Nocturnal Love

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Rory awoke and glanced at the clock, 1:30 AM. He reached into his boxer shorts and gripped his tingling cock. In a minute he had a full erection that craved relief. Rory slid from the bed and shuffled down the hall toward his mother’s bedroom.

As he entered her room Rory heard his mother stir, she sat up in the bed and pulled her nightie over her head. As Rory slid off his boxers and then settled into bed beside his mother, she was shimmying out of her panties and she handed them to her son. Rory sniffed deeply at the gusset that had so recently covered her pussy.

At twenty six he already knew her scent so well. Janey, his mom was forty-four and very sexy. She had been anticipating Rory’s early morning visit and had been getting more and more excited. It had been ten days since Janey and Rory had last made love and she knew that they were due, if not overdue.

“God Mom, these are wet and they smell so good. Were you expecting me?”

“Honey, I love it when you come to me like this, I was hoping that tonight would be one of our special nights. Don’t go back to your bed after. I want to wake you with something you’ll really like.”

“Oh Mom, just waking up beside you is special. Come here, I love you.”

The two slid together, fitting as if they were made for each other. Janey’s full breasts pressed into Rory’s broad chest, their toes curled against each other and his hard cock pressed into his mother’s furry triangle. Their kisses were gentle and familiar, Rory and Janey had been lovers for the last six years. Rory’s father had left for parts unknown four years ago and regular late night visits had started as soon as they knew that he wasn’t coming back.

The two pulled apart slightly and Rory sought out her nipples caressing and teasing them with his tongue. He knew that he could elicit a moan from her this way and he wasn’t disappointed. It also prompted Janey to reach for his cock. Precum was already present and his mom glided her hand up and down as the laved her breasts with his saliva.

Sheets and blankets were pushed off the end of the bed and the woman rolled to her back. “Do you still love fucking your mother?” She asked as her son mounted her with practiced ease and slid home sighing deeply.

“You know that I do Mom. We’re just so busy and tired by the end of our day I just don’t wake up and come to visit you as much as I used to. Oh God, I need to start setting an alarm. You’re pussy is steaming hot.” Rory became inarticulate at that point, thrusting and grunting as his mother moaned beneath him. Their rhythm was their own and they each knew what the other needed to satisfy their lust. Janey’s hips rocked as Rory thrust deeply. The feeling of breast to chest contact fueled both their fires.

Mother and son locked eyes and Janey nodded. “That’s it.” Rory told her. “Cum for me Mom. Cum on your sons cock.”

“Oh Fuck Rory. You make me cum so fast and so hard. Oooooohmmm yeah oh yeah.”

Rory was as deep as he could get and held there, letting his mother’s orgasm run its course. As she sighed her finish, Rory resumed fucking her and his tempo sped up. For another five minutes he fucked her fast and hard and then buried his face in her neck and moaning out, he shot thick sperm deep into her already soaking pussy.

Rory let his weight rest on her for a minute. Janey relished this feeling, the feeling of a completely sated man on top of her.

Her son lifted his weigh onto his elbows and leaned in to kiss his mother deeply. He rolled off and Janey found her panties near her pillow where Rory had dropped them after feeling and sniffing them. She cleaned their combined juices off of her son’s cock and then sopped up what was leaking from her pussy. As she dropped them off of the edge of the bed, Rory was pulling the covers back over them and they both slept the sleep of two extremely satisfied people.

As the morning light illuminated her bedroom Janey slid under the covers until she was even with her son’s soft but beautiful cock. It looked delicious to her and she licked her lips before licking his tip. It twitched! She licked again and Rory’s cock started growing. As she sucked the head into her mouth his cock grew to its full impressive length and size. Janey felt a hand on her head and took him deeper. She felt him hunch and thrust into her mouth. Rory’s mother tightened her lips around his hard dick and increased her suction as he rubbed her soft hair and moaned, she was rewarded for her efforts. A thick squirt of her sons sperm jetted into her mouth followed immediately by another and another. She swallowed quickly and took another large dollop on her tongue. Janey cleaned her son’s cock and squeezed the last dribbles out at the same time.

