No Smoking

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Foreplay: Whilst reading through what I’d written I decided to split it into mini chapters, I hope it helps. Any feedback is appreciated.

Clarification : References to girls and boys within this story are made to distinguish between late teens/ early twenties students and older men and women. All characters are over 18.

1 Addiction

It was a bad habit. She knew that from countless arguments at home but Leah just couldn’t quit. She’d tried, by god she’d tried. She knew some boys just didn’t want to know her but it was their loss; they could go, Leah thought, and find some girl as sexy and loving as she who didn’t smoke. Tough shit. She could remember the day, just after her thirteenth birthday, when she was told, no, cajoled into trying her first cigarette. ‘Many teenage girls at least try a smoke in the girls lavvies at school (rest rooms)’ she was told by the Happy group – the group that despite teacher intervention persuaded any girl weaker than them that she should follow their example. This made life less than happy for the ones who disobeyed.

Leah’s first smoke, her first ciggy – taken by the Happy’s from some girl who ‘owed’ them – made her puke the whole remains of her partly digested lunch into the toilet bowl. Her second smoke made her cough and choke but the third was quite acceptable, helping her chill, making the history lesson less challenging. Somehow from there it developed into a habit, the nicotine easing the challenges of her teenage years.

Daddy, whom she loved and who loved her, was far from happy. Her mother had eventually stopped arguing, stopped withdrawing privileges, given up all hope of combating the relentless tug of the nicotine craves. There was a constant debt to pay, for despite the cheap supplies brought home from Belgium, Spain, Austria and Eastern Europe, hidden from Customs officials, smoking was an expensive habit. The Happys always had affordable supplies but expected money or favours in return, sometimes both. Then, at 18 she discovered a new way to feed her moderate ten a day needs. Other daddies, well mannered, well behaved fathers of her many girl friends, would gladly supply cigs in return for half an hour of her attention. There was always guilt, for she loved her own daddy so much. But nicotine was hard to quit and a few gropes, the odd BJ and even being skillfully licked out by a tongue of one friend’s daddy – his wife abhorred anything oral – was an acceptable solution to end hours of craving her next cigarette. Shivers went down her spine, goosebumps appeared from nowhere and a gush of lubrication oozed into her panties whenever she recalled the exquisite pleasure of a skilled tongue. If only her own daddy would.

2 New Home

Chris’s car pulled into the small parking space near Leah’s home for the Autumn semester. The family hatchback was crammed with stuff that Leah couldn’t possibly leave at home. Of course there were clothes, bed linen, a down and feather duvet, TV, laptop and much more. The old but spacious flat was surprisingly cheap compared to many of the major city student accommodations. The early part of Leah’s 3 year university course was located at a former polytechnic – although the academic staff would strenuously deny that their lecturing roles were any less important than the top staff at Britain’s major universities. The journey had taken a little under two hours, far enough away from home to mean adjusting to a new student life but near enough to come home occasional weekends if Leah got homesick.

Finally the car was unpacked. “Do you have to go so soon daddy?” asked Leah, tears welling up, hugging Chris so tightly that his uncontrollable erection must have been very apparent to her. Her hips were thrust against him in a way that more suited a boyfriend, but it had happened that way many times before, most times well out of sight of her mother. It had happened particularly at times when Leah wanted to borrow money and at those times she found that her daddy wasn’t quite as keen to move away.

“I have a couple of hours driving back home,” he answered, “But I guess another half hour won’t matter.” He knew that there was something special between them – it had been that way right from early years. Leah helped him fix the car, if only in a gofer way. At 6 years old she would go for a spanner, or a screwdriver, or a cloth or any other item he needed. At 7 she knew more about a toolbox than a toy box and could make him a perfectly brewed mug of tea. At 8,9,10 she would go for long walks with him and even in those troublesome teenage years her daddy was there to resolve her strops, help with homework and help her realise breaking up with a boyfriend wasn’t the end of the world.

