Not What Was Planned Ch. 06

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Only a few nights later, Bonnie got to experience what Heather was talking about. She and Josh went to Heather’s house once again, they relaxed in the hot tub with Heather and Zack for a while, they went up to Heather’s room, and this time, Bonnie enjoyed the sensation of two boys at once, Zack between her legs and Josh between her lips. The nearly simultaneous pulsations in the two boys was the most exciting feeling Bonnie had ever had, and she knew she wanted to share it with others.

Specifically, she wanted to share it with Jimmy and Maggie.

Of course, Jimmy and Maggie had their own experiences they wanted to share with Bonnie and Josh. From their dorm, they had sent a few pics to Bonnie, and Josh got to see them, but they had not told them everything that went on in the dorm. The holiday break was going to be the time they all four imagined would be when they could tell their news to each other.

Some of that news was already known. When Josh proposed to Bonnie, their news got around quickly, and when they rented an apartment so they could start collecting furniture and other household things, their news filled Jimmy and Maggie with anticipation, knowing the four of them would have a place where they could be away from parents and out of the weather.

But things did not immediately go as planned.

Over the holidays, Jimmy and Bonnie’s parents always had a visit from relatives, an uncle, the brother of Bonnie’s mom, and his wife and their twins, Lewis and Alice. The twins were the same age as Jimmy and Bonnie, and they had always enjoyed each other’s company. For the afternoon dinner at home, Bonnie and Jimmy invited Josh and Maggie to meet their aunt and uncle and cousins. The four of them behaved well and showed no impolite eagerness to ditch the party and get to the apartment. When Lewis and Alice asked if they could go along, although the highly anticipated plans seemed to be ruined, they were not rude to their cousins.

Aunt Mary almost put things right. “Maybe you two ought to stay here with us. We want to go back home tonight, and I don’t want to leave too late.”

“How about if we take the car and come back in a few hours?” Lewis asked.

All six of the young people seemed to be holding their breath while Aunt Mary thought it over, not that they had the same hopes in mind. She agreed, but after the kids had left, she wondered whether she had made the right decision.

“I know Bonnie and Josh are engaged, and he seems to be a nice boy, but was I right to let them go to some apartment without anyone there to chaperone?”

Jimmy’s father laughed and tried to settle mind about them. “Last spring, the four of them went camping together for a few days. We let them go because we trusted them.”

“I know, I know. I trust our twins too, even though I realize I can’t make it so they never experiment with sex or drugs, no more than our parents could keep us locked up forever. Still, camping without parents around, don’t you think they might cut loose just a little too much?”

“Well, we sort of knew it could happen, but when they came home, it turns out they used only one tent, so I don’t think things got too out of hand.”

None of the adults thought for a moment that sharing a tent could lead to anything sexual among the kids because they would be too shy, like their parents.

Over at the apartment, the kids were not as shy as their parents would assume. Bonnie and Maggie were sharing some whispered comments, and Alice overheard what she thought was a mention of a nude picture. “What’s this I hear? You guys have dirty pictures on your phones?”

Bonnie tried to bring her closer so the boys wouldn’t hear, but Lewis caught a bit of what his sister said. “I don’t believe it. Bonnie, into sexting? No, I refuse to believe it.”

Josh and Jimmy came back into the living room then. “Believe what?” Jimmy asked.

“These girls are huddling together and pretending to have nude pics on Bonnie’s phone.”

Josh and Jimmy, of course, knew what Bonnie had on her phone, and Jimmy wondered if Alice had gotten to see some of the nude pictures of him that Maggie sent from the dorm.

Bonnie protested, “I haven’t taken any nude pics or sent them,” and she gave Lewis a playful shove.

Lewis gave her a playful shove back, saying, “I notice you don’t deny having nude pics on your phone. So you’ve been getting them, right? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.”

“Well, so what if I do? Nude pictures don’t have to be porn, you know.”

“Okay, let’s see them. If they’re so innocent or arty, we can see them, right?”

By now, they were all sitting on the floor because, aside from one table and a couple chairs, there was no furniture yet. Bonnie felt like she got herself into a jam and looked at Jimmy and Maggie. Maggie looked like she was a bit concerned, but Jimmy gave her a shrug as if to say he didn’t care if she didn’t care.

