Not Normal Ch. 02: Steve’s Stumbling

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All active characters in this story are 18 years or older. Highlighted kinks include voyeurism, exhibitionism, and masturbation.

You may want to read the first story in this series, ‘Not Normal 01 – Thelma’s Thoughts’ and come back for this quickie. This is spun off a bit from there. But I’ll go ahead and set it up for you, regardless.

Thelma, a 40 year old wife and milf, is sitting in her living room alone in the evening. She’s nude, having taken off her robe earlier, save for the robe’s belt, currently wrapped around her neck as a makeshift choker. She’s lost in her thoughts, reminiscing, fantasizing, and occasionally masturbating. She’s largely unaware of her surroundings.

Her 20 year old son, Steve, a competitive swimmer and lifeguard, is upstairs in his room, none the wiser yet about what his mom is up to. That is, until he hears her laugh to herself, a bit too loudly, and he decides to investigate. And that’s where this begins…

As Steve was listening to a podcast about his upcoming college swim team and their record breaking streak from last season, he heard an odd noise from downstairs. At first, he paid it no mind, assuming it came from the TV. Then, he heard it again.

Laughter. It was definitely laughter.

He paused the podcast and listened more closely. It sounded like it came from his mother after all, and not the TV. It must be something really good for her to react like that!

Like himself, his mother was reserved, and it wasn’t often that she would react so loudly. Knowing this, he wanted to know what was so funny. Maybe he’d get a kick out of it too!

So he got up off his bed, ready for a good laugh, and headed to the stairs. He took his phone, in case she was looking at something online, so he could reference bahçelievler escort it.

Just as he was about to make his presence known to her, and ask her to share in the laughter, he caught a glimpse of her on the couch, from behind her. He wasn’t expecting to see what he just did!

There she was, nude from at least the waist up, from his viewpoint. And her laughter was no longer there, instead replaced with lustful moans and very obvious, wet noises. Her hair was a mess, and she was covered in a sheen of sweat, or perhaps, other fluids? And some pink cloth was around her neck?

His mother was masturbating!

He felt terrible for intruding on her personal time like that. After all, he wouldn’t want to be caught in her place. But, to be fair…

She was masturbating in the living room, and not her bedroom. The curtains over the big bay windows were wide open too, so… maybe she didn’t mind being seen? Maybe she even wanted it!

Regardless, Steve did the reasonable thing and quietly returned to his room, saving her from embarrassment and him from an even more awkward situation. But, not before he captured a quick picture on his phone!

As he laid back down on his bed, he examined the picture. It had unintentionally used the flash feature, but that proved to be an interesting bonus with what it was able to show.

First, he could see the full front of his mother in stunning detail in her reflection in one of the windows. And yes, as he thought, she was completely naked, save for her neck! A beauty to behold, for sure. And working herself over pretty hardcore! If only she weren’t his mother…

More interestingly than that though was what he saw outside that same window! He wasn’t so much surprised, bahçeşehir escort but still astonished.

Mr. Ed Kips, their next door neighbor and elderly widower, a usually kind and unassuming fellow in his 70s, was standing right outside the window, in their front yard, and he was also naked! He was turned to the side, in profile to the window.

His shorts were held in one hand, and his big old meaty sausage was being stroked by the other. He was very much staring at Thelma, and clearly unconcerned about being seen himself. Steve couldn’t be sure, but it seemed like the picture caught him mid-climax, based on his expression and a small white mark on or flying near the window.

Across the street, in a single lit window, stood another older neighbor and mother, Mrs. Caroline Rivers. She was also the wife of a local pastor, but Steve’s phone caught her doing something fairly unbecoming of someone of her status in the community!

Her dress was torn wide open down the middle, nearly split in two. It may have been unbuttoned or unzipped, to be fair. But nonetheless, it was open. Her bra was half off too, hanging loosely from one side, and one large breast was bare and mashed up against the glass of her own window.

One of her hands was in her panties, shoving them lower, just off her hips. Her other hand held a pair of binoculars to her eyes. Steve wondered if Mrs. Rivers was looking at Mr. Kips, or his own mother, Thelma. Or maybe both? Either way, she seemed to like what she saw!

Or maybe, she was even peeking at the bubble butt of the last person in the picture, because…

In a stopped car on the street itself, a young looking woman, small and petite, was caught in the middle of taking her own picture of these events bakırköy escort with her phone. It was evident she was a food delivery person for Weskar’s, a local joint. Her car had it’s logo on the side, as well as the cap she wore.

And speaking of what she wore, or rather, didn’t…

Steve realized she only wore just the cap! He could clearly see her small, but perky round tits and the pretty pink buds that topped them. And she was crouched up on the driver’s seat, presumably for a better view for her picture, and he could see her small landing strip and what he thought might be her clit above her slit. She didn’t even wear socks or shoes! He could see her painted toes!

Holy shit! Kelsey! That had to be her! What the hell happened to her uniform?! And man, her makeup was a mess!

Steve recognized her as one of his sister’s high school classmates. They were both 18 and she was one of the few friends that Susie regularly hung out with. He never thought of her as adventurous like this, but obviously, he was mistaken!

Did her picture capture him, perving on his mother? And if so, what did she think about it? Would she use it against him somehow? Would she wish he had been as nude as they were?

He decided that while he wasn’t sure why everyone was getting naked and perving out around him, he might as well go ahead and join in. When in Rome, you know. So he threw off his clothes, spread out comfortably on his bed, and began stroking his young, healthy, and substantial cock.

He memorized that picture, and everyone in it. He was so turned on, by the entire scene, that by the time his cum shot up in the air and landed on him and his sheets, he couldn’t tell you what exactly set him off.

Was it his naked mother? Neighbors? The delivery girl? All of them? Or that they were all seen or being seen by others and themselves? Or maybe the idle fantasies of blackmail that he could use against them if he weren’t so compassionate, or that they might use against him…?

He just hoped they had as intense of a time as he just did. No telling what else might be in store…

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