Nude Day Family Celebration Ch. 07

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Christopher celebrates Nude Day naked with his naked wife, naked sister-in-law, naked mother-in-law, and naked grandmother-in-law.

Continued from Chapter 06:

“If you fondle my breasts and finger my nipples, Christopher, I’d be happy to give you a hand job,” said Agnes, Christopher’s grandmother-in-law.

She stared down at her naked breasts before staring at his naked cock again. Sexually teasing him, she ran a slow hand down her breasts and fondled her big tits while staring up at him. Then, with him already sexually excited as evidenced by the hardness of his naked erection, she fingered her nipples and raised her breasts to suck her nipples while he watched her sexy tit show.

‘I don’t believe this,’ thought Christopher. ‘My sexual fantasy come true, I’m seeing Diana’s GILF of a grandmother naked. She invited me to fondle her tits and finger her nipples while giving me a hand job. Thank you, George.’

Christopher looked at his wife’s and his sister-in-law’s grandmother stunned that she not only invited him to fondle her naked breasts and finger her erect nipples but also that she offered to give him a hand job. He couldn’t believe it when this elderly, moral woman sucked her own nipples. If it wasn’t enough that he was seeing Agnes naked, he couldn’t believe that his mother-in-law’s mother willingly and voluntarily offered to stroke his cock while he fondled her breasts and fingered her nipples. Something he had always wanted to do, to have sex with a much older woman, he was ready to have sex with sixty-something-year-old Agnes.


He didn’t know why he asked her to repeat herself. Even though he couldn’t believe what she said, he knew what she had said. Her erotic words were already echoing in his head. She invited him to feel her tits and finger her nipples. She’d be happy to give him a hand job. Maybe, something to take away with him later and something he’d never forget, he just wanted to hear her say it again.

Shocking him that she offered to give him a hand job if he felt her naked breasts and fingered her nipples, sexually teasing him, as if already giving him a hand job, she moved her hand back and forth while smiling. Then, in the way that he couldn’t wait to feel her tits and finger her nipples, she slid a slow hand down the length of her breasts again and stopped to finger her nipples to an even harder erection. Continuing to sexually tease him, she looked down at her huge tits and erect nipples before staring up at him. If what she said wasn’t sexually exciting enough, she said even more.

“I’d love you to cum all over my tits,” she said with sexual lust while lifting her naked breasts in the palm of her hands as if serving them up to him and daring him to cum on them.

Christopher looked at his wife’s, naked grandmother with as much shocked surprise as he looked at her with sexual excitement. He couldn’t believe all that she had just said. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He couldn’t believe she was giving him permission to touch her tits, feel her tits, fondle her tits, and finger her nipples. He couldn’t believe she was willing to give him a hand job. He couldn’t believe she’d love for him to cum all over her tits.

‘Wow,’ he thought. ‘One of my sexual fantasies of having sex with my wife’s grandmother is about to come true.’

In the way that he’d love nothing more than to cum for his sister-in-law and his mother-in-law, he’d love to cum for his grandmother-in-law too. In the sexual way that Agnes was staring at him and his naked cock now, he wondered what expression she’d have on her face while stroking his big prick. He wondered what reaction she’d have when he ejaculated gobs of cum all over her naked breasts.

Obviously, for her to volunteer her naked breasts and allow him to cum on her tits instead of him cumming in her unwilling mouth, he suspected that she didn’t give blowjobs. He always sexually fantasized of Agnes sucking his cock while he fondled her breasts and fingered her nipples. Yet, instead of a blowjob, he’d be happy with a hand job from Mary’s mother. Instead of a blowjob, he’d happily settle for a hand job from Diana’s and Briana’s grandmother.

“I’d be happy to fondle your naked breasts and finger your erect nipples in exchange for a hand job,” he said as if they were alone in the big kitchen. He walked over to her with his erection leading the way. The head of his cock pointed to her as if she was the one chosen to sexually service him and, at that moment, she was. “I’d love to cum all over your naked tits, Agnes.”

As if she was a hooker on Bourbon Street in New Orleans or a stripper in a private VIP lounge, she waved him over while giving him a sexy smile and a naughty look.

“Come closer so that I may stroke you,” she said seemingly eager to give him a hand job as much as he was eager to receive a hand job from her.

As soon as he stood in front of his wife’s and sister-in-law’s grandmother, she reached out her hand and fondled the head of his prick with her fingertips while he fondled her big tits and fingered her erect taksim rus escort nipples. He couldn’t believe that Agnes was fondling his erect prick. He couldn’t believe his mother-in-law’s mother was allowing him to not only see her naked breasts but also fondle her big tits while fingering her erect nipples.

