Paper Girl Ch. 02

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Old lady Johnson from across the street seemed to manage to be there at every single turn.

I was careful to not call her that, I called her Harriet instead and besides, she was younger than me.

At 65, I had given up on the idea of sex but there wasn’t a single damn thing wrong with my eyes, and when that Becky took over the paper route I went directly into “Hot Damn!” mode.

After a few weeks it was obvious as hell that she delighted in teasing me, her shorts got tighter, the tops smaller, and my weenie got sore a couple of times from yanking on it thinking about her.

Then Harriet went from being a genuine pain in the ass, going out of her way to corner me at my mailbox, to…what the hell was that?

She managed to get me over there to her house on the pretense of a water leak, she positioned herself to make sure I got some good peeks at her. Let’s face it, even an old fart like me can get the picture, I looked up from laying flat on my back under her sink to see her bending over with one naked titty hanging down almost in my face.

I cleverly realized she was interested, next thing I know she had my dick in her hands and there was nothing coy left at all.

The truth is, she was one damn good screw, and it had been years since I got any woman at all down on her back.

From then on my entire life was go to my mailbox, check out Becky coming down the street, then walk across the street to be greeted by Harriet, usually naked as a jaybird and ready to go.

The other surprise was that I managed to be up for the job, mostly. Even at age 65 I had never really needed to revert to pills to get things going, besides my doctor would have shit a brick since I took that time release Nitro every day.

The times I couldn’t quite get things all the way up didn’t matter, Harriet got down and sucked whatever there was out of me anyway.

She knew damn good and well I wanted to hose Becky, and she was doing everything she could think of to keep it all for herself.

Hell, I knew that for a fact, she told me so.

I swear, she probably would have done me in and nothing would have ever happened but one day I knocked on her door and she was all sweaty and sick looking. I had gotten my Flu shots but it seems Harriet hadn’t, she was down for the count.

I drove her down to the Doc, he checked her out and told her to go home and stay warm and drink fluids, the usual shit.

So I got a half dozen days of peace.

The only bad part was it was now into October and the weather had cooled off, so there was no more skimpy halter tops or tiny little bikini bottoms and shorts.

Instead, Becky wore this one piece bunny suit, it was almost like a coverall. It was snug enough that she still looked just fine to me.

Two mornings in a row I met her, two mornings in a row she stopped and flirted with me. The 3rd morning I decided to make my move, the worst that might happen is I would get shot down.

I know, I know. A 65 years of age old fart like me having teenage fantasies about a maybe in her 20’s gal like that?

Fat chance. But she always flirted and always teased and had even told me pointedly that she really liked older men.

She came around the corner right on time, she had on that bright blue outfit, too. She slid to a stop, her eyes bright, reached down and handed me my newspaper.

It was about 40 degrees out, just as she started to get up on the pegs I asked her if she would like some hot chocolate.

Becky stopped and smiled at me.

“I have to deliver the rest of my route first, is that OK?”

Hot damn! It sure was, I watched her peddle off down the street, then I went inside to wait. It was about 45 minutes later, I heard her knock on my door.

I knew she was coming, I had been peeking out through the gap in my curtains. I held the door to let her in, she glanced around, taking in everything.

“You sure keep a nice house.” She said.

“Oh, nothing much else to do.” I lied. I brought her a cup, I had melted marshmellows on the top of it. She took a sip, set it down.

“Want a dab of rum in that?” I suggested.

“Sure, that would be nice, it’s crisp outside. But it’s warm in here, do you mind if I take off my jumpsuit?”

“Got right ahead, make yourself comfortable.” I reached for my bottle of rum and poured a finger into her cup. I watched as she slid the zipper down, it started at her neck and went all the way to her crotch. I swear to God she was taking her time doing that, it was almost in slow motion.

I had had some fantasies of her doing exactly that, in the vision in my mind she would be naked underneath and she would seductively show herself off and I would…..

She shrugged the blue jumpsuit off her shoulders, underneath she had on a simple white T-shirt and blue jeans. She lay the suit on my couch and reached for the drink. She took a sip, looked at me and smiled.

“I like the way you look at me.” She smiled, tipping her head.

That snapped me back to the here and now.

“You are so beautiful, I can’t bayrampaşa escort help myself.”

