No More Monkeys… Ch. 05

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“Is this a private party…”

Yeah, I had only dreamt that. My two daughters had fallen asleep in bed with me, but my older daughter, Carolyn’s friendly rival, Jeanie, had not walked in on us. If she had, the sex might have been great, but the rivalry and the sheer logistics of four people, three young women barely over eighteen, might have been too much. Sure, Jeanie had seduced me after teasing me for so long that I had sex with my younger daughter, Dulcie, first. And Jeanie had joined Dulcie and I for the romp which Carolyn had interrupted when she had unexpected returned from college. Which had led to sex with Caro, and finally, a threesome with both daughters. All of which had gone blessedly well. None of the awkwardness expected after incestuous adventures. Adding Jeanie to the mix would have been pushing my luck. Better left to the imagination.

Which I did. Imagine, that is. About half the time, the fantasies were fine fodder for a fistful of cock. They typically began with images of Jeanie just crawling up under the sheet from the bottom, right through the thicket of legs, and taking my resurgent cock into her hand, guiding it to her mouth, and sucking it back to rigidity. Unfortunately, the more often I played out the scene, the more often, and earlier in the scene Caro woke up and started a jealous spat – a guaranteed cock wilting image.

Carolyn had gone back to school, her ego massaged along with every inch of her luscious body. I could probably have sex with Dulcie almost any time I wanted if I asked, but she was busy with the whirlwind of school and cheerleading, so I gave her space. Or maybe that was a rationalization to mask guilt about deflowering her, when she should be finding a nice young man her own age – she needed a prom date, at least.

“No Dulcie, no Jeanie,” I also irrationally rationalized. Jeanie had been like a gift from Dulcie to me, and I perhaps was more than a bit afraid to try seducing Jeanie on my own – what if she rejected me? And I dared not enlist Dulcie in a further threesome seduction, lest she end up listing to the lesbian edge of the bisexuality spectrum – at least not ’til after that prom date. In spite of my unconventional sexual escapades, I still retained a conservative streak.

So those few weeks between Caro’s return to school and her next visit were a return to the celibacy I had endured for years after my wife’s death. Dulcie was cheerful and friendly, but that just increased my frustration. I begged the unseen gods of lust to encourage her to re enact her “monkeys bouncing on the bed” seduction scene. All that accomplished was me taking matters into my own hands two, three, four times a day – in my bed on awaking; in the shower; quickly in the guest bathroom after Dulcie dashed closely past me in the kitchen half undressed… but no amount of self relief gave me peace.

I began coming upstairs just after I knew Dulcie had gone to her room, lingering in the hallway, ears straining to hear the sound of bedsprings, praying for that wordless invitation to the childhood ritual of telling my girls “no more monkeys bouncing on the bed”. Dulcie had seduced me once that way, proving to me that she was no longer a little girl, but, rather all woman, her pert breasts responsive to my touch, aching for my tongue. Her clit swelling as we made out, and singing its own sweet song when we finally fucked.

All I heard was my daughter’s soft purring as she settled into sleep, exhausted from her busy day. Sometimes, her door would be left ajar. I never had the nerve to treat this as an invitation to enter and initiate sex, but more than once, I flattened myself against the drywall in just the perfect spot to peep through the gap. Dulcie continued to wear baby doll nighties, innocent and girlish, but when she lay on her side facing the door, her elbows presses her tits together, and if the light was right, I could make out her nipples through the sheer fabric. My cock would invariably swell, and I would take it in my fist, stroking myself as I watched her sleep, each breath pushing that fabulous chest out toward me, only to have it fade back, teasing me, as if I had not already had the pleasure of licking those nipples and fondling that flesh.

“Jeanie hasn’t been around,” I tried one evening as Dulcie washed the dishes, just to see if Dulcie might take the hint.

It was like she had awakened my sleeping sexuality, and now I needed her to feed it. The fact she had showered while I prepared supper, and had put on that sheer baby doll nightie wasn’t helping my state of equilibrium. Watching her delicate nipples through the fabric made it hard for me to concentrate on the food on my plate. As she washed up, I leaned against the counter, trying not to stare too hard at her ass, which was barely contained by lacy boy cut panties. It had been a late dinner, after she got home from cheerleading, but even so, it was odd that she had not put sweats on like she normally did.

