Nude Modeling w Hung Roommate Pt. 05

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After being completely dominated in the locker room, I returned to the dorm a changed man. Going to the gym had always made me feel so manly, and I prided myself on my muscles and toned body. But Andrew and Jonathan had subjected me to the ultimate humiliation in a locker room full of guys, and I’d debased myself even further when I begged Declan, the Irish stud, to worship his massive cock.

Hanging my head in shame, I returned to my dorm room, where Clark, Natalie, and Veronica were all waiting for me. “Hey roomie,” Clark said. “Where’ve you been?”

Natalie and Veronica both sat next to each other on the couch, in sexy lingerie, as Clark played Guitar Hero in his ugly and ratty boxers. The girls were laughing and drinking wine, looking super sexy in their G-strings and bulging bras.

It was hard to believe that a guy as ugly as Clark had these two sexy babes wrapped around his fingers, but I forgot that he had me doing the same thing. As soon as Clark told me to go the fridge and grab him a beer, I immediately complied without thinking twice.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” Clark said, after sipping on the beer I just gave him. “Why don’t you get more comfortable, roomie, and take off your clothes?”

I gulped, even though I hadn’t had anything to drink in what felt like hours other than Andrew and Jonathan’s cum. But obeying my roommate’s instructions, I slowly peeled off my clothes in front of Clark, Natalie, and Veronica.

When I got down to my boxer briefs, Clark told me to “keep going.” So I lowered my underwear right in front of these sexy babes, and my 2.5-inch soft cock was visible for all to see. Since I had just cum minutes before, it was as pathetic as it had ever been, and both Natalie and Veronica seemed intrigued and amused by how small it was.

“Good job, roomie,” Clark said, belittlingly. “Now put this on.”

Clark flung something at me, which turned out to be a thong that must’ve belonged to Natalie or Veronica. “This should be plenty big to cover your little boy cock,” he said before laughing.

I took the pink lacy thong in my hand and slowly pulled it over my legs. As Clark predicted, it was big enough to cover my flaccid penis—but just barely. As I looked in our dorm room’s mirror, I saw that my rounded bubble butt was now vividly on display while my little boy cock was mostly hidden from view.

“Wooo woo!” Veronica cheered, as she reached over to smack my ass.

“You look even better in that than I do!” Natalie hollered.

Clark then ordered me to come over to where he was playing guitar hero and start licking and worshiping his dick through his boxers. Clark’s boxer shorts reeked with ball sweat, but I dutifully put my nose and mouth to his crotch and started worshiping his massive man-meat. Even through his boxers, I was amazed by how big his dick was soft and felt the need to submit completely to this horse-hung stud.

The power differential in the room could not have been more stark. In front of two sexy ladies, I was wearing a lacy pink thong, trying to worship my roommate’s dick through his boxers as he kept playing video games.

“Hey roomie,” Clark said as I debased myself before him. “You wouldn’t believe who I ran into in the hallway.”

“Who?” I mumbled, as my face was mostly full of Clark’s man-meat.

“Rodrigo,” Clark responded, “That scrawny little Mexican kid.”

“He told me everything that happened in the shower and how he made you cum just from his toe and finger.”

Clark then pushed me away from his crotch and looked down at my face. “Is it true that you offered to pay him $50 for his dick?”

Unable to look away from Clark’s steely brown eyes, I nodded my head yes.

“HAAAA!” Clark laughed. “I can’t believe you’d offer to pay that little nerd to fuck you! Was your hung roomie not giving you enough dick to keep you satisfied?”

The girls both laughed too as Clark taunted me further. “If you want that nerdy kid to fuck you so bad, why don’t you take $50 and beg him to come back here and fuck you?”

Clark then pushed me away from him and gestured to the door. I tried reaching for my shorts to put them on, but Clark said “no.”

“Just go in your thong,” he said. “And try to hurry – we all want to see what this Mexican kid is working with!”

On my way out of the room, I grabbed $50 from my stash of Christmas money and found myself in the hallway to our dorm, wearing only Natalie’s pink lacy thong. Thankfully the hallway was empty, but any one of our dormmates could easily walk through and see me wearing girls’ lingerie at any moment. Rodrigo’s room was just a few doors down, and I knocked on it quietly hoping not to disturb anyone else.


I knocked and waited, and knocked and waited again, until finally Rodrigo opened his door.

“Oh, it’s you, bitch,” he said, a little more loudly than I’d prefer. “What are you doing here?”

