Only Memories Last Forever

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“Happy Birthday Karen,” Jack said warmly to his wife.

Karen smiled at him and blew out the candles. Turning forty had kind of crept up on her; she certainly didn’t feel her age. But that wasn’t the problem. It wasn’t Jack either; they had married twenty years ago and had built a happy life together. They had raised two wonderful sons and had been a happy family. The boys were presently away, attending college, and Karen missed having them in her life. Lately she just didn’t feel needed anymore, and that was part of the problem, but there was more to it than that.

Jack had had a successful business when they first got married; he was thirty years old at the time, 12 years older than Karen was, and already financially secure. He gave Karen a sense of stability she desperately needed at the time. That and his kind nature had attracted her to him immediately, and Karen was happy to accept his marriage proposal even after their relatively short courtship.

‘A great catch,’ Karen’s friends had told her. Her parents gave their approval too. And he was a fine man. Jack worked hard to succeed, maybe too hard sometimes. With the boys grown up and out of the house, Karen had hoped she could spend more time with her husband, but he always seemed to have yet another business matter to attend to. He sometimes made time for Karen on special occasions, but even after all these years he appeared busier than ever.

That was the problem. Jack and the boys had lives of their own and Karen didn’t. After years of making them the sole purpose for her existence Karen had resolved to start living life for her own pleasure, and had started looking for hobbies she might enjoy. Six months ago she started working out, and was delighted to see how her efforts at the gym were becoming reflected in her appearance. She enjoyed exercising, and her figure would make most women half her age envious. Her waistline was almost what it was in high school, her D-cup breasts had hardly any sag, and her butt was nice and firm. Karen became more confident too. Despite the wrinkles she now had Karen always thought she had a pretty face. When she was dating Jack, he often complimented her on her sexy turquoise eyes. Once in a while she would treat herself by having her strawberry-blond hair and make-up done at the beauty salon so she could look her best for him. Nevertheless, six months later Karen found her boredom returning, and although she had hoped her efforts might serve to rekindle her love life with Jack, nothing of the sort had happened.

Jack loved her, and Karen enjoyed making love with him, but it was all too infrequent nowadays. When they first got married, Jack made love to her every chance he got, even coming home for lunch sometimes just to be with her. She loved the attention. As the years passed, however, Jack’s business grew, and he needed to put in more and more time at work. It didn’t bother Karen much at the time though; running a household with two boys didn’t give her much time to think about romance. But now she was in an empty house most of the time, and her sex drive had re-asserted itself. Jack was rarely home though, and even when he was there wasn’t a lot of passion anymore. After being married as long as they had it was only natural for that to happen, Karen reasoned. “Oh well,” she thought, “that’s life.” Still, she knew she was in a rut, and this made her feel dreadful.

One day Karen thought of an idea to help cure her boredom; she would do some renovations on their home. She wasn’t much of a handyman, but learning would be part of the fun. She decided to start with something easy. The den needed to be painted, and doing it herself gave her something to do with her time.

Jack was thrilled when Karen told him; he knew she was bored at home. “And,” he thought, “I can kill two birds with one stone.” One of his employees had a son who was taking a semester off from college and was doing odd jobs to earn extra money. He had been bugging Jack to let the boy help out at the office, but Jack didn’t think he had anything suitable for him. This would take care of his problem. Karen wasn’t planning on anyone helping her, but when Jack explained his situation she agreed to let him hire Mark. Besides, Jack told her that Mark had some skill with carpentry, and could give her a hand with the other renovations she had planned.

The following week Karen had everything ready. Mark would arrive at 9:00 AM the next morning to help her. Karen got up early, excited to begin her new project, and was waiting for him when the doorbell rang.

“Hi Mrs. Hughes, I’m Mark,” the young black man said.

Karen was a little startled. Jack hadn’t told her Mark was black, but she didn’t allow Mark to notice her surprise. Besides, Karen had known a few black people during her lifetime and it didn’t bother her that Mark was black. She let him in, and they got to work.

Once Karen got to know Mark, she realized he really was a pleasant young man, beylikdüzü escort and she was glad Jack suggested he help her. Also, he was a good worker; they finished painting in record time, and Karen was happy to have him help her with the other projects she had planned. Mark became a great help to Karen; well worth the money Jack was paying him, and taught her a lot about making repairs etc., as well.

