Perfect Hostess

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Just after I started in my second year of the Sixth Form (so I would have been just 18) Daddy had this work colleague to stay for a couple of nights so that they could discuss some stuff and then go off to a meeting early in the morning. I don’t normally pay much attention to Daddy’s bank people but this one was frankly very dishy. There was something about him which somehow got my juices going if you know what I mean. He was introduced to me as Mr Speed (I have changed the name) and I, very respectfully, stuck to that. He was somewhere in his forties and very well dressed and very cultured in his speech. Even when he changed out of his work suit he came downstairs in a pair of casual trousers with creases like razors and a well pressed blue and white checked shirt.

Of course we all had dinner together and I am sure my sister Gemma had a thumping great crush on our guest but I had the advantage. Gem was only fifteen and really a silly little schoolgirl. She just didn’t know what to say and barely spoke two words through dinner. Well it happened that one of those coincidences of dates worked in my favour. The last night Mr Speed was with us was parents night for Gemma and it was important so Mum and Dad both had to go with Gem; the Sixth Form had their parents evening on a different night so the position was explained to Mr Speed who said he had a daughter of his own and he understood perfectly. This meant that Julie had the task of keeping our guest entertained till bedtime and I had decided that I would be VERY entertaining. As Gem was putting her coat on she whispered something to me about behaving myself but I just gave her a wide grin and then shut the front door so it was just me and Mr Speed…all alone in the house…till very late…..with nothing to do.

Well the TV was on and the two of us sat down in the lounge. I offered him a drink and I had noted the previous evening that he drank whisky so I gave him Daddy’s best Glenfidget and I had a sherry. After school of course I had changed so I was in that short little white skirt and a floppy grey jumper. I had not bothered to take my school socks off so I was in white kneesocks which I know can have an effect on men. In the Sixth we are allowed to wear tights but that particular morning I had chosen socks and if you believe that was chance you are very naïve.

As we watched the film together I stretched out on the sofa sort of lolling over two seats with my legs stretched out and I crossed them from time to time which caused my skirt to ride up while remaining just decent. We did not watch the film in silence, we shared comments on the plot “Oh you can tell he stole escort kartal the bonds, he’s being so nice.” And we had a gentle conversation about school and I asked him how long he had worked with Daddy. I didn’t ask him about his family because I didn’t want him thinking of his wife but we were getting along famously and, even with my little boobs, as I lay back in my so very relaxed posture, they were definitely very obvious through my jumper.

Well the film ended and I refilled his glass without being asked then I mentioned that I had some Economics homework and, of course, he worked with money didn’t he. Mr Speed was very willing to help so I bobbed up and ran from the room to collect my notepad and textbook. I had shed my slippers now so was in just socks. When I came back into the room I perched myself on the arm of his chair and leaned towards him so that he could see the tables of figures in the book. Our faces were very close together as we looked at the book and I had applied just a little perfume when I went to fetch the books. Our conversation diversified from the specific problem to Economics in general and how superficial A level Economics is compared to what goes on in the real world. In my “little girl” voice I said that I had very little experience of the real world but I bet he had lots of experience (crosses legs again very slowly).

It felt very artificial for me to be propped up on the arm of his chair and suggesting a move to the sofa would have been too obvious so I sort of leaned into him gradually and ended up resting against his shoulder. He was showing quite an interest in my Economics textbook and said it was useful to know what was taught at A level for when the bank recruited people from school.

I leapt upon that as my cue.

“I’ll tell you what. I’ll leave you alone to have a look at the book. I need to pop up and have a shower. I’ll be back before you know it.”

And Fairy Julie flitted from the room.

It was quite a lightning shower with lots of foamy gel but I did find time to wash my hair with nice scented shampoo then I ran along the landing to my room stark naked and hoping he might have come upstairs to use the loo but I couldn’t get that lucky. In my room I slipped on my nice short pink nightshirt with Daffy Duck on the front and I threw on my thin silk robe which I tied, fairly casually, around the waist. No need to bother with knickers as Mum was not at home and Daddy never minds.

I re entered the lounge energetically drying my hair with a white fluffy towel. I was full of apologies that I had been so rude as to leave our guest alone and I begged maltepe escort him not to tell my parents that I had been so lax. I flopped down on the sofa directly opposite him moving my head from side to side as I dried my hair. This caused my robe to flop open and the belt to come undone (Oh dear I must have been in too much of a hurry as I tied it.)

