Nynke Ch. 06

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This story is part of a series. The chapters 2 and further should be read in their original sequence. Chapter 1 can be skipped for that chapter stands more on its own.

Nynke and Mary discovered the old files in the video system. The system enables them to view practically everything that happened in and around their houses, mainly through the many hidden cameras. The old files contain earlier home videos dating from before the system was installed. These files have been added to the extensive video library by their fathers.

In the previous chapter the girls have witnessed how Lenny, Nynke’s older brother, had enjoyed his 18th birthday present. Their parents, Sasha and Micha, had provided him with the gorgeous girl named Pui-Yuk. After losing his pubic hair and having his first sexual liaison with her, they went downstairs.



Mary and I were watching an old video file from the archive of our video system on the big screen in the living room. It was early Saturday evening, on a day my parents were away. We had thus far witnessed the proceedings on Lenny’s 18th birthday, some five years ago.

Now we saw how Pui-Yuk and my brother came down the stairs hand in hand. Pui-Yuk was dressed in a golden hot pants and a silk white blouse. Her blouse was hanging open, the silk fabric clung closely to her shapely tits. The nipples were definitely aroused the way they pointed straight ahead, enhancing the upturned shape of her smallish C-size titties. Her blouse was open at the front, the seams were held apart by the protruding nipples. Lenny wore a bright blue snug fitting boxer short, in which we could clearly see the outlines of his swinging cock. Besides his short he wore a big grin on his face. The two of them radiated a blissful satisfaction, the look seen on people who have recently been fucking each other.

As Pui-Yuk and Lenny reached the floor of the hallway, they stepped right up to the camera and smiled broadly right into our faces.

“Dad, what a great present! Where did you find this unbelievable girl of my dreams?” Lenn asked the camera.

The image was not as steady as the previous shot. Micha was holding the cam in his hands.

“Well, Pui-Yuk is the daughter of good friends of us. We know each other from a club, and Sacha and I thought you would like her a lot. We showed her a picture and a video of you, and she was very interested to get to know you as she just did.”

“Yes, that is so. And I not disappointed. Lenny is really nice cute boy who learns fast. And he now looks realy lovely inside his pants, you will see, very smooth,” Pui-Yuk said with a wicked grin.

“So you have already broken the ice then?” Sacha informed. “Let us first sit together and have something to eat in the living room.”

And so they went into the living. As my dad followed the group with his camera, we noticed that Sacha was also wearing very little clothes. She wore a black satin robe which hung up to a few inches of her butt. As she walked the robe floated around her and gave us some peeks at her pretty knickers.

Daddy put the camera on a tripod and sat next to Sacha on the couch. He was wearing really tight fitting shorts. On the table were some platters with snacks, and a wine cooler with a nice bottle of Chablis. The four of them sat together and enjoyed the refreshments.

We fast forwarded a bit until the moment Lenn stood up from his chair and stood before his mother.

“Will you show now to your mother how her 18 year old son looks like between his legs, and what Pui-Yuk has done with it…” we heard Sacha say. Lenn reddened somewhat.

“You don’t have to be shy just because we are your parents. You are at home and you should always feel free to do as you please in our own home. And besides, we have been with Pui-Yuk many times before, both with and without clothes. We would like it very much if you could feel comfortable around us in the nude as well.”

“Lenn, you were not shy with me earlier, so there is no reason to be now. Please show your mum what I did with you,” Pui-Yuk added.

With this encouragement Lenny started to shove his boxer reluctant over his hips. Sacha took over by reaching up and pulled his briefs all the way down to the floor. His rock hard cock sprang free and stood straight into her mothers face.

“Look at this! How big you are… I looooove the way it looks, so smooth, so clean. Pui-Yuk, you did a great job here!” mom exclaimed.

Slowly Lenn seemed to become more at peace with the situation. Considering the way he stood and his body movements I assumed he must feel pretty awkward to stand naked before our mother with türbanlı escort a raging hard on. And daddy filming every second didn’t help him either. His posture seemed to relax a bit. His face changed from a frown to a wicked smile.

