Oops! Ch. 04

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Double Penetration

Once again I awoke to the most fantastic blow job imaginable. This time, however, I knew what was going on and managed not to moan. I looked down to see Carly slowly sucking my cock but this time she was totally naked. I could see one finger playing with her clit; her nipples were as hard as rocks and I just had to reach over and play with one as she gave me one of her incredible blowjobs.

I looked her in the eye and mouthed the words.

“I’m going to come.”

She just smiled around my cock and increased her pace. I reached boiling point not much later, and to my surprise she took my cock in her hand and aimed it at her tits. I let go and just covered one nipple with the first spray. She moved my cock to her other tit and let the next squirt go onto her other nipple. She let go of my cock, sat back on her heels and really started going at her clit with her fingers. She was rubbing it in a circular motion, really hard, really fast. She was panting with her mouth wide open to avoid making too much noise. As she came she put her panties in her mouth to muffle the sound.

If I wasn’t already so spent I would’ve been hard again already.

She leant over and whispered in my ear.

“I love the taste of yours and Danielle’s’ cum on your cock, but its much better when it’s fresh.”

She bent forward and sucked the load of cum from one of her nipples into her mouth.

“Mm, yummy.”

She picked up her panties and headed for the door. She stopped on the way to pick up her phone from the night stand and smiled as she turned it off. She then walked out the door, completely naked, with cum on her tits. She is either very brave or just crazy. Either way, I hoped she wouldn’t get caught.

Seeing her pick up the phone reminded me that mine was buzzing at some stage through the night. I grabbed it out of my pants on the floor and sure enough, it was a message from Carly.

I took the phone and my clothes to the bathroom. I locked the door and immediately opened the message.

It was a video again. It was very dark then suddenly the light changed to an eerie green. Carly obviously changed it to night mode. I recognized the room as the one I was staying in. Then I picked up on the conversation. Holy shit she must have snuck in last night. Here was Danielle stroking my cock and telling me how they all wanted to fuck me. My mind whirled. Next thing I’m looking at Danielle’s back as she is riding my cock. This was a great video and the detail was amazing, considering it was night mode. Then she moved the camera in really close until she was directly behind Danielle and in between my outstretched legs. She caught the moment beautifully when Danielle came, shortly followed by me. I could even see my cock pumping Danielle full of cum. Then as Danielle fell forward onto my chest I could see her ass hole all shiny and wet. Some of our mixed cum leaked out of Danielle’s pussy and ran down over my balls.

The camera was pulled away slowly and went down to the floor and stopped. Carly obviously stayed there until we were both asleep and then left.

I didn’t know what to think. On one hand this was incredibly hot, but it was also just a bit creepy. I would definitely have to have a talk with her. In the mean time, I forwarded this new message on to my e-mail and deleted it from my phone.

When I got out of the shower, everyone was up and about except for Carly. I was absolutely starving and decided to make pancakes for the whole family. Belinda was sitting next to a packed travel bag and looking decidedly nervous. She had everything ready for her photo shoot at Dave’s and told us she ‘d spent half of last night tidying up and making the room look how she wanted it to.

I finished my breakfast and decided I should get my gear ready for the photo shoot. I had brought my camera, obviously, and a few filters and so on. Because I didn’t bring any of my proper portrait gear, I hoped that the photos would come out to Belinda’s satisfaction. I hoped Dave liked them too; they were, after all, for him.

About an hour later we all headed off in our own directions. Amanda had gone to a friend’s house fairly early and we probably wouldn’t see her again today. Their mum was staying home as she had a friend coming over later. Carly hadn’t risen yet, and according to their mum she probably wouldn’t be up until noon.

Belinda had told us to meet her at Dave’s place. She gave us directions and headed off in her own car. I don’t think she wanted her mum knowing what she was doing, so after I had put my gear in the car Danielle asked her mum if there was anything she needed from the shopping centre.

We drove off down the road and I was about to turn in the direction of Dave’s place when Danielle told me she needed to get something from the supermarket. So we drove to the market where Danielle told me to let her out and drive around for a minute as she wouldn’t be long.

After nearly ten minutes of doing laps of the car park I was starting to get a bit annoyed. Finally she came back out with a small escort ataşehir bag. She was puffing.

