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This story was written for Tiffany, one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, the fantasies described her were fantasies that we shared. My biggest regret is that we never got to act them out in real life; we have to be content to enjoy them in our minds.

Living in an apartment complex can mean that ones privacy is sometimes compromised. This is not however always a bad thing as I found out.

My wife, Tiffany, and I had recently moved into a very nice 3-bed room apartment on the ground floor of a quiet complex. Our apartment was tucked away in the corner giving us almost total privacy; the exception was a similar apartment to ours with a small garden separating us.

Within days of moving in I had seen the occupants of the apartment leaving for work one morning, she was a petite red head with small “Orange-sized” breasts and a killer body, while her husband was a well-built guy with blonde hair and a very good looking face, I estimated that they were somewhere in their late 20’s. We were all in such a rush that we just said “Hi” and carried on to work without introducing ourselves.

A few days later I was able to leave the office a little earlier than usual and figured that it would give me an opportunity to finish some of the unpacking. I got home and walked up to our bedroom to change. As I was taking my clothes off I caught a movement from the apartment across the garden I looked over and saw my sexy neighbour pulling her jeans off, she was already topless and her milky white skin made a perfect contrast for her pert little pink nipples. As her jeans came down I saw that she was wearing a sexy dark Blue thong. She stepped out of her jeans and walked through to the bathroom. I quickly went into our bathroom to see if I could find the sexy white thong that Tiffany had worn yesterday. I just loved to jerk off while sniffing her panties, the aroma of her pussy always sent me over the edge very quickly, and now I had the added pleasure of watching my neighbour undress. As I walked back in to the room and looked across I could see her pulling her thong down. I slipped my pants and underpants off and stood at the window rubbing my cock while I sniffed Tiffany’s most intimate garment. I just hoped that the shadow in our apartment would make me less visible to her, than she was to me. I was soon to find out that this was not the case! I could feel my juices starting to ooze from my shiny cock head; I slowly eased my skin back and forward, spreading my pre-cum around my head. I looked up and saw that she had obviously seen me; my first reaction was one of complete fright, until I noticed that she had a smile on her face and had not moved from her earlier position. She waved at me with one hand while the other caressed her body, her hand moved down until it reached her shaved pussy. She bent down, picked her own panties up and brought them to her nose. For me this was mind blowing! I started to jerk harder as I sniffed Tiffany’s panties and watched this beautiful sight in front of me. It wasn’t long before I started to pump my hot cum into the crotch of Tiffany’s panties! As the waves of pleasure started to subside I opened my eyes and saw that the neighbour was now lying back on the bed with her hands furiously pumping away at her pussy, until I saw her body stiffen as her orgasm swept through her.

I watched as she stood slowly up, her legs looking a little unsteady. She waved again and walked back into the bathroom. I went to the dresser and took out some shorts and a Tee shirt; I still needed to do some unpacking. I dropped Tiffany’s cum filled panties back in the hamper; she would love to hear about how they had been filled. She found my love of her panties a huge turn-on and was a true voyeur at heart!

I had not been busy long when I heard Tiffany at the door, she walked in and I stood up to kiss her, as she hugged me she could feel my cock pressing against her. Every time I saw her sexy body, her small pert breasts and sexy blonde ringlets I marvelled about how lucky I was to be with this beautiful women. “Hey, what have you been up to?” she asked. Her voice was as smooth as silk. I couldn’t contain myself!
“I saw the sight of my life this afternoon!” I said and proceeded to give her a detailed breakdown of the afternoon events, by the time I had finished she had her skirt up; her hands down the front of her panties and was busily fingering her now wet pussy, an awesome sight! My cock had hardened back to full glory and I started to jerk myself off yet again.
“Cum over my pussy” she gasped. She pulled her panties forward to give my cum a path down to her smooth lips. I aimed carefully and let go with my second load of the afternoon. I could see my cum squirt over her dripping pussy and then start to creep its way down her lips. As the last strands dripped from my cock she replaced her hand and started to rub my cum all over her slit and into her pussy until I could hear from her cries and writhing body that her orgasm had arrived. She looked a beautiful sight, her body sprawled across the couch with her legs spread wide, a mixture of my cum and her pussy juice had started to ooze through her lacy white panties.

After we had cleaned up I decided to walk down to the gym at the bottom of the complex, I needed to work off some of the sexual energy that was rushing through my body, it seemed that the more I got off, the more I needed to.