“She’s Carolyn’s friend, not mine,” Dulcie replied without a glance mecidiyeköy escort in my direction, “I think she thought that our little game was all about her, and when she saw that we were with Caro instead of her, she ran…”

Dulcie shrugged. I thought I saw a tear. Like any good father, I took my baby in my arms. Most Dads might not get a raging hard on as they comfort their daughter, though. Dulcie felt it, responding by grinding her groin against mine, pressing rock hard nipples against my ribs. I kissed the top of her head, just as I had when she was a little girl.

“I love you, Daddy,” Dulcie whispered. Her arms reached around me, caressing my back. I slid my hands along her spine in response, but kept going, settling my fingers gently on her ass, pressing that flesh lightly.

“You’ve been such a good little monkey, not bouncing on your bed,” I replied, testing the waters.

“Oh, Daddy, I’ve just been so tired,” she sighed, but then she giggled, which made her nipples dance along my ribcage. “Were you afraid I was keeping Jeanie to myself?”

I forced a chuckle, squeezing her ass just a bit more firmly.

“You and Jeanie are free to do whatever you want.” I forced the words out, even though I almost cried just thinking them. I grinned again though as Dulcie’s butt pushed back slightly against my hands, with just a hint of a wiggle.

“So are you and Jeanie…” my daughter replied.

A chuckle instinctively rose from my chest. “I’m hardly about to invite her over… what would I say: ‘hi, Jeanie, how about a booty call?'”

“No, silly, you just remind her she’s welcome to use our pool any time. That should remind her of our afternoon together, and hopefully she’ll bring her skimpiest bikini – or none at all.”

“Except it’s a bit cold for sunbathing this fall.”

Dulcie pouted like my little girl. “You’re right, I guess. But, hey, Caro’s home this weekend coming up. She could invite Jeanie over. I’d do it, but I’m going with the cheerleaders on the football road trip.”

“Will Caro be as eager as you to help me get laid? ” I worried out loud. “And how will it work without the pool to get the girls half naked?”

As I spoke, Dulcie rose on her toes, thrusting her chest harder against my body, curving her bum deeper into my palms. She lifted her chin and kissed my nose.

“Silly Daddy, sex with you is so great, I’m sure Jeanie will find a way if Carolyn doesn’t.”

She wiggled her hips in emphasis, grinding forward against my rigid cock. My fingers twitched, begging to shift enough to curl into the cleavage of her buttocks, to shove aside the fabric of the nightie, to tease her anus, to push this encounter past the point of no return. My brain refused to shut up and allow this to just unfold.

“The sex is great?” I squeaked like an anxious teenager in need of reassurance. “I thought you might have decided you didn’t like it. If it was great, why haven’t we done it again?”

Dulcie chuckled. “Because I don’t want to get addicted. I want it to be special. Plus, if we kept on doing it without Jeanie, and with Carolyn away, would I get jealous? Would they? Just way too much to think about Daddy.”

The sociocultural reasons why incest is taboo, laid out there between us.

“But you’re willing to shove me at them? Aren’t you worried about how that will make you feel?”

This time the laugh was a very girlish giggle which expanded Dulcie’s chest in tempo, rubbing the nightie against my flesh, sending electricity down to my cock, ensuring that I stayed hard throughout this serious chat. She chewed her lip before speaking again, another habit much more typical of her childhood than the young woman she had become. Her eyes hooded over, a sign of heavy thinking.

“I’m not exactly shoving them at you,” she finally reasoned. “Just encouraging you to see how events unfold.”

Another thoughtful pause.

“Besides,” Dulcie resumed, “I think it might be time for me to unfurl my wings a bit. I mean, as great as sex with you has been, I need to try out other cocks. Not to mention, the play with Jeanie and Caro has really confused me more than just a bit about my orientation. Am I bi? Or was that just something I did to please you? Or is it them specifically who are exceptions to me being straight? The trip this weekend should be a chance to find out as bit more about my sexuality. Only eight chaperones for sixty horny footballers and cheerleaders. I’m guessing I’ll either get some cock, or if the chaperones keep us secure in our rooms, I’ll see what unfolds with my roomies when we change and shower – not to mention two girls per bed.”

Her tongue flicked along her lower lip. ” Ohhhhh, just thinking about that made my clit throb even more than feeling your swollen helmet trying to separate my labia. I guess I really am attracted to girls – curious to try more, at least.”