As time wore on, Mark and Karen got to know each other better and became good friends. Mark was an intelligent, considerate young man, and Karen enjoyed having him to talk to. She liked the idea of spending time with someone his age too; it made her feel just a little bit younger. If they finished work early they would often go out to a movie or get a bite to eat. Jack didn’t mind, he knew Mark and Karen were just friends. Besides, he trusted his wife and thought she needed to have more friends in her life.

For the next couple of months Karen was happy. Her home improvements were coming along nicely, giving her a sense of accomplishment she hadn’t felt for a long time. Mark had been depressed for a while; Karen learned that he had broken up with his girlfriend of two years, but Karen did her best to cheer him up and, with time, he was himself again. But lately he seemed distracted, and Karen knew something was bothering him.

“I can’t tell you Karen,” Mark said. (She told him to stop calling her Mrs. Hughes long ago.) But Karen was determined, and eventually got Mark to talk.

“I’ve fallen in love with you.”

Karen couldn’t believe the words. She liked Mark, but it hadn’t been anything more. She even thought he was handsome, but hadn’t allowed it to become sexual. She certainly hadn’t been leading him on. But she did care about him, and didn’t want to hurt him.

“Listen Mark, your a sweet young man, and I’m even flattered someone your age would think of me that way, but I’m a married woman. You’re still on the rebound from your last relationship, that’s all. From what you’ve told me you’ve done fairly well with girls your age. Why would you be interested in me?”

“I’m not on the rebound. I broke up with Deirdre because you’re all I can think about. I need you Karen, I want you. I want to make love to you,” Mark said.

Karen heard the lock at the front door turning, it was her husband. Jack walked in and greeted them. Mark got up to leave. “Gotta go Mr. Hughes, see you tomorrow,” he said.

“Actually I’m leaving for a business trip tomorrow, but I’ll be back on Monday,” Jack answered. “Then I guess I’ll see you tomorrow, Mrs. Hughes,” Mark said and left.

Karen said very little to Jack that night; she was dumbfounded by what had happened with Mark. Luckily, Jack believed her when she said she was just tired from all the work she had been doing. She didn’t want Mark to get into any kind of trouble with Jack.

She couldn’t stop thinking about what Mark had said; it kept her up that night. Karen didn’t know what to tell Mark. She didn’t want to lose him as a friend, and didn’t want to hurt his feelings, so she decided against ending their relationship. Besides, Jack would want an explanation, and she didn’t know what to say.

Moreover hearing Mark voice his desire for her had left Karen too distracted to sleep. Even though she didn’t want to have an affair Karen had to admit that his words had struck a chord with her. It had been a long time since a man had shown such a passion for her, and it was exciting to hear him say he wanted her as a lover. It also appealed to Karen’s sense of vanity that a man half her age was so taken with her. And Mark was not unattractive either. He was a good-looking young man with an athlete’s physique. “He could have any girl he wants,” Karen thought. She couldn’t help but feel a little vain about stirring such strong desires in someone like that. Still, it was wrong for them to be anything more than friends, and Karen resolved to tell Mark this when she saw him tomorrow.

The next day Mark came over and Karen sat him down for a talk. She had trouble looking at him however; she could see a hunger in his eyes. Mark was barely listening to her. Karen had no idea what he was thinking, and it frightened her a little. Finally, Mark said that he understood that she wanted to remain faithful and would try his best to get over her, but that he needed some kind of affection from her to keep his sanity.

“Kissing isn’t cheating. If I can’t have you the way I want you I’ll make do with that. Please Karen, fifteen minutes and I’ll never bring it up again.”

Karen wasn’t sure what to do. She was skeptical about this working but wanted to resolve this matter once and for all. If Mark didn’t let it go after that, she would end their personal and professional relationship, even if it did look unusual to Jack.

“Five minutes,” she said, relenting.

“Ten,” Mark countered.

“Not a minute more,” beyoğlu escort Karen replied.

Karen moved next to Mark on the couch and he put his arm around her. She sat, waiting nervously for Mark to make his move. Mark leaned over and gently pressed his lips against hers. It felt strange being kissed by someone other than Jack, but Mark was a pretty good kisser. “It won’t be so bad,” Karen thought.