She smiled up at him while he stared down at her big, naked breasts. Then, as if she was deftly experienced in giving hand jobs, when clearly she hadn’t given one in years, she wrapped her elderly fingers around his erection and slowly stroked him. Stroking him a little faster while staring up at him with her brown eyes, she gave him another sexy smile while giving him an experienced hand job.

‘Oh, my God. I can’t believe Agnes is stroking me. I can believe she’s allowing me to have my wicked, sexual way with her big tits. I can’t believe she wants me to cum all over her naked breasts,’ he thought while enjoying the hand job.

Not only couldn’t he believe that Agnes was naked but also, he couldn’t believe that she was giving him a hand job. He couldn’t believe she was allowing him to touch her naked breasts, feel her naked breasts, fondle her naked breasts, and finger her erect nipples. Something he hoped would happen but never expected would happen, he’ll be masturbating over having sex with his mother-in-law’s mother for the rest of his life.

“I love your big tits, Agnes. I love your big nipples. I love watching you stroke my prick while I finger your nipples,” he said. “That feels so good. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop. I can’t wait to cum all over your big breasts.”

Then, as if the ghost of George was standing next to Mary while whispering what to say in her ear, she laughed while staring at Christopher’s massive erection. She watched her mother stroking Christopher while he fondled her big tits and fingered her erect nipples. Seemingly jealous that her mother was having all the sexy, sexual fun with her son-in-law, she obviously wanted to have some sexy, sexual fun with Christopher, too.

Shocking him, Mary blurted out not only what she was thinking but also what she wanted and needed. Sexually exciting him, his mother-in-law blurted out what he imagined she’d say whenever he masturbated himself over her while thinking of her naked and having sex with him. If it wasn’t enough that his wife’s grandmother had sexually propositioned him, now his wife’s mother was sexually propositioning him, too. If he wasn’t stunned before, he was stunned now by what his mother-in-law had just said.

“It’s been a long while since I had a cock in my hand and in my mouth but I’d stroke your cock while sucking your cock, Christopher, if you finger my pussy, rub my clit, and masturbate me,” said his mother-in-law.

In the way that he couldn’t believe what his wife’s grandmother said about giving him a hand job while fondling her tits and fingering her nipples, he couldn’t believe what his wife’s mother said about giving him a blowjob. Even though he heard her and knew what she said, he needed her to repeat herself. He needed her to reiterate her offer to stroke his cock while sucking his cock. He needed to take her words with him to masturbate later over everything she said now.


In the way that Agnes gave him a sexy smile and a naughty look, Mary gave him a sexy smile and a naughty look.

“If you make me cum,” she said pausing to slowly and sexily lick her full, red lips, “I’ll blow you, Christopher. I’ll suck your cock,” she said putting her hand to her mouth.

She moved her hand back and forth in concert with her tongue pushing her cheek in and out as if his cock was already in her mouth and she was blowing him.

“Mary,” he said and was all that he could say.

She laughed sexy laugh.

“If you make me cum,” she said pausing again to sexually tease him while feeling her big, naked tits and fingering her erect nipples in the way that Agnes had just done. “I’ll allow you to cum in my mouth and will swallow your cum,” said Mary while giving him a sexually excited look.

He stared at his naked mother-in-law with as much sexually excitement as he stared at his naked grandmother-in-law with shocked surprise.

“Okay,” he said and was all that he said while turning away from Agnes to look at Mary.

As if Mary needed to explain herself when she didn’t, she offered an explanation nonetheless.

“It’s been just as long as a man masturbated me as it has since I’ve given a man a blowjob. I’ve been so horny and sexually frustrated. I’m tired of masturbating myself. I need a cock in my hand and in my mouth. I need sex,” said Diana’s and Briana’s mother.

Allowing her daughter to have a turn with Diana’s husband, Agnes let go of his prick and gave her grandson-in-law another sexy smile.

“It’s okay. We’ll finish this later. We have the rest of Nude Day to have sex,” said Agnes. “Obviously, my daughter wants to have some sexy fun with you too. It’s been a long while since either of us had our wicked, sexual way with a man’s prick. It’s been taksim türbanlı escort a long while since either of us have had sex.”

