Neighbors: The Beach Trip Ch. 02

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/* This series is a sequel to Neighbors: The Surprise but you really don’t have to read the first one to enjoy this one. But you’ll probably want to read Chapter 1 of this series before reading Chapter 2.

All characters are of course over 18 years of age. */

It was only Wednesday. I’d just had two days of the most intense sexual experiences of my life to start off a two-week beach vacation. I was sated, exhausted, it was only Wednesday… and I wanted more.

But not right that second. I relaxed on my lounge chair, watching my girls soaking up rays in their birthday suits (I had no right to think of them as “my girls” but how many times do you get an opportunity like this?). Kerri looked up and over at me from between our two new friends and just smiled a satisfied smile.

I was feeling too lazy to go fix lunch and Kerri seemed disinclined to move out from between Alice and Reba, so I called the nearest pizza delivery place for a large veggie and a large pepperoni. I did remember to throw some shorts on before answering the door a few minutes later and grabbing the pizzas.

I started to wonder if two large pizzas were enough after we all attacked them by the pool. Sex is great exercise, I guess, and we had all earned some calorie replenishment.

After lunch, the girls packed up to head back to their house, but not before we talked about the rest of the week. Kerri let them know how much Christy wanted to meet them when she and Tim arrived Friday evening. Alice said, “let me talk to my mom. I think she’ll run interference for us.” As I said earlier, her mom started to sound really interesting.

After Alice and Reba left, the house started feeling a little empty. Kerri and I looked at each other and decided we ought to get out for a while. Before we got dressed and headed out, we checked the weather forecast and saw that there was a front that was supposed to come through Thursday evening. The morning looked ok though, so I called the local rental place and arranged for a paddleboard and paddle to be dropped off Thursday morning, as I’d been wanting to try it for years.

We got cleaned up and went for a short drive up to the Currituck Light and the Whalehead Club. It was a gorgeous day and the view from the top of the lighthouse was phenomenal. We walked around for a couple of hours, holding hands and taking selfies to send to Tim and Christy.

As it got later, we headed back towards the house but stopped off at one of the soundside shopping areas to poke around the shops. We picked up a few offensively silly t-shirts for Christy and Tim and some cheap shell jewelry for Alice and Reba and finally landed at a local seafood place for dinner, where we could sit outside and watch the sun set over the sound. It was lovely.

Then my phone buzzed. I hadn’t relaxed as much as I’d hoped to because I was half-waiting for my phone to ring with some problem with the new application that had just gone live at work. And sure enough, the text was for a troubleshooting meeting at 9 that night to try to resolve some issues that had just cropped up that morning.

We resolved to enjoy our dinner before we headed back to the house where I could log in. Yes, I was on vacation but that really doesn’t mean much these days, at least not in IT. Usually the development team wouldn’t get pulled in after the new code had been successfully live for three production days, so I assumed this was a really big problem.

We held hands while the sun went down over the water, enjoying a shared dessert and a couple of glasses of wine. I had to go to work, but I was damned if I wasn’t going to enjoy a beautiful sunset with my love.

We got back to the house by 8:30 and I booted up my SurfacePro and checked my email. It looked like things had been fine Monday and Tuesday, but as of Wednesday people started having sporadic access issues. It sounded to me like an infrastructure problem and not an app problem, but I was ready to work with the team to figure it out.

I joined the call at 9:00 pm on the dot. Within five minutes there were thirty-five people on the call. A few of us were new to the problem, so the critical incident manager took a few minutes to bring us all up to speed. We got a dump of all the things that had been tried to resolve it so far, with no success.

Kerri was totally understanding of me working during vacation – we’d certainly been married long enough that she knew how these things went. That didn’t mean that she wasn’t above teasing me a bit so as I sat on one of the big sofas in the great room, Kerri came in wearing nothing but a smile.

First, I think she read my mind, as she grabbed the bottle of wine that I had opened the night before and poured what remained of the bottle into two glasses. She handed one to me, which I accepted gratefully. The other she took with her to the chair across from me, along with the now empty bottle.

