Neil the Nerd

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Big Tits

This story, as is all stories, isn’t written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you’re welcome. If not, thank you for visiting.


I stripped while getting my breath back. A two mile run is mostly a breeze for a 46 year old but I could feel the results. I always did a stretch in the sauna after a run. I got a robe on and started down the stairs. In the basement the red light was on above the door indicating the heater was on. Neil, our son, came in from the laundry room wearing a robe. He just got home from college a couple of weeks ago, his first year, and didn’t know my current habit.

He looked at me and I looked at him. He said, “Sorry mom. I can do this later. It’s cycled up and ready.”

“No, that’s ok,” I said. “We can go together. Lots of room. Do you freak out at bare boobs or mom boobs?”

He got this wild silly wide smile on his face and turned away a little. He said, “Mom, really, I can go later. Go ahead.”

I said, “Neil, they’re just boobs. Cows, cats, pigs, a lot of us females have these things. You can look at them all you want. I won’t be embarrassed at all. Nice to be appreciated.”

I went over and got his hand and pulled. He was a little reluctant but with his arm out straight and me pulling he followed me. I got my normal towels and a couple of smaller ones. Neil got some and we went in. It was already quite warm and a little foggy. A heated hot rock setup with a water drip. Slatted benches on two sides. Our feet could mingle if you stuck them out a little. Square seats or steps of differing heights scattered around and up under the benches. Lots of room but not expansive.

Neil has always been shy. He’s a computer person. When he’s on the computer we call him Neil the Nerd. Otherwise we just call him Neil. He knows about the Nerd thing and doesn’t mind. I think he kind of likes it. He’s always spent a lot of time on his computers. He has three. One for fun, one for programming, and one for Grant and me. He had on a big ole cotton robe like I did. We got in and closed the door quickly so we wouldn’t let the steam and hot air out. I was always nude under my robe but I didn’t know what Neil had on. We stopped in the middle and looked at each other. He had a half smile on and looked around at the benches trying to look uninterested.

I said, “Ladies first. You look that way and I’ll get settled and then you can.”

He pulled his head back towards me and nodded and turned around. I got my robe off and put a bath towel on the bench and sat down. Without the towel I always got these slat marks across my butt. Grant loved those and didn’t mention them for a couple of months when we got the sauna. I spread a smaller towel out over my lap and let it drape down in to hide me. I trained myself to sit up fairly straight a long time ago so it was my normal posture. I got another one of the smaller towels and spread it over my head with one end hanging down over my nipples, not trying to fully cover my boobs. No way was I going to let him see them the first time without me watching.

“Ok,” I said. “Your time. Don’t forget to sit on a bath towel so you won’t get slat marks on your buns. Say when.”

I could hear him moving around but he was mostly quiet. Like he was walking on hot coals. Then he said, “Ok.”

I took the towel over my head off, slowly, so I could see and slowly let it down my stomach. I wore my hair a little below my shoulders so they didn’t hide anything. Neil looked and his smile became a half frozen smile and he found interest in little things here and there.

I said, “I think the best way to get used to looking at a ladies boobs is to look at a ladies boobs, besides, if you don’t look when they’re offered you’re insulting the lady. Your dad loved seeing my boobs. He used to come by my house after football practice. There was no house across from my bedroom, which was on the second floor and I used to take my blouse off and pull my bra down and display them in the window for him. He started getting closer and closer to the house when he came by. Once he came by with some of the team, about 5 or 6 if I remember right and they almost caught me.”

Neil was switching from looking at my boobs and my face while I was talking. I stretched with my arms out high and wide to get them küçükçekmece escort out more. He liked that.

I said, “Hey, watch this.” I shook my chest left and right and my boobs did the Hawaiian sway. He got a couple of giggles out. I said, “Neil, I have to tell you . Something that may shock you. You have a big hard on. Thank you. I expected it and you did it.”

His dick was sticking right up high. I was surprised how much. I may stop calling him Neil the Nerd. He had his hands on the edge of his bench beside him leaning over slightly. He moved one hand but put it back. Nothing he could do with it with me there. He looked at the floor.

I said, “The first time I saw your dad hard my mom showed it to me.” With that Neil looked up at me. “I just got back from swimming at the Y and still had my suit on. Not a bikini, just a normal two part suit but it was way more skin than he could handle. I never told him mom noticed it and told me. She liked it as much as I did. One time we were in line at the movies. It was fairly dark. He got hard rubbing it against my butt moving in line so I stuck my hand back and grabbed on. He took in a big breath and coughed a couple of times but let me. He never mentioned it. I pulled him almost up to the ticket window.”