“Thank you daddy,” she said, hugging him even tighter. He was very much aware of her sex pressing against his leg, her own leg gently massaging his bulge, her heel almost imperceptibly rising and falling. These ‘boyfriend’ hugs had only started in the last few months, şirinevler escort in particular shortly after her 18th birthday when a boyfriend had ditched her. That was the first time she had purposely rubbed herself against him and he’d had to pull away. Ruth, his wife and Leah’s mother had only been a matter of feet away, albeit immersed in a televised drama. On that evening Leah had been wearing a similar short, loose skirt to the one she had on now. His own rather tight fitting (he really needed to lose weight) summer trousers leaving his daughter in no doubt about which part of his anatomy she’d targeted.

“This has to stop,” he whispered in her ear, fully aware of his wife nearby. He pulled away. He patted and squeezed her perfectly rounded rump to try to convey he wasn’t disinterested, but felt guilty about reacting to her attention. He could have allowed her to continue pressing herself against his bulge. He could have allowed his hands to cup her butt cheeks underneath her skirt. He could have allowed his mouth to relax and let his tongue play games with hers but he didn’t. Instead he chided her and walked away into the adjoining kitchen.

“But daddy, it’s only a hug,” she answered, feigning disapproval.

“I’m your father,” he reminded her, “Not your boyfriend.”

“But if you enjoy hugs and I enjoy hugging you, well surely it’s OK.”

“But this,” he pointed to the very prominent bulge in his pants with notes of frustration and anger in his voice, “Isn’t OK.” Frustration and anger masked his guilt. This was no means the first time Leah had tried.

There, that day, in the student house living area and many miles away from Ruth, Leah made no attempt to disguise her frustration, even sitting on the well worn armchair in a pose that never attempted to hide the peek of her panties under her very short skirt.

Chris felt uncomfortable, trying very hard to ignore the damp patch where his daughter’s inbuilt lubrication had soaked through the pale green material covering her pussy lips. He glanced yet again, unable to resist the temptation. The pale green gradually darkened, leaving him in no doubt that Leah was as aroused as him.

3 Daddy’s Dilemma

He reviewed the situation during the lonely drive home. Why was he so scared of submitting to his daughter’s advances? Illegal, immoral? That was the hard line. Unacceptable? To who? To Ruth of course. It didn’t take Leah to complain, and she probably never would – a friend, a neighbour or any one of many other innocent observers need only make one ill-timed remark and Chris might end up knee deep in shit. He shook his head, put the car air-con on full and tried once more to reason it out.

A prolonged hug and kiss wasn’t out of the range of normal parent responsibilities but if only Leah didn’t smoke. He hated smokers breath – had done ever since his own days of kissing girls whilst in his teens and Leah’s habit could well be a plausible reason to stop this in its tracks. Period. Refreshed by the cool air he tried to concentrate on the drive home. He stopped at the services, mulled over an over-expensive double espresso, took a piss and washed his face with cold water. Refreshed and invigorated he arrived home in an improved state of mind.

“How did it go?” asked Ruth.

“As expected,” Chris replied, “I helped her unpack, waited till she’d introduced herself to the three other girls and after a long, tearful hug I left her to begin her prolonged stay away from home.” That was true, but he omitted the previous hour, an uncomfortable hour wrestling with his conscience. He could have given in, let his daughter – his only daughter – hump his leg, rub him off with her own, kiss him until his brain just melted, seduce him. His 19 year old daughter SEDUCE him? What the hell. By the time the autumn semester was under way Leah would have a boyfriend and her daddy would be relegated.

He hoped.

4 Giving It Up

Within days of the autumn semester beginning there was a meeting called. The university had a strict No Smoking policy and ‘every help will be given to students committed to quitting’ leaflets were posted on every notice board.

The options given at the well attended meeting were free NHS help of counselling together with nicotine patches and the alterative therapies of acupuncture and hypnotherapy.

“Of the three options,” summarised the speaker after some lengthy pros and cons, “The NHS option is free and has a good success rate and hypnotherapy, though with a charge, has also helped students to settle into their new environment. Acupuncture is a centuries old therapy, though introduced to us last year and the cost can be negotiated.” The speaker went on to say, however, that the NHS option included being registered with a local medical practitioner and a waiting list, currently around 3 months. There was a chance to speak with university staff afterwards, over a cup of coffee. şişli escort The hypnotherapist would be visiting the following week and he offered a simple induction, free of charge, to test the suitability of his services.

“I think I’m going to give it a try,” said Leah to Sandy, one of the other girls sharing the same house. “Though I don’t want to have to wait 3 months nor do I want needles stuck in me. Daddy and mum hate me smoking.”