I sancaktepe escort walked through the gardens to the gym. As I entered I saw that the place was quiet with just a few people working out around the gym. As I looked around at the equipment they had available I saw that my sexy neighbour was lying back on the bench pushing some weights. I walked over and stepped on the treadmill next to her, as the treadmill started she replaced the weights and sat up, I could see that her hot pussy was covered by a sexy white pair of lycra shorts and a sexy white top, her flat stomach was nicely tanned. She smiled as she recognised me.
“Hi” she giggled, “ this afternoon was fun!”
“It certainly was for me.” I said quietly.
We stood and chatted for a while. She told me that her name was Paula and that she was a teacher, her husband’s name was Gary and that he was a lawyer. We both needed to carry on our workout and parted with the plan to get together over the next weekend. I was not sure how this would work as I had yet to meet her hubby and wasn’t sure whether he would be as keen as she was. The though of stealing a pair of sexy panties from her bathroom turned me on. My panty fetish always at the forefront of my mind!

I got back to the apartment and found that Tiffany wasn’t there, a saw a note on the fridge that told me she had popped out for a few minutes, I wondered where?

By the time she returned I was sitting on the couch sipping a glass of wine and watching TV. When she walked in the door I could see that she looked flushed and excited.
“Wow” she gasped, “you wont believe what just happened! I was busy carrying the empty boxes to the trash and as I walked past the neighbour’s apartment I saw Gary standing at the door, He called me over and introduced himself. He was wearing a pair of boxer shorts and a tight Tee shirt; I could see his sexy muscles. He mentioned that Paula, his wife, had told him about this afternoon, he wanted to know how I felt about it?”
“So what did you tell him?” I asked.
“I told him that you had mentioned the experience to me and it got us so hot. He then told me that it seemed that he shares your love of juicy panties and that we should get together soon. I could see his hard cock starting to push against his boxers, it looked so big and sexy!”
“Then what did you do?”
“I didn’t have much chance with so many people around, but he did ask if he could have my panties in exchange for a pair of Paula’s, I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea, I could still feel you cum oozing around between my lips and I told him this, but this seemed to excite him more and he said that would make it even better. He dashed off and brought back a pair from the bathroom. They were the dark blue pair you described to me. Anyway I decided to give them to him, as I pulled them off your cum was still clearly visible on the panties and between my lips, I could see his eyes were glued to my pussy. I turned them around and made sure that I wiped every bit of cum and pussy juice and passed them to him, he immediately brought them to his face and licked at the crotch. I can’t stand it any more! Please just fuck me here!” she gasped breathlessly.

Tiffany stripped off her clothes; her pussy lips were swollen and inviting. After hearing her story I was hard again and ready to fulfil her need. She lay back on the dining room table and spread her legs wide for me.
“Don’t wait, just fuck me!” she moaned.
I pulled my skin back and pushed my cock into her hot pussy. It slipped in easily, the warmth of her velvet sheath enveloping me until my balls bounced off the bottom of her pussy, my cock at its deepest in her pussy. I picked up the pair of panties that she had brought back from Paula and brought them to my nose, her scent totally different to Tiffany’s yet every bit as erotic! She immediately started to thrust back at me. I could feel that she would not take long to get release. I could feel her juices were flowing freely, her pussy was starting to nip at my shaft and her firm nipples were hard and swollen. She clamped her legs around my waist and pulled me hard against her, the cries from her orgasm reverberating around the room. As I inhaled the scent of Paula’s pussy from her wet panties, I let go and started to pump hard and could feel my cum starting to boil up until I squirted my load deep into Tiffany’s pussy. We stood like that for a few minutes while we caught our breath. I pulled my cock out and could see my cum slowly oozing from her slit and down onto the table.

The next day was Friday, we were both looking forward to a quiet weekend after the rigors of moving. Very little had been said about the events of the previous day. I’m sure that they were as vivid in Tiffany’s mind as they were in mine. I got home shortly after 5pm to find that Tiffany had just beaten me home and was sitting comfortably on the sofa reading a note. Her legs were slightly apart and I could not resist the chance of peeping under her skirt to see what sexy panties she was wearing today. They were the pale pink cotton pair.
“We have a note from Paula and Gary inviting us to a Fondue this evening.” She said.
“Sounds fine to me,” I answered, “how do you feel about it?” my question was not just about convenience, I think we were both aware that after the action of the previous day this could well be a Fondue with a difference!
“I’m sarıyer escort game, lets just relax with a drink until 7 and then go over.”
We sat and enjoyed a drink and discussed our respective days at the office. I could see that Tiffany was a bit flushed; maybe she was looking forward to this evening more than she was letting me know!

