Not So Gentle Way San Dan

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Charlotte or Char for short, was a young student when she started my class; cute face with green-blue eyes, full lips and long, curly, honey blond hair. Kind of reminded me of Shirley Temple.

I always had to be extremely careful when I practiced with her. It would have been very easy to take advantage of her. She always gave me an innocent hug when she arrived or left the dojo. When we practiced, not so innocent thoughts popped into my head causing a dangerous stirring in my groin.

During ground work practice, Charlotte would sometimes inadvertently brush her hand or head against my stiffness making matters worse for me. Often she would trap her legs around one of mine and pressed herself into me as if humping my leg.

Char was always full of energy and excitement. She always gave her best in everything she did. Today, she have me her all.

At the start of the class, we all bowed in. “Shomen ni rei! Sensei ni rei!” Commanded Mona, one of my senior students and favourite MILF that I wrote about in Part Ni Dan.

“Okay, before we start exercises, I have an announcement.” I informed the class. “I am pleased to announce that Charlotte had been promoted to go-kyu, yellow belt. Char, please step forward.”

Char was totally elated. The class applauded as she walked to in front of me. We bowed. I stepped forward and reached to remove her white belt. The front of her jacket fell open exposing her developing breast buds popping through her tight, low cut, semi-transparent t-shirt. Obviously, she wore no bra as her pink, pointed nipples threatened to pierce through the flimsy material.

I quickly closed her jacket, left lapel over right and tied her new belt around her waist in a classic Judo reef knot.

Charlotte went down the line of black belts and accepted their congratulations before returning to the non-black belt line.

I had one of the others lead the class in a brief warm up and ukemi (breakfall) practice. We went through our normal practice routine. Finally, I had put that image of Charlotte’s breasts out of my mind.

“Okay, everyone!” I called out. “Ne-waza ground work. Get a partner.”

I looked up to see Mona my MILF standing in front of me. “Sensei, can we practice?” She smiled. How could I say no.

We all kneeled and bowed in. Mona and I were in my normal spot where we could hide out from the others. “Hajime!” I called out. florya escort

Immediately Mona leapt at me trying to catch me by surprise, but I was able to take advantage of her forward momentum and turned her over onto her back. I got her into a Kamishiho upper body hold, kind of a reverse 69, but more chest to breast. My knees were up so her head was between my thighs.

As always, I am commando beneath my Judo pants. The excitement in my groin grew, but I wasn’t yet totally stiff. It was just slightly engorged but not hard. I shifted until I could feel my dick slap on top of her face.

Since her arms were trapped by mine, her hands were very restricted, but she used her head. I could feel her head move around, not to try and escape but to get into a better position to mouth my cock. I helped her.

I held both of her lapels which opened up her jacket. Both her large, braless “C’s” were available to me. I opened my mouth and tried to suck in as much tit into my mouth as I could. Huge wet spots formed on each of her mounds.

Mona had successfully managed to get her mouth on my cock and was sucking and tongue-ing me through my pants. Indeed she was very talented in overcoming any deterrent.

Both her nipples were as hard and as big as cranberries. As I bite down on them, I felt Mona close her teeth around my knob as a warning not to bite too hard.

Her sucking became more intense and I felt I wouldn’t be able to hold back much more. I lifted my hips just enough to slide my left leg under and through into a reverse kesa scarf hold. My body pinned her right arm against her side leaving my right hand free.

I placed my hand on her belly and slowly moved it downwards. I pushed it inside her pants and found a pantyless, trimmed and wet cunt. I ran my finger up between her wet slit and felt her body shiver. I knew she was already on the edge. My index finger found her clit. It was fully engorged and I pressed it like an “on” switch. Mona started to cum immediately.

“Uh! Uh!” She started to grunt and thrash about. To others it appeared as if she was making a concerted effort to escape, but to me, I knew she was cumming like no tomorrow.

I let her roll on top of me; my hips were between her thighs. She pressed her body against mine. Even through the thick cotton pant material, I could feel my knob gnashing halkalı escort onto her hot slit. She was using my dick like a dildo to masturbate with.

Mona came for a second time. Her head nuzzled into my neck.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” Was all she could whisper into my ear. My cock felt the hot cunt juice spread on the crotch of my pants.

