Paige Ch. 10

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I must have dozed off as I lay there on the sofa with Beth. We had been watching a movie when she started to cry and held her close to console her. My imagine had drifted off to that holiday night, so long ago. Beth and I had gotten close that night, too close. That image of Beth’s face, in the moonlight and shadow was burned into my brain. I don’t know what I’d expected to happen next, that night. I was somewhat relieved that Sarah showed up when she did. She had bailed me out.

I hadn’t thought of that in years. It was the last thing I would have thought of when I considered what it might be like having Elizabeth around.

I must admit that I had recalled that night from time to time, usually when I was all alone. More than once, as I remembered those moments, I became aroused and upon occasion, pleasured myself.

I slowly began to awaken. My mind returned to the present moment. I felt the warmth of Beth’s body against mine, the wetness of her tears on my shirt and the strain of my cock against my trousers. I wondered why I was deriving such pleasure from crying women; and they weren’t just crying, they were grieving, they were in mourning. It was my newest perversion. Then I thought I heard a woman moaning, bellowing out in passion. I was sure I heard a woman in the throes of an orgasm. I began to wonder where I was. I opened my eyes and looked down to see Beth, still cuddled beside me, still sleeping, but starting to stir. I looked up at the TV and saw Meg Ryan faking an orgasm. She was givin’ it hell. I had to laugh.

It seemed awfully loud and it was sure to wake Beth. She stirred a bit more and I fumbled for the remote control. I gathered up the remote, and I was struggling to locate the mute button, as Paige came through the front door. She must have heard the TV. She rushed into the family room to find, Beth and me, all snuggled up on the couch. Beth was getting restless. “Sally’s” moans were about to wake her up. Beth turned her face and buried it in my chest, having no idea where she was. She squirmed a little more, and started to make grunting sounds like a little piglet rooting. I was in a panic escort bostancı to mute that damned television before it woke Beth up.

I found the mute and pushed it. It was then that Paige came into view. Beth grunted once more sniffed once or twice, still not quite awake. Paige stood glaring down at us, gaping in total disbelief. I lifted my arm from Beth’s waist and laid it on the back of the couch.

“I don’t fucking believe you!” she said. “How could you? The two of you?”

It dawned on me how it must have appeared to Paige. Then I remembered “Sally’s” moans and could only imagine what must have been going through Paige’s mind. Suddenly, the whole thing was hilarious to me. “Paige,” I chuckled, “This is not what it looks like.” I couldn’t help but laugh.

Paige looked down at the bulge in my pants, shook her head, and said, “I know what that looks like”

“Paige,” I was pleading. “You don’t believe for a minute…” I chuckled again and bit my lip.

“And you think its funny!”

“Oh, it’s funny alright. You just don’t get it,” I chuckled , then realized what a stupid thing that was to say.

Beth squirmed and grunted again.

“I don’t get it? I get it alright. It’s sick!” She stomped out.

Beth sniffed again and sat up. She brushed her hair out of her face and rubbed her swollen eyes. She was slowly becoming aware of where she was. “Was that Paige?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I said, “She went to bed.”

Beth turned to look at me. I could tell, as her face turned red that she realizing where she was and who she was with. I had never seen her so vulnerable, so child-like. As she struggled to focus on my face, I struggled not to become anymore aroused. This woman, who had soaked my shirt with her tears and warmed my body, was suddenly the most attractive thing I had ever known.

I couldn’t comprehend the magnitude of the attraction. Her face darkened with anger. She huffed and bolted upright. “I’m going to bed too,” she muttered, and walked away.

“Good night,” I called behind her. There was no response. I sat and pondered the events of the past ümraniye escort several moments. It was such a comedy of errors that I laughed again, this time in disbelief. I just couldn’t believe that I had fucked things up so royally, again.

I’d had a chance to bring Beth, Paige and me as close as we needed to be right then. I couldn’t expect us to be one big happy family. But we at least, needed to be something close to that, at that time, even I could see that. Given the chance to patch things up with aunt Beth and get a new start for us all, what did I do, I fucked it all up. Fucking typical.

I went to he kitchen poured myself a drink. I began to think that I was as sick as Paige thought I was. To fuck Paige in first place was the biggest mistake I had ever made. Then to believe that I was falling in love with her. That part was true. I had always loved Paige, but my feelings for her were different know. They were deeper; and more confusing.

I thought maybe I could have fallen for her and kept it a secret. We could have been secretly in love for the rest of lives and never spoke of it. I’m sure that kind of thing happened. But no! I had to bed her; over and over. “You sick fuck!” I said aloud, then looked to see if there was anyone there. The last time I launched into a rant I had been alone. I needed to give my self a good talking to, so I grabbed the whiskey bottle and stepped outside.

I sat on the back step and began to curse myself, under my breath at first, “You sick fuck! Look at you! First you fuck Paige, then you try to fuck Megan.” I thought to myself that it was actually Megan that came on to me.

“Shut the fuck up!” I said to my thoughts. “Don’t try to rationalize that shit. If Paige hadn’t been there, you’d have fucked her in a heartbeat, and you know it.” I did know it.

“Then there’s that shit with Beth. What the fuck is all that all about?” I tried to rationalize that to myself as well. Things really weren’t as they had appeared to Paige in the family room. I drained the last of the whiskey from my glass and poured another shot.

“Paige might have gotten kartal escort bayan the wrong impression of what physically happening. She didn’t have to see the fantasy in your head to notice the bulge in your pants.” I took another drink of whiskey.

“What is this new perversion of yours?” At first it seemed too filthy to even speak of, but I went on. “How can you find pleasure in their grief. How can get you all excited over feeling a woman’s tears on your shoulder. How can you get aroused by their tears and their snot and their hot breath on you shirt; feeling their breasts rise and fall against you with their sobs as they hold you close; just looking for some comfort, while you were just looking for a piece of ass.” I noticed that I had a hard-on. “You are sick!” I took a drink from the bottle and stumbled back into the house.

I took off my shirt and noticed it was still wet. I held it to my face and breathed in the scent of Beth. It was such a delicate aroma. I pressed the shirt to my face. It became warm again as I breathed into it. I kicked off my shoes and let my pants drop to the floor. I laid down on the couch, in just my boxers, with my shirt against my face. I took my cock with my free hand and stroked it, as I breathed in the essence of Beth and felt all those fluids from her face on mine.

I was nearly suffocating in the warm, moist, oxygen deprived atmosphere beneath my shirt. I labored for breath, with my heart pounding harder and harder, and my hand stroking faster and faster on my cock. I was getting a little light headed when I started to cum. Just as I came, I pulled the shirt from my face and drew in a deep breath of cool, clean air. I breathed in like a runner in a marathon. Breath after breath of cool, clean air was rushing into lungs. And shot after shot of hot cum was spewing from my cock.

I took the shirt and rubbed it into the cum on my stomach, making sure to use the wet part, the part that was drenched in those fluids from Beth’s face along with my sweat. Now it was warmed with my breath and I was mingling all that with my cum. I took that shirt that was soaked in Beth’s tears, and her snot and my sweat and my cum, and wrapped it around my cock. I held it there until my cock went flaccid.

As the last wave of pleasure ebbed. It was soon replaced by another wave, one of guilt and shame. I was sure then, that Paige was right. I was sick.

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