As if he was walking to his wife, Christopher walked to his mother-in-law, took her in his arms, and kissed her on her lips while sliding a slow hand to feel her shapely, naked ass. Something he had wished he had done with Diana’s grandmother, he did with his wife’s mother. He French kissed Mary as if she was his lover instead of his mother-in-law. As if they were already sexually intimate, with him already seeing her naked and her already seeing him naked, he couldn’t believe he was feeling his mother-in-law’s firm, naked ass.

When she parted his lips with her tongue, something he always wanted to do while masturbating himself over the thoughts of having sex with her, he reached down to finger her already wet pussy. He couldn’t believe he was fingering Diana’s and Briana’s mother while they watched. Rubbing her clit while finger fucking her pussy, yet surprisingly, not allowing him to finish masturbating her, she moved to her knees to take his cock in her hand before taking his stiff prick in her mouth. Obviously, as much as he was eager for her to blow him, she was eager to suck him.

‘My mother-in-law is blowing me,’ thought Christopher. ‘I can’t believe Mary is sucking my cock. If it wasn’t enough that her mother was giving me a hand job, now Agnes’ daughter is giving me a blowjob. I’m so glad I bought this haunted house,’ thought Christopher. ‘Thank you, George,’ he said looking up at the ceiling as if George’s ghost was there.

Hard to wrap his head around his wife’s mother blowing him, he stared down at Mary sucking his prick while she stared up at him with his hard, hairy cock in her mouth. Teasing him, she removed his stiff prick from her mouth to lick him while sucking him and while staring up at him with her brown eyes. His mother-in-law was blowing him. He couldn’t believe Diana’s and Briana’s mother was sucking his cock right in front of her mother and her daughters. He reached down and felt her tits and fingered her nipples while she stroked and sucked his big dick.

‘I don’t believe this,’ thought Christopher. ‘If it’s not enough that I exposed my cock to my wife’s relatives, if it’s not enough her grandmother gave me a partial hand job while allowing me to feel her breasts and finger her nipples, now my wife’s mother is blowing me. I can’t believe this. This is unbelievable. Thank you, George, wherever you are.’

Obviously, making his way around the room on Christopher’s behalf and at his behest, George whispered his sexual perversions in Briana’s ear too. As if she was as possessed by George’s ghostly spirit as her grandmother and mother seemingly already were, she turned to watch her mother blowing her brother-in-law. She stared at Christopher’s prick in her mother’s mouth as if she wanted his prick in her mouth and/or in her pussy too. Watching her mother stroking him while sucking him, she stared at her mother having sexy fun with her sister’s husband with as much sexual excitement as she stared at them with jealousy.

“I’d love for you to stick your, big, hard cock in my warm, wet pussy,” said Briana. “I’m horny too. I’d love for you to fuck me, Christopher.

Obviously, unable to help herself from telling Christopher how she felt and what she wanted and needed, she blurted out her sexual lust to her sister’s husband.

“I can do that,” said Christopher abandoning Mary to be with her daughter.

Sexually teasing him in the way that her mother and grandmother did, she lifted her pussy lips to flash Christopher her already glistening, pink pussy.

“While fondling my naked breasts and fingering my erect nipples, I’d love you to bend me over the kitchen counter and fuck me hard and fuck me fast from behind,” she said. “I’d love you to cum in my pussy and give me your baby, Christopher,” said Briana while giving her sister a nervous, little smile.

Not only did Briana ask her brother-in-law to fuck her but also, she wanted him to cum in her pussy. She wanted him to give her his baby. An uncomfortable moment, Christopher looked over at his wife as if asking her permission to fuck her sister and give her a baby. Going along with it all as if her husband having sex with her grandmother, mother, and sister was normal, Diana smiled her approval at what her sister had just said.

‘I don’t believe this,’ thought Christopher while sexually excited to fuck his sister-in-law.

Christopher couldn’t believe what his sister-in-law said about him fucking her from behind and impregnating her just as he couldn’t believe his wife approving of their sexual union. No doubt, allowing her grandmother to give her husband a hand job and allowing her mother to give him a blowjob, she seemingly was willing for Christopher to give her sister a baby, as long as he’d give her a baby too. Moreover, she’d allow him to have sex with her grandmother, mother, and sister, as long as she can have sex with Ryan Reynolds, Chris Hemsworth, and Matt taksim ucuz escort Bomer.

‘Better than I expected this to be, this Nude Day, naked, family celebration is the best ever,’ he thought.