“Sorry, they didn’t have everything I wanted but this will do.”

“What is it?”

“Don’t worry I’ll show you later.”

We drove to Dave’s place where we were met by a rather anxious looking Belinda.

“What took you so long?”

“Sorry, mum wanted me to get something from the supermarket.”

“Alright, let’s get on with this before I chicken out.”

I set the camera up on the tripod and set Belinda up on a chair in some good sunlight. I thought I’d start with some basic portraits so that we could all relax into it. After a few of these, which were turning out quite nicely, I suggested she get her first outfit on for the glamour photos.

Danielle went with her into another room and helped her choose from the clothes she’d brought with her. A few minutes later she stepped out of the room in an amazingly sexy teddy and suspenders. My jaw nearly fell through the floor. She was blushing furiously, and even Danielle had a bemused look on her face.

“Well, that should get his attention.”

“Please don’t tease, this is hard enough.”

“Belinda, I’m not joking. You look stunning. Drop dead gorgeous actually.”

“Thank you. I hope Dave likes these. He hasn’t even seen the clothes before.”

Danielle laughed and said.

“Honey if he doesn’t like that then he is gay. Hell I wouldn’t be surprised if he jumped you the moment he sets eyes on these photos.”

Time to get things rolling before she changes her mind.

“Alright Belinda, just sit on the bed any way you feel comfortable and we’ll start from there.”

Once again I started with just some facial portraits until she was comfortable in front of us with just a teddy on. Slowly I backed away and took some more revealing shots. Once she seemed comfortable Danielle suggested some playful shots of Belinda being the sex kitten. Belinda seemed to really like the idea and she really got into play acting. Eventually her act got a bit more erotic until she surprised us by slipping one shoulder strap off and letting it fall down her arm just enough to show the top of her nipple.

This went on for a while until I had shots of her with one breast completely uncovered and some fantastic shots of her from behind on her hands and knees, looking back over her shoulder. These were fantastic as they showed the perfect white, smooth skin of her ass, her breast under her arm with a rock hard nipple and a look on her eyes that pretty much said, ‘fuck me now.’

I had to admit that I was getting pretty hard while taking these photos, and although both girls looked at my obviously hard cock from time to time, neither one mentioned it.

Belinda decided to go and get changed and while she was in the other room, Danielle called out.

“You think that teddy was sexy, wait till you see this!”

When Belinda walked back into the room I swear my cock got even harder. She had on a black lace bra and panties. The bra was very sheer and hid absolutely nothing. The panties appeared to be made of the same material with a seam up the middle that hid only the bare essentials. She walked to the centre of the room, put down the paper bag she was carrying and immediately struck a pose. I started shooting and she just kept on posing like a professional model.

She sat on the edge of the bed and leaned forward, pushing her boobs together with her arms so I took more photos. This was turning out to be fantastic and most of the photos were really looking good. I panned out again and she sat back with her hands behind her and arched her back. She spread her legs apart just a tiny amount, but it was enough to notice that it wasn’t just a seam in her panties. They were crotch-less panties. I just kept taking photo after photo. Thank god for big memory cards.

Belinda slowly spread her legs just a little wider with each pose until it was obvious she wanted her pussy on display. She started playing with her nipples through the sheer material of her bra until they were very swollen. Pulling the straps off her shoulders, she slowly uncovered her nipples, the whole time never taking her eyes off the lens. It was incredibly erotic.

When she raised one hand and put her index finger in her mouth, she sucked it in and out like it was her favorite cock. She pulled her glistening finger from her mouth and started to play with her nipple again, making it all wet and shiny then did the same to her other nipple.

Feeling brave, she reached behind her back and undid her bra and flung it across the room toward where Danielle was standing. I looked across to her and saw that she too was really enjoying the show. She had one hand inside her shirt where she was obviously copying her sister’s moves, and her other hand was rubbing her pussy on the out side of her jeans.

I was pretty surprised to see Danielle so openly enjoying this show her sister was putting on for the camera, but I wasn’t about to argue.

