Nine Years Later

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This is my first story here, and I have no editor, so bear with me please. Know now that this story is -gay- incest between two fictional brothers. According to Literotica, incest trumps all so please don’t get upset over the two dicks after I posted this here. Again, you’ve been warned so if you’re upset over the homosexual content, it’s your fault for not reading.


Seth stared at the iPhone screen he held above him with his right hand as the left rubbed at his aching cock. 3:36 AM, and it was his tenth time visiting the page in the past five hours. Once again, he pressed the link and was taken to a dark grey page decorated with pamphlets, pictures of piercings and tattoos. Immediately, he went to the “About the Owner” tab and saw his twenty-six year old brother, Connor. Below the picture of the pale raven were shots of Connor’s pierced dick and nipples, the works of another employee at his business. Seth closed his eyes and squeezed the raging bulge in his pants. A breathy moan escaped his lips.

Connor was the black sheep of the family. While most of their cousins went into respectable jobs as medical practitioners, lawyers, businessmen, or salesmen, Connor had left to pursue a path of body modification via tattooing and piercing. He’d been thrown out at seventeen for indulging in “the music of Satan” and drug use- though that hadn’t been true. He had roomed with a friend and the two managed to get a business going. And truth be told, Connor had become quite successful. But their parents didn’t want to acknowledge the work he did and how “God-hating” his appearance was.

Six feet tall, relatively muscular, and owner of the two most icy blue eyes this world had seen, Connor was a catch. If he wasn’t tatte’d up and the worst enemy of all metal detectors, Seth could easily see him being a top model. While his hair wasn’t naturally black, the color gave him a haunting and devilish look, which drove Seth over the edge at times. Simply thinking of his intense gaze was causing Seth to undulate his hips.

Above all else, though, Seth was desperate for his brother’s cock. It was a thick seven and a half inches erect, and had five horizontal piercings up the shaft and a small ring through the urethra, a prince-something. It wasn’t until two years ago that he figured out he had a thing for body jewelry, and he found that out by looking at Connor’s decorated dick. He semi-unconsciously licked his lower lip as he imagined Conner above him, mercilessly plowing that cock in his ass. Fuck me, big brother! The voice in his head begged.

Seth had been a week away from his eleventh birthday when Connor was booted out the door. He had never understood what was so demonic or evil about him at the time. Under that heavy metal music, dyed hair and aggressive swagger, Connor was a kind person. And right now, Seth had to believe he was the demon-infested freak as he jerked his dick wildly at the the thought of Connor fucking him without relent, grinding his teeth to keep from screaming.

It wasn’t even a minute till he released and dropped the fucking phone on his face. He cried out in a mix of pain and ecstasy, and groaned shortly after. He felt a sudden panic at the thought of his parents coming to check on him, but was relieved when no steps or voice was heard. He relaxed back in his bed, trying to focus more on his throbbing orgasm rather than his throbbing face.


9:45 AM, and Seth was out of bed. His nineteenth birthday was three days away. He looked in the long mirror hanging on his door. He wasn’t as handsome as Connor, or as desirable. Five feet and ten inches with ash short brown hair and brown eyes, owner of an athletic build with a six inch and cut penis. He wasn’t unattractive, but Connor was by far the more aesthetically pleasing sibling. He heard from a few girl friends in the past that he was on Ian Somerhalder’s level. However, Seth had to argue that Connor was still better looking.

After throwing on a blue T-shirt and dark jeans that hugged his ass and legs a little uncomfortably, Seth left his room and went to the kitchen for a bite to eat. His parents were currently out at work and wouldn’t be back till at least eight tonight. 10:15 AM. Connor was only two hours away. His heart suddenly clenched and his stomach flipped. He could see Connor if he really wanted to. It’s not like he hadn’t thought of it before, but he’d always been too scared. And seven and a half years was a long time to just casually stroll in and see your disowned sibling. But his heart ached and his dick quivered. Seth closed his eyes, resting his head on the refrigerator door.

He needed to see Connor.



12:55 PM. Seth sat in his parked car, staring across the street. “Con-Man’s Needle’s & Ink” Connor and Matthew Manward, just a silly play on their names. Seth looked in the mirror at himself. Would Connor recognize him? Was he even updated at all by their parents or a relative? Would he find him attractive? Seth blushed. He had no clue what way Connor swung, and if he’d istanbul rus escort even consider having sex with a family member, especially Seth himself.

No. He couldn’t think about this. His dick was hardening and above all else, he just needed to re-establish a connection with his only sibling. He had to wonder if Connor felt alone. Suddenly, it was his heart fucking with him rather than his cock. Seth looked at the shop again before getting out of his car and making his way to the door.