“Okay, but wait a minute while I pick out a couple you can see.” While Bonnie reviewed the pics sent by Maggie, she carefully beşiktaş escort skipped over any that showed her and opened one that showed Jimmy naked from behind. “Here’s one that’s okay for you,” and she held the phone out, but did not hand it to either of her cousins.

Lewis was quiet, surprised that his disbelief had been erased so suddenly. Alice was similarly surprised, but she was also stunned when it dawned on her that the nude boy in the picture was Jimmy.

She looked at Jimmy and gasped, “You send naked pictures of yourself to your sister?”

There followed several minutes of explanations, breathless questions, and nervous laughs. Bonnie and Maggie assured Alice that it was alright, and Josh and Jimmy tried to make light of it also. Soon enough, more of the story came out, the camping trip, getting undressed in front of each other, showering together, and the casual nudity at the dorm. They didn’t mention watching each other have sex or the older couple in the shower at the campground. Also, Maggie and Jimmy didn’t go into details about more than the nudity at the dorm, and Bonnie and Josh didn’t bring up their shared sex with Heather and Zack, which they hadn’t even told Jimmy and Bonnie about yet.

Even after Alice and Lewis got what had been going on, they still couldn’t get over the fact that all of them had been nude together. “I mean, I guess I see that it’s harmless, but it is still so weird. I mean, not just boyfriend and girlfriend, but brother and sister too.”

“You mean you’ve never seen Lewis naked before?”

Jimmy turned to Lewis and asked the same, “What about you? Ever see Alice naked?”

Lewis didn’t answer right away and seemed a little embarrassed. He was thinking that Jimmy’s nude pic had been seen by everyone there, and he couldn’t even answer this silly, little question.

“Well?” Alice wondered. She was as curious as the others were.

“Okay, okay, but only once and only a split second. You were in your nightgown and got up from the couch, and I could see between your legs.”

“What? What did you see?” Alice seemed shocked.

“He did say it was split second,” Jimmy answered, and the others laughed.

“You know what I mean.” Turning to Lewis again, she asked, “You saw my most private part?”

“Well, more like your most private hair.” The others laughed again, but remembering the sight was making him uncomfortably excited. He tried to get the attention turned away from himself and asked, “So what about you? You didn’t answer Maggie’s question.”

Now it was Alice’s turn to be uncomfortable as she recalled the one instance. “Yes, there was one time. Lewis came out of the bathroom after a shower and went to his room. He shut the door, but it didn’t stay shut all the way. When I saw in, he was naked by his dresser.” Lewis reacted with obvious surprise, and she went on, “But I only saw from behind and was too scared to stay and see if you’d turn around because maybe you’d see me looking.”

Bonnie said, “Josh and I have a friend who has seen her brother that way, and he’s seen her too. I think stuff like that just has to happen once in awhile when you’re living in the same house. Anyway, I guess we’re all a little more even than we thought.”

“I don’t know,” Lewis said. “I just got a peek while Alice was actually still dressed, and she got to see me with nothing on.”

He got yet another playful shove from Alice, and she added, “Aside from what my pervy brother says, it’s not the same. We never got naked and just hung out together like you guys do.” As she said this, she caught herself and then wondered, “By the way, are Lewis and me in the way here?”

Josh jumped in, trying to put her at ease, “Who knows? What happened when we went camping was not something we all planned.”

“Yeah, but if me and Lewis weren’t here, you might all be naked now, right?”

No one had a ready answer for her, and there was an awkward silence until Lewis joked, “You could all pretend that we’re not here.”

Once more, Lewis got a playful shove, this time from Maggie. “Right, except we couldn’t pretend that you were not wearing clothes.”

Bonnie suddenly said, “Why pretend?”

Jimmy quickly added, “Yeah, why pretend? Alice already said it was harmless, and I bet you two have a little curiosity about it.” Looking at Bonnie, Josh, and Maggie, he asked, “Don’t you think they should join the fun?”

Again, there was an awkward silence. Alice turned to Maggie, saying, “You seem to be a level headed person, so tell me, are they serious?”

Maggie knew Alice sort of wanted someone else’s permission and, trying to be honest with her, she answered, “Since that camping trip, I can’t believe the number of people who have seen me in the nude, but then I get to see them too. And when you two came over here with us, one of the thoughts that crossed my mind was the possibility that here was another guy who would get to see me naked and that I would get to see naked, but it wasn’t something that bothered beylikdüzü escort me. In fact, I kind of liked the idea.”