“I know two of my friends who tried hypnosis,” said Sandy, “And they quit altogether, but I also know you need several sessions at around £30 a time. I think if you’re serious then you should go to the free tester next week and you’ll have a better idea if it might work.”

“I’m going to have to try something,” admitted Leah, “And now is as good a time as any. I think I’ll do like you say and give the tester a try.”

5 Unexpected Benefits

There were just six smokers who went to the hypnosis trial and all were girls.

“I suggest at least three sessions,” said the smartly dressed young man. He could, thought Leah, even have been a fellow student but the clothes gave him away – or perhaps he was just dressing to impress. He seemed calm, well spoken with a silky soft tone of voice. It was calming just to hear him give his sales pitch. “And tonight,” he continued, “Is just to test whether hypnosis would be a good way to permanently stop your urge or desire to smoke. My fees are usually £35 per session one-to-one, but if you’re all OK to continue I can do a combined group session for £120, or £20 each.”

The girls took only a minute or two to decide the group session would be within their tight student budget. “So just stand in a line here,” he directed, “Close your eyes and we’ll begin.” Leah remembered something about imagining a helium balloon – the ones you got at parties – being tied to her left wrist, and a weight – rather like grandma had on her kitchen scales – being placed on her open right hand. Yes, then there were two, three, four balloons, though she couldn’t feel her left arm rising, while the weights added, one by one, on to her right hand. When she opened her eyes she was amazed at how much one arm had risen and the other lowered. And then … nothing.

A click of fingers and she was sitting on one of the chairs, amazed at how relaxed she felt, how relaxed and … horny? “Well done,” said Ralph, stood alone in front of her. “In case you’re wondering, the others left a few moments ago. I’ve agreed to let them attend a session together for the same £20 each, but you … well you really are a star, the best subject I’ve ever had. How do you feel?”

“Great …” said Leah, “Just as if I’d slept for hours. And I’m buzzing.”

“Just as if you’ve had a cigarette?”

Leah shook her head, “You must be mistaken. I don’t smoke, never have. It’s an awful habit.”

Ralph smiled, “OK, I believe you, but just in case you change your mind just give a tug on the rubber band on your wrist.”

“Oh, OK,” said Leah. She hadn’t noticed the wide band on her wrist.

“How are you fixed for time?” asked Ralph. Leah looked at her watch, puzzled. Almost an hour had passed, though it only felt like minutes. Hell, she felt so horny and shuffled in her chair, legs pressed together. “Feel good?” Ralph continued. “Hold my hand.” Almost without thinking, Leah did as her asked. As he slowly shook her hand Leah felt a light tingle run all the way through it, passing her shoulder and making her right breast tingle. “It’s a new therapy I’m developing,” he explained, “Which works best with people who can be very deeply hypnotised, which is why you feel so relaxed.”

“But I can’t remember anything except the balloons and weights.” Leah’s suddenly felt very concerned, “Hey,” she said, spitting out the words, “Have you been touching my tits? Is that why all the others ran off? What’s your fuckin’ game?”

“Whoa! I induced post-hypnotic amnesia to test whether my new treatment worked without you knowing what I’d suggested.” *click* “Sleep.” Immediately Leah’s eyes closed and her head dropped. “When you awake you’ll remember every little detail of our session this evening.” *click*

“Wow,” said Leah, “So you explained everything to me? Wow!”

“What happened was that all the others, except one, were able to go into trance OK, but I realised that even in a short space of time you could go very deep. I offered you the option of free sessions to try out an idea I had.”

Leah smiled, “And I agreed, sucker that I am for anything free! I remember.”

“So which would you rather have, a cigarette or to shake my hand?”

“But why ask me that? I told you that I don’t smoke.” As soon as her hand touched his, the tingles gave her nipples the lightest but the most wonderful tickle. She shivered.

Ralph looked delighted, “That’s fantastic. Don’t worry, I didn’t take any liberties, it’s all recalled feelings – whatever happened taksim escort just then has happened before or it’s something you’ve fantasised about. The very pleasant feeling was stuck, hidden away in your subconscious, until you needed it again. Let’s try your other hand.”

“Oh fuck, that’s just divine. How the hell …?”