Neil was settling down and enjoying the stories which was why I was telling them. I said, “I surprised him the most when I shaved myself. And when I got pregnant with you but that was way later. He was in the back of my pants on the sofa once when mom and dad went to the store. I said, ‘you like my buns, huh’. He said, ‘I love bare skin. So smooth. So sexy’. He hadn’t been in my pants in the front yet but it got so it was expected so I remembered what he said and shaved. I kept a little at the top. Still do. He got to rubbing on the inside of my thighs so I got to leaving my pants off. When he finally got to me it almost floored him. He was so turned on he almost fainted. It’s a wonder he didn’t have an orgasm right then and there.”

“Mom,” he said. “Should you be telling me these stories? I won’t repeat them but aren’t they private?”

“Live and learn,” I said. “Besides, I’m trying to get you comfortable sitting across from a nude lady while you’re as nude with our lovely body parts getting in the act.”

With that he laughed. He was more relaxed. He may have been surprised he wasn’t turning to salt. I had no idea at all what his experience was with the fairer sex. I said, “I don’t normally have a towel over my lap. It gets a workout when I run so it needs treatment too. I’m going to slowly move the towel now and then so you can get used to it. It would be nice if you would do the same. I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours. It’s just like my boobs. After a while you get used to it and enjoy looking. I don’t mind at all and I like you looking.”

I pulled the towel on my lap by the outside edge and it edged up the outside of my thigh on the other side. Neil’s eyes were riveted on that side of the towel so I pulled it again, about half the first amount. He finally looked up at me so I tilted my head and looked at his hard on. He looked down at it, the first time I think, and reached out and pulled his towel over about like I did. I knew that took a lot out of him. Not that easy.

“I was going to let it grow back but decided to leave it shaved for your dad,” I said. “It’s been shaved since. Once your dad shaved it for me. Before we were married. Before we had sex.”

I was pulling my towel now and then. When I did Neil did too. Another pull or two and I would start showing. Another pull or two for Neil and his would fall over the top. He wasn’t going to get to see down in with my legs hanging down but he would be up and waving. I was going to equalize us.

I said, “Your dad set these bench heights so I could put my feet on the edge and move them out and he would be at a perfect height for sex. It works too. We tried with me backwards, doggy, but he had to get up on a little footstool for that. It’s under your bench I think. Remember it if you ever need it.”

When my towel got to my other hip I took it off and folded it. Neil hardly ever took his eyes off the towel but now he stared at my whole front. His towel uncovered his dick a couple of pulls kurtköy escort back. He ignored it so I did too. He was up at a good angle, higher than forty five degrees. Looked to be about seven and a half or eight and good size around. I lifted my feet up on the bench and moved them out a little extra so I would open up.

“I figure you’re fully out so I should be too,” I said. “Just like the boobs, look all you want. If you want a closer look just come over and look. You can pull the sides apart. You’ll see better what’s down in. My clit too. I can’t see your balls yet but it’s early. If you want a really close look I can tilt over on my back. The first time your dad looked at me was after we had our first sex. I thought he would last about 30 seconds but he went almost 10 minutes. Neil, do you say penis or dick?”

“Mostly dick,” he said. “It’s kind of the standard. I’ve heard kids ask what a penis is.”

“Then you probably also say pussy and fuck,” I said. “Me too. I actually always thought it was more adult. So, your dad and I fucked three times before he actually looked. He did me twice and I did him once. On top. He was so surprised. He didn’t think girls could fuck a guy. I practiced with a foot long hot dog clamped to the edge of a table. I warmed it up first. It was just sturdy enough. No mustard. I fucked it until it split in half.” Neil was laughing so hard I thought his head would fall off but he was still hard.

“Once we double dated and went to a drive-in for hot dogs,” I said. “One of those old fashion places where the waiters are on skates and we park outside. Going to the bathroom and stuff we wound up with me in the back seat with the other girls date and Grant in the front with her. We didn’t mean to swap. We went parking behind a barn we knew about. It was dark and there was a lot of rustling in the back and the front. Later we found out nobody did anything, even boobs. We were all true to each other.”

“When did you decide to have me?” He said.

I said. “Early on. We talked about it and decided to have a baby so we worked at it and worked at it. Nothing, so we said we’d wait awhile and try again and forgot about it and one day I was pregnant. We were so surprised. Everybody was ecstatic and your dad smoked a cigar. Did good too. It was as big as his dick. I didn’t tell anybody I bought it. You know I don’t ask about your love life but you’re telling me a lot with us just being here together. You can laugh and have a hard on at the same time. You’re perfectly angled for fucking. You’re not as shy as you think you are. You’re a little bit put off with me being your mom but you’re enjoying my vagina. I took a really nice close-up of it once.”

“You did,” he said. “What did you do with it?”

“I’ll not say another word about it,” I said. “We have to kiss standing up. It’s very warm and steamy and we’re streaky wet and a little turned on. You can’t go fast. You have to go very slow so you remember all the little stuff and you have to switch arms. You can do anywhere you want but you can’t get around front until the second time we switch arms. Rules. Your dad and I once kissed standing up for almost twenty minutes. Maybe more. You can fold your dick up or down under. Your choice. I would do both.”