He turned to his wife in disbelief while imagining having sex with her sexy sister. He turned to his wife in disbelief while imagining her having sex with three, Hollywood movie stars. He imagined his wife stroking their cocks and sucking their cocks before fucking them long and hard. Instead of him impregnating her, he imagined one of them impregnating her. He imagined her having a son who looked like Ryan Reynolds, Chris Hemsworth, or Matt Bomer instead of him.

“I’d love to have another baby in this house, our beautiful, new house,” said Diana as if her words were George’s words. “In addition to my grandmother giving you a hand job and my mother blowing you, you need to fuck my sister, Christopher,” said Diana as if she was giving her husband a honey-do list. “You need to cum in Briana’s cunt and give her your baby,” said Christopher’s wife. “We need to celebrate this house with more children. Then, after you impregnate my sister, I want you to impregnate me again too. I want another baby. I want to have your son,” said Diana.

As if he was Daryl Van Horne played by Jack Nicholson in the Witches of Eastwick and his sister-in-law, mother-in-law, and grandmother-in-law were the witches, Michelle Pfeiffer, Susan Sarandon, and Cher, Christopher left Mary to make his way to Briana. He left his mother-in-law to go to his sister-in-law. In the way that he kissed his wife’s mother while feeling her shapely, naked ass, he kissed his wife’s sister while feeling her shapely, naked ass.

Then, he did what George told him to do and all that he had imagined doing while masturbating himself over the forbidden thoughts of having sex with his wife’s sister. He leaned Briana forward, bent her over the huge, kitchen counter, and stuck his cock in her warm, wet pussy while feeling and squeezing her naked ass. He impaled her cunt with his massive erection. Yet, before he could even hump her hard and fast, before he could cum in her pussy and give her his baby, they were interrupted by their three, surprised, uninvited, albeit welcomed houseguests.

Chapter 07:

Diana had set her movie star idols up in one of the guest bedrooms, a room big enough to comfortably sleep six. With their daughter sleeping overnight at a friend’s house a couple miles away, Christopher’s wife was already in the kitchen the next morning making breakfast naked but for a full-sized apron hanging from her neck and loosely tied around her slim waist. The arrival of the three, surprise visitors could have either ruined his Nude Day plans or encouraged his Nude Day naked, family celebration. Obviously, with the women already naked, they wanted to expose their nude bodies to the men as much as he wanted them to expose their nude bodies to him.

‘I can’t believe they all honored their agreement and stripped naked for Nude Day. I can’t believe I’m seeing my sexy sister-in-law, my MILF of a mother-in-law, and my GILF of a grandmother-in-law naked. I can’t believe I’m seeing them all naked. I can’t believe they’re all seeing me naked. I can’t believe their movie star idols are not only about to see my wife and her sister naked but also her mother and grandmother naked too,’ thought Christopher.

With them all already naked when Christopher entered the kitchen, he no longer had to wonder if they’d honor their Nude Day promise and strip naked. With him entering the kitchen naked, he no longer had to wonder what reaction his wife’s sister, mother, and grandmother would have to seeing him naked. He knew that already too. Now, he wondered what reaction the movie stars would have to seeing his wife, her sister, her mother, and her grandmother naked. He couldn’t wait to see the surprise look of shock, sexual excitement, or horror on their faces. He couldn’t wait to see if they’d stay and strip naked too or if they’d leave.

‘This is so unbelievable,’ thought Christopher still in shock. ‘I can’t believe I’m seeing Agnes, Mary, and Briana naked. I can’t believe they’re seeing me naked too. Now, I can’t wait to get them all in the pool while touching them, feeling them, fondling them, and groping them everywhere. I can’t wait to go for a walk in the woods alone with my wife’s sister, her mother, and/or her grandmother.’

If he wasn’t sexually excited enough seeing his wife’s grandmother, mother, and sister naked while they saw him naked too, he was even more sexually excited with them willingly giving him sex. He was sexually excited about three, strange men seeing his wife and her family naked. He was sexually excited by the thoughts of his wife and sister-in-law having sex with them while his grandmother-in-law and mother-in-law had sex with him.

‘I can’t believe Agnes gave me a hand job while allowing me to feel her tits and finger her nipples,’ thought Christopher. ‘I can’t believe my mother-in-law wanted me to masturbate her with a promise of a blowjob if I did. I can’t believe she stroked my cock while sucking my cock. I can’t believe Briana wants me to fuck her. I can’t believe she wants me to give her a baby. Yet, even if nothing else happens, after seeing them all naked and after they all saw me naked too and gave me partial sex, I’ll be masturbating over this day for the rest of my life.’

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