Pui-Yuk helped him to feel more at ease. Or actually she was getting him aroused by caressing his belly and his thighs. As she got hold of his cock Lenn almost made a small jump. Pui-Yuk stroked his already stiff member to an even more excited state. She retracted the foreskin completely and smeared the pre-cum that was dripping at the end over the swollen tip. Then she put her fingers at the lips of Sacha, who greedily sucked them inside to taste her own son.

“Now you taste, Sacha, is real nice!” Pui-Yuk said. “Lenny has perfect nice cock with good taste I like very much!”

Pui-Yuk held Lenn’s shaft in front of Sacha’s mouth. She opened her mouth and let the rock hard rod disappear in her hungry mouth. She lapped at the entire length with her tongue, as she went up and down with her head. Her bobbing motion increased in tempo, and soon Lenny uttered some groans and whimpers because of an upcoming climax.

“Gee, look how hot this is!” exclaimed Mary. “How I would love to feel that hot stick inside of me!”

“Yep, I think I agree. Sex with my own brother! No, I really never thought of that. Never would have thought that could ever happen. But now I feel all tingly inside, and I am very much open to the possibility!”

Meanwhile Pui-Yuk had taken Lenn’s dick out of Sacha mouth, and gave him some vigorous jerks. He simply couldn’t hold it anymore and his sperm spurted from his cock with great globs that splattered all over our mothers face. Mary zoomed in to show how the thick threads dripped from her nose and chin. With a smile Sacha licked the stuff with her tongue from around her mouth and swallowed the fluid with gusto.

“What a fabulous sight this is,” I sighed, almost panting myself because of the strenuous attention with which I had watched the screen.

“Come and sit here with me, son,” Sacha said to my brother. “Let’s watch dad and Pui-Yuk for a while.”

Lenn’s mouth went open wide. With an astonished look he watched what happened right in front of him. Pui-Yuk first gave him a big hug and than positioned herself on her hands and feet on top of the table in front of the couch. Micha stepped up to her and fondled her buttocks through her pants, and than her legs and her thighs. As he caressed Pui-Yuk’s mound right through her panties she rolled her hips and groaned, pushing her butt backwards into Micha’s hands. Next dad fondled her lovely breasts as they hung nicely from her chest. After a while he took her blouse of, which gave Lenn and Sacha, as well as Mary and me, a much better view.

Dad took his time as he caressed Pui-Yuk from head to toe and back, lingering for a prolonged time at her tits and her ass. Pui-Yuk got hotter and hotter all the time, considered the sounds she was producing. She wiggled her ass, especially when Micha was toughing her behind. At last he got a hand between her legs. Slowly her shoved her golden pants from her hips and down her legs. Now that her cunny was in full view dad put his right hand on top of it and he started to massage her twat thoroughly. Pui-Yuk gave a little shriek at first, but she clearly loved the attention she got.

Meanwhile my mother had taken hold of Lenn’s cock, as he sat in the nude next to her. She slowly stroked his shaft which surely began to revive. The show in front of him helped undoubtedly. With her other hand she held his balls in a tight grip and fondled them.

“Son, this lovely lady is all heated up by now, and should be primed and eager to welcome a really big hard cock. Today she is your present… so don’t keep her waiting…” dad said as he stepped away from Pui-Yuk. “You don’t mind if she sucks on my cock for a while?”

“Hell no, dad, as long as she’s into it.”

Micha positioned himself in front of Pui-Yuk who eagerly got hold of his shaft and put the tip of the engorged cock in her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down a few times and than began to suck in earnest on his lollypop. Lenn jumped up from the couch. It was clear that my mother had done a good job for his cock stood up straight by now. A considerable amount of pre-cum dripped from its eye already. With his hand he gave it a few good jerks so to pump even more blood into his apparatus. Standing at the table right behind Pui-Yuk’s bottom, he put his mighty spear at her wet cunt. After pulling his rod up and down through her slit a few times, he pushed the tip just a little bit inside ümraniye escort the entrance of her love box. Pui-Yuk wiggled her ass a bit. Lenn got her hips in his hands and started to push his shaft forward, penetrating her tight cunt a little bit at a time.