Her chuckle this time was throaty, adult. My little girl was growing up before my eyes, with nişantaşı escort her teardrop ass cradled in my hands. Soon there would be no more childish games of bouncing on the bed. Still, Jeanie was unquestionably a very experienced young woman, and she had used her girlishness to seduce me, so the change in Dulcie would not be like flicking a light switch. After the football weekend, though, there would be a more experienced, dare I say ‘used’ quality. If Dulcie followed Jeanie’s pattern, that would make her more adventuresome, but the freshness that I found so compelling would fade.

“Why is your cock shrivelling, Daddy?” Dulcie asked in her curious voice, more like a five year old learning about turtles shrinking into their shells than a young woman in incestuous play with a widower father. “I will always be your special little girl.”

Again she giggled, bouncing on her toes, driving nipples and hips tight into my flesh. She grinned as my organ refilled.

“I doubt I’ll ever find anybody as good as you to fuck. I promise to bring more girls over to share if I find that I like sex with girls generally, rather than just my sister and her former best friend.”

“But what if they’re girls who don’t like boys…men, I should say?”

Dulcie’s belly rubbed my swollen member as she chuckled more. “None of my cheerleader friends are hairy armpit dykes – and yes, Dad I know about lipstick lesbians, but I think I’ll sort out the bi ones just fine.”

Both of us widened our eyes as we realized just what she had done – casually admitting and accepting that she was more than just bi curious. Our gaze locked together as we processed this latest information, and then, for me at least, long after. Having watched Dulcie enjoy girl sex, I could hardly judge her, so I relaxed and explored inside her soul. Inside her eyes, I still found the same sweet monkey who used to bounce on her bed to avoid going to sleep, to force one last good night. A girl with a lot of love to give, but the need for a lot in return. No wonder she would need to seek affection from both genders, and, I accepted, probably for many people in many ways.

As we paused, my hands did some processing of their own, kneading the flesh of that toned athletic bum. Although I had been her first man, I felt no guilt at triggering her sexual curiosity. Between genetics and the role model of her affectionate mother, Dulcie had many influences besides me. I felt myself frown as I wished that her mother had lived to see what a fine young woman we had raised.

“Oh, Daddy, what will turn that frown upside down?” Dulcie asked, hopefully not aware of my thinking of her mother at that moment. “I know… how about you fuck my ass? I know you’d want to be my first, and if we do it now, and I like it, that’s one more option for the road trip, and it’ll prove to you that I’m not rejecting more sex with you.”

Her cheerful babbling made it all seem very natural and sensible, rather than the sick twisted incest it actually was. So natural that as she spoke, my fingers pulled her buttocks apart, and one started teasing her anus, which instantly responded, gaping open and almost sucking my fingertip inside her forbidden passage. As soon as she finished speaking, Dulcie lifted on her toes again, this time her lips parting and her tongue forcing its way into my mouth for a deep, non daughterly kiss. She held my hair in one hand, prolonging our contact. Her hips rotated, grinding more against my aching cock. She lowered herself gently, allowing my finger to slide past her sphincter, right to the bottom. I wiggled inside her colon. She giggled, finally coming up for air.

“I think I’m going to like this. I hope you do too,” she said, taking both sides of my chin in her palms and pulling my head down to kiss the tip of my nose.

A knot rose in my throat as I wondered whether she really wanted her ass deflowered so that she could take fat football player cocks up there. Visions of her on all fours on a hotel bed, one cock in her mouth, another in her ass, danced through by brain. I completed the picture by adding two cheerleaders, one sucking each of my baby’s nipples, playing with her cunt. Or, would she try triple penetration?

My heart ached, and some part of my fatherly mind was jealous, and concerned that my young daughter not gain a reputation as “easy”, but my cock spoke loudest, screaming and throbbing, not just for immediate release, but a future of imagining Dulcie’s adventures, and hopefully, sharing in them in some fashion.

“Promise me something?” I choked the words out.

“I’ll promise you anything Daddy, as long as you promise to fuck my ass,” Dulcie giggled, “and, if I like it, to do it lots more.”

“Fair enough. I’ll fuck your ass if you promise to tell me about all the guys that you have sex with – fucking, fingering, blow jobs… any sort of sex.”

Another giggle.

“That’s easy, Daddy, I’ll love watching your fat cock growing as you picture otele gelen escort me covered in spunk, or with my face buried in a sweet cunt while I get fucked doggy style. I’ll make sure to tell you about any girly sex too.”