When he entered, Seth was hit with the smell of pumpkin and heard a hard rock song playing at a soft volume. The room was black and endlessly decorated with pictures of tattoos. The name of the artist was on a plaque below each picture, and half of them were by Connor Wells. Seth was taken aback with how beautiful and colorful they were. He’d seen a few on the website, but he typically only went to gaze at his brother.

“Excuse me?” A woman’s voice asked. Seth turned around and was met with a poofy pink head, looking down past it and seeing a short and skinny young woman with a handful of piercings on her face. He recognized her, she had a picture on the website. But her hair had been straight and pure white. “Need something?” She asked.

“Oh… Uh, is Connor here?” She cocked her head. “He uh, well… I’m not the type to come here, I know,” Seth knew he looked like something of a jock; he was involved with sports and all. “but it’s important.” She looked at him hard and her eyes suddenly seemed to light up.

“You’re his little brother, aren’t you?” She smiled. Connor talked about him? “You look quite a bit like him! I mean, you’re a bit cuter, in that teenage boy way, but I can totally see it.” Seth blushed. “Just sit out here a minute, kay? He’s almost finished with a client. I’ll go back and tell him.” And with that, she left with a bounce in her step.

Seth sat down in a nearby seat and waited. His heart was thumping and his mind raced. What was Connor going to say? Was he going to be pissed because Seth never came to see him before? Disinterested? Would he reject him? Seth sat with his thoughts for over ten minutes. What would Connor say? If his parents found out, what would they do? Actually, that worried him less than Connor’s reaction.

He jumped up when he heard voices.

“Come on, Connor. They haven’t seen you in awhile.”

“Is it Caroline? Why didn’t you tell her I’m not here?”

“No, it isn’t Caroline you dumb-y.”

Seth smiled a bit at their squabbling. His breath hitched when they turned the corner. It took a few seconds for Connor to look from the lollipop girl to him. There was a mixture of emotion in his features. The one that prevailed was shock. “Uh… Might wanna keep quieter next time. Caroline would’ve heard you.” The girl laughed and took her leave.

Seth rubbed his palms together as he looked at Connor. Fuck… He’s even sexier in the flesh. Seth thought, hastily examining his brother, trying to not focus on his crotch. He was bearing black jeans and a black wife beater. He was more built now than he was in the picture on the website, and he had dark brown stubble on his jawline. His entire right arm was an orange and red mural of dragons, fire, and skulls. There weren’t any piercings on his face, but Seth could see Connor’s perpetually erect nipples and some studs in his ears behind the wavy black hair. He was so unbelievably good looking.

Seth stiffened when Connor came at him, but eased when his brother tightly embraced him. “Son of a bitch, Seth. You’re huge. You look so much like mom, too.” Seth closed his eyes and returned the hug. He smelt like cinnamon and reeked of the pumpkin-y smell.

“You’re as big as I remember you.” Seth replied quietly. Connor had reached his full height at a mere thirteen. But he was out of his awkward teenager stage. He was so fucking hot. Seth was both relieved and sad when Connor pulled away. He wanted that hug to last forever, but his dick was trying to come to life. Connor smiled and Seth almost dropped to his knees.

“Come on. I don’t have anyone else. My shit is over in the morning.” He told him, leading him to the back. That girl was sitting and talking to a middle-aged man that his mother would faint in shock at the sight of. Seth assumed that had been his last client.

They sat at a table in the supplies room, and Connor got two waters from the small fridge sitting in the corner. “It’s your birthday soon, right?” He smiled and sat down, his eyes gleaming. “Damn, man, I can’t believe it’s you.”

Seth smiled awkwardly, trying to tame his cock and failing miserably. He shuffled in his seat a bit, reaching down and trying to squeeze his growing erection. “Y-yeah. Three days, I’ll be nineteen.” He replied. Connor shook his head in disbelief.

“Nineteen. God. Last time I saw you, you were just a scrawny little boy.” There was something in his eyes that Seth couldn’t read. “But not anymore. I’m guessing mom and dad didn’t approve of this?” He kadıköy escort asked, taking a drink of his water bottle. Seth watched him swallow and tried to control his breath.

“They… Uh, don’t even know, actually.” He replied, which caused Connor to chuckle a bit.

“Looks like you’re following in my footsteps, huh? Being rebellious and not being perfect in every-way.” He sounded a bit spiteful. Before Seth could reply, Connor shook his head and began. “So. Nineteen. Dating?” He asked curiously. Seth laughed nervously.

