Peeping on Her

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The noise of a vehicle is heard as it stops on the driveway outside of a home. The engine is turned off as the door is opened before the male driver of the two-door compact gets out. He closes the door and locks the car before heading to the door of his home. Whistling a tune, he unlocks the door before entering his home. He quickly closes it and walks down the hall of the one story home then stops by a mirror and checks his hair. His name is Randy, thanks to the name tag on his blue shirt. He just came home from his part-time job. He is a twenty-one-year-old that graduated from high school over a year back. He is an average looking guy, being five feet and nine inches tall, slightly muscular, but slim with some pudginess on his face, something he could never get rid of. His hair is spiky and blond, though notices his black hair starting to come through.

“Aw, damn it…” Randy mumbles to himself. “Hey mom, I’m home.” He calls out. No response is heard. He raises an eyebrow at that as he checks the kitchen and living room but doesn’t see her. He walks down the hall. The home is pretty basic; the living room is to the left after entering the home with the kitchen and dining room opposite. Down the hall from them are the two bedrooms and the bathroom he uses. In his mother’s master bedroom is the master bath.

Randy stands near the door to his mother’s bedroom but sees it’s open almost halfway. He then hears moaning. Randy takes a peek and gasps. On the king-sized bed lays his mother. She is naked with her hand on a dildo that is being shoved in and out of her pussy. Randy blushes red. He also notices some headphones over her ears. For most of his life, Randy has always been a mama’s boy. He could never be away from her. Ever since his father died when he was younger, he basically clinged to her. Since puberty hit, he has looked at his mother in a different light. He has looked at her like a woman. Whenever he could during the years, especially after they stopped taking baths together when he started middle school, he would always try to peep on her. He was caught a few times, but that never stopped him. Though he has always been careful.

Randy keeps looking at his mother. Being displayed on the bed, he can see all of her. Her large E cup breasts on her chest, being saggy as they hang down her sides, something Randy always wanted to hold in his hands. Her body being chubby, thanks to her being two inches shorter than him, but weighing over two hundred pounds. She is flabby and pudgy in most parts while being thick around her arms, legs, and thighs. Her ass cheeks exploded out from being on the bed. Her eyes are closed as she moans with each movement she does with the dildo. Her face is pudgy, something Randy got from her. She has freckles on her cheeks and most of her nose while her long red hair is a mess on the pillow. All in all to Randy, he is staring at a goddess.

Randy has always wanted his mother. As he stares at her, he takes his cock out from the zipper of his pants. Something that he has been proud off. His cock is seven inches in length with a three and half inch girth. He strokes it as he watches his mother. How he wishes it was his cock going in and out of her. As he masturbates, he wonders why he never caught her masturbating herself before. He has seen her naked multiple times, sometimes with her coming out of his bathroom since her bathroom would need fixing sometimes. Randy sets that aside for now. He has a hunch he wouldn’t get another chance like this. He masturbates watching her, matching his strokes with each slide the dildo is doing. He stays like this on the door for about half an hour until he can’t hold it in. He runs to his bathroom, however. Making a mess on her door would not be ideal. He enters and cums hard into his toilet. He pants.

“Wow… That was so hot…”

Randy cleans up before he heads to his bedroom and quickly changes then goes back to her door. He watches her again, amazed she is still going. He gets hard again but doesn’t do anything. He wishes he could record this, but even he wouldn’t go that far. He sees his mother pick up the pace and gently closes the door. Randy sighs before he goes to his room. It would be a long night for him today.


For the next two weeks, Randy’s routine has been different. He thought he would never get the chance to see his mother masturbate again, but almost every day since he caught her after returning from work, Randy returned home with the door to his mother’s room escort kartal halfway open and her masturbating in the same position with the headphones on. He always wondered about it, but like that first time, he masturbated also as he watched her. For half an hour, he masturbated until he had to run to the bathroom, though he held off long enough to see her climax.

