Persuasive Pablo

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Persuasive Pablo

by Pan

Pablo stood in front of his eighteen-year old sister, a strange glint in his eye. He’d just mastered The Secrets of the Voice, a course that he’d found online. It had originally been designed for salesmen, to increase their numbers, but Pablo had discovered that when it was combined with his strong accent, it no longer merely increased your chances of success…it guaranteed it.

“Hello,” he said, and his twin sister Paige looked up with a start. She was sunbathing in the back yard, and the last thing she’d expected was to find her brother standing over her, uncharacteristically confidently.

“Yes?” she said, squinting up at him.

“Relax,” Pablo replied, and to her surprise, Paige found herself doing exactly that. All the tension flowed out of her body – with one word, Pablo had made her more relaxed than a 90-minute massage would. She yawned – so strong was her sense of relaxation that she was struggling to stay awake.

“But stay awake,” he added abruptly, and Paige sat up straight, strangely attentive.

“What’s up, bro?” she said, and Pablo smiled in response.

“I just wanted to hang out with my little sister…-“

“Twin,” she corrected. His voice had lost the strange quality that it had held a few seconds ago, a ring, or an echo of some kind. “Your twin sister.”

“I was born first,” he said, “and that makes me older. Anyway, I just wanted to hang out…”

As Paige stared at him dubiously, he began to use The Secrets of the Voice again.

“Nothing unusual about that, is there?”

Paige shook her head in response, and lay back down.

A few seconds later, as Pablo’s hand began to rub up and down her back, she turned and shot him a dirty look.

“Don’t worry about this,” Pablo said, and there was the echo again. It made his voice strangely insidious, like it was trying to crawl into your head and have its way with your brain. “We’re brother and sister, so it’s okay for us to touch each other, right?”

“Of course,” she replied with a roll of the eye. If they hadn’t been related, it would have been weird, but since they were brother and sister, it was fine for Pablo to touch her.

“It’s lucky that we’re twins,” Pablo said, as his hands reached down and began massaging her ass. “Since we’re twins, we’re even closer than a normal brother and sister, and so it’s fine for me to touch you sexually, as well.”

A small part of Paige’s brain wanted to question the logic of that, but it was shouted down by the rest of her. She sure was lucky to have a twin, she thought as Pablo’s broad hands grasped her cheeks, and one hand reached down and began to rub her pussy through her swimsuit.

She sat up in shock as Pablo began to pull her bikini bottom down.

“Pablo!” she said angrily, “What the hell do you think you’re doing? It’s okay for you to touch me, and since we’re twins, touch me sexually…but you can’t expect me to let you look at my privates!”

“Oh, sorry sis,” Pablo said apologetically. “Forgive me?”

At his words, she immediately calmed down again, laying on her back and spreading her legs.

“Of course, Pablo…” she said. “Here, why don’t you rub my pussy a bit? Just don’t try to get me naked…that would be weird.”

“Sure thing,” he said, and cupping her mound, began to run his fingers up and down the visible outline of her pussy-lips.

There was a silence, as Paige lay back and watched her brother, trying to ignore the growing feeling of arousal that his touch caused.

“It’s odd, isn’t it, that your bikini top is held on by a single string…”

Paige’s eyebrow raised as she stared at Pablo, while shifting her pussy so that he had better access.

“How so?”

“Well, if I put my hand here and tugged oh-so-slightly, your top would fall off…and of course, you couldn’t get mad at me for that, could you? You couldn’t get annoyed at such a tiny, tiny action…”

Paige thought for a minute. He was right, of course – it would be stupid to get annoyed for such a small thing. It would be like holding a grudge because someone owed you a dollar…only a really petty person would do that, and Paige certainly wasn’t petty.

“Whoops,” her brother said before she could respond, and as his hand made the motion that he’d suggested, Paige’s arms went up to catch her bikini and cover her breasts.

“You’re not mad, are you?” he asked, and she shook her head.

“Of course not. I couldn’t be mad at you for that-…for such a small action.”

“Good,” he said smiling, and repeated the motion with the cord that held the lower half of her bikini on.

Paige’s mouth opened in shock – her brother hadn’t stopped stroking her pussy-lips, but now that her bikini bottom was loose, his actions were causing it to slowly reveal more and more of her neatly-trimmed pussy. She wanted to reach down and grab it, but if she did, she knew that her bikini top would fall, revealing one – or both – of her tits to her brother.

