Night of Terror, Night of Pleasure

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“How about pizza?”

Susan was in the kitchen, looking through the cupboards. There was plenty of food there, just nothing she felt like cooking. It was always the same went Tom wasn’t home. When he, Susan and their son, Roy, were all together, she didn’t mind cooking; she loved it in fact. When one or the other of her men was gone, it wasn’t the same. So she thought of pizza.

“Sure, Mom. That sounds okay,” Roy answered from the living room.

Susan paused by the telephone and thought about her son. Though he was eighteen now, he was thin and wispy, looking years younger. He was sullen and quiet; not rude like many teenagers, just aloof and distant. His father thought him a wimp and was frustrated with him. But both parents loved their child and would do anything for him. People often commented on how close a family they were, and Sue was proud of that.

“Did you call the pizza place?” Roy asked as his mother came into the living room a few minutes later.

“Uh-huh. The usual, right. Pepperoni, extra cheese?” Roy always wanted the same things, in every situation. Sue considered her precious boy, sitting slovenly on the couch, spread over every which way. She noticed, not for the first time, the little hill in his pants, representing his flaccid penis under the fabric. She sighed, knowing full well that that little organ had never seen the inside of a girl’s vagina or mouth. And the way Roy was so shy, it might never.

“I got time for a shower?”

“Yeah, I think so, love,” Sue answered. Roy got up, slowly, as he did everything and went upstairs. A few minutes later, she heard the water running in the bathroom.

Roy took his time under the water and emerged feeling not much different than went he went in. Most people were either relaxed or invigorated by a shower. Not Roy. Nothing ever got his blood pumping. He wished something would.

He came down stairs again, thinking he had heard the delivery man arrive with their pizza. When he entered the living room, he saw his mother standing, unnaturally still and straight by the far wall.

“Mom, what—?”

Roy felt a push from behind him and was propelled into the centre of the room. He turned, startled, and saw a tall, broad man before him, dressed in black clothes, even to the extent of having a black ski mask over his head. Roy felt his blood start pumping now. Sue moved up to her son and put her arms around him.

“Please… If it’s me you want—“ she started to say. But the man cut her off.

“I was gonna just have you, but you look like such a cute couple…”

Roy’s legs started trembling but not at the implication of the stranger’s words, for he could not grasp them yet. Rather, he was suddenly scared by the man’s voice. It was not real, electronic, like the distorted sounds made by criminal witnesses when interviewed on television. Then he noticed a tiny box strapped to the stranger’s throat.

“You ever fuck a woman, boy?” the man said, turning his mask’s eye-holes on Roy.


“You’re about too. The two of you, take each other’s clothes off.”

“Are you mad? Are you—?” Sue’s question could not be finished. The man strode with surprising speed to the pair and, though they backed away, they were not fast enough. Sue caught the force of the intruder’s blow across her face, and Roy was hit by her body as it twisted with the effect. The man pulled a small revolver from his waistband and, cocking the hammer, pressed it against Roy’s temple. Sue screamed and shook her head.

“All right, all right, whatever you want…” The man backed away, and Sue turned to her son. “Roy, we have to do what we’re told. Do you understand?”

Roy considered his mother’s face. She was a pretty woman in her mid-forties, with high cheekbones and wavy blonde hair. She had always kept in shape and there were many times when the boy fantasized about seeing his parent naked, or doing things to her. He looked at her compact body now and was both frightened and excited. He nodded his head. The two approached each other.

Susan started unbuttoning her son’s shirt, her hands remarkably calm, while Roy pulled down the zipper on the front of his mother’s ribbed sweater. The zipper flowed over the ridge caused by her full breasts and when it came undone, the sweater parted, revealing a lacy white bra beneath.

“Go on…” The man moved back until he was in front of Tom’s favourite chair. He sat down to watch the fun.

Sue pulled off Roy’s shirt, showing his bony shoulders and skinny arms. His chest was small and hairless. She breathed “It’s okay, baby,” and he nodded. She started to remove her own sweater, but the gunman scolded her like a teacher and reiterated his instructions that they take remove each other’s clothes. Sue nodded to her son, who pushed her sweater off her shoulders.

Sue was more than pretty, Roy saw. Her figure from the waist up was beautiful and the breasts held in the filmy cups of the bra round and creamy. He could feel, bostancı escort to his embarrassment, his cock beginning to stir.

“Now, the rest, people,” said the unnatural voice of their captor. It revealed no identity, but its joy was plain to hear.