Mark kissed Karen over and over again, sensuously, and although Karen knew it was wrong, she couldn’t help but start to enjoy it. She tenuously even began returning them. Mark’s kisses became more passionate. One of his hands started massaging her breasts, something that always turned Karen on, and she could feel her juices starting to flow. Suddenly she felt his tongue pressing against her lips and, too caught up in the moment to resist, allowed it to enter and explore her mouth.

Karen was shocked by how turned on she was getting. Maybe it was her lousy sex life coming back to haunt her or maybe it was the excitement of being with someone new, but her arousal was overwhelming. Mark felt Karen’s excitement too, and became even bolder, putting his hand up her blouse and rubbing her hard nipples between his fingers. Karen felt an uncontrollable need to have them sucked. Karen could feel Mark unbuttoning her blouse and surprised herself by making no attempt to stop him and or resist him when he pulled it off her. Mark then leaned over and started sucking on Karen’s aching nipples. It drove her wild, causing Karen to moan uncontrollably and pull Mark closer to her chest. It felt so good Karen couldn’t help herself from wanting more. She pulled him from the couch onto the carpet where they would have more room.

Mark laid Karen on the floor and she lifted her ass so he could pull off her jeans and panties. He lay down between her legs. Karen was already on the verge of climax; when she felt his tongue on her pussy she had an orgasm so strong it nearly bucked Mark off her. She hadn’t come like that in years, and now that she had, she eagerly wanted another. But first things first, she thought, wanting to see what Mark had been keeping from her. “Take off your clothes,” Karen said.

Karen could see Mark was slightly taken aback by her brazenness and couldn’t help but smile as he undressed. As good as Mark looked, he looked even better in the nude, and Karen could feel her temperature rising again. “Lie down for me baby,” she sighed.

He lay down on his back, with his cock pointing upwards. Karen didn’t know if what they said about black men was true, but Mark was enormous. She’d never seen any man so well endowed and had a hard time not staring. Instead, she began kissing him, slowly moving down his body, while caressing the firmness of his arms and chest. When she got to Mark’s chest, she sucked his nipples, softly biting them between her teeth. His low moan told her he enjoyed it. Karen excitement was too great to wait any longer now. She positioned herself over his hips, not quite sure how she was going to fit Mark’s cock inside her. She carefully guided it to her pussy, and moved slowly downwards, taking one glorious inch at a time.

Karen moved a couple of inches down, and the feeling was incredible. Mark was so thick she felt like he was splitting her in two. “I need to get used to this first,” she smiled at him, somewhat embarrassed. “Take your time,” Mark replied. She did, slowing moving up and down his erection, lubricating it with her juices as she did so, gradually taking more and more of him with each stroke. After a couple of minutes of this Karen was pleasantly surprised that to see that she was able to handle his length.

Slowly Karen moved up and down on Mark’s cock, savoring every inch he had to offer. She had never felt anything so wonderful. Her breathing became rapid and her soft moans turned to loud cries of ecstasy as she gradually picked up her pace. That familiar sensation in her loins was coming back again. Karen frantically tried to come, riding Mark as hard as she could. Her body exploded in orgasm for the second time and it was so good Karen practically cried from the pleasure. She had never come that hard before and her body felt weak. Karen realized, however, that Mark hadn’t come yet, and she wasn’t going to deny a man that could give her that much pleasure. She lay on her back and motioned for him to join her. Once he mounted her, Mark was rampant, fucking her with a fury that Karen had never seen from any man, including her husband. Karen still hadn’t fully recovered from her last orgasm, but was too turned on to want Mark to stop.

After a couple of minutes, Karen caught her second wind. She locked her ankles resiliently around Mark’s trim waist and dug her long nails into his muscular back, pulling him towards her. She could tell he was close, and hoarsely spurred him on, “C’mon baby, fuck me, come for me.” That put Mark over the edge. bostancı escort bayan Karen felt his body tense as he ejaculated, the jets of hot come coating her pussy, setting off another orgasm for her as well. Karen couldn’t take anymore; she was exhausted, and fell asleep in Mark’s embrace.

