasure with my arms raised above my head and my sweaty hairy armpits pointed at his bent face. He sucked my bushy underarms and it was turning me on.

“Yeeessssssssss. Harder! Fuck me harder Uncle Bill ram your penis deep into me” I was on the verge of having another orgasm turned on as I was by my Uncle Bill sucking my untrimmed underarms and sucking my Dad’s large equipment. Uncle Bill shoved his cock into my wet pussy as I chewed on more of my Dad’s cock. I could hear him trying to silence his moans but he was obviously enjoying the blowjob I giving him.

Uncle Bill parted my dense tangle of pubic hair and pushed his cock into my pussy again. As he slowly fucked me he started increasing his speed. He proceeded to increase the speed of his fucking I reached another orgasm. The door was pushed open and as I looked up my faithful brother Paul had entered he room. He was surprised to se me sucking Dad but not for long. Paul had started undressing, and as he let his pants slid down his legs, his monstrous cock sprang up. He stroked it slowly while licking his lips. His eyes never left mine. I couldn’t suppress the gasp at the sight of that monster again. Not only was it long, it was also very thick. There must be something terribly wrong with me. I was supposed to be PITrified, but instead I was already imagining it tearing into me.

“You want this inside you now, escort maltepe don’t you? Darling sister not enough blowing Dad and being fucked by Uncle Bill” Paul grinned. Uncle Bill got off me and moved towards Mary who looked rather forlorn in a corner masturbating at the family games. Paul came over to position himself between my legs. “Wow what a lot of crisp jet-black hair you have at the juncture of your thighs” as he looked at the hair covering my pubic mount and on my inner thighs. He slowly stroked the length of his cock up and down my slit. “Well, here it comes, sister.” He leered as I sucked on happily at Dad’s massive cock.

I moaned as he sank the first few inches of his monstrous cock into my hairy cunt. I felt myself being stretched to the limit. Paul lifted my legs onto the crook of his arms and bore down on me, forcing his entire length into my cunt. I tried to push him off me because it was starting to hurt like crazy but my squirming around was turning him on even more. My cunt was really wet now and I was even enjoying it. Paul’s thick girth was doing all the delicious things to my insides. I wrapped my legs around his back and lifted my ass slightly off the bed to match his fucking motion. He was really banging me now and the only sound to be heard was a soft sucking sound as my cunt milked his cock for all that it’s worth.

Dad was groaning and I sensed he was about to cum. I reached out and caught his head and pulled him down as he put his tongue into my bushy armpits. His body was contorted like a circus artiste but I did not let go off his mouth even as his mouth tugged at the thick tufty hair of my bushy armpits. “I am cummmmmmiinnnnngggggg,” he groaned as his cock spiled its seed into my waiting mouth. I was determined to catch his cum in y mouth as I felt a stream of cum squirt into the back of my throat. I almost doubled back with the velocity of his cum. I choked as wads of his cum filled my mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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