Parenting Ch. 01

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Ch. 01: A New Generation

“That’s good honey, but don’t pull on the skin… let it slid through your fingers like this,” Erika said sliding her hand up and down the length of Freddy’s cock. “Sometime it hurts when you pull on the skin.”

Shirley took notice letting Freddy’s cock slide through her fingers just as her mother had demonstrated. “Like this?” she asked.

“Yes, that’s better,” Erika said. “Does that feel better Freddy?”

Freddy nodded his head to his sister as his nice stroked his cock.

“Should I start sucking on it now mom?” Shirley asked.

“If you like,” Erika replied. “Just like it slid in and out of your mouth and be careful of your teeth. Just take your time.” She got up from the floor. ‘I’m going back out by the pool, ok?”

“Thanks mom,” Shirley said.

“Anytime honey,” Erika said.

“How’s she coming along,” Rachel said leaning up on her elbows as Erika approached her by the pool.

“She’s still practicing, but she’ll be fine,” Erika said moving the straps of her bathing suit. “Mom, they grow up so fast. You know that Lucy will be turning twenty next week?”

“That’s what I said about you and Sean, but now look at Freddy and Shirley. I’m really getting old,” Rachel said. “I’m glad your brother didn’t insist on me having anymore children.”

“I think he’s happy with having another man in the house,” Erika said. “Where is Sean and Lucy anyway?”

“Sean took her to get a new bathing suit,” Rachel said. “The one she got didn’t fit her top.”

“As big as her boobs are it’s going to be hard for her to find something that she would like,” Erika said. “Why do she even bother, she’s just going to take it off anyway.”

“I told her that exact thing, but she insisted on having one like her sister,” Rachel said.

“All I hear Shirley say is that she wishes that her boobs were big like Lucy’s,” Erika said.

“That Lucy sure does have Sean wrapped around her little finger,” Rachel said.

“I guess it’s because she is so protective of him,” Erika said. “You see the way she acts any time he picks up a drink. She watches him like a hawk.”

Rachel giggled. “She is his baby girl,” she said.

“She acted like she wanted Shirley scrapped her teeth on his cock,” Erika said.

“She is certainly a hand full,” Rachel said lying back down under the mid day sun.

“Here, let me rub more lotion on you,” Erika said picking up the tanning lotion.

“Whoo, let me do that,” Shirley came running out of the house in her t-shirt and little black shorts. Her shorts road-up between the crack of her ass showing off half her butt-cheeks. She took the lotion from her mother and poured it into the palm of her hand.

Erika patted Shirley’s butt-cheeks. “Nice ass,” Erika joked.

Shirley wiggled her ass in her mother’s face. Erika placed both of her hands on her daughter’s butt-cheeks and began massaging them and rubbing her fingers over Shirley’s crotch.

Shirley giggled. “You’re going to make me cum mom,” she said.

“I know honey,” Erika said continuing to stroke her daughter’s cunt.

“I’ll just have to make grandma cum then,” Shirley said.

“I could use an orgasm right about now,” Rachel pulling her off her bikini bottoms.

“Ah! Uh! Ahhh mom, now my shorts are all wet,” Shirley said after exerting a small orgasm.

“It’s just so easy,” Erika said laughing.

Freddy ran leaping from the deck into the pool making a big splash that wet the three ladies on the side.

“Freddy!” Shirley shouted.

Erika dived into the warm water after him. She bounced up in the pool pushing his head under the water. Freddy was full on his game taking hold of Erika’s bikini bottoms and pulling them off as he went under. Erika tried kicking away from him, but it was to late. He grabbed her by the waist pulled her under. He bounced back to the surface holding her from behind with his arms wrapped around her waist.

Erika laughed catching her breathe floating in his grip. “Whoo!” Erika shouted feeling his hand cup her crotch. She reached back and slipped her hand into his trunks getting hold of his cock.

Shirley worked two fingers inside of her Rachel’s tanned cunt while teasing kartal escort her grandmother’s nipples. “You are so wet down there,” Shirley giggled.

“Yes baby and it feels good too,” Rachel moaned.

Freddy got Erika over to the steps; to eager for any foreplay he pushed his cock into her pussy pressing against her soft butt-cheeks. “I love your pussy sis,” he said.

“I love your dick too Freddy,” Erika said thrusting her ass back to him.

Justin could barely believe what he was seeing standing paralyzed just inside the tall wooden gate. He had come to see if his friend Freddy was up for a game of hoops. Out of all the years he had known Freddy and his family he never imagine they were like this. Each step he took his heart bounded like he was witnessing something totally out of this world.

“Justin!” Erika shouted in total surprise freezing in mid stroke.

All eyes around the pool stared at him and there was a long silence.

“Justin man, I can explain,” Freddy said dipping back into the water pulling up his trunks before exiting the pool.

Justin’s eyes were roaming from Rachel who was putting her bathing suit back on, to Shirley who sat with her back to him and her face in her hands, to Erika who’s ass bobbed out of the water as she swam to retrieve her bikini bottoms. “How?” her said. “Are you going to tell me that I didn’t just see you screwing your sister and your niece finger fucking your mother?”