Sue stepped up to Roy again, whispering, “I’m sorry, baby,” and “Don’t worry…” She unsnapped his pants and drew the zipper of his fly downward. Her movements were slow, deliberate and the intruder’s cock grew as much as Roy’s as the zipper finished its run. Sue pulled her son’s pants down, though they fell from his spindly legs without assistance. Her green eyes were, however, focussed on the bulge in Roy’s underwear. The little hill of half an hour before was nowhere in sight. Now a ridge, a formidable physical feature had grown in its place.

Roy’s face was red, and not just with pimples. He glanced at the stranger, who laughed evilly and waved his gun in a nonchalant manner. Roy knew what he was supposed to do. His shaking hands clasped his mother’s blue jeans around their snap, the thumbs outside and fingers touching the warm, soft skin inside. He thought he could feel some of her public hairs. The boy was breathing hard and he felt like passing out. But he didn’t. Half of him wanted to stop and half never wanted to. He rested his hands in one place for so long that Sue helped him unfastened her jeans, and the stranger didn’t object. The pants joined Roy’s on the floor.

Susan’s body was beautiful all over. Soft and curvy, but without fat, she was every adolescent boy’s (and many adolescent girls’!) fantasy. A small stain soaked through Roy’s thin underwear, as his pre-cum demonstrated what his hormones thought of his mother.

“Now you’re gonna see a fine pair of tits, if I’m any judge of whore’s flesh.” The gunman laughed at his own pun, and Roy, who liked playing with words thought that it would have been funny under other circumstances. “Turn around, bitch.”

Sue complied, and Roy, prompted by the man, reached out and unsnapped his mother’s bra. Sue held it to her breasts but their tormentor scolded again, and she let the garment drop. Ordered to turn around, she did.

“What do you think of your mom’s tits, boy?”

Roy swallowed and said, “They’re perfect.” Indeed, they were. Round and of a size just right for her body, they sagged hardly at all with her age. The nipples were hard and erect, and the gunman commented on the fact.

“You should be proud, little man. You’re turning a woman on. Way to go! And looking at that mountain in your undies, kid, your mom does the same for you. Let’s see what the boy has, bitch.”

Sue glanced at the intruder, then at Roy. She hooked her thumbs under the waistband of his underpants and pulled them down. His hard, erect cock was revealed as she moved, and she stooped, her mouth came close to the throbbing head.

“While you’re down there, bitch…” The man said.

Sue looked up sharply. “No, please don’t make me—“ The man stood abruptly and Sue knelt and held up a hand. “Okay, okay… Give me a second.” She peered up at her son. “Are you okay with this, baby?”

Roy was experiencing strange emotions. He was looking down on his mother, kneeling before him, submissive, captive, one of his fantasies in fact. In between his eyes and hers, his hard shaft; not a small thing either, he considered proudly.

“It’s okay, Mom.”

Roy noticed that he wasn’t shaking so much now. Sue noticed it too. She took her son’s long dick in her hands and gently stroked it. A shiver ran through the eighteen year old body before her. She gently slipped her full pink lips over the purple head of the organ and Roy moaned, without meaning to. Sue’s tongue, expert with all her experience with her husband and, it must be admitted, others, played with her son’s manhood, tantalizing the hard tissue as she slipped it in and out of her mouth. But she knew it wouldn’t last long. With a sudden grunt, Roy unloaded a gallon (or so it seemed to Sue) of cum into his mother’s mouth, and even as good as she was at this sort of activity, Sue was hard-pressed to swallow it all, without some spilling out of her mouth. But she managed it.

“Excellent!” cried the gunman. Sue glanced at him and saw a definite bulge in the front of his pants. She stood and asked him, rather defiantly, if he was finished with them.

“No way, bitch. I’m just getting started.” He stood and, walking toward the pair, grabbed Roy roughly and forced him into a heavy, ladder-backed chair by the television. Sticking his gun into a pocket of his pants, he pulled a pair of handcuffs from the other pocket and chained the boy to the chair, with his hands through the rung-like chair-back. Roy struggled a bit but knew that the manacles would hold him, and that the chair was too heavy for him to move far. “Take your panties off, ‘Mom,” he sneered at Susan.

“Oh, God…” Sue swallowed but did as she was told. Roy watched as his mother’s blonde snatch büyükçekmece escort was revealed, and his cock started to grow again.

