Pakistani Family

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Sara knew she had to wait. The queue was long and the service slow. The sun was glaring down on them and the sound of traffic was almost unbearable. She rolled down the window of her old as the hills sedan and peered outside. There was no end of the line in sight and her car was squeezed between other vehicles. She couldn’t leave the drive-through just yet.

Her cell phone began vibrating in the pocket of her tight-fitting jeans. She let it vibrate for some time before flipping it open; it was Misha, her sister.

“Grab me a coke and some fries will you,” yelled Misha, in order to be heard over din.

I’ll grab so much more when I get home, thought Sara as she finally spat out her order to the man at the counter. In the meanwhile, if anything she was grabbing some attention. She watched quizzically as the man on the counter stared at her boobs while taking her order. Having a pair of 32Ds she couldn’t really blame him. In addition, the sweat had made her tank top cling to her body making her bosom very prominent. Deciding to have some fun, she took her sweet time bending down to pick up her purse giving him a decent view of her ample cleavage. She knew that that one man about to jerk off in some washroom close by.

Upon reaching home, she took off her tank top and her jeans, and collapsed on the couch wearing just her bra and panties. She knew there was no one in the house beside her sister to mind her lying in the lounge semi-naked. Plus, they were a very open family that gave each other their space and understood that it got really, really hot in the summers in the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad. For the while, her father and mother had gone to the Bahamas for a vacation and her brother was out of the city leaving the twenty-one year old Sara and the nineteen year old Misha with the house to themselves.

While Sara flipped through channels, her sister walked in sporting her brothers long shirt and panties. She loved to wear her brother’s clothes, she loved the smell of musk and her brother never seemed to mind.

“The sun hates us,” said Misha, sadly settling down in the couch beside her sister.

Sara nodded and switched on the air conditioner on full blast. She tied her hair into an untidy bun and smiled.

“You are telling me? Look at the perspiration on my bra,” Sara said, showing her sister the wet inside padding of her bra, managing to give her a peek of her nipple. She knew her sister had a thing for sweaty bodies. Misha openly admitted it. She would keep her brother’s sweaty football jerseys and sniff on them when he would come back from a game. Danial, their brother, would just laugh and wave it off. They still had reservations about opening up their sex life and fantasies to their brother, but the sisters knew everything about each other. Since they shared a room since they were toddlers, they would even masturbate in front of each other. But things had started heating up this summer when Sara had asked Misha to shave her under-arms for her. It drove Misha nuts but they had resisted the temptation to get down on each other, because escort bostancı their parents were still home. Now they saw the opportunity to open up.

“I think I should go shower,” said Sara as she undid her bra and took it off, revealing her milky white breasts glistening with sweat.

“I think you don’t need one,” said Misha, moving closer to her sister and lying down on top of her slowly. “You are all nice and sweaty.”

“If you insist,” said Sara, pulling her sister closer and putting a hand behind her head. Misha took her sisters breast in her mouth and begin flicking her nipple with her tongue slowly as Sara pulled her head closer. Misha began sucking harder and ran her hand down her sisters tummy to stroke her thigh. She removed her panties effortlessly, as Sara unclasped her bra and cupped her sisters breast, squeezing it gently. Misha moved up and glued her lips to Sara’s, moving her tongue into her waiting mouth. Sara sucked on her tongue thirstily and moved her hand down to her sister’s pussy. Careful not to hurt her vagina, Sara started finger fucking her sister. Misha closed her eyes and pinched her sister’s nipple gently.

“Ahh, don’t stop Sara. Please,” cried Misha, as she came. Sara took her finger and licked her sister’s love juices of it clean. Misha, eager to return the favour, dug her face in Sara’s sweaty armpits and started licking slowly. She inserted her finger into her sister’s pussy and began to move it in and out slowly. Her tongue worked it’s way to the other armpit where it found beads of sweat waiting to be licked. Even while pleasuring her sister, Misha was in heaven. Before long, Sara reached orgasm and the sisters licked the juice of Misha’s fingers. They collapsed in each other’s arms and could sense that a new chapter in their lives had now started.

To be Continued…

Misha and Sara were happy with their new found activity. It was summer time and they had ample time to have fun around the house. And both of them were the adventurous sort; always wanting to try out new stuff.

After their first episode on their couch, they got up and showered together. Rubbing soap on each other and washing each other’s legs and feet. When they got out, they roamed around in a towel wrapped around their waist, barely covering their breasts and pussies.

“Have you any experience with other women?” Misha asked her elder sister, as she sat with Sara’s feet in her lap, rubbing oil on them.

“No, but maybe after today I will. I’ve fantasised about Daniel though. In fact, whenever I masturbate, I’m thinking us getting down as a family. It excites me,” Sara replied, and pulled her towel up to give her sister the view of her pussy.

“That sure will be hot. How I wish Daniel would eat me out,” said Misha dreamily, massaging her sister’s feet gently. She slowly started working on her knee and then thighs. Sana’s legs opened gradually, as if inviting her to rub her pussy. Misha starting rubbing between her legs and bent down low to kiss the inside of her thigh. Sara’s hand pulled her face closer to her pussy ümraniye escort as Misha dug her tongue deep into her love hole. Her tongue lapped at her sister’s clit and she licked the walls of her pussy. Sara with her eyes closed pulled her sister’s face closer and thrust her pelvis into her face rhythmically. Sara turned her sister around and got her in a sixty-nice position digging her own face in her pussy. Both sisters tongue fucked each other till they came together amidst screams that would’ve woken the dead.