Freddy turned to look at the ladies who had gathered together.

“You’re not going to tell anyone are?” Freddy said really counting on this test of there long friendship.

“Who in the hell would I tell?” Justin said looking Freddy in the eyes in a bit of anger. “How long have we been friends?”

“Since, forever,” Freddy said.

“In all that time, have I ever dissed you?” Justin asked. “But I tell you this though, I think you could have told me.”

Erika went over seeing how animated Justin was getting. She feared that Freddy wasn’t handling the situation right.

“I mean, shit man, I thought we were friends, but I guess we do have a color issue,” Justin turned quickly in his high priced tennis shoes to leave.

Erika grabbed his arm before he could take a step. “Justin, you know that isn’t true,” Erika said turning the young black man. “Can’t you understand why Freddy couldn’t tell anyone what you just seen?”

“Friend’s should tell each other everything,” Justin said feeling left out and portrayed.

“I couldn’t we promised never to tell anyone,” Freddy said.

“Justin please, come inside and let me talk to you for a minute,” Erika said pulling him towards the house holding onto the grip on Justin’s arm.

Justin looked at Freddy showing his anger as he walked with Erika inside the house.

“Justin, it’s not Freddy’s fault that he couldn’t tell you,” Erika said standing over Justin as he sat at the breakfast table. “Think about it. You know how much trouble we all would be in if anyone found out?”

“Yeah, but he know I would never betray him,” Justin said. “I feel like he doesn’t trust me.”

“He didn’t want to betray our trust in him Justin,” Erika tried reasoning with the young man.

“I trusted him with everything. I even showed him the peephole in my mom’s bathroom,” Justin said. “Did he once give me that kind of opps, and don’t tell me that there wasn’t a lot that he could have shared would me like that?”

Erika had finally got it. Justin wasn’t upset about their incest, he was upset because Freddy hadn’t let him see it going on. “So, if he would have let you peep at us like you let him peep at your mother, then you wouldn’t have gotten angry?” Erika asked.

“Right is right, and that’s not right,” Justin said.

“What if I showed you everything you could have seen, but without peeping through some keyhole?” Erika asked.

“He would have to want me to see,” Justin said folding his arms and pouting like she had seen him do when Freddy and him played as kids and didn’t get his way.

“Promise that you’ll stay right here, ok?” Erika asked. “There’s no need to end a friendship over this.”

Justin looked up her and nodded.

“What did he maltepe escort bayan say?” Rachel asked.

“He’s hurt because he feels that Freddy didn’t treat him fairly,” Erika said.

“Fairly about what?” Freddy asked.

“According to him, he let you peep at his mother, but you didn’t do the same for him and you could have. That’s what’s bothering him,” Erika said.

“How could I, there’s no telling what he could have seen,” Freddy said.

“I know that, but that doesn’t matter to him,” Erika continued. “He feels that you don’t trust him and that you didn’t treat him the way. I asked him if he wanted to see me naked and he refused unless you tell him that it’s ok and convince him that you trust him.”

“Trust is a hard thing to come by,” Rachel said. “You loose his trust there’s not telling what he might do or say.”

“Yo’ll don’t mind if he sees you naked?” Freddy asked.

“It’s no worst than what he’s already seen,” Shirley said.

“That’s right,” Rachel said. “And I think it would do us all good if we all show him that we trust him.”

“Go in there and apologize to him and bring him back out here,” Erika said.

Freddy went into the house hoping to mend the riff between him and his long time friend. “Man look, you’re right,” Freddy started. “I was a jerk”

“You dam right you were a jerk,” Justin said. “You know you could have told me and that I wouldn’t have told anybody. Think of all the shit we did together. You know I’m no fuckin’ nark.”

“You’re right man,” Freddy replied.

“So, what’s gives?” Justin asked. “And don’t give me no bullshit about this was the first time either.”

“I won’t,” Freddy said. “But get ready because it’s going to be hard to believe this. My brother is actually my dad, well he’s my brother and my dad.”

“What! You’re shittin’ me,” Justin said.

“No shit man,” Freddy said. “And my nieces are also my sisters.”

“You’re telling me that Sean got your mom and Erika pregnant?” Justin said eager to hear more. “That’s wild man. Go on… go on.”

Freddy told his friend everything that he knew and how it all got started while Justin sat with his mouth open. “I wanted to tell you every time we checked out your mom, but,”

“Man, that is so wild,” Justin said. “I wish my mom would let me screw her.”

“Com’on, lets go jump in the pool,” Freddy said.

“I don’t have anything to swim in,” Justin said.

“You’re not going to need anything,” Freddy chuckled.

Rachel, Erika, and Shirley were in the deep in of the pool with only their heads out of the water when the two young men came out of the house. When they got next to the pool Freddy pushed Justin in wearing all his basketball gear. The three women swam over to him where the water was only waist deep and stood up showing that they were completely naked.

“We want you to know that we trust you Justin,” Erika said giving him a hug.