Meanwhile Pui-Yuk kept on sucking on daddy’s prick. He got hold of her titties and massaged them. Lenn caressed her lower belly, as well as her clit. Pui-Yuk kept wiggling her bottom all the time, and stuttered and groaned all along because of the stimulating she received from Lenn striking her clit.

Finally Lenn managed to penetrate her to the fullest. Considering how huge his manhood looked to us, and how petite Pui-Yuk is built, Lenn must have felt how his head nudged itself against her cervix as he bottomed out. He kept his shaft buried inside her belly for a while. Than he started to saw in and out of her pussy. First slowly, but building his speed all along, he pumped the pour girl’s pussy merciless. Because he already had climaxed twice, it took a considerable time before he even neared another orgasm. Meanwhile Pui-Yuk got off from the fucking and stimulation of her clit, practically in an unending series of small orgasms.

Micha started to dribble small amounts of seed into Pui-Yuk’s mouth. She got hold of his balls and kneaded them. This apparently was too much for dad as he took his cock out of the little Asian fuck mouth. He sprayed his spunk all over her lovely face. It splattered on her forehead, on her cheeks and in her black hair with thick white blobs. The gooey stuff slided slowly over her cheeks and down her chin. We saw a big grin all over her face. Sacha got up and kissed the beautiful girl, cleaning her face as she licked up the seed of my Micha. They ended up in a passionate kiss that took a few minutes. Judged by the movements of their mouths they shared Micha’s sperm. The gooey stuff was pushed up and down from one mouth to the other and back again. In the end they both swallowed what each had left. As their mouths parted each other a white glue-like substance was stretched out between the separating lips.

Meanwhile Pui-Yuk was rocking back and forward all along by the pumping movements of Lenn. He kept on pounding her pussy silly. With every stroke he must have reached deep down into her belly. We could clearly see how he made full penetrations with every push. Considering the length of his manhood he must have banged merciless up against Pui-Yuk’s cervix with every shove.

After some prolonged fucking for at least more than fifteen minutes Micha said, “Lenn, you want to end your present with a bang? I would be obliged to trade our women. If you feel into it, you may finish your mother…”

My brother’s mouth fell open for yet another time that day. Off course he had had trouble with being naked in front of our parents in the first place, but Pui-Yuk had helped him over that by seducing him into plain hot sex. First she had made him nuts and than lured him into a blowjob by his own mother. But now his father suggested that he should actually fuck her as well. This was a little bit too much for my 18 year old brother. Or so it seemed. After about a minute in which his fucking of Pui-Yuk had come to a full stop, his face slowly showed a broadening grin. He gave another couple of forceful jerks into Pui-Yuk’s cunt and then withdrew his rock hard shaft from her Asian slit with a load plop.

Sacha lay on the couch, with her left hand inside her panties clutching her pussy. She got up and took position with her knees on the edge of the couch, her bum pointing in the air. Her cunny presenting itself covered by the stretched material of the gusset of her panties. She rested her head on her arms laying on the back of the couch. Lenny stood behind her, grabbing the sides of her panties. He tugged the white flimsy piece down in one move, exposing the womb of his mother right before his eyes. They both let out a deep sigh, as if they both had pined for this moment for some time now. For Lenny this was probably less likely, but it could be very well that he did have dreams about his mother’s sex as a teenager. Don’t most boys peek on their mothers and sisters anyway? As I knew my mum from recent times I figured that she definitely must have been craving for my brother. She had probably the hots for him for some considerable time. It figured that she hopped into position the second my father suggested to Lenn to give his mum a try…

As Lenn had bared her bottom, he knelt down at her delta and started lapping at her oozing cunt. Sacha wiggled her behind and enjoyed Lenn’s ministering of her love box. Micha got around acıbadem escort the couch and offered Sacha his stiff prick. She let him slide his member in her mouth and then all the way down into her throat. She deep throated him, and held on to the intruder with her sucking lips at the root of his spear, very close to his swollen balls.