As if considering the idea, Alice said, “You said the boys got undressed first when you went camping. Maybe if we took it slow and went that way….”

Jimmy was up before she could find the words she couldn’t make herself say. He was waiting for final permission of sorts. Alice looked at him and asked, “How do you start something like this anyway?”

Maggie answered, “Someone just starts taking off his clothes, and that someone is usually Jimmy.”

That was enough for him. Standing next to the chair where everyone had put their coats, he began taking off his shirt. A look he gave Josh motivated Josh to join him, and the rest just sat there and watched the two of them undress.

Alice could hardly believe what she was seeing, but she did not turn away. Jimmy did not turn away either, facing them and turning slightly only to place his clothes on the chair. When Jimmy was down to his boxers, she thought he looked like lots of boys she’d seen in shorts, and when he immediately went on to slip them down and step out of them, she wondered at how that interruption of clothing wasn’t all that big. Without his clothes, a boy didn’t seem all that different at first.

She could see that it was different, though. For one thing, without his clothes, Jimmy seemed all the more slender. Also, he was so casual about being naked, not at all ashamed that she could see his penis. She noticed mostly that, his penis.

Maggie and Bonnie saw what she was looking at, and both understood what was going through her mind. She would be thinking that, even though she wouldn’t know what it should look like, it was somehow bigger and thicker than she imagined. Just as they had thought, she was expecting to see something no bigger than a finger and not darker in color than his skin.

In fact, Alice was thinking exactly that and more. The amount of Jimmy’s pubic hair also surprised her. Compared to her own pubic hair, she thought Jimmy’s spread over so much more of his midsection, reaching almost to his hips and closer to his navel.

Josh was naked only seconds later, and he was similarly unconcerned that she could see his body, which was different in its way, but gave her the same feelings. The two nude boys returned to the group and sat as if they did this all the time. Maggie and Bonnie were enjoying the sights and the reactions of the newcomers, and Bonnie soon turned to Lewis and said, “Well, your turn. You should have gotten up with Josh and Jimmy so you wouldn’t be the center of attention by yourself.”

Lewis didn’t move, and the girls started teasing, humming stripping music, whistling, and making catcalls. Even Alice shouted, “Take it off!”

To encourage him, Bonnie pulled on his shirt enough to untuck it. Without getting up, Lewis took it off, and after more teasing, undid his pants and slipped them off while still seated on the floor. Once they were off, though, he couldn’t make himself go further and sat there with his knees up, arms wrapped tightly around them. Maggie was thinking he had a nice body, but the white jockey shorts made him look that much more boyishly shy.

“Oh, no you don’t,” Bonnie protested. “If you don’t want to take off those pants, we can help you.”

Lewis made no move until he suddenly had to get away when Bonnie signaled Maggie and the two of them lunged at him. In his attempt to escape, Maggie briefly had a grip on his pants and nearly had them off that quickly. His bottom was exposed for a moment, but he wriggled out of her grasp, although he didn’t get his pants up all the way.

Now on his back, he wrestled with Bonnie, who was trying to grab his arms. He was also kicking and trying to keep his legs apart in order to keep Maggie from getting his pants down. In the tussle, both Maggie and Bonnie seemed not to care that everyone could see up their skirts.

Lewis noticed, but struggled not to be distracted. Because he was having to fend off Bonnie, Maggie was able to take one side of his shorts and pull on them. With his underpants caught on one hip and pulled part way down his thigh on the other side, more of his pubic hair was exposed, and the crotch of his pants were pulled to the side enough that part of his scrotum was showing.

Alice was just watching, not sure what she was seeing between his legs. Maggie let go of the pants and grabbed each of his legs so she could pull them together. Bonnie had his hands, so the girls turned to Alice. Bonnie said, “Alice, get his pants.”

She did not respond immediately, realizing that if she joined the melee, Jimmy and Josh would almost certainly get to see up her skirt too, not to mention what her brother would see. Then, figuring that two of them were already nude, and if she helped, her brother would soon be nude also, she made up her mind.