“Yeah, we really do,” Shirley said also giving him a hug.

“We also want you to trust us,” Rachel said. “And I think it’ll be a lot easier to swim without all your cloths on.”

Justin seemed to be in a panic wondering which of the three beautifully tanned naked women to look at.

“Don’t worry bro,” Freddy said. “It will get easier.” He stood next to Justin and rested his forearm on Justin’s shoulder. “Well, are you just going to stand there or are you going to swim.”

The three women swam towards the deep end with Freddy right behind them. Justin stripped his clothes and shoes off tossing them on the deck and swam behind them. Rachel and Erika dunked Justin under as soon as he got to the deep end. Shirley jumped on Freddy’s shoulders to dunk him under. Justin felt hands on his ass, cock, and balls as he came up for air.

The ladies giggled as they swam away from Freddy and Justin who pursued them.

“He has a really nice big one,” Rachel said.

“Sure does,” Erika said.

Shirley ducked under the water and caught Justin from behind wrapping arms around his waist as he tried to get to Rachel and Erika. Freddy quickly grabbed Shirley and pulled her away. Justin grabbed Erika and she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled his escort pendik dick to her pussy. Justin felt the softness of Erika’s pussy around the head of his cock, but Rachel pulled him away before he could thrust it in. Rachel took hold of his cock pulling him between her shapely legs and Justin caught on to the game. He pulled Rachel to him forcing her all the way on his cock and thrust it in a few times before he felt Erika pulling on his shoulders. He knew she would allow him to enter her but the challenge was how long he could stay. He was strong enough to stay in her as long as he wanted, but in the spirit of the game her let her break free after a few strokes. Shirley jumped Justin from behind and quickly found herself filled with his thick black length.

“Dad, look,” Lucy said calling Sean to the upstairs window. “Isn’t that Justin out there?”

“Something must have happened,” Sean said looking out the window seeing Justin sitting on the side of the pool while Erika and Shirley sucked on his cock. “Well, what ever happened, it looks like they got it under control.”

“I’m going out there,” Lucy said running down the hall to the stairs. Her butt-cheeks jiggled separated by her thong bikini bottom, and her hefty breasts bounced up and down almost to her shoulders as she leaped down the stairs.

Lucy shaded her string bikini by the time she leaped into the air and came down into the pool with a cannon ball splash.

Erika and Shirley hardly noticed as they licked the length of Justin’s cock and took turns covering the head of his cock. Freddy swam over and grabbed her just as he surface. She accepted his hard cock humping back as it went deep inside her.

Sean walked down the steps into the water wading over to Justin, Erika, and Shirley. Even he was amazed at the size of Justin’s cock. “It’s good to see you Justin,” he said extending his hand. “It’s nice having another hard dick around here.”

Justine chuckled shaking his hand.

“Hey sweetie,” Sean said to Shirley placing both hands on her butt-cheeks. “You want to spend a little time with your old pops?”

“Dad, you’re not old,” Shirley said turning around wrapping her arms around his neck. She locked her lips on his pushing her tongue into her mouth.

Justin watched as Erika circled the head of his dick with her tongue. “I use to have dreams about this,” he said.

Erika looked into his deep brown eyes. “You dreamed about me giving you a blowjob?” she asked. “Is that all.”

“No we would screw like animals,” Justin joked. “You are so hot.”

“Thank you,” Erika said. She took his big cock in her mouth again.

Justin looked over at Freddy fucking Rachel from behind while Rachel licked Lucy’s cunt. “I wish I could fuck my mother like that,” he said.

Erika turned to look at Freddy fucking Rachel from behind.

“She would try to have me committed if she knew how much I want to fuck her,” Justin reasoned.

“Do she still take sleeping pills to get to sleep?” Erika asked. “You know, the first time Sean had sex with our mother she was asleep.”

“And she didn’t wake-up and beat his ass?” Justin joked.

“Nope, she didn’t wake up,” Erika said.

“I would be to afraid she would wake up,” Justin said.

“It was just a thought,” Erika said continuing stroke his cock with both hands. “Would you come inside with me? I would like to do this in my bedroom.”

“Hell yeah, I would love to,” Justin said. He jumped back into the water and picked Erika up in his arms.

Erika wrapped arms around his neck floating in Justin’s strong arms as he carried her out of the pool. “I heard that you were looking for your own place,” Erika said.

“Yeah, I was hoping that I could talk Freddy into getting a place with me, but seeing how he’s got it goin’ on here, there’s no chance of that. Hell, he could easily talk me into moving in here,” Justin said as they made it to the house.

Shirley splashed water at Freddy. “How come you never told me that Justin had that big ol’ dick?”

“What do you think? I go around looking at guys dicks,” Freddy chuckled.

“You didn’t know?” Shirley asked.

“No way! You look at a guys dick and right away he would think that you’re gay,” Freddy said.

“Men are so stupid,” Shirley said.

“I’m sure he would love to have your sweet ass when he’s done with Erika,” Freddy said.

“Knowing mom, that’s going to be no time soon,” Shirley said dropping her eyes to the water.

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