Half an hour later Karen woke up. She was still lying on the carpet, her porcelain body molded into dark frame Mark’s. She felt that special feeling many women get when a special man cuddles with them after being intimate: that of being safe, feminine, and above all, adored. Karen realized that for someone his age, Mark had been a very considerate lover. Not even her sons treated women that well. Mark began kissing her again. It was so pleasing and so sensual. For the next while, Mark and Karen kissed each other again and again, each time more lovingly than the last.

Mark lay Karen down, openly exploring her feminine charms with his mouth and hands. He began kissing her face, then moved to lick and nibble on Karen’s ears, before moving down her neck. Karen sighed contentedly and reached up to touch Mark’s broad chest but he took both of her soft hands in one of his and gently pulled them over Karen’s head until they rested on the ground above her. Mark then used his tongue like a paintbrush, moving all over Karen’s chest, licking her around and between her swelling breasts before kissing their milky flesh and suckling on their pink nipples.

“Oh baby, that feels so good,” Karen moaned feeling herself becoming aroused again. Mark was now trailing a line of kisses down her body, pausing to swirl his tongue in her belly button before resuming his course towards her thighs, but Karen stopped him and moved away. As much as she loved Mark to eat her again she wanted to make him feel good too, so she stood up and had Mark lie down, then moved on top of him until they were in a 69.

Despite knowing how well hung Mark was Karen was somewhat awestruck seeing Mark’s manhood pointing up near her face. She didn’t have any complaints about her husband’s size, but Mark’s cock dwarfed Jack’s. Seeing Mark’s coal black penis up close was turning Karen on too. Although she’d never fantasized about a black man before it was exciting to be with one now. It served as yet another reminder of how different Mark was from Jack or any other man she’d dated before. She reached out and gingerly pumped it, loving how the sable flesh looked and felt against her milky hand, then greedily sucked on Mark’s hot shaft with her ruby-colored lips.

After ten minutes or so of this Karen told Mark she wanted him inside her again, so she got off him and positioned herself on her hands and knees and he moved behind her. Mark slowly penetrated Karen, allowing her to enjoy the sensation. Karen looked back over her shoulder and Mark leaned forward to kiss her, his tongue playing with hers as he gradually found his rhythm, moving his hips back and forth in a leisurely pace. Karen loved it, as well as the feel and sound of Mark’s heavy sac slapping her sopping-wet entrance.

After breaking their kiss Karen’s eyes happen to wander around the room until her eyes fixed upon what she saw off to her left side. She could see the large hallway mirror she had put in a few years ago, and was entranced with the image in it. She could clearly see a large reflection showing a side view of Mark and her in the mirror. She took great pride in her body, and the feeling was almost narcissistic. Watching herself in the mirror making love to an equally attractive male was also highly erotic. She gazed at her naked body and watched as her large breasts moved back and forth as Mark fucked her. He looked great too, with his powerful black hands grasped upon her full hips and his muscular chest heaving as he thrust into Karen from behind. She even caught glimpses of Mark’s cock, expertly pistoning in and out of her like a sewing needle hitting its mark. It definitely looked as good as it felt. She had to share this sight with Mark, and pointed to it so he would look. As he looked at it Karen could see Mark smiling in the mirror, and she could not help but naughtily smile back.

* * * * *

Mark and Karen spent the rest of the weekend indoors. Karen had always enjoyed his company; they were such close friends already that becoming lovers was an easy transition. When they weren’t making love they could still be friends, and they got to know each other better than Karen could even ask for. One thing Karen really liked about Mark was that he made her feel comfortable talking about sex with him. Jack had always felt too awkward and self-conscious discussing the subject, and Karen had learned to become somewhat timid about it over the years. Mark wasn’t like that at all and Karen liked how he encouraged her to be honest about her feelings. They shared their sexual fantasies too. Just hearing Mark tell Karen what he wanted to do with her got her juices flowing. There was so much passion in Mark that even things Karen had gotten bored with years ago seemed fresh and exciting. That first night, Mark had confessed that he had long-fantasized about spending the night with Karen in the Hughes’ master bedroom. Karen didn’t want to disappoint him, and Mark was very gallant about it, carrying her up the stairs to her bed where he ravished her until morning.

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