Pui-Yuk didn’t stay left out of this nice family gathering. As she was the main present of the day, she fulfilled her duties and nestled herself on the couch underneath Sacha. She got her legs on both sides of Sacha’s shoulders, high up in the air against the back of the couch. Her head ended under Sacha’s flawless tight belly, right between her legs. She helped Lenn in licking Sacha’s cunt and clit. Occasionally the two youngsters shared a deep French kiss. Pui-Yuk reached her arms around Sacha’s thighs and grabbed her buttocks, one in each hand. By pulling them aside she opened her ass crack and pussy open for Lenn, to admire and to get more easy access to the sloshing wet fuck hole of our mother. When Pui-Yuk took hold of Lenn’s balls and sucked them both into her hot mouth, Lenn couldn’t hold back anymore. He shoved his fuck rod right into mum’s dripping slit. Her smooth cunt lips parted eagerly to give her son’s cock access to the inner folds of her Baby Making System.

“This sure is homecoming,” Lenn uttered.

He rocked back and forth in sheer delight. Mum was definitely enjoying the ride as well. The sloshing sounds of my brother’s cock pumping in and out of my mother’s steaming hot cunt were overwhelming. Seeing this gross image of forbidden incestuous coupling in full details and hearing its sound so clearly made me almost smell pure sex. My own pussy made contracting movements and the all too familiar feeling of cuntal arousal spread out from my inner folds throughout my groin and up my spine to my brain. I couldn’t sit still. I simply had to put my hand in my panties and stroke my own cunny.

Dad withdrew his cock from mum’s mouth. He took hold of Pui-Yuk’s legs and pulled her up a bit, so her cute shaven cunt came resting on the back of the couch. He shoved his tongue deep into her sweet box. Sacha put her mouth right on the protruding clit and started to nibble on it. After some feasting on this oriental delight Sacha and Micha shared a long soul kiss. Then daddy put his shaft at the opening of Pui-Yuk’s quim, and started his own tunnel exploration. Sacha kept his rod lubricated with her tongue and pushed Pui-Yuk towards an orgasm by stimulating her love bud. The result of this was my father and brother fucking Pui-Yuk and mum simultaneously as they were entangled in a sixty-nine position.

Mary and I witnessed the sound of sex and shouts of pure delight. The ongoing sexual festivities were a joy to watch. Pui-Yuk and Sacha’s bodies gyrated smashed together, wet from their sweat. Lenny and Micha kept on pumping their rods into the smouldering heap of female flesh. As they finally reached their orgasm, they pulled their cocks from the sopping cunts, and jerked their rock hard members until they spurted their spunk all over the glistening bodies. Their sperm splattered down on hot flesh. Streaks of thick white fluid landed on bellies, tits, thighs and buttocks. As they were finished, the girls lay clinging together, holding on to each other in a tight embrace. On the couch lay a quivering mass of lilling flesh, covered in a mixture of sweat, thick sperm and female secretion. The men got on the couch as well, after which the screen went to black.

Mary and I stared at the screen, still trying to comprehend what we had just witnessed. Although this all had happened in the past, actually almost nearly 5 years ago, and because we were familiar with the recent proceedings in our families, it was still a very intense experience to witness such gross and powerful coupling. Especially as this was the coming of age party for my older brother, of whom I until now didn’t have a clue as to what he had done in the past on a sexual level, let alone together with our parents.

“Now I begin to grasp the depth of the sexual intrigue that goes on in our families. Wow, never knew my brother and my mother did it like that all those years ago…” I whispered.

“Well, we must assume they have done this more often. Considering his homecoming last summer and the ‘reunion’ he had with our two mothers we’ve seen this afternoon, there definitely must have been much more incestuous activities…!”

“Guess you’re right!”

“But for me, I am thrilled at the possibilities. Can’t wait to get my hands on your brother’s throbbing member… I do hope he fancies me! You won’t mind me sharing, do you?”

“Well, as long as I can ‘borrow’ your dad so to speak, and I definitely want my share with my own brother! He will be much more experienced by now, but seeing what he did five years ago… He will probably jump at both of us the second he get’s his change!”

To be continued …

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