Passion in the Dark

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Emo Creampie

No underage characters are featured in this story.


Nayika Jaidev, her heart thumping with a rush of blood to the head, watched the salient figure on the bed at the far side of the dark room. The man was connected to a rectangular — now faintly beeping — portable oxygen concentrator that stood like some dystopian robotic sentinel beside the single bed. An oxygen mask on the man’s aging face rose at intervals like a boat bobbing on mild waters.

From the single dim yellow lamp that illuminated the room, Nayika could make out the man’s white dhoti (traditional Indian loin-cloth for men) which had moved away — due to the old man’s restlessness on bed — and exposed a generous bit of his thighs on both sides. Old Man Jaidev, 77 years of age, grandfather to Nayika, afflicted with severe asthma, lay asleep as her grand-daughter watched him with unholy speculation from across the room.

Nayika Jaidev, Indian-American, 19 years old, dusky complexion, medium height, spectacled and unshaved in the arm-pits, bit her lip as her grandfather shifted on the bed. She then shut the room door and tiptoed uneasily to her own bedroom across the dark hallway. Her parents and siblings were fast asleep and she felt a pang of anger and envy rise within her.

She was dating the Debate Club captain tomorrow and she required a dose of her ‘secret formula’ tonight. Her usual supplier — the gatekeeper of the local library was off on vacation and now she was in a dilemma over the sourcing of the ‘formula’. As Nayika watched herself in the mirror, caressing her nipples over the soft fabric of the pink polka-dotted pajama top, she realized that tonight was her only chance and as crazy as it might get to be, she would have to take the unspeakable plunge.

She brushed her hair back, pinning it into a bun and then moved to action. First, she applied a rich spray of a new deodorant (deodorant for men) to camouflage her body odor. Next, she undressed to the buck and massaged oil over her entire body so that Old Man Jaidev’s hands did not stick to one place for too long. Then she gulped a couple of Mentos mint dragees — precaution if Old Man Jaidev decided to kiss her.

With that, she quietly slipped back into the dark hallway, then into her grandfather’s room and locked the door shut. Oh fuck! My mask!, she realized and unlocked the door to go out again. She finally slipped on her rubber tiger mask from 3rd grade, surprised that it still fit her, before entering the room again.

Now even if the old man woke up to see his mysterious lover in the middle of the night, Nayika’s identity was well-protected.

She scampered to the bed, stopping at the edge. The old man had started snoring. Good for me, Nayika thought, that will drown out my moans. She giggled soundlessly.

She perched on the bed, eyeing the old man’s crotch and slid next to him so that she was now lying beside Old Man Jaidev. This better be quick, Nayika thought.

She placed her right hand on the man’s frail right thigh. A feeling of dread and pleasure passed through her. Her chest heaved as she felt her nipples dry up and a naughty tingle in her vagina. Old Man Jaidev’s skin was baby soft, hairless and a tad bit rubbery. As she slid her fingers to his penis, she could feel his breath getting faster and hotter on her face. Thankfully, Nayika prayed, he was still asleep.

Hope he becomes erect soon. And then I will jack him off. Nayika wondered aloud as she crept closer to her grandfather until her nipples felt his ribs and her face touched his earlobes. Though she hadn’t planned on it earlier, she now felt an irresistible urge to chew the old man’s lobes and kiss the side of his kartal escort face. Down below, her fingers hit gold. She touched his aging penis and as she clutched it, it began to rise and harden in her grip. Though she had experienced this a couple of times with the gatekeeper down the block, it was almost other-worldly to feel her grandfather’s manhood coming to life in her hands.

She brought the fingers to her nose and took in the waft of a salty ginger twang — the smell of her grandfather’s cock. It intrigued her immensely and before she knew it she was chewing his lobes, her tongue and nose pressed into the man’s crumpled ancient skin. Meanwhile, down between his legs, Nayika’s fingers were now playing with a sagging sack of what felt like Indian spicy meatballs.

She brought her fingers back up, layered them with her spit and returned to the shish kebab — that was her grandfather’s cock. She squeezed the shaft, moving all the way to the head, where she felt the dickhole. The old man was now probably aroused and he began to groan in his sleep. At this, Nayika wrapped her right leg onto his and let the heat between the two bodies — one terribly young and the other horribly old — subside into each other.

