New Beginnings

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I knelt naked in front of her favorite chair. My hands folded in my lap, eyes gazing at a spot six inches in front of my knees. Waiting. I couldn’t say how long I’d been sitting there – an hour? Two? It didn’t matter. I would wait until I was called upon. I heard the tell-tale sounds of her moving through the house – a creak on the landing, a cabinet shutting in the kitchen, and finally, footsteps approaching from behind. It took all my discipline not to turn my head and fill my eyes with the visage I was so familiar with but hadn’t been allowed to look upon in ten days. I craved to look up into the face I loved, to see a smile creep across her face as if she were trying to keep it from the light of day. I wanted to see her crystal eyes gaze back down at me in mutual adoration. I desired all of this, but for the last ten days my desires had been of little consequence.

I waited as I listened to her step within a hair’s breadth of me – I could all but feel the fabric of her jeans graze my skin – as she moved past me to settle into her easy chair. The patch of floor my eyes had been boring holes into was suddenly filled with the only part of her body I had been allowed to see in nearly two weeks. She was wearing a pair of topkapı escort low top Converse she had owned since before we met four years ago. They had been well loved and weather-beaten even then. I heard her set something down with a ceramic clunk and the whisper of a book opening. She crossed her ankles, ignoring my presence. I traced the stitches of her shoes with my eyes, noting the wear patterns where her feet occasionally scuffed together. I studied a two-year-old mud stain on the once-white rubber toe.

“My feet are too hot Puppy. Take my shoes off.” Her voice cut through the silence, electrifying every nerve in my body. I opened my mouth to say something, but she cut me off “Good puppies don’t bark,” She said, her tone matter of fact. I closed my mouth with a tiny shake of my head, and leaned forward to untie her laces. As her left shoe came off I learned she had not worn socks. I could smell her sweat and feel the heat radiating off her delicate arch. “It’s okay puppy, why don’t you put that to your nose and get a big whiff? I know how much puppies like to investigate shoes.”

I raised her old converse to my face and breathed deep. The scent of years of caked-on mud and ümraniye escort old canvass mixed with her sweat to consume my senses. I exhaled feeling light headed. The world seemed a shade brighter, the edges of my vision slightly fuzzy. “Wow puppy, you look like you’re getting high! You must really love how my feet smell.” I nodded lazily, my eyes beginning yo trail up her calves before I caught myself and cast them back down. “Careful puppy. Don’t get too caught up in the moment just yet. You don’t want to forget your place after you’ve done so well. Now take off my other shoe.”

I dutifully unlaced her right shoe and stowed the pair neatly beside her chair. When I had finished she said, “You have been such a good puppy for me over the last few days. Between wearing your collar, sleeping at my feet, eating your bowl of special food, and watching every second of those special training videos you’ve done everything a girl could want from her pet. For that I think you deserve a treat.” She lifted her right foot and planted it firmly on my face. “Go ahead. I know how much puppies love to lick their owner’s feet.” It was all the encouragement I needed. I kissed, licked, and rubbed my yenibosna escort face against every square inch of her perfect sole. I heard her giggle, and she wiggled her toes against my forehead.

I then felt her left foot brush against my cock ever so gently. A tremor ran down my spine as my blood rushed south. My mouth was filled with the salty taste of her toes, my nose filled with her scent. “Now Puppy, I’m going to let you rub yourself with my foot and the floor while to worship my foot but only if you promise to do one thing for me. Stop thinking. Let your mind empty. Fill your head with my feet. Can you do that for me Puppy?”

In response, I ran my tongue between her toes and slowly began to rock my hips, rubbing myself against the floor and her foot. A low moan escaped my lips. She was right. Why should I think? It was so much effort. It was so much better being her foot puppy. A jolt of pleasure shot through me, all thoughts beyond my owners feet began to drift away. “Yes Puppy. Just let go. Let my feet melt your brain. Let it all leak out of you. Remember your training videos. Don’t think.”

I lost myself in the sensation of her toes in my mouth, the friction of her foot and the cold floor. Nothing mattered being a good puppy and worshiping my owner’s feet. My body spasmed with pleasure, and my mind went blank. I heard her voice as if from a long distance away, “That’s right. Cum your brains out for me puppy. Cum your mind all over the floor. Good girl. Now bark if you never want to go back to your old life.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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