She sat back in the chair, legs spread wide, sipping sultangazi escort her wine and staring at me while she started to play with herself with her free hand. Her left leg was hooked over the arm of the chair, her right splayed out to the side and she slowly frigged herself with her right hand.

I did my best to focus on work, actually making a couple of suggestions of reasonable things to check on while I tried to scan through the code I had worked on. It was definitely not easy to concentrate with Kerri teasing me, but I figured that the sooner we resolved the problem, the sooner I could get back to sex.

Kerri set her half-empty wine glass down on the table next to her chair and picked up the empty wine bottle. She turned it up over her mouth to get the last few drops out, then ran her tongue into and around the open end of the bottle. That definitely took my attention away from the call. Without breaking eye contact, she lowered the bottle between her legs and slowly slipped the neck into her pussy.

Luckily, I was on mute because while Kerri managed to do that with nothing more than a low moan, I let out a low “fuuuucccckkkk” as the bottle disappeared into my wife’s cunt. She worked it in to the point where the bottle widens out, then started fucking herself with it, still keeping her eyes on me the whole time.

I was trying to pay attention to the call and trying to *will* someone to come up with a solution. Kerri continued pumping the bottle in and out with one hand while strumming her clit with the other, finally pulling the bottle into her hard as she had what looked like a terrific orgasm.

She slowly withdrew the bottle and crossed the room to give me a big sloppy kiss before depositing the bottle in the recycle bin. I checked that I was still on mute and motioned her back over. “Sweetheart, I’m really, REALLY sorry but we’re still not anywhere near resolving this. Thanks for the show but this may take a while longer,” I warned her.

She gave me a kiss on the cheek and an understanding smile and headed off to the bedroom. A few minutes later I heard the tone she used for instant message notifications and figured she was chatting with Christy. I turned my focus back to the problem at hand.

It must have been 11:30 pm before someone finally realized that an unapproved change had been made that morning to one of the load-balancers, leading to the sporadic access issues. The change was reversed and we spent the next 30 minutes testing. We got the all-clear around midnight.

Kerri was asleep, sprawled out deliciously on the bed. I was way too keyed up to go to sleep and really didn’t want to wake her up, despite how horny she’d gotten me. I opened another bottle of wine and had a slow glass out on the deck, looking at the stars and the waves and willing myself to get back into vacation mode. That took most of the rest of the bottle.

*** Thursday ***

I woke up to an empty bed Thursday morning. I stumbled into the bathroom to take care of business and then out to the kitchen, where I found Kerri looking much more chipper than I felt after too much work and too much wine. My head didn’t hurt, exactly, but it felt like it was stuffed with cotton.

“Morning, Sunshine!” she chirped, way too brightly. Still, I managed a smile and a kiss for her. She was wearing a mid-thigh length kimono and looked yummy. “Still looks like a good day to take the board out before it gets nasty later. Want some breakfast?”

My stomach was not exactly on the best terms with me at that moment, so I stopped with coffee and toast. We ate out on the deck where I could see that the wave action was minimal. Actually, it was pretty much like glass, much to the chagrin of a couple of hopeful surfers sitting on their boards a few yards out from the beach.

I hadn’t been sure if I was taking the board into the sound or the ocean, but that decided me. I had a belt with a couple of water bottles that I’d bought when I thought I might try to increase my running distance, so with the water, board and paddle I took off down the access to the beach.

It took me a little while to get the hang of standing and keeping my balance on the board, but within a few minutes I was serenely paddling along, first against the wind and then with the wind at my back as I headed back towards the starting point. It was a great core workout and I knew that if we lived closer to a large body of water, I’d have to buy myself a board like this.

The sky was an impossible blue and there was a cooling breeze coming from the north that made for an incredible day. A line of pelicans skimmed the top of the wavelets nearby and other than the occasional lifeguard whistle when some kid got too far out, all I could hear was the waves on the shore and the racket of the gulls.

I almost fell off the board when a couple of porpoises broke the surface 20 yards away. They didn’t come any closer but that taksim escort was one of the coolest things I’d ever seen. I watched them play for a few minutes before deciding it was time to head back in.