As the pleasure quotient notched up a little more, Nayika let her fingers slide onto Old Man Jaidev’s flat bony belly and eventually resting on his shrunken nipples. Through the thin cotton fabric of his white vest, she sucked on the tiny delights. At that point, the old man opened his eyes, looked about, before finally locking eyes with the woman who was pleasuring him with sensations so intense that he almost felt guilty of having experienced them.

Nayika bit her lip again out of anxiety. Here was the man she deeply respected as her father’s father — a man who was widely seen as the community leader of the small Indian neighborhood in Jackson Heights, NY, a man who led the daily prayers at the mini temple down the street from the Jaidev’s. Images from her childhood flashed before her eyes as she stared at Old Man Jaidev — memories of her grandfather carrying her in his arms to watch the birds at the local park fountain, memories of him teaching her the lyrics of Bollywood film songs and now she was in bed with that very man, yearning to suck on his feebly throbbing penis.

Nayika felt tears well up in her eyes and a bizarre wave of remorse rose in her heart as she ducked into her grandfather’s crotch and placed his cock in her mouth. The old man groaned audibly and the sweetish sour taste of her grandfather’s cock seeped back into her mouth. An aroma similar to that of pickled onions invaded her nostrils and she indulged herself in it, taking a mouthful of the soft fleshy muscle into her mouth, licking its rim and playfully biting the skin of the shaft. Circumcised cocks were her favorite.

Old Man Jaidev chanted something that sounded like a prayer before spreading his legs wider. As Nayika proceeded to devour his modest scrotum, her spectacles came in the way. She had decided to wear them over the mask so that she could see his penis better, but now they had to go or she would risk breaking them in the event the action got wilder. She began with calculated tongue strokes over the flowy skin of the scrotum that was one of the largest she had ever seen and which reminded her of the ones she had seen in XXX clips of gay men making out.

As she swallowed one of the balls she imagined rasgullas (milk balls that are an Indian sweetmeat specialty) melting in her mouth. Hell, his balls even taste like rasgullas, she thought. Syrupy sweet.

As she slid her tongue back up the shaft of the cock, she could feel the blood maltepe escort bayan gorging into the walls faster than before — this meant her grandfather was close to an orgasm and a little bit of kissing and licking around the pubes would do the trick.

So Nayika shifted to working the region below the old man’s cock. She let her saliva ooze out on the skin for that extra feeling of warmth before kissing and licking the lining all the way down to the anus. Her grandfather groaned again, louder this time but refrained from saying anything else. She took it as a sign that the old man was enjoying every bit of the action he was getting from this stranger — since he did not know it was his grand-daughter mouthing his tool down there.

When the old man began writhing and jostling suddenly, Nayika Jaidev knew he would cum anytime soon so she took the entire length of the man’s medium cock into her mouth and rolled it in a wash of her saliva. By now her face was all sweaty even though the air-conditioner was on and her top wet from the sweat on her grandfather’s thighs. She closed her eyes and rimmed the man with quick pecks of her tongue and this seemed to increase Old Man Jaidev’s restlessness. She kept at it while rubbing the shaft of the cock vigorously at the same time but then, out of nowhere, she felt a hand on her head. She looked up to see that her grandfather was now sitting on the bed and his oxygen mask was off.

Old Man Jaidev was hot and sweating profusely. He removed his soaked vest and Nayika saw his tongue wipe over his lips quickly. The man was clearly horny now. With a quick tug, off went his dhoti. He sat there naked and Nayika anticipated the worst to come.

“Nayika, I wanna fuck you baby”, Old Man Jaidev said in a nervous whisper and with that he pulled his helpless grand-daughter and pushed her to the bed. Nayika, both shocked and hurt, was unable to decide what was worse — the fact that her grandfather knew that it was her or the fact that she was now on the verge of losing her cherry to her grandfather.

The old man ripped off her cotton top with the ferocity of a mountain wolf and Nayika heard herself shriek in surprise. A coarse hand grabbed her medium brown-nippled right breast and squeezed it tightly. And before she could utter a single word, the old man hastily pressed his lips to hers and went straight for her tongue. Almost instantaneously, she tasted cigarette, betel nut and whiskey in her mouth. His acidic saliva mixed with hers as his tongue probed deeper into her mouth and their nostrils exchanged smells. In her lower torso, a hand was already scrounging in her pubic hair trying to locate the gate to paradise and when it entered, finger by finger, Nayika almost bounced in ecstasy so intense she thought she would faint.

