Neighborly Shower

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Wilma had spent the morning in her home office doing her paperwork for this weeks order. Gene, her husband, was working a 12 hour shift today and the boys were in school so she finally had the house to herself. Her office was a bit warm today so she took her robe off and was in her slinky gown. She felt a bit decadent to still be in her gown yet as she was always dressed and made up by now. Nothing less than her jeans and blouse and full make-up by 8:30 as was her routine, but today she sent everyone packing out the door and headed straight for the office to get her work done. She occasionally strolled to the kitchen to get another cup of tea, during one such trip, as she was facing the stove, Rick came in the back door. He was their neighbor and a very close friend. She was lost in thought and didn’t hear him come in. She was only slightly startled to turn and see him staring at her. What caused the start was the look of appreciative lust she saw in his eyes. She knew she was imagining the look and that it was just because of her earlier silly thoughts.

Today had begun normally but as she worked her mind strayed several times to a fantasy that had intruded in her otherwise mundane thoughts. She had attributed it to her attire and kept pushing the thoughts aside but now with Rick staring at her as he was her mind strayed again.

Rick stirred her from her thoughts saying “I’m sorry Wilma, I should have knocked. I didn’t realize you hadn’t dressed yet. I’ll come back later.”

“No, you are fine Rick,” she said. “I was just working and decided to make myself a cup of tea would you like one?”

“Uhh….” he stammered “well ok.”

She fixed them both a cup and brought them to the table. As he joined her she was suddenly conscious of the fact she didn’t have her robe on. He was having a hard time not staring at her. Wilma was a beautiful woman but always presented herself so plainly that the sexy gown she had on just seemed so out of character. He tended to make her the subject of his fantasies but they couldn’t measure up to this sexy sight.

They sat at the table talking like there was nothing out of the ordinary but he found himself uncomfortable. As he finished his tea he remembered his purpose for the visit.

“I was on my way into town and wanted to see if you needed anything,” he stated.

“how nice,” she said calmly. “I do need to pick up the cleaning today and if you are going in you could bring it back and save me some time.”

“Good deal,” he said as he rose trying to hide the stirring in his pants for her. He went for the door, “I’ll be a couple hours if that’s ok.”

“That’s fine, it’s just some shirts I had cleaned and pants I had altered. If I’m in the office you can put them in the bedroom if you would,” she said.

“Ok, talk to you later then,” he said as he went out the door.

She finished her tea and went back to work. As she worked the thoughts returned but bolder and suddenly the man had a face, Rick’s. She kept trying to push the thoughts out so she could finish her work. Finally she finished and decided a nice hot shower would help. She went upstairs to the bedroom, started the water running and walked back into the bedroom. She got her clothes out and then shed her gown and panties as she walked back into the bathroom. She thought maybe a cold shower would be better but she stepped into the steaming stall leaving the door open.

Meanwhile Rick pulled into his driveway and took his bags into the house. After what he had seen earlier he was a bit apprehensive about bahis firmaları going back to Wilma’s so he tried calling first but when he got no answer he figured she had run out after all and it was safe to take the cleaning over. He knocked on the door this time just in case but got no answer so he went on in and yelled for her. He still got no answer so he went through the house and up the steps to the bedroom like she had asked him to. All he could think about was the sexy sight of Wilma as he climbed the stairs and entered the room. He walked into the room and heard the shower running in the bathroom and froze in his tracks his fantasies taking hold of him. He looked at the open door and saw her silhouette in the steamy shower, the actual sight far better than his fantasy.

She stood under the shower spray letting the water beat down on her, running her hands over her wet body imagining they belonged to her fantasy lover. She imagined vividly the scene that had been playing out in her mind as she lathered herself. The ringing of the phone broke her thoughts and she shut the water off and stepped out of the shower remembering she had left the towel in the bedroom. She froze when she looked into the bedroom and was Rick standing there like a statue, raging hard on and all staring back at her. Neither moved it was like a Mexican stand off both frozen in their place just staring at the other.

Rick didn’t know if he should stand still or run seeing he had been caught, and opted to pick up the towel and take it over to her. She reached for the towel unsure if she was reaching for it or him, in her mind she knew but took the towel instead. An electric current ran through them as their hands brushed, their eyes still locked in the frozen stare. He knew he should run and run fast but he couldn’t make his feet move. She knew she should wrap the towel around her wet nakedness but she couldn’t move either. She was too taken in by this handsome man drinking in her nakedness. Suddenly she felt beautiful and sexy again, something she hadn’t felt in a long time. He couldn’t walk away from this beautiful vision and his voice finally returned and he blurted out “My God Wilma you are so beautiful and sexy. You hide it……I had no idea.” She blushed and smiled and he said “Oh shit I’m sorry…….I gotta go.”

Panic flashed through her mind as she thought about him leaving instead of making love to her right now, right here. “Thank you,” she murmured, “I can’t believe my fantasy is playing out right before my eyes only in it you don’t leave.” She blushed again and looked down.