Janey loved sucking off her son. Her sweet man was almost instantly ready to reciprocate and replaced her under the sheet. His mother spread for him and he kissed her thighs before homing in on her soaking wet pussy. This was how he knew her scent so well. He would eat his mom out topkapı escort at the drop of a hat or better yet the drop of her panties. There had been times in some intimate corners of restaurants where he would slip under the table and suck her to two or even three orgasms while they waited for their food to arrive. Everything he would eat after that had the sweet taste of his mother’s vagina as a seasoning. This morning as she came all over his face, he knew that the French toast he would make them for breakfast would have the added flavor of Janey’s juices.

The mornings after his visits to her bed were special to them both. As they had their breakfast their hands would grasp each other frequently and eyes would meet over the rims of coffee cups. Smiles and contented sighs were the norm and their afterglow could light the room.

Later, life would intrude and busy days would cause the night’s activities to fade. A day would become a week and there would come a night when Rory would awake in the very early AM and need to feel the feelings that only his mother could give him.

One such night he walked down the hall naked and entered his mother’s room. She too had decided to forgo clothing and Rory looked down at her naked body as his cock grew in his hand. As he settled on her bed Janey rolled to her tummy and slid a pillow under her hips. Rory knew to open the nightstand drawer and extract the little bottle of gel lubricant. He rubbed her back and squeezed her ass.

“You have been so nice to me this week Rory. I think that you should get some special good boy sex.”

“Call me a boy when my dick’s up your butt Mom.” Rory chuckled.

Janey laughed and reached back to spread her ass cheeks apart as her son squirted some of the slippery gel on his first two fingers and lubed his mother’s sphincter. Index and middle finger penetrated her slowly and made sure that she was ready for him to butt fuck her. When he felt her back door relax and welcome both fingers to the second knuckle he extracted them and lubed up his penis.

She still had her ass spread open for him and he laid his chest against her back and sucked on her neck for a minute. Rory reached for his cock and guided it to his mom’s rectum. He knew that his big dick hurt her a little until she got used to it but he also knew that she really liked doing this for him. Special good boy sex. He forced the head of his cock into his mother’s asshole since it was really the only way to penetrate her incredibly tight passage.

“Uh. Oh. Uh.” Janey grunted as his erection fit into her so snugly. “I bet you’re glad you’ve been a good boy right about now.

Rory was holding his weight off of her a bit so she could breathe and he managed to get his hands under her to feel her ample tits. “Ung oh Mom. I’m glad we don’t do this all the time. It really feels like I’ve been very good this week.” With that the real fucking began and Janey slid her hand down to her crotch and rubbed out three quick cums by the time Rory spent his essence in that oh so tight hole.

Six and a half years earlier, Janey was horny as fuck. Her husband, Rory’s father still lived with the woman and their son but he was absent so often and so inattentive when he was home that his beautiful sexy wife was at her wits end. Her trusty vibrating dildo, shaped and textured like a real cock just wasn’t inducing the kind of orgasms that she craved. Rory was six months past his nineteenth birthday and looked strong and sexy to her. Janey had thoughts of seducing him but had no idea how to go about it. It was so taboo and if he was unable or unwilling to go along with it and keep it a deep secret just between the two of them then she’d lose everything. She may even end up in jail.

Rory’s mom hatched a plan and put it into play. When her husband Frank was away doing God knows what, Janey started showing her son more skin. She wore tighter shorts and more transparent tops. Most of the time there was no bra restraining her sizeable tits and she started hugging him more often and tighter, lingering and searching his face for a reaction.

The boy definitely noticed the change and liked it. Sometimes during her drawn out hugs, his hand would slide down to the top of her tight ass and caress it cautiously. This prompted Janey to push her girl parts against his man parts trying to feel if he was getting a boner. Soon enough there was evidence that Rory was as horny as she hoped and the next step was to start kissing him. The kisses started fairly mildly, just quick lips on lips but they evolved into something much more intimate.

By the time Rory was about to turn twenty they had reached the heavy petting stage with each other. The orgasms Janey achieved from her son’s fingers were better than she could induce with her big vibrator. When she handled his hard cock until he ejaculated she was amazed at the amount that her son shot into her hand or onto her heaving breasts.

A few days before his birthday Janey told tuzla escort him that she had something special planned for his big day.

Rory was pretty sure that he knew what it would be. His father of course had to be somewhere else on his son’s birthday and the other two members of the family were fine with his absence.