He had to be able to see my nips which were now pressing against the thin cotton nightshirt and I could tell from his speech that I was having an effect. He kept clearing his throat and crossing his legs. I prattled on girlishly about how my Mum treats me like a little girl and I suppose it’s natural for parents to worry in case their daughters are naïve and don’t know the ways of the world.

“Did you find it hard to learn the ways of the world?” (Leaning forward earnestly so that he can look down my nightshirt and see the outline of my boobs.)

I was being really sympathetic now and saying that everyone worries about girls but I suppose boys must have problems too and can he remember what he was like growing up?

As he talked it seemed natural for me to float over to once again sit on the arm of his chair so that I could listen to him more closely and “Oh dear your glass is empty. No please Daddy would want you to have some more. He might be cross with me if I didn’t look after you.”

He was taking the bait now and he asked if Daddy was often cross with me. That led me into how Mum nagged me about covering up and how I hated being treated like a little girl and I suppose it’s natural for mums to be over-protective.

My head was unashamedly on his shoulder now so that he could smell my scented, clean hair. I was talking quite drowsily so it was natural for a tired girl to let her head rest against his. My nightie had started off short but as I adjusted my position on the arm of the chair it naturally rode up and my position with my head against his caused my back to be twisted in an odd position so I swung my bare legs over the arm of the chair and placed them across Mr Speed’s lap. I am quite proud of my legs and I kept moving them slightly to show off how they curve in all the right places.

“I love your aftershave, what is it? It smells so nice.” (Placing my face to his so that I could smell it properly)

And then I very gently kissed his cheek.

“Julie what time is your family due back?”

“Oh it could be quite late. Gem’s teacher can talk on for ages,” (said in the slow, smoky voice of a girl about to fall asleep.)

“Your aftershave even tastes nice.” Now I gently licked his cheek and shifted my legs on his pendik escort bayan lap. I was subtly grinding my bum into his groin as I sometimes did with Daddy and there was no mistaking that hard rod which was pressing into my bottom. He was beginning to breathe quite heavily and my bare arms went around his neck and pulled his face to mine.

He was a free man and had the option to pull away at this point but if he did not pull away he was giving me a clear green light and, to be honest, what man could pull away after I had been softening him up all evening?

My tongue slipped between his lips and, to my huge delight, he repaid the compliment and began to groan softly. My hands began to roam his body and he returned my hug then his hands began to roam. One was cradling my bum and the other arm was around my neck with the hand very slowly creeping to my left boob which it began to enjoy. I eased my position backwards so that I could get a hand to his groin and I began to feel the shape of his hard rod.

He moaned something which might have been an objection or it might have been an encouragement.

“Please let me get to it,” I begged and as he made no definite objection I slowly began to ease down his zip and to reach inside. The poor man shot as soon as I had the organ exposed and my hand was soaked but I still gave him a good massage. He apologised for his being so premature but I said I did not mind. I said I had never intended that we end up in bed together so his responding to me so soon was not a problem at all.

I begged him to help me slip off my nightshirt and my gown just flopped off at the same time. Soon I was naked and draped across his body as our arms entwined and so did our tongues until his tongue began to explore my body and we slipped down to the carpet. I could have let him have me completely at this stage but Julie was still in control and I was not on the pill so I knew where to stop. His hand slipped down between my legs and began to enjoy my soft pussy which had the natural effect on me as I responded to what he was doing.

After an energetic session on the floor we just lay still in others arms with my hands inside his shirt and then I whispered that I would love him to put to bed just as a proper babysitter should. He was surprisingly strong and he swept me into his arms and carried me upstairs to my dark bedroom then he lay me down on my bed and tucked me in.

I kissed him goodnight for a long time then I thanked him so much and asked if he would mind recovering my nightclothes from the lounge floor. He was back in a jiffy and he placed the two items on the bed then he whispered something sweet to me and was gone.

Gemma never asked me what had happened that night and I would not have told her anyway. Sadly Mr Speed has never come back to stay but I did slip him my email address as I kissed him goodbye in the hallway next morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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