Ness “Does” Judo

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Ness had made sure the sports bra she had on didn’t have any padding in it.

She knew this would allow her nipples to show through if they got hard, which they normally did in class.

She also knew Jack might notice if her nipples got hard, the thought of it made her quiver. As she got to the gym she only saw another 2 cars outside.

“Must be a quiet night tonight,” she thought.

Once she was there she popped to the changing rooms, took off her t shirt and adjusted her bra. It was more like a crop top so she felt she could wear that with no t-shirt under her judo suit. Plus she knew Jack would appreciate it once her nipples poked through and her stomach became on show as she trained.

There was only Jess and two other girls in the class today, no other students had turned up and Jack was the only male there.

When it came to the wrestling at the end all four of them kept swapping training partners at the timer buzzer.

As Ness wrestled with one of the other girls she found herself under the girl as she straddled Ness, the girl dropped her chest down to try to reach her arm for some intricate lock. All Ness knew was that this girl’s tits were amazing!

Thick, round and full! Also with very hard nipples. Her nipples were poking through too and Ness noticed how suckable they looked.

She didn’t mind in the slightest when the girls heavy chest repeatedly brushed her face as she fought off the arm lock.

When it came to her go with Jack she didn’t bother to fasten the judo jacket, hoping she’d catch him glancing at her hard nipples.

As she wrestled with him she made sure to brush her body against him more than normal, letting her chest run over his face, or her hands ‘accidently’ brush his bum or over his bulging cock.

As she found herself between his legs a thought about a porno she’d recently seen came to mind.

The girl in the porno had been wearing a strap on dildo and was fucking the man’s arse whilst he was on his back, she’d had one hand holding him down whilst her free hand had been vigorously wanking his thick cock.

She quickly tried to change position to stop the thought of the pegging porno. As she did her hand brushed Jacks balls and she like how big they felt. He smirked as she did it and his eyes flicked over her body very quickly.

Ness glanced round the room, the other two were busy fighting for position, she quickly anadolu yakası escort reached between Jack’s legs and gave his balls a teasing squeeze as she stuck her tongue out at him.

He looked shocked but smiled, she leant in and quickly gave him a peck on the lips whilst squeezing his cock and balls a little harder.

The final buzzer went signaling the end of class.

The other two girls started packing up to go chatting aimlessly.

“Any chance I can use the shower before I go?” Ness asked smirking with a little wink at Jack.

“Ye sure, go for it.” He smirked back.

He heard the changing room door shut but strangely not lock…

The two girls said their goodbyes and left, the front door going with a slam.

Quickly Ness poked her head round the door,

“Have they gone?” She asked.

“Ye only me left” Jack answered.

“Come here then.” She winked again and beckoned him with her finger.

Jack quickly walked over to her and she grabbed him roughly tugging at his clothes. She was delighted that he didn’t resist and that he just locked lips with her running his hands over her tits, thumbs rolling over her hard nipples.

Ness reached for his bulging cock and tore it out of his boxers. Dropping down onto the bench she opened her mouth wide and took his thick throbbing cock into her mouth.

She cupped his balls with one hand pumping them as her head bobbed up and down on his shaft. Her other hand moved over his ass squeezing and roughly, her nails digging into it, then releasing as she spanked him.

He moaned with pleasure and ran his fingers through her hair pulling her further down his cock.

She almost gagged but the hot situation made her horny enough to take every inch of him.

He moaned more loving the feeling of Ness’s small mouth round his thick cock and her tongue rolling round his pulsating cock head.

He pulled out of her mouth and pulled her to her feet.

Running his hands down her tits he pulled up the sports bra and lifted it over her head revealing a toned body with medium sized breasts and thick hard nipples. He loved the sight before him and dived down onto her chest, licking, sucking and squeezing her over and over again.

The feeling of him on her like this had her so so wet she couldn’t take it. She pulled off her leggings and thong and dragged him into ataköy escort the shower.

“Fuck me here, under the water” she whispered.

His cock found her pussy and holding it he ran the head of it up and down her, soaking the head of his cock in her juices.