The big day came and there was no evidence that Janey had a big party planned. There were however Rory’s favorite foods, lovingly prepared and a beautiful cake on display. Some small wrapped presents waited near the cake and his mother was dressed in such a sexy manner that the young man’s brain buzzed with anticipation.

No hand job and finger fuck tonight he was sure. With just the two of them here alone, Rory was going to get to fuck his mother and he was jumping out of his skin with excitement.

The two ate dinner as calmly as they could and had cake for desert and Rory opened a nice watch from Frank and some new clothes from Janey. He thanked her and held her tight kissing her sensuously. Their tongues twined and he squeezed her ass kind of hard making his mom squeal.

“I have one more thing to give you honey. I left it in your room. Come with me and give it to me, um, I mean I’ll give it to you.”

They laughed and both suddenly a bit shy, they walked hand in hand to Rory’s bedroom.

His mother closed the door and locked it and then fell into his arms. “Your present is me and I did mean give it to me. Any way you like.”

“Oh Mom. I want to make love to you so bad but I think I’m going to have to fuck you the first couple of times.”

Janey laughed and said, “The first couple of times? How many times do you think you get?”

“I’m going to be your lover for the rest of our lives Mom.” Rory said seriously.

“Oh God. Get me naked Honey. I want to be your lover for the rest of my life. Making love or fucking, I’ll do everything with you.”

Even as she said this Rory was divesting her of her clothing and then he stripped faster than he ever had in his life.

Once they were both on the bed facing each other there was that shyness again. They kissed and gazed into each other’s eyes then it was too much for Rory and he rolled atop his new lover. Holding himself up on extended arms, he asked his mother to help him. Janey reached down and guided his missile into her silo.

She felt her son shove his cock all the way into her and she moaned. She hadn’t been ready to be penetrated so abruptly but tried to make it sound more sensual than surprised or painful. Rory, true to his word needed to fuck his mother and fuck her he did. Janey took it in stride and enjoyed all of the urgency her son held for her. He lasted long enough that she was approaching an orgasm when his eyes squeezed tightly closed and he moaned and shot into her for the first time. Janey came too as she felt several hot shots of his cum squirt into her core.

‘Once the edge is off, he’s going to make a marvelous lover.’ Janey thought to herself.

“I’m sorry Mom,” Rory said as he lay at her side panting. “I didn’t mean to hurt you, I was just so hot and horny for you that I shoved right in without letting you get used to it.”

Janey sighed, “It’s OK honey. We were both so ready and it just surprised me to feel that whole big thing of yours up in me all at once. You felt so good as soon as we were fucking. Oh Rory, we were fucking. Fucking so so good. I’m going to love having you as a lover. Your cock is just a bit bigger than my dildo. It felt so good I just don’t usually shove it into me quite so hard.”

“Mom! You use a dildo? Where is it?”

“In my room. You’ll see it someday. I bet you’d like to see me slide it into my pussy and pump it in and out. You would probably stroke that magnificent prick of yours while you watched me make myself cum.”

“Oh Mom, I’m hard again. I’ll be gentler this time but I need to fuck you again.”

Mom rolled onto her tummy and spread for her son. Not needing any more instruction, Rory put his belly on his mother’s ass and slid his cock slowly back into her pussy. He didn’t mind getting sloppy seconds from himself and it made his hard penis slide right in. He started fucking her slowly while holding her hips but Janey rose up on her elbows and said, “Grab mommies’ titties Honey. Pinch my nipples and make me cum again. Oh I uh love your cock. You’re fucking me so good baby.”

With Rory pinching her nipples tightly she spasmed around his cock.

Rory was not anywhere close to cumming and fucked her slowly for about fifteen more minutes before his thrusts became more urgent as his mom pushed her ass back against him and he finally came inside her again.

He rolled off her and pulled her in for a long kiss. “I could get used to that Mom. You are one hot fuck. I love you ‘mommy’.”

“Heat of the moment Honey. I hardly know what I saying when I’m trying to cum.”

For months mother and son took every opportunity to love each other. They tried pendik escort everything either of them could think of or had ever heard of. Janey would straddle her son’s face while she bathed his hard prick with her tongue. With Rory licking her pussy for all he was worth she would moan and hum around his thrusting phallus. As her cunt pulsed on his oral digit he would let loose enough of his cum into her sucking mouth to fill her belly.