“Ummmm,” I stuttered. “I, uh…”

For some reason, I couldn’t get the words out and just bahis firmaları showed Rodrigo the $50 bill.

“Ohhhhh, that’s what you want,” he said, chuckling. “Well come on in then.”

“Ummm, my roommate and a couple girls want to watch too,” I added.

“Oh, you want me to fuck you in front of an audience?” he asked. “Well that will be extra.”

“How much extra?” I gulped.

“Well it depends on the audience. If I get some pussy out of it, then maybe we could arrange a discount. But it’s gonna be closer to $200.”

“And now that we’re negotiating,” Rodrigo continued, “why don’t you get down to your knees and beg me?”

Before that moment, I had been towering over Rodrigo by a few inches, and he didn’t seem to like the fact that I was taller than him. But the last thing I wanted was to be on my knees in a thong when any dormmate could step into the hallway at any moment.

Sure enough, as soon as I dropped to my knees in front of Rodrigo’s door, Kent from the football team opened his dorm room a few doors down. Stepping into the hallway in just a towel, Kent was clearly on his way to the shower. At 6’4″, he was a completely jacked and muscular stud, since he played linebacker on the football team.

“What do we have here?!” Kent bellowed. “Did you lose a bet, buddy?!”

The towel shifted a bit as Kent walked down the hallway, and I thought I could see a pretty hefty bulge swinging back and forth beneath it.

As Kent passed me, he reached down and smacked my ass in the pink lacy thong. “That’s quite some ass you got there!” he laughed. Kent then just kept on walking towards the shower room. “Have fun, guys!”

Rodrigo laughed as Kent said this, clearly enjoying my humiliation. “Okay, bitch,” he said. “Let’s go to your roommate’s room and see how much you’ll pay me to fuck you.”

As I stood up, Rodrigo smacked my ass right where Kent had slapped it. And to make matter worse, my own little boy cock was now coming to life and straining against the front of the thong.

“You must really want my cock,” Rodrigo commented as we walked towards my room. “Hope you’re ready for it!”


The girls were basically where I’d left them when I returned to my dorm room, and Rodrigo was now the most fully dressed person in the room. As soon as he stepped into the room, he stared at Veronica and Natalie in their sexy lingerie and admired them from head to toe.

“Hot damn, ladies!” he said. “It’s great to meet you!”

Both girls smiled and said hi, but neither seemed particularly impressed by Rodrgio’s short frame or slender build.

“Welcome, man,” Clark said. “So I heard my roomie’s begging you to fuck him?”

“That’s right,” Rodrigo replied. “But he didn’t tell me there’d be an audience. It might be a little extra for that.”

“How much money do you have?” Clark asked me.

“$200,” I replied. It was all the cash that I had from my birthday and Christmas, and I’d been saving it for a trip for spring break.

“Sounds good to me!” Rodrigo said.

Swallowing whatever was left of my pride, I walked to my dresser and fished out the remaining cash from my underwear drawer. As I did this, I wondered when I would once again be allowed to wear boxers or boxer briefs, or if Clark would keep making me wear this skimpy little pink thong.

As I handed Rodrigo all of my money, he smiled cockily and told me to get to work. With my ass and boy cock clearly visible in the pink thong, I started removing Rodrigo’s clothes. After I took off his shirt-showing off his small, slender body to the girls-he told me to drop to my knees and remove his shorts with just my mouth. This proved to be a little difficult, but I eventually got them lowered to the floor.

This short, nerdy Mexican guy was now standing before us in a pair of boxers, that looked about as old and unkempt as Clark’s. Just as Clark had done, he took my head and pushed it against his crotch, so that I was forced to inhale his ball sweat and start getting reacquainted with his cock.

Rodrigo then told me to remove his boxers with just my mouth, and I struggled but succeeded at lowering them to the floor. Rodrigo had now gone from the most-dressed to least-dressed person in the room and stood before us as naked as the day he was born.

For Clark, Veronica, and Natalie, seeing a naked Rodrigo wasn’t that impressive. His four-inch flaccid cock looked sizable on his scrawny body (and much bigger than my own), but really wasn’t much compared to Clark. Nevertheless, Rodrigo exuded an air of confidence and his dick grew larger as he used it to start slapping my face.

“You guys won’t believe how much this bitch begged for my meat in the shower,” Rodrigo said. “He said he’d do anything for it and begged me to suck it.”