Today would be different, however. Randy makes it to his home and exits from his car. He locks it then heads to his home. He stands at the door for a bit. “If the door is opened again and she is masturbating, I will go to her. I can’t take it anymore…” He unlocks the door and enters before locking it. He walks quietly to her door and peers inside. He quickly gets a hard-on when he sees her now on her knees and her large ass in the air, the dildo being shoved furiously in and out of her pussy. Her head is on the pillow as her moans are muffled.

Randy goes to his room and gets naked quickly, throwing his clothes into the hamper. His cock is fully erect. He walks out and goes to her door again. He sees her in the same position before he enters then gently closes the door. He walks to the front of the bed and looks at her ass. “Oh Sarah…” Randy mumbles her name. He watches the dildo still being used before his mother stops for a break. Sarah pants on the pillow as she moans softly. She then gasps as the dildo is quickly removed and, before she can wonder why, she moans when Randy starts licking her pussy.

“Ooohhh…” Sarah moans loudly as Randy’s tongue explores her lips then her clit. “Mmm, who is that…? Randy, is that you baby?” She moans, wondering, taking the headphones off. Randy doesn’t answer as he keeps moving his tongue around her lips and clit more.

‘God she tastes delicious…’ Randy thinks as he licks her lips more before he slides his tongue inside of her. Sarah moans loudly as she feels the tongue enter her. She tries to turn but can’t see much thanks to Randy holding her down and being tired. She can see his hands, however. She tries to speak, but her breath hitches when Randy rubs her clit gently while his tongue moves faster. Sarah can’t take it and moans loudly as she cums hard. Randy gasps as he gets squirted on. He drinks as best he can, even with some of her juice going down his chest.

Sarah pants. She has never cum that hard before to the point of squirting. Her head stays on the pillow. Randy pants slightly before he gets on the bed. Sarah stays still, her body shaking from the orgasm. She then gasps when Randy rubs the head of his cock on her lips before the head pushes in. Sarah moans loudly as Randy slides all of his cock in her. She gets a second wind and gets on her hands. She looks back at him.

Before she can get a word in, Randy starts fucking her. “Before you say anything, mom, let me enjoy this. Please!” He says, grunting as his hips move on their own. Sarah moans more, nodding at the request as she keeps looking at him. Randy grips her ass as his hips move faster. “Your pussy feels so good, mom…” He says panting. Sarah blushes, but moans more when he goes harder. She can’t get a word in. Her mouth just keeps moaning.

Randy gropes her robust ass as his cock slides in and out of her, the place where he came from. He has finally done it. He is finally fucking his mother, even if it might be a one-time deal. The bed creaks from the movement. Sarah looks forward as she closes her eyes and grips the sheets. The dildo can’t compare to this. Both mother and son moan and groan as their bodies slap together. Sarah feels his balls slap her clit over and over, sending her over the edge as she cums again. She slips and lands face first on the pillow. Randy groans from feeling her cum and tighten around him before he thrusts deep inside of her and cums. Sarah moans and gasps loudly, moving her head as she feels him fill her womb. Both of them pant as Randy empties himself.

“Oh mom… Before you say anything, just to let you know, I have wanted this for a long time now.” He says first. Sarah blushes from hearing that. “I know it’s wrong, but I can’t help myself. You look so good, mom.” She blushes more at him admitting that.

She lifts herself up again and looks at him. “You think I’m pretty, baby?” She asks, forgetting for a moment about her wanting to ask her main question.

Randy rubs her ass. “Pretty? Mom, you are a goddess. I can’t get enough of seeing you naked.”

Sarah blushes more from hearing her son complement her. maltepe escort “Oh baby… But why? I am your mother.” She asks.

“I know, but I can’t help it. I am a momma’s boy after all. But… why have you been masturbating with the door open?” Randy asks, rubbing her ass still.

Sarah moans softly before looking away. “Um… well, to tell you the truth, I wanted you to watch me…”

Randy looks at her with surprise. “Really?”