By 7pm we were walking hand in hand across to Paula and Gary’s place. I could feel that her hands were sweaty. I could just wonder whether her pussy was just as wet! I knocked on the door and it was quickly opened, there stood Paula wearing a sexy, tight skirt and a nice tight white top.
“Come in” she said, “welcome, we have been looking forward to meeting you in a more, um, formal way.”
“Its good to be here,” said Tiffany.
As we walked through into the lounge Gary walked in and greeted us warmly. We sat down while Gary poured us a drink, Paula sitting opposite me on the large couch, I looked over at her sexy legs and caught glimpse of her panties. She saw me looking and spread her legs slightly, giving me a better view. I could feel myself getting hard. We had a few drinks in the lounge while we chatted and I could feel the scotch going straight to my head and the sight of Paula’s panties going straight to my cock!

Paula stood up and ushered us through to the dining room, in the middle of the round glass table I could see a cast iron Fondue pot. Tiffany and I have enjoyed Fondues on a number of occasions, we could never have imagined how much fun this one would be!

Gary poured the wine while Paula sat down and passed the raw foods around. The Fondue pot was bubbling away, ready to start cooking. Gary raised his glass,
“Neighbours” he toasted as we all sipped away at our wine. “We have a game we play when we Fondue,” said Gary, “I’m not sure if you would like to play?”
“How do you play?” said Tiffany, looking puzzled.
“Its really easy, if your fork comes out of the pot empty you need to remove 1 item of clothing, this excludes shoes and jewellery, if you would prefer not to remove an item you are welcome to drink a Tequila as forfeit.”
“Sounds fine to me,” I said. I was looking forward to the chance of seeing Paula’s beautiful pussy again. I looked over at Tiffany and could see that she was nodding her head eagerly.
“I don’t think you need to bring the Tequila bottle out just yet!” she said quietly.

We all filled our forks and put them into the pot, I was having a great time looking down through the glass table at Paula’s legs, which by now were shamelessly open and her panties on full display. They were an Ivory colour and the lace panel meant I could see the dark smudge of her pussy beneath. I was having difficulty hiding my hardening cock. I looked up at Paula and she licked her lips slowly. We removed our forks and Tiffany blushed as she saw that her fork was empty. Without being asked Tiffany stood up and slipped the straps of her dress over her arms and let it fall to the floor. She was left standing in a sexy, Navy Blue, bra and thong set. Since we had married I had always insisted on buying all her underwear, this way her panty drawer is always filled with the sexiest Panties and Bras. Tiffany sat back down and carried on as though nothing had happed. I could see that Gary was having a good look at her through the table while his hand was adjusting his hardening cock. I looked over at the bulge in his pants. I was next to lose some food and without comment stood up and removed my shirt. As the dinner progressed we slowly removed all our outer clothes until it got to the point where the next food to fall would mean the guilty party would have to show their most private parts.

It was just a matter of time until someone came up with an empty fork. Paula was the lucky winner. She stood up and hooked her thumbs into the sides of her Ivory-coloured thong. A healthy wet spot had developed between her legs. As she slid them down her legs the crotch seemed to be glued to her pussy. As she continued down they reluctantly eased out of her slit and down her sexy legs, as she sat down she tossed them over to me.
“For Dessert!” she said smiling. I simply couldn’t resist!
“Even as a kid I could never wait!” I said as I brought them to my nose and immediately smelt the unique aroma of a hot pussy. By now Gary was openly rubbing himself through his underpants under the table, for all to see. Tiffany stood up from the table,
“this is too much” she sighed quietly. She bent over and immediately started to pull her panties down her legs. The sight of her small breasts pointing down and her wet pussy was almost too much for Gary and I. We both stood up and released our cocks from the confines of our underwear. I looked over at Gary and saw that his cock was slightly longer than mine but a little thinner. Both our cocks were glistening in the light of the dining room, our excitement plainly visible from the juices oozing from the top of our cocks. We all sat down, it seemed that everyone was almost not sure who would continue the fun from here. Gary broke the silence.
“I have an idea! Why don’t we talk about our favourite fantasies and we can do our best to fulfil them in the weeks to come?”

Gary’s idea was greeted with great enthusiasm from the girls; I wasn’t so sure that that wanted to know about my favourite fantasy. When I was younger I had fooled around with a couple silivri escort of other guys at school, but lately I was being more drawn to stories of bi experiences. I was very straight but was dying to see if sucking another mans cock was as much fun as it was when I was 16. I was also apprehensive about how Gary would take it! The fact that he had licked our combined juices from Tiffany’s panties was surely a good sign? I looked over to Tiffany and could see that she was squirming in her seat. Her eyes glued to Gary’s cock.