I left the board and paddle at the front of the house for the rental agency to pick up then climbed the stairs to the top floor. I could hear Kerri talking to someone in low tones as I got to the top then walked in on an unexpected scene.

Kerri was leading Alice and Reba through her yoga routine, although she wasn’t routinely naked as she was this morning. I grabbed some water out of the fridge and sat at the breakfast bar, appreciating the fact that Kerri had positioned the girls so that they would have their back to me for the workout.

Watching those fit nude bodies go through the warrior poses was a treat. Kerri was of course perfect, rock steady in every pose. When they got to Warrior III, standing on one leg, leaning forward with arms out in front and the other leg straight out the back, Reba was wobbling a bit, but Alice was holding her own.

I know Kerri’s routine, so I knew that going into sun salutations next was not normal for her. Then I realized that she was doing it for my benefit. Starting with them standing straight and reaching skyward then bending gracefully over until their perfect little asses were in the air got me hard in an instance.

She dropped them into a plank, their butts squeezed tight, then down to a cobra pose from where Kerri could raise her head and give me a wink. Then she brought them up to downward dog and it was all I could do to not go over and bury my face in some exposed pussy. They were all three fantastic to watch and I loved my wife just a little bit more for providing me with my second peep show in 12 hours.

They really were working out and not just putting on a show for me, so I downed the rest of my water and headed for the shower. SUP boarding had worked some muscles I hadn’t used much in a while, so I didn’t rush, enjoying the hot water for longer than usual.

I was about to finish up when I heard the bathroom door open and saw a body moving towards me through the foggy glass. I assumed Kerri of course but was not unhappy when the door opened and Alice stepped in.

God, she was such a beautiful little thing. She closed the door behind her and flowed into my arms, leaning her head back for a kiss. We stayed like that for some minutes, arms wrapped around each other, tongues exploring each other.

She broke away after a bit and looked down at my erection. Kneeling in front of me in the spray of the shower, she took me in her mouth, bobbing her head deliciously slowly as I got even harder. Then she stood back up, put her arms around my neck and jumped.

I wasn’t quite expecting that, but I reacted quickly, grabbing her ass as she wrapped her legs around me. I turned, backing her up against the tile and sliding her down until the tip of the dick was right at the entrance of her pussy. Then I let her drop, impaling her on my shaft.

She squealed and started thrusting her hips at me. I got the message and started pounding her against the wall of the shower, gripping her asscheeks to keep her from falling. She grabbed me tighter around the neck as she started to cum, pushing her face into my shoulder to stifle a scream.

After she came down a little, she slid off me and turned around, pressing her hands against the wall like she was waiting to be frisked. I slid back inside her, grabbing her by the hips and pulling her back into me on each of my strokes forward. I’d been close a few minutes before we changed positions and it didn’t take long for me to get back to the edge.

“Oh shit, Alice! I’m about to cum, baby!” I moaned behind her. She started pushing back into me even harder, which made me fuck her harder still until I exploded inside her tight little cunt hard enough that my legs started to shake.

She turned around after I slipped out and gave me another big kiss and then kicked me out of the shower so she could wash her hair. I dried off and leaned against the vanity, watching Alice through the foggy shower glass. When she finished up and stepped out, I held up a big fluffy towel for her to step into.

She wrapped it around herself and I spun her around and started drying her hair with another towel. If you’ve never done that, try it. It’s sensuous as hell and quite the turn-on.

After we were suitably dry, we stepped out into the bedroom to find Kerri lying naked on the bed, a similarly-unclothed Reba looking sated and half-asleep on Kerri’s shoulder. Clearly they had been having a good time as well. Alice dropped her towel and jumped on the bed next to her girlfriend, giving her a big kiss.

I started to climb in too, until Kerri told me to wait. “Girls, remember what we talked about?” she asked. Alice and a now-awake Reba looked at each other and giggled and then looked at me. Or, more topkapı escort accurately, looked at my fully-recovered cock.

