Partner Swap; with a Twist

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Jeff and Hannah were looking forward to a weekend of camping and a concert with his sister Karen and her husband Monte. They all got along well enough, Jeff has always been kind of a stick in the mud and slow to just enjoy himself while Karen, well to be honest her long term history was that she has some good days but if you asked 10 people about her, 9 would say she can be a bitch. And the tenth would be lying.

After a long drive and setting everything up they just had something to eat and went to bed. In one of those, what happens camping stays at the campgrounds examples, both couples started getting busy on opposite sides of the tent. They all thought it was risqué to be having sex in the same tent but it was a large 8 person tent, it was dark and nobody was that wild.

The second night things took a turn when walking back to the truck after the concert under the moonlit sky Hannah made a strange request of her husband. Could she have a pass to have sex with Monte? It would just be a one time thing and in the, what happened in the tent stayed in the tent category. Hannah didn’t give any indication if this was a long held desire or just a spur of the moment idea. Who knows why Jeff agreed to indulge his wife but he did then on the ride back to the campsite Hannah asked Karen who for whatever reason also had no problem with the request.

So while Hannah and Monte cozied up to each other so they could get to it across the tent from Jeff and Karen Jeff got up to go take a leak followed shortly thereafter by Karen, which is when the second shot of moonlight struck.

Jeff had always fantasied about his older by two years sister. Karen is no great beauty but mildly attractive and at 5-5 tall and 190 pounds she’s got a slender torso with a 36B chest and 28 inch waist but her hips spread out to a robust 46 inches with a wide fat flat butt and thick thighs. This was odd since Jeff’s taste in girlfriends never ran towards the big butt girls, he normally went out kartal escort with the petite cheerleader types like the 5-3, 120 pound Hannah.

Meanwhile Karen had thought her 6-3 tall 185 pound younger brother had many attractive qualities, most that the succession of her loser boyfriends lacked, until she met and married Monte who is kind, considerate and well, manly 6-1 tall and 210 pounds. But she managed to contain her feelings for her brother until now that is. Which may explain why both siblings so readily agreed to allow their spouses to, get together.

As Jeff turned to locate a chair it may have been a surprise to him and even Karen when she stepped in his path and reached into Jeff’s shorts grabbed his dick and said, “You’ve never been interested in giving me some action Jeff?”

Jeff was not put off in the least by his sister’s forwardness, responding by putting his hand on her substantial hip, “I’m not ashamed to say that you’ve always been an object of desire.”

Karen liked hearing that and replied, “Well our spouses are occupied and it’s just us, what do you say to us issuing our own free passes and acting on what we’ve been wanting?”

“I’m game for that.” Replied Jeff.

Karen jiggled Jeff’s balls and said, “This time since it’s our first go what do you say to just in the ass OK? I mean just to feel things out.”

That qualifier didn’t faze Jeff as he reached his right hand around and grabbing as much of his sister’s fat butt it could hold answered, “If that’s the way you want it we can start banging your fat butt and see how that feels because right now it feels good to me”

With that Karen pulled Jeff by his shorts into the tent where they spread out a sleeping bag and after stripping down she put Jeff on his side and went down on him. Jeff quickly located a tube of lubricant and when Karen took a break from giving him a fabulous blow job they shifted slightly so they could kiss and Jeff could reach around to maltepe escort bayan work two then three fingers to open up his sister’s back door.

After Karen felt she was ready she gave a few quick strokes with her left hand to confirm Jeff’s six inch cock was stiff and ready Karen rolled a condom on him then got on her hands and knees. Oddly enough Monte and Hannah were only seven feet away but caught up in their own pleasure were oblivious to the action getting under way.

Bracing his left hand on his sister’s fat butt Jeff guided his cock into her ass with his right. Jeff had to pause to take a breath as he pushed his cock ever so slightly into the ass of his sister that he had long fantasized about. But once he settled down Jeff was focused on banging Karen’s fat butt.

For her part Karen could feel her head spinning as she was finally getting to have sex with her younger brother who she always lusted after and it was all the better because there is nothing she craves more than getting ass fucked.

With a firm grip on Karen’s hide hips Jeff began slowly working back and forth pushing his cock deeper into his sister’s fat butt. Jeff was enjoying the tightness of Karen’s ass because it wasn’t Hannah’s favorite thing. Karen on the other hand loved having a stiff cock being pumped in and out of her fat ass, which several of her past boyfriends and Monte were willing to oblige. It was a measured and steady fuck the two just getting used to their journey through uncharted waters.

Jeff pushed his dick all the way into his sister’s ass and holding it there reached around to finger her pussy. This had Karen feeling it and the two siblings appeared completely in tune with each other as they rocked back and forth in unison, Jeff getting his sister off as he kept is cock buried in he ass.

It was at that point Heather and Monte had come up for air and noticed the scene they had been unaware of playing out across the tent. Heather escort pendik rubbed Monte’s thigh and said, “Well they’re using their own free pass, and they seem to really be into it.”

Monte kissed the back of Heather’s neck saying, “It looks like Jeff’s giving it to Karen in the ass, doggy style in the back door gets her off big time.”

“She’s certainly got the ass for that” replied Heather, “it’s not my thing but apparently Jeff doesn’t mind doing for his sister.”

With Karen happy after cumming at least twice Jeff shifted to take a firm grasp of Karen’s hips with both hands and began pumping his cock in and out of his sister’s ass with authority. He got going and his flat belly was smacking loudly against Karen fat backside as he pounded his dick into Karen’s meaty ass.

“Jeff’s going to wear himself out slamming against Karen’s fat butt” said Monte, “She’s got enough ass to take all he’s got and then some.”

Hannah cupped Monte’s balls in her hand and said, “The voice of experience. I didn’t think Jeff had that in him but damn they make for a potent combination.”

Shortly after that Jeff was ready to blow pushing his cock all the way into his sister’s ass her hugged her hips tightly and shot his load. He held Karen in his arms for about a minutes before pulling out and the duo pitched forward onto the sleeping bag.

When Jeff slid off Karen rolled onto her side and they noticed their spouses had been serving as an audience but neither was upset. Monte broke the silence saying, “Since it’s seem to have gone well swapping partners what do you say to keeping it this way for the remainder of the weekend?”

Karen looked at Jeff who replied, “That sounds like a plan. Now who needs a beer?”

So after a break the two newly formed couples got back to fucking their new partners. The ice broken Karen was game to have Jeff fuck her pussy. Of course Monte and Hannah had no problems enjoying themselves on the other side of the tent.

Upon returning both married couples had some serious conversations which led to a group discussion and then a pair of divorces and recoupling in the form of Monte with Hannah and Jeff with Karen. You just never know what some music and a trip to the woods might lead to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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