One of their trysts had rewarded them both with searing climaxes and as they caught their breath, Janey started rubbing Rory’s dick again.

“Mom I don’t know if I can get ready again so soon. Aren’t you sore from that pounding I just gave you?”

“My pussy sure is but my butt is wanting a good fucking.”

Rory’s cock twitched and Janey smiled.

“We’ve never done it in the ass.” Rory said. “Do you like it back there?”

“I have in the past but you’re a lot bigger than anyone I’ve ever been with. If we use a lot of lube and you take me slow, I think we’ll be fine.”

Rory’s pole was fully erect and Janey reached into her nightstand to extract a bottle of gel lubricant. “Get a couple of your fingers nice and slick with this and finger my asshole Baby.”

Rory was tentative about what he and his mother were about to do but his dick was driving him and he did as he was told. Janey’s backdoor clinched around his two fingers and the tempo of her breathing increased. He saw her hand slide down between her legs and that his Mom was masturbating while he fingered her butthole.

“Is your cock hard for my butt Rory?”


“Get it nice and slippery and put some more lube in me and then slide it in to your mother.”

“OK Mom. Here it comes.”

Janey pulled he cheeks apart so her son could see her little browneye. He aimed and he scored pushing into her as she let out a long moan.

“You Ok Mom?” Rory sounded scared but also slightly pained as his prick penetrated the tightest hole he had ever experienced.

Uh. Yes honey. Give me a little more then let me adjust to you.”

“Oh Mom, it’s so nice in there.” He said after about two minutes. “I want to fuck you now.”

“Go ahead. Fuck Mommies ass. Be gentle. Oh Shit.”

Rory had finally gotten his whole hardon embedded in his mother’s rectum and then he started sawing in and out slowly.

Janey had her finger on her clitoris and every time Rory thrust in she pushed harder on her little trigger. “Oh fuck baby, Mommy’s gonna cum.”

“Yeah Mom. Mommy. Cum on my dick. I’m right behind you. Ah. Cumming in your behind.”

Both of them were covered in a sheen of sweat as they lay beside each other. Rory caressed her tits gently and he could smell her ass on his fingers. “Honey you need to get up and go wash your hands and your cock. It’s just a good habit to get into when you do anal with anyone. It wouldn’t be good to stick it in my pussy or for me to suck you after you’ve been ‘in there’.”

Rory didn’t feel like moving at the moment but what his mother said made sense. “OK Mom. God that was so…”

“I know. We’ll do that again if you’re a good boy.”

Rory went to the bathroom down the hall and decided to just take a shower. His hands and his dick and everything would get nice and clean that way.

When he returned to the bedroom his mom was asleep on her stomach and her legs were spread slightly. Rory could see his cum leaking from her asshole and dribbling along her slit. He entered the bed with as little commotion as possible and fell asleep beside her.

As the years had passed, their occasional nocturnal fucking had become a bit routine. Each knew what the other wanted by watching for subtle signals so Rory was surprised when Janey told him that he needed to put in for three weeks of vacation starting in the middle of next month.

“Why Mom? You know how busy we are at work.”

“That’s too bad we haven’t taken any time off in a long time and we’re going to leave this shitty weather and hang loose in Hawaii.”

“I think that sounds nice. I’ll talk my bosses into it somehow.”

“We’ll also be sleeping together every night and we won’t be too tired to fuck. I want to act like a real couple for a while. How’s that sound?”

“Well my dick seems to think it’s a good idea. Do we have time right now to practice?”

“Well it’s going to have to be a bit of a quickie but let’s fuck.” Janey said pulling at her clothing as she watched Rory do the same. To save time they didn’t go to a bedroom but instead Janey bent over the arm of the big chair in the living room and Rory’s hard cock slid in from behind. With her hands on the other side of the chair Rory had full access to her swinging jugs. He squeezed both of her breasts hard as he fucked his mother doggie style.

“God Mom I got so hot thinking about being on vacation with you. We’re going to have to make it a habit.”

“Uh UN HA,” his mother said with Rory’s cock slamming into her. “Yeah Baby. Oh. I can tell that this was a good idea. Yeah. I’m about to cum Rory.”

“Almost there Mom. Ahhhh.”

Janey got her quickie in spades and after catching their breath for a few minutes, the two got their clothes back on and adjusted and both headed out to work. They did both have a certain glow for the rest of the day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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