Belinda kadıköy escort bayan started to slide her hand slowly down her chest and over her stomach. I kept on shooting and tried to ignore the discomfort of the hard-on in my shorts. As her hand reached her pussy she squeezed her legs together over her fingers and sucked in a hissing breath. In the corner, Danielle moaned. Belinda slowly spread her legs again and dipped her middle finger into her pussy. I was so hard now I had to readjust. I grabbed my cock through my shorts and moved it until it was somewhat comfortable again, giving it a few quick squeezes on the way.

Belinda watched my hand on my cock very intently and slid her finger out of her pussy and up over her clit. She moaned as her finger slid over her clit and I got some fantastic photos of her wet, open pussy. I knew Dave was going to love these.

Belinda slid her finger back inside her self and soon followed with another. She was really getting into it now and in between pants she said.

“Danielle, get my toy out of the bag.”

I was still watching through the lens when I saw Danielle come into frame carrying what looked like a good sized dildo – not ridiculously big but not tiny either. I also noticed that Danielle was now only in a bra and panties. When did that happen? I was still shooting so there are a few of Danielle’s cute butt and her handing Belinda a dildo which I thought was totally hot. One of her bending over to hand Belinda the toy and there is a very distinct wet patch right over her pussy.

Danielle stepped back over to the corner and Belinda didn’t skip a beat. She still had two fingers in her pussy and with her other hand she stuck the dildo in her mouth and started blowing it nice and slow. I wondered if Carly had been giving her lessons. She pulled the dildo out of her mouth and placed it at near her pussy. I moved closer to get some better photos.

She slipped her two fingers back out of her very wet pussy. I could smell her delicious scent and see the moisture on her fingers. She used the same two fingers to spread her pussy apart and put the head of her plastic cock, still glistening with her saliva, at her entrance. She slowly slid it in an inch at a time and she moaned the whole time. As Belinda was moaning so was Danielle. I took a quick look across to se her on the floor, naked, legs spread and a very sizeable cucumber being shoved into her open pussy. I nearly came in my pants just watching these two.

I was way beyond caring about comfort now. I pulled my shorts down and freed my aching cock. I stroked myself in time to the rhythm of these sisters. They were fucking themselves in harmony – both moaning, both pounding their toys in and out of themselves. I managed to get a few more photos, including some of Danielle with a fat cucumber deep in her. But now it was just a matter of stroking to see who would come first.

Danielle looked at me and said.

“Come on her for me babe.”

Belinda moaned even louder.

“Yeah come on me.”

“Go on come on her. She wants it. She wants your cum.”

The only reason I hadn’t cum already was because I got laid the night before and was drained by an incredible blow job that morning. But this just sent me over the edge.

I moved between Belinda’s legs and I could feel her hand hitting my thigh as she sped up fucking her dildo. Two, maybe three strokes later, I lost control. I blew so hard that the first load hit her right in the face. The second one landed between her tits and the rest went on her belly and pubic hair. She immediately moaned as did Danielle. Belinda started rubbing my cum all over her belly and tits with her free hand and licked the cum that landed near her mouth. She immediately started to come. Her stomach went tense and her thighs squeezed mine. I turned and saw that Danielle was doing the same thing on her back on the floor.

Once we had all calmed down and Belinda had gotten through a shower, we packed everything up and helped Belinda tidy up so that it didn’t look like we’d been there. Every one was feeling a bit awkward so I said we’d go back to the girls’ mums place so we could sort through the photos on the computer in private. I asked Belinda what she wanted done with the photos.

“Make sure that the decent ones get done for his birthday and I’ll give him the rest that night.”

“All of them?”

“I don’t see why not?”

“Probably because there are some with Danielle in them and I’m pretty sure I got one with you covered in my cum.”

Belinda just laughed.

“I guess that one will have to go in my private collection then.”

I was surprised by that, but not nearly as surprised as Danielle. She just laughed.


“Fuck yeah. This whole thing was incredibly hot. I know it was for you too, or you wouldn’t have come so hard with that cucumber. I want the photo’s to remember this by.”

“Well I guess that sorts that out. I’ll do them all for you but the nice ones I’ll blow up and frame for you.”

“Thanks… escort bostancı um… Thanks for a good day too – both of you.”

“The pleasure was all mine,” I said.