They crawled over to the edge of the bed, looking up at me and grinning before attacking me. Reba was on her hands and knees with her cute little butt in the air while she devoured my dick. Alice was lying on her stomach, head up so that she could lick my balls from below. Kerri lay back against the pillows, stroking herself and watching.

Christy and Kerri had done that for me once before and it was unbelievable. With these two little sweeties and with my wife watching, it might have actually been better. They switched off every minute or two, which kept me from cumming too quickly. But as Reba felt my balls tighten up, she announced, “he’s going to blow!”

And blow I did. Alice and Reba backed off a little, Reba fondling my balls and Alice stroking my cock while they both looked up at me in anticipation. My eyes went from their gorgeous faces to their delectable asses and over to my wife who had obviously reached an orgasm herself then back to the girls as I cut loose.

Reba took most of the first two shots, one across her forehead and the other right in her open mouth. Alice, who was still stroking me, clamped her mouth down over my dick after that and drained me dry. Reba turned around and crawled over to Kerri, kissing her with my cum on her lips. Once my cock stopped jerking, Alice knee-walked over to Kerri and did the same.

I’d like to say that all of that got me hard again in an instance but I’m human and this wasn’t a dream. As highly erotic as watching the three of them kissing and groping each other was, I was spent for at least a little while. I did crawl up onto the bed though and kissed and fondled all three of them until we all collapsed in a heap.

After a bit of snuggling, the girls got up and got cleaned up to head back to their house. Kerri walked down with them and I could hear them making plans for Friday night as Alice reassured Kerri again that her mom would run interference.

I heard the door downstairs close and a few minutes later Kerri came back into the bedroom with coffee (bless her!) and a couple of bagels. We sat back on the bed for a few minutes and got crumbs on the sheets, not really saying much but exchanging the occasional grin.

“You look pleased with yourself,” Kerri finally said in mock seriousness. “Don’t get used to this. You’re going to have to share them when Tim and Christy get here.”

“That means more of you for me, right?” I replied.

That got me a smile. “Before our naked yoga session, I talked to Alice and Reba about Friday night. We’re planning something special. I’m sorry Christy knows about them, but we can still surprise them. I’m going to need you to run some errands tomorrow to pick up some things. And Alice promises me that they’ll be clear to be here all Friday evening.”

I was happy to leave the party planning to her and just enjoy the ride. That left us the rest of the afternoon and evening to enjoy each other, although the weather was going to limit our choices. We checked the radar and decided to stick around the house as it looked like an intense line of storms was going to hit us around 6.

We threw on some shorts and t-shirts and went down to the bottom floor. Kerri beat me three straight games at foosball (I wasn’t nearly drunk enough to play well). Then we battled it out in ping-pong and I won four out of five. No Strip Pong that day – I think we were both still a little blissed out after our morning.

By the time we made it back upstairs, the sky was getting dark and the wind was picking up. We grabbed a couple of glasses of wine and walked out onto the deck. Where the ocean had been almost completely still a few hours earlier, the waves had now really picked up. The clouds were building up over the water and as we looked back over the house towards the mainland, we could see that it was getting ominous.

Some people really hate thunderstorms. I know other people, like Tim, that basically just fall asleep. For me, and thankfully also for Kerri, they make us feel supercharged. We get full of nervous energy and we get horny as hell.

We leaned on the rail, watching as lightning lit up the sky, the glows coming from over the house and now and again, a clear strike would hit the ocean in front of us. The thunder would rumble past us a few seconds later, long enough after the flash that we still felt okay being outside.

Actually, we felt better than ok. Kerri put her arms around me, pulling my erection in against her. I slid my hands down the back of her shorts, squeezing her magnificent globes while our tongues explored each other’s mouths. Her blond hair whipped around our faces as the wind continued to pick up and we made out until the brightest flash yet hit the beach nearby, followed almost immediately by a loud crack of thunder. Too close!

We disentangled and grabbed our wine glasses and headed for the door, just as the bottom finally dropped out and the rain started coming down in sheets. We managed to get in before getting too wet, but decided to sit on the floor in the great room with the lights out so we could watch the storm through the huge windows.

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