Sarah nods before looking at him again. “I know you still peep on me, even after all of these years. I started to like it some time back, but I didn’t know how to come to you. I asked some of my girlfriends how to come out to someone, not exactly you though. Didn’t want anyone to look at me like that. But one suggested to do something sexual. And since you still live with me, it wouldn’t be that hard to be naked in front of you. Though it took a long time to get the courage to do it.” She admits and turns redder from telling him.

Randy nods as he gropes her ass again. “Then, can we do more?” Sarah blushes, but nods.

He grips her ass again before he starts moving. Sarah moans from the movement as she feels his slick cock exit and enter her. “Ohh baby yes. Fuck mommy. Fuck me hard!” She moans out.

Randy nods and fucks her harder. Sarah moans louder as she grips the sheets again. The bed rocks with each movement. Randy goes faster as he gets on her and gropes her breasts. “You feel so good, mom. My hips can’t stop!” He moans loudly as his balls slap her clit. Sarah moans from the multiple sensations as she feels her breasts and nipples being rubbed. She shivers when Randy licks her neck.

Sarah cums, but keeps moaning since Randy doesn’t stop. Her fluids go down her thighs and land on the sheets. She doesn’t mind. She might not even clean them. Her room is starting to reek of sex and she likes it. Her body jiggles with each thrust as Randy gently pulls on her nipples while nibbling her neck. “Mmm, baby. Ohh, that feels so good. You wanted me this much?” She asks, moaning.

Randy leaves a hickie on her neck as he thrusts as hard and fast as he can, still groping and massaging her breasts like if he was milking her. “Oh mom. I don’t want this to be a one-time thing. Please let me have you.”

Sarah blushes red then looks at him. “Yes baby. You can have mommy.” She moans loudly before she kisses him. Randy kisses her back before he thrusts deep and cums hard again, moaning in her mouth. Sarah moans in his as she cums again from feeling him fill her again. The bed stops rocking as the mother and son keep kissing. Their tongues wrap around each other as they stay as close as possible. Sarah breaks the kiss, but gasps when Randy kisses her again. She moans into his mouth as she returns it. She loves the attention he is giving her. They break the kiss, panting as they look at one another.

Sarah’s body slumps onto her bed as Randy’s body slumps on hers. He is still deep inside and still hard. “Oh wow, mom. Sex is great, but with you, it feels so much better.” He says.

Sarah chuckles as she has her head on the pillow. “Way better, baby. I should have let you see me naked more often…” Both of them chuckle from that before Sarah looks at him. “Did I feel good, baby?”

Randy nods. He still hasn’t let go of her breasts, though can’t do anything with his hands being squashed. “Very, mom. You are tight. I want to do this more often though.” He says.

Sarah blushes, her face matching her hair almost. “Really, baby? I mean, we already crossed the line and I am fine with it. I feel like a woman again. We can do it more often.” She says. She gets wetter from the thought.

Randy holds her more. “So, you are mine now?” Sarah nods, giggling like a school girl. “Good. Not sure if I want anyone else.”

“Ok baby. Anything for you. Though I should tell you something since you did cum twice in me.” She says.

Randy gets comfortable. “It’s not a safe day, is it?” He asks.

Sarah sighs and gets comfortable also. “No. I started this morning. My period would come in soon. Well, maybe… You did cum a lot inside. Then again, I didn’t stop you. I mean, it felt better using the dildo today than before.”

Randy nods then kisses her back softly. Sarah moans softly as shivers go up and down her spine. “Well, since I did fill you, twice, why not a few more times?” He asks.

Sarah hides her face in the pillow. Randy chuckles as he starts humping her. Sarah moans softly pendik escort bayan as she looks at him again. “You sure, baby?” Randy nods as he moves with Sarah, both of them now on their left sides as Randy keeps moving his hips. Sarah squeals from the movement and moans when he goes faster. “Ok baby. Cum in me some more. Give me your baby!” She moans loudly as he thrusts hard.