“No, actually. Uh… Never.” He admitted shyly. “I mean, in middle school I did a little, but that was it.” He told him. He had fooled around, but Connor was the only person on his mind since he was sixteen.

“Seriously? You’re a good looking kid. That almost sounds like a lie. But I’m guessing you’ve had you’re eye on someone for awhile then?” He asked, watching Seth intently. It was the same gaze Seth dreamed of.

“K-kind of.” Should he chance it? “But.. Uh… They’ve been out of my life for awhile.. So… It’s been rough.” He replied quietly. He couldn’t read Connor’s eyes.

“Hungry?” Seth nodded, relieved to get a moment to squeeze his dick. However, when Connor bent down to get something from the bottom, Seth jumped up, looking away from his ass.

“Actually- ahh, where’s the bathroom?” He gave a nervous chuckle. When he looked back at Connor, he was looking back with an intense stare.

“Take a left when you leave. It’s the closest door on the right.” He replied. Seth nodded and whipped around, heading for the door. “But you know, Seth… It’s easier for a cock that hard to be tamed by two.” His heart almost stopped and his feet halted. “Don’t think I noticed something was up? You were sitting there shaking and I could hear you squeezing and rubbing yourself.” Seth’s cock was burning and he closed his eyes. “So… Why did you come here?”

“I… I wanted to see you. It’s been years.” Seth replied quietly.

“Why else?” Connor’s voice was extremely close. “What else did you come here for, little brother?” He almost whispered. Seth felt his hand on his thigh.

Seth let out a breathy sigh, and soon felt Connor’s dick at his ass, hardening. A pair of lips scraped against his ear and that hand at his thigh pulled his own hand away from his rock-solid erection. “What do you want, baby brother?” Connor whispered in a husky voice. Seth couldn’t handle it.

“I want you to fuck me so hard I wont be able to walk out of here.” Seth replied breathily, and was quickly turned around to face Connor, his dark eyes immediately being met with crystal orbs. The seconds it took for their lips to crash together almost felt like hours.

Their cocks were rubbing together and their hands were everywhere. Seth was rubbing Connor’s nipples, his abs, his giant arms, and now were squeezing his ass. Connor was following suite and doing much the same. Seth couldn’t help the giggle of joy from escaping his lips, causing Connor to part away, their eyes meeting once again.

“I never would have thought…” Seth began, but was hushed by Connor.

“Seth; I’ve fucked plenty of guys, and I’m definitely going to fuck you today. The moment I saw you, beneath that surprise and happiness, I was so turned on by the man you’ve become. Seeing you squirm in your seat and catching that bulge in your pants… Mm… fuck.” He moaned, rubbing his cock against Seth’s again.

Seth’s head spun. “I wanna suck your cock, Connor. I saw it on your website. It’s so sexy.” He whispered, his breath uneven and rapid. “I want your cock so much.” Connor grinned.

“Then get down there, baby.” And just like that, Seth was on his knees undoing his brother’s pants. He could see the bulges of the piercings beneath Connor’s boxers and electricity flowed through him. He peeled away that last barrier and was breathless when it jumped out at him. Again, so much sexier in person. He could hear Connor moan when he reached up and stroked it. “Fuck, Seth… The way you look at my cock.” He ran a hand through Seth’s hair.

Seth kissed the tip, feeling precum on his lips. He licked it away and shuddered, quickly licking and sucking at the head. Connor’s head leaned back, and he moaned softly. The taste was everything he wanted, and it was such a thrill to be sucking off his big brother. He struggled against smiling, trying to suck his brother’s dick. What he was unable to take in, he jacked off with his hand.

“Oh, baby… Suck me off. Suck your brother’s cock, you fucking slut.” Connor moaned, his hips undulating. “Mm… Seth, I’m going to make you crave this dick. Spread you wide and fuck you so good. That’s right. Your ass is mine.” Seth smiled a bit as Connor went off and even felt excited by his words. He pulled back, his hand rubbing his entire length.

“Connor… Grab my head and fuck my face.” He begged softly. He smiled at his brother when he had two hands behind his head. Connor didn’t need to ask him to open wide. He took as much kartal escort of his brother’s cock as he could and let Connor buck wildly when he was at his limit, pleased with his brother’s moans. Connor let up after a bit, however, and gestured for Seth to stand. He was breathing so hard.

“Drop those pants and bend over this table.” He commanded. Seth complied. His pants flew and he was over the table, his cock hanging down beneath the ledge. “Spread your legs.” Seth did so without question. He left Connor place both hand on each cheek and squeeze. “So hot seeing you down like this. Fucking hell, Seth.” He moaned. He heard rustling and then hot breath on his crevice.