Gary took a wine bottle and spun it to see who would go first. It spun slowly around and around until it slowed and stopped pointing directly at Paula, I could see that she was flushed with excitement. She licked her lips.
“Well” she said, “my greatest fantasy is to be filled by 2 hard cocks at the same time!”
“We will need to move to the lounge again,” said Gary. We all stood up and Tiffany and Gary led the way, Paula was walking in front of me and stopped to allow me to catch up, her hands took my rock hard cock and started to rub it gently.
“This is the cock I want in my cunt!” she said. My fingers ran down between her legs and I could feel the wetness from her pussy coating my fingers, her hard clit sticking proudly out.
“Hey you guys, come in here and lets get going” called Tiffany. I could see that she was already seated on the couch, her hand rubbing the top of her pussy. Paula and I moved reluctantly apart and walked through to the lounge. I could see that Gary was sitting on the couch next to Tiffany, his hands caressing her nipples; his hard cock was sticking proudly up. Paula took my hand and led me to the other couch.
“Lets get ready to fulfil my fantasy.” She purred. She sat down on the edge of the couch and spread her legs wide, her pussy lips were smooth and puffy, and the sexual anticipation was starting to have an obvious effect on her. I wasn’t prepared to stand on ceremony any longer and quickly knelt between her legs to get my first taste of her pussy, I could smell the sexy aroma of her pussy and I lowered my head to her pussy. I started by taking her whole pussy into my mouth and slowly closing my mouth around it until her hard clit was firmly between my lips, her juices were flowing freely, the taste of pure nectar. As I rhythmically sucked her clit, I allowed my hands to slip between the lips of her pussy, her natural lubricant oozing out and down over her ass. I figured that if she was going to take each of us in both holes she would need to be well lubricated, and withdrew my fingers and let them trace a line down until they reached her tight bud. My fingers started to probe gently until I felt her relax and my finger slipped in. I started to rub my finger around in an effort to get her ready for her sexual “double-header”.

I looked over to Tiffany and could see that she had turned around and had his cock in her hot mouth, preparing his cock for its anal encounter. Paula quietly indicated that we should move on to the next stage of her fantasy. I stood up and allowed her to cross the room to where Gary was now sitting back on the couch with his hard cock pointing proudly into the air. Paula moved over until she had her back to him and with his hands holding her hips he lowered her down until his cock was pressing against her ass. Tiffany was idly rubbing her pussy while she watched Gary’s cock start to slip into Paula’s back hole. Paula’s face was squeezed tightly together, almost expecting pain. I could see her visibly relax again. She pushed down and I could see Gary’s cock slowly slide in until it was buried to the hilt. Her own hands were now rubbing at her pussy; this had to be a sure sign that she was ready for me! I stood in front of her and she took my cock in her hands, she slowly started to rub my wet head up and down her slit, until the wetness of her pussy almost sucked me in. It was even tighter from being filled from both ends. She cried out in ecstasy as my cock slipped into her cunt. I noticed that Tiffany had decided not to miss out on the action and was kneeling between our legs and was caressing our balls together. I started to slowly pump my cock in and out, I could hear both Gary and Paula start to moan as they could both feel my cock stimulating both of them; I was starting to get really hot from Tiffany who was licking away at my balls. Paula started to get very vocal and her cries started to become more urgent, Gary had his head thrown back and I could feel that he was starting to pump his cock in and out. I could feel the walls of Paula’s pussy start to clench until with a loud cry she started to cum, this seemed to spur Gary on until with a grunt I could see that he had deposited his load deep into her ass. I started to pump faster now, the friction on my sensitive head was awesome, my orgasm started to build, and my balls started to tingle until I could feel the warm feeling of my cum forcing its way up my shaft and deep into her waiting cunt. We all collapsed back onto the couch and I slowly withdrew my cock from her pussy, I could see my cum ooze out of her pussy and down over Gary’s cock and balls, still firmly in her ass. As I stepped away Tiffany wasted no time in taking my place between Paula’s legs and burying her head between her legs. Her tongue started to lap away and drink away the cum I had just deposited. As far as I was aware this was Tiffany’s first taste of another woman’s pussy, only this time she could experience my familiar taste. Reluctantly Paula and Gary separated and I could see that Paula had a slightly bandy gait, our combined juices oozing lazily down her thighs as we walked back to the dining room to relax until we got onto the next fantasy to fulfil.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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