“That’s OK, I like it when men notice me, and I really do like good looking mature men.” She reached up and flipped her long red hair back.

Then she changed the subject, we sat and talked. She told me she was saving up money to pay for her classes, she wanted to become a massage therapist.

“Really? Where did you get that idea?”

“I saw some ads on TV, I can get a license in just 6 months and go into business. I hear we can get paid as much as $60.00 an hour, it just seems to be a way to earn a good living and have free time when I want it.”

“That is interesting, how long have you been in school?” I asked her.

“I just have a Month to go, then I have to do the exams, after that I just need to find a place to work. My apartment is a studio so I guess I will have to rent a place.”

A light bulb went off in my head.

“Hey, I have two spare bedrooms, and the one in the back has an outside door and a bathroom and shower, would something like that work?”

“Maybe, can I see it?”

I showed her the big spare room, there was a bed in there but that could be moved. The room was 12 feet by 12 feet, perfect, and the bath and shower opened off to the side. The other door opened into my back yard, there was a nice outside path through a gate.

“Oh, this would be perfect!” She actually clapped her hands and bounced up and down, causing a delightful bounce in her T-shirt.

Then she asked me how much I wanted in rent.

“How about we trade, I could use a nice weekly massage, and that way…..?”

“Oh, sure! I can do that! This will be perfect!” She grabbed me and hugged me, then kissed my cheek.

“It might be fun, too.” She grinned at me.

Hot damn!

Becky finished up her drink and pulled her jump suit back on, she gave me another hug, then she was on her bike and off down the street. I had written down my phone number, this had all of the signs of being fun, all right.

I was on my 2nd hot chocolate and rum when my phone rang. It was Harriet.

“What’s going on?” She asked.

“Nothing, why?”

“I saw that girl come by, I was just curious.”

“I am just going to rent her a room.”

“What? You mean she is moving in with you?”

“No. Nothing like that, it is just business. I am charging her $240 a month.” I lied.

“For what? What does she need a room for?”

“Nosey old bat”, I thought.

“Becky is a health professional, she needs an inexpensive office to get started.” I told her.

“I will just bet!” Harriet sniffed, and hung up.

I decided maybe I didn’t like Harriet very much after all. What the hell as it with women, anyway? They get their hands on a man’s dick just a couple of times and next thing we know they are acting like it belongs to them.

I poured myself another drink, sat down and pouted for awhile. By weekend, Harriet was feeling fine, she called a few times and tried to get me to come over there but I was having none of that. The last time she called her voice had an unhappy tone in it.

I almost felt guilty.

For the next few weeks I stayed away from Harriet, and she didn’t come out to my mailbox either. I thought that was a bit odd, I had actually gotten used to seeing her almost every morning. Becky came by right on schedule, she always stopped and chatted, except now she always gave me a little hug before she rode off.

Several times I caught the quick motion of Harriet’s curtains as I turned towards my house.

Becky passed her exams easily, then one day she showed up with a van, a large man about her age got out and they moved a big table and some furniture, even a computer and a credit card machine into my back room. I felt a pang of jealousy as Becky gave him a big hug, he climbed into the van and left.

Becky was back there doing something for several hours, then I heard the shower running. About 15 minutes after it shut off she knocked on the side door, I told her to come on in.

She had on a pair of tight shorts and a halter top, I gave her a big smile.

“Ready?” She asked me.

“Ready for what? Oh, a massage?”

“Yes, you get to be my very first client now that I am licensed.”

I went in, she had her table set up at an angle, a computer kiosk sat against the wall. There were charts hanging from the walls and her license was framed and hanging there, too.

“So what do I do?” I asked her.

“Take off your clothes and get on my table, here, use this sheet for a drape.” She smiled and went into the bathroom.

Hot damn!

I stripped and slid up on the table, pulling the thin sheet over top of me.

“Ready?” She called out.


Becky came out and oiled up her hands and went to work, starting on my back. I have to admit I liked that, it felt really good. I am not sure when she got to my legs, I was fast asleep. I woke up feeling her warm hands rubbing my fanny, that felt nice, too.

She spent beykoz escort an hour working every muscle in my body, I had expected to get an erection but I didn’t and she never even got close to it.