Randy chuckles as he slips his hands out then grabs her right leg and lifts it. Sarah moans softly as he thrusts faster, his cock sliding in and out of her with ease. “Mom, rub your clit.” He orders.

Sarah shivers, but does as told as she reaches down and rubs her clit. She moans more from that. Randy chuckles. “Oh baby. You want to control mommy?” She asks.

Randy thrusts harder as he grips on her leg. “Yes. You are my lover in bed. I want you to do whatever I tell you.” He tells her.

Sarah shivers and cums from that, still rubbing her clit as his cock keeps moving in and out of her. “Yes baby. Mommy will do whatever you tell me.” She gets turned on from saying that.

Randy chuckles as he fucks his mother more. He moves a bit and kisses her sides before licking her breast. Sarah watches as she keeps moaning. The bed rocks from their movement. She moans when Randy sucks on her breast before leaving a hickie on the side of it. “I was thinking, while you will still be my mother, I also want you as my wife.” Sarah blushes, looking at him still. “I am the man of the house and you are the woman who takes care of it. And since we have crossed the line, I want us to be more. Though I want to give you some rules.”

Sarah blushes, moaning since Randy is still thrusting while she is still rubbing. “Ok baby. What rules you want mommy to obey?”

Randy chuckles. “Well, one: we will have sex every day. Unless something comes up. Two: since the blinds are rarely open, I want you naked around the house.” Sarah blushes. She slips a finger inside of her, however, as she gets wetter. Randy chuckles a bit. “Three: I know you have a vibrating dildo somewhere, so I want that inside of you when I’m not home. Lowest setting. Only I can take it out and put it in. unless there is an emergency. Four: On the days I work, we will have sex in the morning. When I return from work, I want you to greet me with a kiss and a blowjob.” Sarah nods, still blushing. Her moans are still heard as she fingers herself while still rubbing her clit and being fucked hard. She already came again.

“Five: You do whatever I tell you. No complains. Though I will still help with cleaning the house when I am not working, I will do sexual things to you at random. And no, I won’t do anything too crazy or that you might not like. I still respect you as a mother.” Randy says before he thrusts deep and cums again. Sarah moans from that and cums again herself. Both of them pant as the sheet under them is soaked from sweat and juices. “I had a sixth, but I forgot. Though we will have plenty of kids.” Sarah giggles before Randy moves around. Still connected, he is now on her. “I do love you, mom. I know dad isn’t around anymore and I can’t be exactly like him, but I will keep you happy; as a son and lover. A young girl like you needs lots of sex.”

Sarah giggles before both of them kiss. They wrap themselves around each other, still kissing. Sarah is in bliss as she holds her son. They break the kiss as they look at each other. “Oh baby. I am happy. I’m happy to be with you and now be yours. You made me feel young again.”

Randy chuckles. “You are young, mom.”

Sarah giggles again. “Charmer. But one thing. I know you do love me looking like this, but it would be best for the baby if I lose some weight. Just enough to be under the safe limit.”

Randy nods. “That is understandable. So then, you will exercise at home. I will help, especially when sex is an exercise in itself.” Sarah nods in agreement. “This should be fun.”

“Yes, but are you ready to be a dad?” She asks.

“Were you and dad ready with me?” Randy asks.

“Good point… Though I did have you when I was eighteen. Well, we will have to wait and see. Though thanks for wanting me to be a grandma.” Sarah licks his lips.

“Anything for you, mom. You will be the hottest grandma on the block.” Randy says. Both of them chuckle before kissing deeply again. They cuddle closely. They break the kiss before Randy looks at her. “As much as I want to have more fun, first time having sex is tiring.”

Sarah chuckles before both of them get comfortable on the bed, not bothering to cover themselves. “Let’s sleep for now. We can have more fun later, lover.”

Randy nods and licks her lips. “That would be best, mom. Love you.”

“Love you too, baby.” They kiss before they fall asleep.

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