“Wait-” Seth began, but moaned when he felt Connor’s tongue stab at his hole. “Oh.. God…!” He cried softly, biting his lip. He moaned when he felt Connor’s tongue circled and roughly licked at his puckered entrance. “Connor, fuck… Don’t stop!” He begged, pushing back. Connor gave him a smack on the ass which caused him to jump, but he reveled in the combined sensations.

Connor stopped just a few moments later, and Seth sighed. He hadn’t ever tried that before. If heaven were a feeling, he assumed that was it. A cabinet opened and closed, and Connor was soon kissing Seth’s shoulder. Two fingers prodded at his lips, and he sucked them in, circling his tongue around each. They were pulled away shortly after and pushed against his hole. Seth bit his lip.

“Push back, Seth.” Connor spoke softly. Seth must have done the wrong thing because he heard Connor giggle. “No, baby, not your whole body.” Seth took a few seconds to think before blushing and puckering his asshole. He moaned softly when he felt the fingers slowly push into him. “You’re a virgin, then?” Connor asked in q soft tone. Seth nodded. “Mm, that’s cute. Well then, little brother, this is my present for you.” He gently finger fucked Seth’s hole, causing the younger of the two to moan.

He spread his fingers apart, scissored, and rubbed against Seth’s prostate(all of which were driving Seth fucking crazy), before he pulled his fingers out. Seth heard the opening of a little bottle and turned to look. Connor had lube and poured quite a bit onto his hand. He smiled when he met Seth’s eyes.

“I wont hurt you, baby brother. Now get up on your back and spread wide. I wanna watch you.” Seth bit his lip and stood up, getting up on the table and laying down. Connor spread the lube on his ass and the rest on his fully erect dick before he grabbed Seth’s waist and pulled him enough to where his ass hung over the ledge a few inches. He took his cock and began to rub the tip against Seth’s hole, biting his own lower lip. “Beg me, Seth. Beg me to fuck you.” Seth could easily comply.

“Fuck me, Connor, please! Fuck my tight ass so hard I can ‘t walk. I don’t ever want you to stop. I’m such a slut for you.” He was almost breathless. Connor gave him such a hungry look just then, and pushed his cock into Seth. Seth cried out, feeling each piercing and vein as Connor entered. “Oh my God, Connor!” He whined, wrapping his legs around the raven’s waist.

“Mm, yeah, baby. You’re so tight, Seth.” Connor moaned, watching his dick slide in Seth’s ass. He smirked. “You look damn sexy on my dick, too.” His eyes flashed to Seth’s. “Maybe I should make you a permanent adornment.” Seth blushed but returned a smile.

“I’d fucking love that.” He replied, and his response was an aggressive thrust from Connor. His head reeled and he moaned. “Brother, don’t be gentle with me. I’ll always forgive you.” He told him. It looked like there was something in Connor’s eyes. Seth softened. “No matter what Connor, I’m always going to love you.” Connor went to speak, but he just leaned down, kissing Seth’s chest.

“Seth-” He didn’t even need to ask. Seth wrapped his arms around Connor’s neck. When the raven looked at him, Seth smirked. He didn’t think either of them needed a heart-to-heart right now.

“Fuck me!” Seth cried when Connor’s gentle pace turned into one that would rival a god damn jack hammer. “Holy shit! Fuck! Connor, FUCK!” He cried, but tried to hold himself back. What if that chick was still here? He whimpered behind sealed lips.

“Let it out, babe.” Seth moaned breathlessly into his ear. “Scream for me.” Seth whimpered again and Connor chuckled, kissing Seth’s cheek. “Luna’s at the desk, baby. Let loose. You need it.” His lips were rubbing against Seth’s cheek with each word. Fuck it, then. Fuck it! Seth cried out, causing Connor to chuckle. “Just like that, Seth. Be loud and let the world know your big brother is fucking you!”

Seth was damn aroused. He didn’t hold back. He yelled, whined, cried, begged Connor to never stop. When his brother began jerking Seth’s own cock, he couldn’t last a moment longer. “Connor… I’m gonna fuckin’ cum!” He whined, throwing his head back. He felt Connor kiss his jaw. A quiet encouragement. Seth let out gasps before he cried and let loose, his head seeming to fly into the clouds. “Ohh…” He moaned quietly, “Oh my God…” He whispered quietly.

Connor had his way for a short minute longer before going balls deep and releasing. Seth sighed with completion, and Connor hugged him tightly. Seth returned the affection, kissing his brother’s head. He rubbed Connor’s back and breathed his scent in. Connor turned to face him and smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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