“That was amazing,” panted Sara, gasping for breath. She got up and locked her lips with her sister’s. They kissed for what seemed like eternity, with their tongues playing with each other before they let go and heading towards the bedroom.

“I’m going to take a piss, Misha,” told Sara, heading towards the washroom. Misha wasn’t done just yet. She followed her sister to the washroom and sat down on the edge of the tub, watching as a stream of clear piss came out from her pussy.

“Let me lick you clean?” Misha asked as she sat down on her knees on the bathroom floor. Sara nodded and positioned her legs in front of her sister’s face. Misha licked the last few droplets of pee still clinging to her sister’s clitoris and sucked on it gently.

“Thank you,” acknowledged Sara, clearly enjoying the attention given by her sister. It almost seemed like Misha wanted to be her sister’s degraded slave and Sara had no reservations being a mistress to her.

Suddenly, they heard a voice from downstairs. It was calling out their names. Sara pulled on the closest towel she could find while Misha grabbed a shirt and got out of the bathroom. The door to the room opened and in stepped Daniel, their brother.

“What are you doing here?” exclaimed Sara, bewildered.

“Well I came back early. More importantly, looks like I interrupted something,” replied Daniel with his eyebrows raised.

“We were just … cleaning … the washroom,” stuttered Misha.

“Lucky washroom, it gets cleaned by two ravenous semi-naked sisters,” said a still unbelieving Daniel, as he turned around to leave. “Well I’ll let you two finish”

“Wont you hug your little sisters before you go?” said a pouting Sara.

With that Misha lunged forward and pulled the both of them into a group hug. The strategy was clear. Both the sisters were hungry for their brother’s cock. And with the parents gone, they could really do whatever they wanted. Daniel could really feel something was odd especially since one of her sister’s hand was moving down his back and groping his ass.

Sara bit her brother’s ear lightly and whispered slowly in his ear, “Your sisters missed you.” With that she broke off and smiled. “Now you can go,” she added.

A bewildered Daniel left the room, not quite sure what had just happened. He couldn’t wait to get in the shower and beat his 8 inch cock off. He raced out his clothes in record time and got in the shower, thinking about his sister’s lips on his cock. Images of his cock slapping against Misha’s face and his cum dropping down kartal escort bayan Sara’s cheek brought him to his orgasm, one of the best he had had in the longest time.

No sooner had he gotten out, he saw his sisters lying on the couch watching a movie with the lights turned out. Upon getting closer, he saw both of them were wearing just a shalwar (baggy cotton pants) and a night shirt. He could make out that both of them were not wearing a bra as their nipples stuck out clearly in their thin summer shirt. It wasn’t long before Daniel was hard again, and his shorts did nothing to hide his erection. Just when the movie was about to end, suddenly the light went off.

“Fuck you, load shedding,” screamed Misha, apparently directed at no one as Sara began to fan herself with a newspaper.

“Let me call the electricity complaint department,” said Daniel as he got up, secretly happy that the lack of light saved him from a certain embarrassment. After the call he came back and declared that the light won’t be back for another few hours.

“This has to be the hottest day of the summer,” fumed Sara as she pulled at the band of her shalwar to let some air in to her legs. Misha, talking full advantage of the situation had taken off her shalwar and now sat in her panties and a thin shirt. Just as she did that, Sara lighted a candle causing Daniel to stare at his sister’s beautiful legs starry eyed. Following her sisters example, Sara removed her shalwar and went a step ahead and began stroking her thighs. Daniels erection now begged to be let free, and it didn’t go unnoticed this time.

“You can take off your shorts too you know, you don’t have much to be ashamed off,” said Sara slyly looking at her brother’s erection.

“Let me help you with that,” added Misha, as she got off the couch and before he knew it, pulled down his shorts to reveal a fully erect 8 inch monster. Sara joined her sister on the floor and both of them marvelled at the penis as if it was a very precious artefact they had just found as Daniel blushed, not knowing what to do. He didn’t have to do anything as Sara already had her mouth over the head of his cock and began sucking it. Misha took his ball sack into her mouth and started licking it slowly. Sara’s tongue moved over his head slowly as Daniel closed his eyes, pulling his sister’s head closer. Misha spat on her brother’s cock and began sucking it from a side while Sara worked on the other side. While Daniel’s hands now squeezed both his sister’s boobs, Misha inserted her middle finger in his asshole. Her finger went in as far as it could go and she brought it out, only to have Sara licking her finger.

“I’m going to cum… Don’t stop,” cried Daniel with his eyes closed.

Misha’s hand started pumping his cock faster as they got ready to take the shot on the face. Ropes and ropes of white cum landed on Misha’s and Sara’s faces and hair. Sara quickly licked off the remainder of the cum from the tip of his cock and ate up whatever had fallen on her sister’s face and hair. Daniel was further surprised to see his sister’s start to kiss passionately, with their tongues dancing around each others, both swapping their brothers cum before Misha swallowed it all.

“Welcome to the family secret, dear brother,” said a smiling Sara, with remnants of cum still dripping from her hair. “Welcome!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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