The best part of the whole thing was when she stood at the head of the table making long strokes down my back. The crotch of her shorts was inches from my face, the cloth was pulled right up inside, outlining her perfectly.

I still didn’t get an erection.

After it was over, I felt great, though.

It was a full week later before she got her first paying customer, he came to the front door first. I pointed the way down my walkway, he went on back. He was a middle aged man, wearing a suit and tie. I saw him leave later, he got in a fancy BMW and left.

At first I let her use my phone but it didn’t take very long and she put a line in, that way I didn’t have to deal with the calls. Besides, more than half of them just hung up when they heard my voice.

My fantasy of getting Becky down on her back went right by the wayside, it was obvious she was serious about running a business. Once and sometimes even twice a week she would come and get me, give me one of those wonderful sessions.

Sometimes she wore outfits that were fun to look at, she knew it too. But for some reason I just cannot explain, I never got an erection when she was working on me.

Her client list grew and became a steady string, both men and women. Spring rolled into Summer, once again it was warm outside.

The big change and one I missed was seeing Becky come down the street on that bike, I was actually seeing her less with her in my back room than I had before. It didn’t help that some snot nosed guy took over the paper route and somehow he managed to either throw it into my bushes or up on top of my carport.

Plus Harriet had quit calling, I think maybe I had hurt her feelings.

One afternoon I was in the middle of a session with Becky, she was rubbing my fanny. Her fingers drifted a bit farther down than normal and bumped my balls. When it happened the 2nd time, and then the 3rd, I realized she had to know. But she didn’t say anything. She had me roll over, that had done it, I was making a bit of a tent in the sheet.

I looked at her, her eyes met mine and she grinned. But she just finished the massage, as she started to go into the bathroom, she stopped and looked back at me.

“Don’t get up, Danny, OK?”

I nodded, wondering what was up. Besides, she called me Danny, up until then she had mostly called me Dan.

Becky came back out, put her hand on my stomach.

“The session is over. But I want to make you happy, so this is…just us, OK?”

“OK.” I answered, still not completely sure what she meant. Then I realized she had changed, she had on that thin yellow bikini I had seen her wear while riding her bike on the paper route.

I felt myself begin to grow, her nipples were clear as a bell through the thin material. She slid her hand down, stroking back and forth across my pubic hair. The back of her hand stroked across my cock, it throbbed a couple of times from the sensation. She reached down and cupped my testicles, then slid her oily hand up and over me.

“I love doing this.” She whispered, as she began to stroke my length, her touch barely brushing me. I got even harder, until I knew even if she let go of me I would be sticking up solid as a rock.

“God your cock gets hard!” She whispered, increasing the pressure and beginning some long slow strokes. My head was swimming, all of those fantasies I had had for so long were coming true.

Then she let go of me, I didn’t want her to stop. I opened my eyes, she had turned and was laying her halter top on the chair. She turned back and gripped me again as I stared at her bare breasts. They were absolutely perfect, freckles all over the upper portion, her nipples were puffy and large. That did it, I blasted off into the air, my seed flying out and landing on her bare chest.

“I thought that might happen, that’s why I took off my top.” She giggled. Her hand stayed busy, she didn’t stop, I was building again. My behind squeezed down and my thighs tightened as my hips lifted off the table, and I blasted off again.

“Wow! You really let go, don’t you?” She giggled some more. Her titties were jiggling up and down delightfully, I reached out to stroke one but she moved slightly, just out of range.

“I promised my boyfriend I wouldn’t let anybody touch me.” She told me, still smiling.

“Oh. Well, OK.” I was mildly disappointed at that.

Later, Becky came out into my living room and we sat sipping some hot tea with a dab of rum.

“What brought that on?” I had to ask.

“You have been so nice to me, I just wanted to do something special for you.”

“Well, why did we have so many sessions first?”

“My boyfriend, I didn’t want to…do anything that might upset him. But I told him about you and everything, he said it was OK as long as it was just that and..I told him.”

“So you are going beylikdüzü escort to tell him then? He won’t be upset?”

“I probably won’t tell him about..taking off my shirt, I don’t think he would like that. I just didn’t want to get anything…Besides…I wanted to!”

“Really? Why?” I pressed.