I pulled my feet up and dropped them down on the floor. Same slatted boards on the floor. I got Neil’s hand and pulled him to his feet. I didn’t have to pull hard. I got around his neck and he gingerly got around my waist. He was game. I said, “Remember to go so slow you can’t stand it.” He nodded and we pulled each other in. Full body on full body. Neil has a large dick and it attacked me with its size and muscle. My clit got jammed and my legs got open.

I said, “Buns, butt, tits, clit, pussy, anywhere you want. Front second time with your hands. You can have all of me Neil. Enjoy yourself. Let your mind go.”

He went slowly. His fingers trailed right down my buns and a couple of fingers from the bottom fully down in rode through my butt button up out of the top. He got down on the inside of my thighs at my crotch and pulled outward getting my pussy really open but he didn’t touch it this time. His kisses were fresh and they were erotic and sexy. Made me want to get his dick in my mouth to reward him.

I maltepe escort pulled my head way back so my tits curled upwards and he got his lips working. He reached down and stuck his dick under me since I had my front out from leaning back and my vagina was out and ready. How did he know to do that? I wanted to throw a leg around him but we were balanced so I didn’t. He was thrusting up under my crotch and catching me all over the entrance to my vagina. My vagina was more under me than in front. Great for doggy and me on top.

I wasn’t sure I could hide an orgasm from him. Neil was a surprise. This was way good. We went with all that for a while and I dropped my hands through his arms and he got around my neck. I pulled my hips back and bent my knees and went back in and caught him and folded him up to my clit. A couple of movements and he was up under my clit and fucking into me slowly. He remembered to go slow. Wonderful kisses. Wonderful nipple work. I started thinking about fucking then got it out of my mind then it came back. The psychiatrist alone would cost a mint.

I had to at least give him an orgasm at some point. Maybe two. He had the nicest moans, more like a low pitch hum. Almost a vibration. He’d kill a clit that way. Grant can do that. On spring break in college Grant did a face sitting on me and did that. I almost bit his dick it was so good. Neil finally got his second turn and I opened my legs a little more so he could get in with his hands. He started at the back and got my vagina down low then slid around front. I hated to pull back so he could but I did and didn’t crowd him back. He got my pearl and swiveled his fingers around on it. Grant has never done it that way. Really tantalizing. How did Neil know to do that? I was starting to think he’s been fucking around. Hoped so but that wasn’t it. He’s read a lot of this stuff and this is the first time he’s had a chance to try them out. Too much freshness in what he’s doing.

My vagina was another adventure. He pinched the entrance from different sides squeezing the nerves and had me squeezing and pushing my butt out. I felt my back against the edge of my bench and Neil in tighter with his hand cupping my crotch and lifting up a little tightly. I tilted back and rolled my back up on the bench along the edge and lifted one leg up on. I felt a towel going under my head and lifted my head. He was leaning over on my stomach and I scooted over. He was seducing me. Neal was seducing me, his mother.

I was a goner. I was so ready to fuck I couldn’t stand it. It took him less than five seconds to get up between my legs. I got my knees up and out and he got down and in and two thrusts later he was all in. He stayed in and moved around a little and lifted his head and smiled at me. I looked right in his eyes. No need to tell him how to do something he already knows how to do.

He felt just like Grant. Like father like son. Same length too. Same smooth stroke. Same hip swing and his head hit the top of my vagina wall about the same place. It couldn’t be this perfect. It couldn’t be his first time. Grant made these benches long just for this. Our bodies slid on each other and the drips of water on the coals spattered and spit and sizzled. It was one of the most satisfying fucks I can remember. His hips slid down my thighs and squashed my ridges trying to get his balls in. He stopped coming out at exactly the right place then spread me going again. Time after time. Our tongues became one. I had an orgasm and told him not to stop.

I hadn’t fucked like this in a long time. Son and new dick and all that. I wanted his dick in my mouth still. We could do that. Another time. All I could think about was sex things. I got my legs over his and my hands down on his hips and I wasn’t trying to send a message but he got faster and he was going to have an orgasm in a vagina where it belongs. When he got to it I slam banged his hips into me and pushed into him. I think his balls got my g-spot. I wouldn’t be surprised.

His orgasm was special for me to experience. When we got sane I turned off the steam drip and the heater for the coals and we stretched out on the benches and let the heat drift away and got back to normal. Neil said he would finish up later. I said if we have fun together we clean up together. We did then showered together. We said dick and pussy and fuck several times. We got in his bed and did it all over again.

Oral is really easy in the sauna from my experience. I showed Neil how over the next few weeks. We did a few other things too. We didn’t tell Grant. Neil is no longer a nerd by a long shot.

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