“I’m honestly more into women and have never fucked a guy before,” Rodrigo added. “But $200 is $200 and a mouth is a mouth.”

Rodrigo then inserted his uncut cockhead into my mouth for the first time. As I started kaçak iddaa sucking him off, he grabbed my hair forcefully and made his way into my throat. He then wasted no time throat-fucking me as his surprisingly heavy balls slapped against my chin.

“Damn, this bitch sure knows how to take the whole thing!” Rodrigo yelled. “You must have trained him well!”

Clark just smiled as he casually looked on—still playing guitar hero in the background. Even Natalie and Veronica were only vaguely watching and mostly looking at their phones as Rodrigo dominated my throat. From the corner of my eye, I saw the girls snap a few pictures and even record some video as this short, cocky, scrawny Mexican stud had his way with me.

After several minutes of pounding my throat, Rodrigo withdrew his spear and allowed us to see its full length for the first time. It appeared to be about 6.5″, or a bit shorter than Jonathan’s, but still very sizable on Rodrigo’s small frame. More importantly, it was much larger than my own boyhood, which was now rock hard, leaking, and trying to break free from Natalie’s pink thong.

As I kept sucking on his dick, Rodrigo moved the thong to the side and started fingering my waiting hole. I hadn’t been fucked since Clark plowed me the night before, and I moaned onto Rodrigo’s dick as his fingers slipped inside me.

After loosening me up, Rodrigo told me to get on my hands and knees so that he could fuck me doggy-style. Slapping my ass a few times with his cock, Rodrigo told me to beg for it.


“Do you want my big dick inside you?” Rodrigo asked, gloatingly.


Slowly and confidently, Rodrigo inserted his entire man-meat inside my ass. It slid in easily compared to Clark’s massive man-meat, but still felt thick and full inside my ass.

For the next 20 minutes, Rodrigo put on a show fucking me in front of Clark and the girls. We started off doggy style and slapping my ass while fucking me on the floor. But he then told me to stand up and fucked me from behind right in front of the mirror.

As I gazed into the mirror and saw this little scrawny stud fucking me, I noticed that my own 5.1-incher was leaking and trying to break free from the pink thong that somehow was still attached to me. I wanted so badly to touch it, but every time I reached for it, Rodrigo slapped my hand away.

Then Rodrigo brought me over to the couch and fucked me right in front of Natalie and Veronica. As his shaft pounded my prostate over and over, he reached over and started fondling both of the girls’ incredible breasts through their bras. The girls were no longer looking at their phones but now had their eyes glued to Rodrigo’s forceful fucking. This little scrawny stud was now putting on a clinic in how to fuck, and the girls were now paying attention and clearly getting turned on.

As Rodrigo made me his bitch right in front of her, Natalie reached down and touched my little boy penis. Caressing it through the pink lacy thong, Natalie’s hand brought me to the brink of cumming, but Rodrigo pulled me away just in time.

He then brought me over to my bed and put me on it as he fucked me while standing up. From this position, he could exert maximum leverage onto my throbbing and aching hole. And on my bed, where I’d jerked off loads of times and fantasized about fucking girls like Natalie and Veronica, Rodrigo made me his complete and total bitch.

The short and scrawny stud was fucking me on my own bed and repeatedly hitting my prostate, sending waves of pleasure throughout my body.


“Say my name,” Rodrigo whispered quietly.


As I moaned and screamed his name, I couldn’t hold back any longer. The cockhead of my little boy dick had popped free from the thong and was now shooting cum all over my body and bed.


Rodrigo fucked me back and forth as my penis shot load after load while I moaned and screamed his name.

Rodrigo then withdrew his proud erection and slapped my own much-smaller cock with it. “Good job, bitch,” he said. “And thanks for the $200!”


I was so caught up in my own orgasm that I hadn’t realized Rodrigo hadn’t cum yet. And suddenly I wanted his seed, either inside or me or all over my body.

But Rodrigo had other plans and was now waving his fully erect 6.5-incher towards Natalie and Veronica.

“Now that I’ve earned my $200, do either of you babes want to finish me off?” he asked.

Both Natalie and Veronica were so impressed by Rodrigo’s fucking that they dropped to their knees before him. I couldn’t believe it, but both sexy babes literally dove on his cock and started giving him a joint blowjob. Not only had this short and scrawny little punk just kaçak bahis fucked me to orgasm, but now he was getting a blowjob from the two girls of my dreams!