Mona rolled off of me. “Change!” I called out. Mona was embarrassed by the huge wet spot on the front of her pants and dashed off the mat.

My boner wasn’t obvious since we were in a formal sitting position, but the wet she caused in front of my pants was.

I too was about to go change when Charlotte knelt in front of me and asked, “Sensei, can we practice please?”

I looked into her sparkling emerald green with ice blue specked eyes. Her pouty pink lip smiled. Again, how could I say no.

“Thank you for my belt again Sensei.” Charlotte smiled. “What a great birthday present!”

“Oh, you are very welcome. You deserve it after working so hard.” I answered back. “How old are you?”

“Eighteen!” Char beamed. “Now I’m legal!” She said in kind of a coy tone.

What? Was that a sign? We bowed. “Hajime!” I said.

To try and hide my wet dilemma, I went into a turtle position. Char grabbed the back of my collar and pushed downwards. Her face was beside my left ear. “Mona told me everything.” Charlotte giggled.

Then “SLAP!” Her hand wacked my ass. “Bad Sensei!” Char scolded me.

I felt her hand go between my legs. She grabbed my balls and squeezed them. “Nice, I hope they’re full of cum for me.”

Her fingers invaded my ass crack. She pressed one of them into my rear hole. That was enough for me. I shifted my weight but Char surprised me. Her hand went back between my legs. Not only did she grab the crotch of my pants but also my now solid hard schlong!

I managed to get the words “What the…” before she pulled and rolled me over my head.

“When did this sweet, innocent looking girl become such a dominating bitch?”

She now held me in a kami shiho. Her crotch was mashed right onto my face as she rocked back and forth. I could make out the faint smell of her sex.

I managed to grunt a muffled “Ow!” as Char teethed my nipples.

“Oh Sensei!” She moaned so only I could hear. “I’m not sure you should be haramidere escort doing that to me!”

But it didn’t stop her from face fucking me harder. “Sensei, you’re making me so wet! Stop it or you’ll make me come!”

I couldn’t believe what Charlotte was doing to me, but for sure I could get into real trouble. I tried to shift out again. Char re-adjusted her body and moved to my right into a Yoko Shiho side hold. She took hold of my cock and stroked it through my pants. Now I didn’t care if I got into trouble!

“Sensei, I think you have a hidden weapon here. I’ll have to disarm you.”

I felt her pull on the draw strings of my pants. By this time, I really wasn’t resisting much. She slid her hand inside and grasped my bone.

“Oh, Sensei! I think I’ll have to discharge your weapon!”

Charlotte pushed down my pants enough to expose me. I was concerned someone would notice but Char quickly mounted me so we were chest to breast.

Charlotte wiggled a bit. I felt my knob press against the hot, wet entrance of her cunt. It was tight, but well lubricated. Little by little, my cock entered her hole.

I was about half way in when I felt some resistance on my dick head. Charlotte produced a high pitched moan and then pushed her ass down. The resistance popped!

“!” Char groaned. She had just given me her cherry!

Char tucked her feet under my thighs and pushed down, accepting my entire length and girth inside her. My cock was on fire from the hot from her cunt!

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Uh! Uh! Fuck me!” Charlotte moaned.

The tightness of her cunt sealed against any air seepage as her pumping motion caused a vacuum in her womb literally trying to suck the cum from my balls as if my cock was a straw.

I started to cum. “Uh! Uh! Uh!” I grunted. I laid there on the mat as Charlotte’s cunt drank up all my juice.

“Oh fuck, Sensei! Oh fuck!” Chat moaned as my cum splashed get virgin walls. “Oh yes! I can feel it inside me! Give me all your juice!”

I gave her every drop I had until I was shooting air. She laid on top of me as her cunt continued to pulsate. When the pulsations halted, Charlotte lifted herself off of my still rock hard cock. She moved downwards and between my legs. I felt her hot mouth envelop my cock and suck off any evidence of sex. She pulled my pants back up and tied the draw strings.

Charlotte quickly bowed out and dashed to the change room.

I managed to get myself into a formal sitting position. I looked around and saw everyone else still practicing full out except for Mona.

Mona had watched Charlotte and me and our “ground work.” She smiled at me and said “I think I taught her well!”

She certainly did!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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