Danielle and Belinda laughed and Danielle said, “Well actually the pleasure was everyone’s.”

When we got back to the house we found nobody home so we decided to go through the photos while we had some privacy. We found the ones we wanted to blow up and worked on them for a while then we printed the ones for Belinda and hid them away in one of our cases to give to her later.

That afternoon after her mum got home, Danielle decided she wanted to go see a movie but I wasn’t really in the mood so she took her mum out for the afternoon. I lay down on the bed for a while and I must have dozed off. I was lying there wondering why all of a sudden I was awake. Something had woken me up but I didn’t know what. I looked around the room. Carly had me paranoid and I looked for her phone. No sign of it. I found my phone and checked for messages. I don’t know if I was disappointed or relieved to find that there weren’t any.

Then I heard it – a soft moan from somewhere else in the house. I walked out the door of the room and I was about to call out when a thought occurred to me. That definitely sounded like a moan of ecstasy and I’m pretty sure it came from Carly’s room. I looked at the phone in my hand and thought, “Time for a bit of pay back, I think.”

I walked on tip toes to her door and peeked around the corner. She was on her back, legs spread and knees up. She was working a very large black dildo slowly into her pussy. I turned on the camera of my phone and just stood there recording until she had that black, veiny monster buried deep inside her pussy. She started bucking her hips up and down while she held it in her. She bucked up a final time and held her ass high up off the bed as her pussy pushed the dildo back out of her.

She sighed as she lowered her self back down to the bed. I moved away from the door and returned to my room. I looked at the camera and spoke into the phone.

“Quite a good show you put on with your black boyfriend Carly,” I said. “I enjoyed it very much, thank you.”

I closed it off and saved the file then crept out of the house as quietly as I could and went for a walk down by the river. When I got back, Danielle and her mum had returned from the movie and were talking non stop about this awful sounding chick flick. Thank god I didn’t go. It may have been shorter but I think I prefer my movies.

Later that evening I was cooking on the barbecue again when Belinda and Dave turned up, followed by Amanda and her friend. Once again, I was cooking for a full house. It was nice to be having a beer with a mate and having a male conversation for a change. We were having a laugh about One of Dave’s jobs that day.

“I swear to god he was stark naked, lying on his back on the median strip swinging his dick in a circle and making helicopter noises.”

I laughed so hard beer came out my nose – which stings like hell, by the way. Doesn’t half bring tears to your eyes.

“What did you say to him?”

“Told him that it was a ‘no landing’ zone and that we’d have to take him back to the hangar.”

This time I laughed so hard I nearly burnt my self on the barbecue as I bent over.

“Apparently this isn’t the first time he’s been busted for swinging his dick at people. Guy’s as mad as a cut snake.”

“So what will happen to him?”

“Local hospital has a psych ward that’ll hold him for a few days until he calms down a bit. They’ll let him out, He’ll stop taking his meds and we’ll start all over again.”

“Bloody silly system if you ask me?”

“Yeah but you can’t fight the system mate. It’ll chew you up and spit you out without even noticing you were there. Just not worth the hassle.”

“Yeah I guess so. It’s good to have a conversation with a bloke again. I love being around these gorgeous women but sometimes you’ve just gotta have bloke time.”

“Yeah I know what you mean. It sure would be good if you guys moved up here. Maybe we wouldn’t feel like we were being ganged up on so much.”

“That would be good and I’m seriously considering it.”

I wasn’t sure that I could take living so close to these sisters though. I think they’d wear me out, physically and mentally.

That evening as we were all sitting around eating our meal and talking quietly I decided that now was the right time to send Carly her message.

She looked down at her phone then I saw her look at me out of the corner of my eye as I was deliberately looking at Danielle, engrossed in conversation. She got up and disappeared into her room. Several minutes later she came back to the table with a look on her face that said I was in trouble. I just couldn’t work out if it was good or bad trouble.

I found out a day or so later. I was feeling so pleased with myself that the end of our stay came on us so fast neither one of us was prepared for it. We both packed our bags in silence because this was one of those times when we didn’t really want to leave. Regardless, our jobs and mortgage said we had to go back to work. Every one was there when we left except Dave, he had to work. I think they were just as upset to see us go. Danielle’s mum cried.

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