Her grandfather sucked a finger, relishing her juices. Then he bent down and kissed her again. She took him in eagerly this time wanting to find out what she tasted like. A zingy carrot-like flavor hit her taste buds and she was disappointed. She had imagined she tasted better.

Her pajama trouser was the next to go and with that she felt goose bumps hit her exposed plump legs. The air cooled her wet pussy and that aroused her even more.

Old Man Jaidev sucked on her toes feverishly like a kid on a lollipop and left streams of his saliva flowing down her knees and ankles. The sight of this made Nayika hornier than ever and she found herself rubbing her hardened button-like nipples while simultaneously playing with her vagina.

The smell of wet bodies pervaded the room and the incessant sound of the oxygen concentrator added to the thrill of this passionate moment. escort pendik Nayika watched her grandfather’s cock reach full length, hanging exquisitely from his groin like a ripe banana on a tree that will fall off with the slightest breeze.

The old man had an attractive penis and she observed how the capillaries showed and glistened on the wet skin of its shaft with the perfect mushroom head giving way to a fleshy hole on the top where she could make out the clear watery pre-cum waiting to flow.

Old Man Jaidev put his right hand behind him as he proceeded to lick and kiss the entire length of his grand-daughter’s left leg from the buttocks to the foot. When the hand returned, he placed one finger to Nayika’s nostrils and she was overwhelmed with the acrid smell of his anus and feces — a pungent leafy aroma that was very much similar to her own. Yet, the manliness of the fragrance titillated her to the point of sucking that particular finger clean. The look of awe on the old man’s face, when she sucked, was reason enough to warrant this sexual taboo.

And then without warning, his cock touched her pussy lips and she realized the inevitable was about to happen.

“No, grandpa, please don’t do it! I don’t want to end up pregnant!” she screamed. The old man paused for a moment, then jumped off the bed, fished under the mattress and brought out an old yellow party balloon that was almost the size of a regular condom. He applied spit on his cock, shagged it, then pulled the yellow balloon over it as Nayika watched, both amused and perplexed.

Before she could protest, he was already inside her and she felt the bristles of his grayish white pubic hair stinging her labia. A sudden acute current of paralyzing pleasure swept to her head and she shrieked as her hymen tore apart with the old man’s throttle.

A strange mixture of pain and orgasm attacked her in the following moments as her grandfather grabbed her hips and increased his tempo. His cock went in and out effortlessly and Nayika felt it filling the void that was her pussy. The old man, clearly built for long-lasting sex, then bent over her and softly kissed her on the neck and shoulders. By now, Nayika was panting in pleasure and for the first time, put her arms around her balding grandfather and pulled him closer to her chest.

The plopping sound of the cock ramming virgin pussy filled the room and as she watched the expression on the old man’s face change, she realized he was now ready to cum. Old Man Jaidev’s face contorted wildly as he breathed faster and faster. Nayika moaned all the while and though she suppressed the sound earlier worrying it may wake up her siblings, at this point now, she didn’t care. The orgasm was just too much to handle.

Soon enough she felt a tingling sensation of warmth in her vagina — one that seemed to be flowing and decided that her grandfather had finally given up his milk. The sagging of the old man’s chest and his calculated withdrawal confirmed this.

He threw away the fluid-filled balloon and heaved a sigh of much needed relief — the sexual workout tired him out and with his age, Nayika was surprised that he even lasted this long.

She quickly got off the soiled bed, picked up the balloon and her clothes and disappeared down the hall into her room. Once in, she locked the door behind her, emptied the semen into her hands and applied a generous coat on her face. She would let it remain there for about 5 minutes before applying another coat and then rinsing the face with cold water. This, she believed, would provide her with a glowy fair complexion come tomorrow, when she would hit the bowling alley with the Debate Club captain.

And yes, last but not the least, Nayika took the chance to taste a tiny serving of her grandfather’s thick creamy white cum and the next day when I met her at the bowling alley, she told me that it tasted like beaten yoghurt with a pinch of salt and sugar in it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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