“Are you okay?” Pablo asked, and when she hesitated to respond, added escort kartal “You can tell me anything. In fact, you should – any time I ask you a question, you should answer completely honestly. After all, we’re family, and family should be honest.”

“Hmmm,” he said, after she’d explained her predicament. “Yes, I can see why that would be a problem. It must be particularly difficult, because of how turned on you get whenever someone sees your body…if I were to see your nipple, it would probably get hard straight away, wouldn’t it? And if I saw your cunt…well, that would almost be enough to make you orgasm on the spot.

“In fact, you’re getting turned on just at the idea of me seeing your exposed privates, aren’t you?”

Paige’s cheeks burned red with embarrassment…her twin brother knew her so well. Probably because of how honest they were with each other, being family and all. She was extremely aroused, especially since he still hadn’t stopped touching her, and with each motion, her bikini bottom threatened to show off her pussy…the idea of which turned her on more and more.

She was also annoyed that he hadn’t helped her with her problem, and told him so.

“Well,” he said, “I could help you…but, of course, then I’d need payment.”

“Payment?” Paige asked in confusion. “What do you mean?”

“Oh,” Pablo replied casually, “just the usual. I’d want you to stroke my dick for me.”

“Pablo!” Paige exclaimed once more, before truly letting his words sink in. Sure, since they were brother and sister, he was allowed to touch her…and since they were twins, he could even touch her sexually, if he pleased. (Which he obviously did.) But the nature of their relationship meant that it would be utterly taboo for her to touch him, as he was suggesting…

…although, of course, he had called it “the usual”. And if it was payment for a favor…

“Fine,” she said tersely, after a few seconds of thought. “I’ll stroke your dick, if you turn away while I get dressed.”

He turned around, and Paige tied her bikini bottom back on. Before she could get the top back on, however, he turned back around.

“Hey!” she said indignantly, trying to ignore the feelings of arousal coursing through her body as her nipples hardened, “What do you think you’re doing??”

“Oh no,” Pablo replied without a trace of guilt. “I thought you were done…oh man, since I broke my promise, I guess that means the payment is reversed. Now I have to stroke your dick…”

Paige nodded without thinking, but then a look of confusion appeared on her face.

“Wait,” she said, “…I don’t have a dick.”

“Hmmm…you don’t either.”

He reached down and resumed playing with her pussy.

“Well, since I broke the promise and you don’t have a dick, that means that it goes back to me, doubled. You have to suck me off.”

Paige rolled her eyes as she undid Pablo’s jeans, her bikini top still hanging loose in front of her, no longer hiding her pert tits at all.

“I hate that rule,” she said, as she took her brother’s cock in her mouth.

It had been a while since Paige had given a blow-job: she’d done it as infrequently as possible with her first boyfriend, and since they’d broken up six months ago, been single and celibate. Like riding a bike, however, it all came back to her, and she maintained eye-contact with her brother as she blew him, remembering how much her ex had enjoyed that.

“Oh wow,” Pablo said, “this is really fantastic. Oh, this is so good…you must be loving it.”

Paige was. She’d never really gotten into giving head before, but it was so great with her twin that she loved every second of it. Perhaps it had to do with his hand, still rubbing and stroking at her increasingly-wet bikini bottom, or perhaps it had something to do with the fact that they were related, but she was enjoying this more than she’d ever enjoyed giving oral sex before.

She redoubled her efforts, relishing the feeling of Pablo’s cock in her mouth, swishing her tongue around his head, and ensuring that her hands never stopped stimulating whatever parts of his member that couldn’t fit inside her mouth.

As she recognized the signs of his orgasm approaching, she pulled out – she’d always refused to swallow in the past, and since they were right next to the pool, aimed for her chest, so she could jump in the water and wash it off.

“What are you doing, Paige?” Pablo grunted, watching her hand jerk up and down his cock. “If you don’t swallow my cum, you’ll have to let me fuck you…”

“Oh no!” Paige said, trying desperately to get his cock back into her mouth…

But it was too late.

She watched in horror as his seed splashed onto her chest, generously coating her. Pablo caught her eye, and in a comforting voice told her not to worry.

“Try rubbing it in…if you can get it all in, maybe that will count, and we won’t have to commit incest.”

Like a girl possessed, Paige tried to rub as much of her brother’s semen into her chest as she could. Each time her hands maltepe escort brushed her nipples, Pablo reminded her how semen felt ten times as good as any other kind of stimulation to erogenous zones, and she threw her head back in pleasure.