The sensation was teasing her more and she quivered, her knees giving way slightly. As she did her pussy was so wet it swallowed up the first inch of his cock. They both gasped as it happened and gripped each other hard.

Jacks nails had dug into her back, the pain felt good as he pulled her down onto his cock.

He was holding her still as he thrust into her. He leant forward and nibbles her neck as they fucked. He moved one hand up to her wrist and held it against the wall holding her still as they both thrust into each other.

Ness could feel a wave coming over her as the excitement of being pinned so lustfully filled her. Her first orgasm hit and her hips convulsed towards Jack. Her eyes rolled in her head as she came.

She opened them slowly and looked over his shoulder.

She nearly screamed in fright but stopped herself.

Over his shoulder she could see the girl from class with the amazing tits stood watching them!

Her hand was down the front of her training leggings clearly rubbing her clit as she leant against the wall, her other hand pinching her thick nipples through her top.

“Oh god keep going!” Said the girl, furiously rubbing her engorged clit.

She came hard, slumping against the wall, breathing heavily.

Ness walked over and helped her up kissing her as she did.

She pulled at the girls top to reveal a big round pair of tits, clearly full of milk!

Ness’s heart raced! She loved tit milk! And here was a pair of tits almost bursting they were so full. On top of that This girl was clearly horny as fuck and Jack was wanking his cock as he watched.

Ness dropped and sucked on her thick nipple, Jack did the same on the other side.

The girl was so horny at feeding them her milk. Ness and Jack both leant back and the girl used both hands to spray her milk from her nipples. It flowed so well they both were quickly covered in it.

Jack leant down and licked Ness clean of milk before offering his cock to the big titted slut that had joined them. She grabbed his cock with one hand and her milk filled breast with ataşehir escort the other.

She began to express all over Jack’s cock. Ness almost drooled at the sight. The big tit slut grabbed Ness now and pushed her mouth towards the thick cock dripping in tit milk.

She licked ever last drop off his bulbous cock, before going to her kit bag.

“Ever tried this before?” She asked flourishing a strap on.

“Never with anyone, only on my own with a dildo or butt plug” Jack answered. His eyes had lit up with excitement.

Ness quickly put it on and stood proudly in front of him.

Jack and the slut both dropped to their knees and simultaneously sucked Ness’s rubber cock, kissing in between and touching each others body’s.

As Jack bent low again for another suck of her milk Ness lubed up the dildo.

Jack saw and lay back spreading his legs as she positioned herself between his legs. Gradually she teased his bum with the head of the dildo.

He smiled coyly and relaxed onto the dildo. It slid in slowly and Ness began to slowly thrust, timing her gentle thrusts with equal wanks of his cock.

She loved the look on his face and the moans he gave as it happened.

Jack reached over to the milk slut and pulled her towards him. She straddled his face and he banged to tongue her pussy.

The sensation they all felt was amazing As Jack’s ass was pegged and his face straddled.

The girl began to cum as Jack sucked on her clit and tongued at her pussy.

She ground her hips into his face as she came.

When she got off him Ness could see the girls cum glistening on his lips. She leant forward licking it off and thrusting harder into him.

His cock was huge now and the other girl couldn’t resist, she got on it, filling herself with him. As she fucked Jack Ness leant forward and breast fed from her. She didn’t stop until her mouth was full of the sweet milk, keeping it there she pulled out of his ass and discarded the dildo. Moving to his mouth the drooled the milk into his mouth.

The other girl ground onto his cock harder cumming all over him again.

Jack couldn’t resist anymore with all the milk in his mouth and the sensations from the pegging.

He stood up over the girls and they massaged the big tit until they spurted milk without help. As he watched Jack totally lost control and shot cum all over them both. He made sure to pump the thick spunk over both of the girls.

Ness grabbed him and they kissed with a mouthful of cum before both cleaning the milk and cum of the other girl.

They spent the next half hour licking and sucking at each other, being breastfed until there was no more milk left for them in this big tits.

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