“I told you. It all in your memory.”

“So how come I felt so horny just now when I woke up.”

“Simple. While you were in trance I got you to recall an evening with a boyfriend … “

“You WHAT???”

“You agreed. Tom, wasn’t it?”

“You bastard. That’s private and …”

“Chill, Leah. You didn’t tell me anything. I’m just teasing. I just asked you to recall a memorable evening with him.”

“Did I cum?”

“Whoa again. I’m offering a pleasant way of quitting smoking, I’m not writing a script for a porn film. Did you cum? I don’t think so. But if you really want to … “

“Not with you. No.”

“I wouldn’t want that, Leah. I’m quite happily married. You’ll have noticed the rubber band on your wrist. Just pull it when you feel the need for a cigarette.”


“Just in case someone offers one and you feel it’s impolite to say no.”

“So if I … ” Leah tugged the band, “Bloody hell!” Without thinking, her butt pushed forward on the chair and her legs parted, making her already short skirt ride up.

“I really don’t need to see your pink panties,” said Ralph. Leah blushed and pulled her skirt straight, though after another twang on the band she simply repeated what she’d done.

She grinned a rather seductive grin, “If this rubber band always works so well, I think you deserve a free show.”

“I told you, I’m happily married.”

“And you never window shop?” Leah pulled on the rubber again. It was as if she was ultra horny but not touching herself at all – yet the feeling defied all understanding. She shuffled forward again, right on the edge of the chair to allow access to an invisible tongue. Eyes now closed she tugged once more on the strip of rubber resin. “Oh my god,” she murmured rather than spoke.

“Take it steady,” said Ralph, his eyes glued to the darkening strip of material being soaked in love juice. But Leah was way gone, locked in the whirl of her own brain chemistry. She came, loud and long, still pulling at the magic band on her wrist. Ralph almost came in his pants.

6 The Morning After and the Evening Before

Leah had slept soundly, a dreamless sleep, a sleep that had been the best night’s sleep since she could ever remember – she slept like a baby.

Before she even thought of rising from the bed, she reached over to the bedside cabinet and picked up her pack of the cheapest cigarettes that a student could afford, and her disposable lighter. Without thinking, sleep still in her eyes, she lit up … and immediately coughed and spluttered the same way she’d done at school. Puzzled, she calmed and cautiously took another drag. Her face turned pale. Moving quickly out of bed she grabbed the nearest container she could find and puked up her guts. When the final retch left her she finally calmed enough to realise that she was no longer a smoker – old habits had overtaken the previous evening’s conversation with Ralph.

Whatever Ralph had done he was very good at his work. Rapidly unscrambling her sleep-fogged mind she gazed idly at the quarter inch wide rubber band on her wrist. Her reward, yes, her reward for kicking the habit. A reward she remembered that was for her and her alone. A reward for kicking the disgusting habit of smoking. Gently she pulled, and immediately felt the phantom touch of a hand drawn slowly over firstly one breast then the other. She tugged at the band again and felt her nipples gently thumbed, causing them to swell.The phantom of course was non existent – Leah’s memory was simply recalling the touches of a tantric minded boyfriend. Unfortunately his skills had been spread around other girls in the town.

Wearing little more than a skimpy nightie and a pair of pink fluffy slippers Leah made herself a coffee, took it back to her room and slipped into bed.

“Just remember the band,” Ralph had said, the last words he’d spoken as he dropped her off home. A voyeur maybe, but he was the perfect gentleman. Leah had spent two hours with him the evening before.

“So why me?” Leah had asked after the missing hour.

“Because you’re the perfect girl to try my new ideas,” said Ralph. “I could sense you were going to go very deeply into hypnosis.”


“And you agreed to help. So I decided to offer you the best pleasure that nature can give.” Then the handshake and the rubber band. Leah smiled, then grinned, what should she care that Ralph had a perfect view. He deserved it so she closed her eyes and tugged relentlessly at the band. She came once, twice, three times. Ralph just sat, observing the results of his experiment, neither moving nor touching her. Leah giggled to herself, Ralph had such a package, that very evident.

They had talked, “I want to make you an offer,” said Ralph.


“I share some of my skills with you if you can enlist some volunteers for me.”

“I don’t know. What do you want me to do?”

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