Finally, when she’d gotten as much of it in as she could, she looked desperately at her brother, and he looked coolly back at her.

“Hmmm,” he said with a yawn, “…that might do it. I dunno…I’m spent. We’ll talk about it later, okay?”

Paige nodded frantically, and as her twin walked away, began to redress.

“Oh, no,” Pablo said, turning around and watching her. “It won’t work if you cover the sperm up…you’ll have to stay topless, at least until you hear someone else coming home. And since I came, you have to make sure that you cum too. Just masturbate, thinking about how you just jerked me off while topless – take as long as you can, and make it one of your best orgasms.”

The moaning sound of his sister as he walked away put a broad smile on Pablo’s face. The $19.99 that the online course had cost him was the best money he’d ever spent.


It was later that night when Paige walked into her brother’s room.

“Hey Pablo,” she said nervously.

“Oh, hey Paige,” he said. “Come in, sit down…I was just about to masturbate.”

His sister’s brow furrowed in confusion and disgust.

“Ew,” she responded vehemently. “I don’t want to see that!”

“I know you don’t,” he said, and his voice had that strange ring to it once more. “But you’re in the room now, and it would be rude to leave before I finished.”

With an annoyed sigh, Paige moved over to the end of his bed, and sat looking out of the window. She could hear her brother undoing his fly, and feel the movement of the bed as he began to jerk off.

“You have to watch,” he said in a breathy voice. “It’s rude not to watch.”

Annoyed at herself for coming into his room in the first place, Paige turned to look at her brother as he jerked the cock that she’d had in her mouth just a few hours ago.

“Oh, god…I’m sorry. I bet this is reminding you of what we did earlier, isn’t it?”

Paige nodded.

“And I bet that it’s really turning you on, thinking about it…especially since you masturbated just after I left, while the image was still strong in your memory.”

“Of course it is,” she snapped, angry at the red flush creeping over her skin.

“You should masturbate as well…I’d hate for that tension to build up inside you for too long.”

Paige slipped a few finger past the waistband of her jean. Normally she didn’t masturbate more than a couple of times a week, but here she was, getting herself off twice in one day.

“And since you’re looking at my cock, it would be rude to think about anything else…and you don’t want to be rude, do you?”

Paige blushed again, quickly dispelling the image of hunky romance heroes that she’d been thinking of, and replacing them with thoughts of her brother’s cock. The last thing she wanted was to be rude.

Suddenly, Pablo stopped.

“What’s wrong?” Paige asked, after a long silence. She stopped masturbating as well, unsure of the protocol.

“Oh, it’s just…I already got off today, so I don’t think I want to jerk off after all.”

“That’s fine,” Paige said, taking her fingers out.

“No, no, it’s not…it’s terrible. You’ve started, I’ve started…if neither of us get off, we won’t be able to sleep.”

“So…just jerk off then,” Paige said, sounding slightly irritated. “I’ll do the same, and then we’re fine.”

“I already told you, I don’t think I want to jerk off. It’s fine, I wasn’t really planning on sleeping tonight anyway.”

“I was,” Paige snapped, returning her hand beneath her panties, and continuing to stroke up and down her wetness.

“Paige, what are you doing? We’re twins – since we started together, there’s no way you’ll be able to get off until I do.”

“Damn it, Pablo, just jerk off! I’ve got stuff to do tonight, and I need to sleep.”

“I suppose…” Pablo said thoughtfully, then shook his head. “No, never mind.”

“What is it?”

“Well, you didn’t swallow my seed this morning, so I guess that means we could fuck…”

“I rubbed it in!” Paige said frantically, her hands gesturing to her tits. “I rubbed it into my chest, and you said that would count!”

“Show me,” Pablo said, and Paige quickly took her shirt off, and unclasped her bra, continuing to fruitlessly rub herself. “Hmmm…I don’t see any cum…”

“That’s because I rubbed it in.”

“Well, maybe. It could have been because you put your bra back on, however…everyone knows if you don’t want to fuck your twin, you can’t put a bra on after you rub his cum into your tits.”

“Duh,” Paige said, reddening slightly once more.

“Tell you what, how about I see if I can taste it?”

Paige thought about it for a few seconds, and then shook her head.

“I’ll do it,” she said, and started to raise one breast to her mouth.

“Wait!” Pablo ordered, pendik escort bayan and she froze as he quickly took a picture of her.