Her resolve was tested when Lewis’s struggles knocked her sprawling backwards so that Josh and Jimmy beyoğlu escort could see her panties more easily than she feared. That made her more determined. She moved toward him more carefully, grabbed the waistband of his pants with both hands, and pulled them down. Lewis was strong enough to keep his feet apart some, so pulling his pants down wasn’t easy, but Alice kept pulling. She could see that his penis was caught in his pants and was pulled downward with them. Finally, she put one hand right over it, pulled the pants lower enough, and his penis popped free. Surprised by the fact that it touched her hand as it sprang out, she looked around at the others for their reaction and hardly looked at what she had exposed.

Instantly, Lewis went limp, giving up his fight, resigned to his nudity. He let Maggie finish pulling his pants off. Lying there, he couldn’t look at the others. They were looking at him, though. Maggie and Bonnie were impressed. His body was lean and mostly hairless, giving him a bit of a vulnerable look. His penis, though, was smooth and thick, looking not at all vulnerable, even in its flaccid state. Bonnie even allowed herself a passing thought about how it might feel inside of her.

After a moment, Alice, relieved that Lewis had not noticed she had touched him that way, could also look with fascination, which soon increased. During the struggle and when his pants were taken, Lewis was too preoccupied to be that aroused. Now, fully exposed and surrounded by three interested girls, his penis began to grow. Within moments, it was at its full length.

Alice, of course, had never seen such a sight. When she turned to see what Josh and Jimmy were doing, she was treated to two more erections. The whole wrestling scene had excited them, and the immodest postures of the girls only added to it.

To Lewis, what happened next was strange: nothing. Bonnie and Maggie made some complimentary remarks about his body and penis, Alice just looked at him, and then everyone resumed their places on the floor and went on talking as before, as if the three boys were not naked. Not immediately, but soon enough, Lewis even felt normal enough to sit without trying to hide his nudity.

Once, the conversation did get onto the subject of how it wasn’t true that “if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.” Maggie observed that “Aside from length and thickness, I think the head of a penis can be very distinctive. Some remind me of little helmets, and others look like stocking caps.”

That made Alice take a closer look at the three boys. “I think I see what you mean. Lewis and Jimmy have more the helmet type. Josh’s is more like a stocking cap, right?”

Maggie and Bonnie both agreed.

Unlike Lewis, Jimmy didn’t mind the extra attention, but said, “Not to change the subject, but Alice and Lewis have to leave in about an hour, so we should get to the next item on the agenda.”

Alice, who had been enjoying the easy-going nudity of the boys, now felt butterflies in her stomach. She knew, of course, that Jimmy was saying it was the girls’ turn to take off their clothes.

Maggie and Bonnie stood up, but when she didn’t immediately slip off her shoes or reach for a button on her blouse, Bonnie knew what Alice was thinking. “You know, guys,” Bonnie said to the boys, “I think Alice needs a little space here, and you guys can help.”

Lewis said, “That’s fair. She helped strip me, so I should get to help strip her.”

“That’s not what I had in mind. How about if you guys come with me to the bedroom. If you wait in there for a bit, I think you’ll like what you see when you come back.”

Josh got up to go with her, and Jimmy then got up too. Lewis didn’t think it was all that fair, and the fact that Maggie already had her blouse unbuttoned did not make him want to leave the room just then. Still, he knew he was outvoted, so he got up and followed the others.

In the room, Bonnie said, “You guys are sweet. I can give you a little reward for that.” Then, as the boys looked on, Bonnie took off her clothes, deliberately facing them as she removed her bra and panties and then, singing a little “Ta-da!” with her hands out, turned around slowly to offer them a complete view. Lewis noted her dense pubic hair, but her heavy breasts made the biggest impression. As for Bonnie, she was rewarded in turn by the sight of three erections on her smiling audience.

“How sweet to show how much you all like seeing my body,” she exclaimed as she gave each a warm, soft hug. She enjoyed the warm, hard feel between her and each of the boys in return.

They did not have to wait long to be called back. For Lewis, the fact that Maggie came to get them was the next treat. Bonnie’s large breasts took his breath away moments before, and Maggie’s red pubic hair then became another indelible image he would treasure.

Down the hall, though, all of them anticipated yet another sight. Back in the living room, Alice was standing to one side, next to a neatly folded pile of all her clothing. She had one arm across her breasts, another hand covering her pubic hair, and a leg cocked sideways so as to hide herself even more. The sight of the three eager boys, each with a penis that seemed all the larger now that they stuck out so much from the upright bodies, excited her, but did not cause her to change her posture.

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