She sealed her promise with a kiss, lips tight to mine, tongue bathing my teeth, tits flattened against my chest. Her hips rotated harder against my finger, as if trying to draw it deeper. I slid a second digit up her rear passage to add to her pleasure. Wetness from her cunt flooded her thighs, flowing all over my arm. I teased her labia with my baby finger as she broke the kiss and sighed.

“I’m almost cumming just like this, but since that finger isn’t about to get longer, no matter how many more you shove up there, I think it’s time for your cock.”

My baby bounced on her toes again, but this time, when she rose to kiss me, she grabbed my shoulders and locked her ankles behind my calves. She wriggled closer, her body warm against mine, head rolling onto one shoulder while she linked her hands behind my neck, just like when she was five or six and too tired to walk to her own bed. I grinned as I thought about how she must have faked that often, because a few minutes after I put her down, she and her sister would be monkeys bouncing on the bed.

“Take me to my bedroom,” Dulcie breathed up at me.

They say extraordinary situations give ordinary people extraordinary strength, and this was one of those moments. I don’t know if it was a surge of hormones or what, but I bounded up the stairs and down the hall effortlessly, with Dulcie’s perfect butt supported by my arm, but she felt totally weightless, or at least no heavier than when I carried her to bed as a toddler.

I did not need to be told when I entered the room that I should bounce my little monkey on the bed – she was no longer that little girl who I used to gently ease under the covers, trying not to wake her. She was all woman now, my eager playmate. Standing half way between the door and the bed, I gave my bundle a gentle toss. She bounced catlike on all fours, spinning with her cheerleader agility to face me, a huge grin shining up at me.

“Why do you still have clothes on?” she asked sweetly, breaking the trance induced by the rhythmic bobbing of those grapefruit sized boobs dangling from her chest, fully exposed as the nightie had fallen open.

“Because I needed to see my monkey bouncing on the bed first. And now, I want you to unwrap me like a present, to prove that this is what my monkey really wants.”

Dulcie gave a tiny bob of her head, an act of determined decision she had inherited or learnt from her mother. With a fresh grin up at me, she bounced closer to the edge of the mattress. Without thinking about it, I automatically stepped closer.

Her eyes locked on mine as she settled back on her haunches, both hands free to attack my belt, fumbling only slightly with the buckle. As she worked, the sides and backs of her hands brushed against the bulge in my pants, causing my cock to throb in response. This in turn provoked more girly giggles. The waist button of my pants proved tricky, I guess because the fabric was stretched by my girth, but once Dulcie managed to pop that loose, the zipper followed of its own accord, peeling down to release the pressure. She smiled even wider as she ran her fingers up my length, still encased in a thick layer of cotton.

I felt the wetness of my precum soaking through my briefs, and Dulcie honoured me, and it, by flicking her tongue over the spreading stain. Then she looked back up at me and giggled again.

“Yup, you still taste great. In fact, I think I want to lick you a while before you fuck my ass, if that’s okay with you Daddy.”

Without waiting for a response, my daughter’s fingers curled into the elastic waist of the briefs, and with a flick of her wrists, tugged the fabric down and out, allowing my cock to spring free, almost smacking her in the jaw as it fell free, still gaining more stiffness. Not having had sex in a couple of weeks, my hormones were racing as much as the day that Dulcie had ended my long drought of celibacy after her mother had died. My daughter’s devotion made it even more exciting.

I might have managed a slight nod of agreement, but Dulcie had not waited – she leaned forward, jaw relaxed, and slid my entire length into her open throat in a single smooth movement. She only closed her lips when they reached the very root of my cock. For a brief second, I once again wondered whether she had been practising on random football player cocks after cheer practises, but then, as she wrapped her tongue around my shaft, gradually pulling her mouth back along my shaft while kneading my balls in her tiny hand, I decided not to care. She was making love to my cock, worshipping it. What more could a horny Dad ask for?

Dulcie paused to take extra care slipping her tongue all around the bottom of my cock head, slowly collapsing her cheeks as she sucked it intensely, her fingers now encircling the rod still wet her saliva. I encouraged her by my moans, and then by running my fingers through her hair. I considered warning her how close I was, in case she was afraid I might not recover fast enough to ass fuck her. Once again, though, what she did next caused me to suspect my baby had been practising without me.

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