“Lay down on the couch.” The intruder unzipped his fly as he spoke and a big pink, veiny dick leaped from within. He turned to Roy as Sue apprehensively reclined on the couch, naked. “You watch this, boy. You watch it all or I’ll beat the shit out of your mom.”

“It’s okay, baby,” Sue said to her son with a weak smile. “You can do it.”

The man positioned himself between Sue’s smooth legs and ran his gloved hands up her thighs. His thumbs paused in front of her pussy, then slipped up to her beautiful breasts. He covered her body with his and, suddenly, shoved his cock into her cunt with force. Sue whimpered and bit her lower lip as her assailant fucked her. There was no subtlety, no style; it was strong and rough and hard. Sue’s hands gripped the man’s thick wrists and squeezed as his pounding started to arouse her. She moaned softly at first and closed her eyes. Her hips moved, imperceptibly at first, then blatantly, searching for the most stimulating position. When she found it, her cries became louder.

“You see this, kid? Your whore of a mom gets turned on even when she’s being raped! That’s a whore for you!”

Roy watched the assault without blinking. His cock was as stiff as a piece of timber as he drank in the scene before him. He was angry that his mother was being assaulted before his eyes, but he was also amazingly turned on. Pre-cum seeped from the little slit in the tip of his dick and dribbled down the head. He was so aroused, his organ ached.

“Oh oh oh oh oh…” Sue moaned and pushed her head back into the sofa cushions as she reached a climax. She and the stranger came at the same time. She felt his hot semen flood into her and let out an animal scream. She lay breathing hard for a moment. The man withdrew from her and told her to lick his dick clean. Still in the throes of her orgasm, Sue pushed herself to a sitting position and obeyed the command without question. She appeared to recover herself as she finished and, licking the last of the cum from her pink lips, asked harshly, “Are you satisfied now?”

“I am, but I think your boy there needs some relief.” The intruder indicated Roy, chained in his chair, naked, with his six inches of hard cock rising before him. He made no attempt to hide his erection (there was no way he could) and was looking at his mother and the masked man, and breathing hard. “Why don’t you be a nice mommy again and relieve him?”

Susan glared at the man but slipped off the couch and walked over to her son. Even the ordinary way she walked turned him on now, Roy realised, and he found himself, in spite of circumstances, looking forward to what was going to happen. Sue knelt before him and took his shaft in her left hand. Electricity shot through Roy’s loins and he almost came.

“No, babe, you’ve already done that trick,” the stranger laughed. “Get on it.”

Sue turned sharply to their tormentor. “No, you bastard. You’ve done enough. You can’t make me—“

The man’s move was swift and he struck Sue on the side of the face with his open palm, though the sound of the blow and Sue’s reaction were probably worse than the damage inflicted.

“Go ahead, you sick fuck. Hit me. I’m not gonna fuck my own son.” Sue fairly spat the words.

The man shrugged and slapped Roy the same way. After he struck the boy a second time, Sue stood up.

“All right, all right! Stop! Please…” Sue was nodding. “I’ll do whatever you want. Just don’t hurt him anymore…” She bent over and took her son’s pale face in her hands.

“It’s gonna be okay, baby. This doesn’t mean anything.” She kissed him on the lips and straddled his lap. Her cunt was poised over the very tip of Roy’s penis. It quivered with potency, just as he quivered with anticipation. Slowly Sue lowered herself onto his erection, feeling the hard pole slide into her pussy, already slick with their captor’s cum and her own juice. Roy trembled and his mouth widened. A shiver ran through him as his mother settled herself on his thighs.

“That’s more like it,” the stranger said with approval. His cock, which he had not replaced in his pants, arched back to life. “Now, fuck him.”

Sue moved up and down on her son’s cock, slowly, with restraint, her hands on his shoulders. She was looking into his face, into his eyes, now more alive than she had ever seen them. They were filled with lust, an uncontrollable feeling that came with his age, his body and the situation. If Roy could have shut everything down, he would have, but nothing was up to him anymore. His body had mastery over his mind, and the stranger with the mask and the gun had mastery over his body.

Sue’s body worked on its own schedule too. It was turned on. Turned on by the hard dick in its cunt, turned on the man watching, turned on by the very sacrilege she was committing. Her sexual desires çapa escort took over, as they had when the intruder was inside her, and her pace on her son’s lap quickened.

“Oh yes…yes… It’s okay, baby, just let it happen,” she was whispering. “I love you, Roy, I love you so much. This is just us, you and me, let it happen, baby.” Her speed accelerated, her breathing became rapid and her voice grew louder. “Yes, that’s it, baby. I can feel you so hard inside me. Come to me, darling, cum inside me, cum in your mommy… Oh, God, please yes cum now, cum in your mummy, cum, do it do it DO IT!”