“I was just documenting the testing process,” he said soothingly, and she immediately relaxed. Of course. Documenting the testing process. That was a perfectly good reason to take a picture of her with a tit halfway to her mouth. “And do you even know what my cum tastes like?”

“No…” she said with a sigh. “Fine, you’d better taste it.”

“First,” he said, “give them a good wash. You can use my bathroom.”

She was halfway there before she stopped and turned to him, realizing the contradiction in what he’d said. “Water, uh, brings out the taste of the semen,” he added quickly.

When she returned, he took another photo of her tits, and then took one of her nipple in his mouth.

“Hmmm…” he said, before switching to the other boob. “Hmmmm…”

“Any sign?” she asked, and he shrugged.

“I’m not sure…but we’d better fuck, just to be safe. The alternative would be too bad to consider.”

“Fine,” Paige said, starting to slip her jeans off and reaching to turn out the light.

“No no no!” Pablo said quickly. “We need to keep it on. Just to…uh…make sure that we’re not accidentally fucking someone else.”

Paige looked around – the room seemed empty. But, she supposed, there was always that chance of a mix-up.As she slid her panties down, revealing her crack to Pablo for the first time, he stared at it in awe.

“Let’s get this over with,” she said, getting onto all fours on the bed and looking back at her brother.

“You must be really wet,” he said, “girls are always really wet when they’re about to be fucked.”

That hadn’t been Paige’s experience in the past, but as Pablo stroked his cock up and down her entrance a few times, she had to admit he was right – she was certainly wet enough. Pablo lined herself up at her entrance, and pushed forward. Paige grimaced as he slowly slid into her…it only took a few seconds before his pubic hair intermingled with yours, and he quickly got into a rhythm, thrusting in and out of her.

Against her will, she was beginning to get turned on by her brother’s rutting, and to distract herself Paige tried to think about other things. Baseball…soda…eBay…

“Boy,” Pablo said with a grunt, “now that I’m inside of you, thinking about anything other than the fact that I’m your twin must be completely impossible. It’s disgusting, but kind of hot as well, hey?”

It was gross, she agreed, but as she thought about her brother’s words had to admit that he was right. Getting fucked by your own flesh and blood – especially someone as closely related as a twin…there was something strangely erotic about the idea, and she felt a pressure beginning to build inside herself as she thought about what she was doing.

She was fucking her twin. Her twin was fucking her. His cock was inside of her, right now.

Suddenly, he gasped – if he hadn’t kept on pounding into her, she would have assumed he’d cum.

“What is it??” she asked, and he replied in a worried voice.

“You remember when we were younger, and we went to the doctor…and he told us about the rare medical condition we have?”

Paige nodded, even as the memories began to form in her head.

“He said that if we ever had sex, we’d get addicted to the sensation. He said that we’d start to dream about it, think about it instead of sleeping…if we didn’t fuck at least once every few days, we’d start to go crazy.”

“Oh god!” Paige said in a panic. “What are we doing??”

“I can’t believe we forgot,” Pablo said, and Paige nodded…but made no move to stop.

“I guess it’s too late now,” she said sadly. So this wasn’t going to be a one-time thing…her twin brother and her would have to keep fucking for the rest of their lives. Why had they even started??

As Paige moaned, Pablo added another piece of information without changing the rhythm of his thrusts.

“It’s a pity we didn’t think to wear a condom…but now that we’ve started doing it like this, it’s too late to change now. Are you on the pill?”

Paige nodded. Thoughts that had been put into her head started combining – it was hot that she was fucking her twin brother – she was going to have to fuck him every day. The thought turned her on more than she’d thought possible, and her climaxes was rapidly approaching.

“Do you ever want to have kids?”

She answered his question with a nod, not really listening to what he was saying.

“Well,” Pablo said, “you’d better stop taking them…it’s a part of our condition. Unless you get pregnant really soon, you’ll start to lose your fertility more and more each time we fuck. It’s okay though, I can knock you up straight away…and then you can just keep on having kids, one after another. I know how sexy you find the idea of being pregnant…I bet you want to try for a kid every chance we get. I bet that nothing would make you hornier…”

The image of her being pounded daily by her brother shifted to add a pregnant belly onto her body, and Paige’s next orgasm was bigger and more explosive than any that had preceded it. She wanted to be bred by her brother, she wanted to carry his children, and go straight from pregnancy to pregnancy…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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