Rodrigo’s staying power was impressive, and it was obvious that this nerd must have fucked plenty of girls back home in Mexico. Despite plowing my ass for 20 minutes and getting blowjobs from both me and the girls, he still didn’t seem close to cumming.

So Natalie took off her bra and thong, and she was so turned on that she begged Rodrigo to fuck her. Right on my own bed, where I’d just been fucked to orgasm myself, Rodrigo expertly inserted his dick into the girl of my dreams and started fucking Natalie’s sexy snatch.

Not wanting to be left out, Veronica also got naked and crawled over to Clark, where she slipped off his raggedy boxers. His own anaconda was rapidly rising as Veronica sucked on it and worshipped it, and Clark put down his video game guitar to lift up Veronica and walk over to the couch, where he started to fuck her.

As both Clark and Rodrigo fucked the girls of my dreams, I was once again the odd man out, and had just lost $200 paying Rodrigo to fuck me. Even though he had brought me to orgasm, I felt a bit sad that I hadn’t gotten his load, and decided to go shower off to cool down my thoughts.


With the sounds of fucking behind me, I slipped off the pink lacy thong and walked with my towel to the bathroom. And to my surprise, Kent was still there! He must’ve taken a dump or something before showering, because he was just now stepping into the shower room where I was headed.

“Dude, you smell horribly!” Kent said as I walked by him. “Did you just get fucked or something?”

Kent was clearly joking, but that is indeed what had just happened. As I turned on my shower, I didn’t realize that there were still red marks on my ass where Rodrigo had slapped it while fucking me. So with my back to Kent, I was unwittingly giving him a view of my firm but well-fucked ass.

“Damn,” Kent said. “I guess you did get fucked!”

As I turned around, my penis was shriveled to almost nothing, but it also had cum all over it.

“Wow,” Kent laughed. “Did you cum all over yourself too?!”

As this tall, muscular football jock laughed at my predicament, I couldn’t help but look over and check him out. Standing at 6’4″ with brown hair and green eyes, Kent was completely shredded with muscle from head to toe. And the massive man-meat hanging between his legs clearly matched his linebacker-built body. It looked nearly as big as Rodrigo’s dick still while fully soft!

In comparison, my own penis was shriveled to just two or two and a half inches, and I was growing more embarrassed by the second.

“You really did get fucked, didn’t you?” Kent said. “Did Rodrigo do it?”

The long silence that followed told him everything he needed to know.

“HAAAA!” Kent bellowed. “You let that scrawny Mexican kid fuck your ass?”

Once again, I had no retort to Kent’s jokes.

“What is that little kid packing?” Kent asked. “Like a two inch cock?”

“Though I guess even that would be bigger than yours, huh?” he added.

Kent moved a bit closer to me, and I couldn’t take my eyes off his hefty linebacker cock. It looked so thick and full, and his balls underneath seemed massive! Did every guy in my dorm have a bigger dick than I did? I wondered. How were they all so hung?

Before I knew it, Kent was standing right next to me, all 220 pounds of solid muscle. At 6’4″, he was five inches taller than me, and I felt like a little boy next to him. Despite my own toned body and the muscles that I was normally proud of, I felt like a weakling next to this linebacker stud.

“If you liked that little Mexican kid’s cock, I bet you’ll LOVE mine,” Kent said quietly. “Look how hard you are for it.”

Looking down, I was shocked to see that my penis was once again erect, despite having cum from Rodrigo fucking me just minutes before. But what was most shocking was the fact that my erection was still thinner and shorter than Kent’s fully soft and massive cock.

As his flaccid dick hung low to the floor, he moved it closer to mine to cover my erection completely. Then Kent gently pushed me to my knees until I was face-to-face with more than six thick inches of his manly football player manmeat.

For the second time in half an hour, I leaned in to start kissing and licking another guy’s cock. Compared to Rodrigo’s, Kent’s indeed felt much bigger and thicker. As it started growing in my mouth, I grabbed onto his legs and felt the sculpted muscle of his tree-trunk thighs. Not being able to help myself, I also reached around and touched his rock-hard ass, which was solid with pure muscle.

“You sure are one thirsty bitch,” Kent said, as he looked down laughing at me. “You were literally just fucked in the ass and now you’re begging for my dick?”

The fact that Kent was getting sloppy seconds didn’t seem to bother him, and his massive manmeat slowly started to harden in my throat. As every inch of this football player’s anaconda started filling me up, I could tell that he was much more endowed than Rodrigo, and even bigger than Jonathan and Andrew.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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