“The way you look at me, it always got me hot, I wanted you to look. You won’t tell?” She smiled at me.

“Honey, I love looking at you, you can run around here naked any time you want to.” I told her.

Becky actually shuddered at that.

“Maybe I will.” She grinned, one eyebrow raising.

Our relationship changed after that, now when Becky gave me a session she would first tell me she was done, then leave and come back out. That changed after just a few weeks, she didn’t bother to go through the motions. She didn’t always take her top off, either, just sometimes. I saw her twice when she had just taken a shower, the towel wrapped around her waist.

My life was full, I was well taken care of. I wasn’t worried about the solid stream of customers, either, Becky told me I was the only one and I believed her.

The next change was when she was rubbing my back during a session, I was half asleep, enjoying the sensations. I looked at her as she stood at the head of the table, the shorts were gone, she was fully nude. That beautiful camel toe I had seen so many times was now bare, her sweet bald lips curled upwards. I could see a drop of moisture forming as she stood there, stroking my back.

“Wow!” I said.

“Do you like that?” She said, a catch in her voice.

“Oh, God yes!”

“Turn over, Danny.” I did as she asked, my erection sticking straight up. We had long since quit bothering with the sheet. She slipped up on the table, positioned herself and pressed down.

I was fucking Becky, or rather she was fucking me. She pushed her hips in a back and forth motion, rubbing her bare snatch against my pubic bone. I didn’t last very long and that didn’t matter since she was way ahead of me.

She was as close to a perfect fit as I could remember, my body let loose in a series of waves as Becky threw her head back and let out some low pitched moans.

“Damn, that was good!” She exclaimed, collapsing against me.

“What made you decide on this?” I asked her.

“I always wanted to. Your cock gets so hard!” She lifted up one leg and slid off of me, stepped down off the table. Then she went into the bathroom, I sat there on the edge of the table, my head swimming.

Becky came back out, still naked.

“I have something to tell you, Danny.”

I just sat there, listening.

My boyfriend Johnny asked me to marry him and I am going to.” She looked at me, leaned her head on my shoulder.

“It’s in two weeks, and we are moving.”

“Oh. I see.”

“I just wanted to…get it out of my system.”

I nodded, I understood that.

“It’s all right, you are young and have a whole life ahead of you. I won’t say anything about…this.”

“Good, thank you, Danny. I know I can trust you, but I already told Johnny I wanted to. He told me to do it now because after we are married that it can’t happen.”

“Oh. You mean he knows?”

“Yes, and he isn’t exactly being faithful either, we talked it all out. Once we get married it will be just us..forever.”

I wasn’t real sure that things would work out that way but what the hell.

“Well, in that case do we have time to….?”

“Sure.” I picked her up, carried her into my bedroom. I teased her and licked her, Becky’s legs were spread as wide as it is possible for a woman to spread them, then I slipped up on top of her and managed a second long session. Then we both fell asleep.

I woke up to my doorbell, I got up and pulled on some pants and answered it. The man standing there I had seen just once before, he was the one that delivered Becky’s table and gear almost a year before.

“Is Becky here?” He asked me.

“Uhh, yea.” I answered, a bit unsure of this situation.

“OK. We are supposed to be over at Mom and Dad’s for dinner in an hour, can you tell her?”

“Ok. Sure, glad to.” He turned to go with a wave of his hand.

Now that was just plain strange. I watched him get in the van and tip the seat back to wait.

I went in and woke Becky, she looked at the clock and got up. She went in and took a shower, came out wearing a nice dress, her hair fixed back up.

She looked almost untouched. She stood up on tiptoe and kissed me on the lips.

“Thanks for a good time, I liked that.” She grinned at me.

“Will we be able to maybe do it again?”

She looked at me, shook her head no. She went out, her boyfriend stepped out and met her with a hug and a kiss. He looked up at me, then walked around and opened the door for her. He came back around, got in and started the engine and they drove off.

That was really strange. I closed my door, went and sat down, thinking of Becky and what a beautiful and energetic woman she was.

What a lucky bastard that guy was, I thought.

I saw them both again a week later as they showed up to move Becky’s belongings. She came up to me and hugged me, hell, her guy even shook my hand. I really didn’t completely understand him accepting the fact that I had fucked his Becky from one end of my house to the other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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