With a scream sharper than the one she’d uttered minutes before, Sue climaxed again and felt her son fire his seed into her cunt. Roy let out a loud grunt as his body trembled from head to foot. He almost collapsed from the emotional drain as he emptied his balls into his mother, and he leaned against her chest, his face resting against one of her perfect breasts.

Before Sue had time to climb off Roy’s softening dick, the masked man grabbed her hair and twisted her head. With a yelp of pain, she found her face inches away from the gunman’s newly refreshed erection. Sue was in the midst of a sexual mood that she’d been in only a few times before. It seized her when the sex was so good or so exciting that she no longer thought in terms of good or bad, should or shouldn’t. The night she went out to a bar just for fun and gave herself to three men at once. The time she and her husband celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary with a trip to New Orleans and helped themselves to the cute little tour guide who cried and begged them to stop. She wouldn’t question any more tonight. She immediately opened her mouth and used both her hands to bring their captor to a climax.

“Now you’re getting into, slut. All right!” The man shoved his cock back into his pants. “Too bad it’s almost time for me to go. Have to be up early tomorrow to drive the kids to school. But before I go…” He gestured for Susan to stand. She did, seemingly reluctantly, revealing that her son’s cock had grown hard and long again inside her. Roy’s body was ready for more. “Ha! I knew it.” With a quick motion, the gunman unlocked Roy’s cuffs. He rubbed his wrists but remained seated.

“On your hands and knees, bitch.”

Sue slipped to her knees and leaned forward until she was supporting herself on her palms. Her beautiful, curving butt was directed toward her son.

“There you go, boy. Give me a going-away present. Fuck your mom in the ass.”

Roy tried to say something but couldn’t. Sue turned her head to sooth her son.

“It’s okay, baby. Just this one more thing and he’ll go. We’ll be free. Please, Roy…”

Roy hesitatingly knelt behind his mother and placed his hands on her hips. He didn’t know what to do. He jerkily aimed his pulsating cock at Sue’s crack. The stranger chuckled and told the boy to spit on his hand and rub his cock with it. He did but was still uncertain.

“Help him, ‘Mom’,” the intruder commanded.

Sue reached back and gently took Roy’s quivering organ in her smooth hand. Again the boy felt the thrill of pure sexual desire strike through his thin body. His mother positioned his dick correctly and told him to push it in. He did, slowly at first, afraid he’d hurt the woman.

“It’s all right, baby, you can do it. Just shove.”

Roy gulped and pushed with all the strength his loins had left after this long frightening, exciting night. Sue let out a deep moan as her son’s pole penetrated her rectum. It hurt, for he was new to this, even if she wasn’t, and he was unlubricated. Then the pain subsided and Sue felt that wonderful, filled feeling.

“Start, Roy, start doing me,” Sue told him. Roy complied, moving his hips back and forth. Encouraged by the arousing moans his mother uttered, he increased his speed, his cock vibrating to the suction-like sensation of the openings in Susan’s ass. “Yes, baby, that’s it, yes… Oh, you’re so good, fucking me, yes, fucking me…”

The pace quickened even more and Sue’s cries became wilder: “Yes, baby, fuck me, drive your hard cock into my ass! Fuck your mother’s ass, fuck mommy, fuck mommy hard, she likes hard up the ass. Fuck her, Roy, fuck your little whore! Your mommy’s your whore, Roy, your mommy’s your little whore! Fuck your mommy!”

Roy’s grip on his mother’s hips hardened like steel as he came, wailing, and unloosing yet more cum into Sue’s body. She felt him shudder with the relief of tension as her insides grew warm, hot with her boy’s semen. She fell forward, full-length on the floor, with Roy on top of her, still with his cock embedded in her ass.

The house was silent for half a minute. Then, Sue’s breathing could be heard, and Roy’s, too. The stranger swallowed.

“Wow, kids, that was great. I have to admit this has been the best night I’ve ever had. I have a feeling that the two of you won’t be chasing me, so I’ll take my leave now. Thanks a lot. It’s been swell.”

Sue and Roy barely heard their captor leave the house through the back door and it took them a while to realise that they were free. Roy moved first, easing his now much-reduced cock from his mother’s body. Then Sue, feeling as if she’d been violated by a football team, rolled over.

“Baby? Are you all right?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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