“Mine too,” he stammered. “Tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine.”

“I couldn’t, I’ve never told anyone before. I don’t know that I have the words to tell it.” She said shyly.

“Maybe this would help,” he said as he took her quivering wet body in his arms and began kissing her with a passion and tenderness that surpassed them both. Suddenly she realized what she was doing and tried to pull back but was only successful in pulling them onto the bed. They lay there in a tangle of arms and legs, he almost on top of her. Their minds flashed in unison to their separate yet similar fantasies. She found her fingers had a mind of their own as she began unbuttoning his shirt. In the same instant his hand found her breast and began caressing it, his fingertips teasing her already hard nipples.

“Mine begins a lot like this,” he began. “You already wet and naked undressing me. Once I am naked I carry you back into the shower and begin t soap you.”

A moaning sigh escaped her lips as she finished undressing him allowing his raging hard on to kaçak iddaa stand free. She sat up , took his hand and lead him to the shower. He turned it back on as they stepped in, their lips falling together like those kissing dolls of old, the hot water streaming over them. Their lips locked in a lusty passionate kiss, their bodies melded together. He pulled his lips and body from hers and reached for the soap bottle, flipping the lid open to release the slight scent of wild flowers. He squeezed a stream into his hands and began to run his hands over her body spreading lather as he went. He took great care lathering her breasts and then worked his way down to her mound. He was a bit shocked to find it smooth as a baby’s bottom. He took extra care lathering it, sliding his soapy fingers down the slit. She shuddered and moaned as he soapily teased her. The whole time she was moaning and gasping as the steam and sprays took her breath. She swayed slightly under his roaming hands as he lathered her entire already excited body, front, back and sides. When he decided she was lathered enough he slid up her soapy body until his rock hard cock rested against her lathery, hot mound as his lips met hers again. They kissed again this time their bodies slathering together in a mind boggling erotic soapiness.

He turned her slightly so the hot water could sprinkle gently over them rinsing the lather from them so he could move his kisses to other places. When they were rinsed he guided her back a step out of the stream of water and began lapping at her body as if to tongue dry her. Each lap of his tongue caught her breath and gave her the tiniest quiver. By the time he reached her breasts her nipples were already hard as pebbles on her chest. His lips locked and licked each pebble, his teeth gently nipping them. His tongue flicked it furiously as he sucked. It felt so heavenly, she thought she had indeed gone to heaven. All the while warm water dripped from his hair onto her breasts running trails over them adding to the wondrous sensations he was already causing. After giving each breast the attention they deserved he began licking his way to her smooth mound. He was intrigued by her hairless wonder and wanted to lick every centimeter of it before he planted his tongue deep in her pot of sweet nectar.

He decided to be able to do what he wanted properly though he needed to lay her down so he could get to the full depths he desired. He rose slowly and led her from the shower which was now beginning to run cool. He shut the water off as they stepped out and almost floated to the bed where he carefully stretched out the thick towel she had held earlier. He didn’t want them to soak the bed as they were both still dripping. He laid her out on the towel and laid beside her, kissing her again. He allowed his kisses to trail to his object of desire. When he got there he just stared at it for a long minute taking in it’s wetness and beauty. He then let his tongue trail across her smoothness of her mound. He loved her feel of the smoothness under his mouth and tongue, he felt a dire need to sink his tongue deep inside her love hole. His tongue went to the top of her pussy slit and began to trail down the slit just barely dipping inside the slit until he reached the bottom of it. When he reached the base he could not resist the urge to delve it deep inside her. He lapped at her hole for a minute marveling at the sweet taste of her.

He pulled his face back and brought his hands to either side of the slit and spread it. He looked deep into her glistening pussy, hot and wet for him. He had never seen anything so beautiful in his life. He could kaçak bahis resist no longer and drive his tongue deep inside her causing her to arch and quiver and moan. She tried to push her snatch closer to his face and his mouth but he held her with his arms to where he wanted her. She knew she was t the point where she needed his cock deep within her but she was at his mercy and laid back and enjoyed his ministrations. He licked and sucked and nibbled her till she could hold back no more and she exploded into bursts of shakes and quivers and moans and squeals, her juiciest flowing freely over his tongue and face. All the while he lapped at her and her sweet juices like a kitty lapping it’s milk. He rose from the spot he had occupied, part on the bed and part off, to move up beside he quivering body. She was finally able to see how rock hard pleasuring her had made him. An urge she had never had crossed her and she had to have his cock in her mouth.

She had sucked dick before but it had always been a case of reciprocation not desire that had caused it but now she wanted to, no had to, taste those droplets on the swollen head and actually feel it sliding in and out of her mouth. She tried to move towards it but instead he pulled her on her side against him and his throbbing snake slid it’s way into her hole. They granddad together a bit before he grasped her hips and rolled her on top of him. She could feel him sliding inside her further as she mounted him, the further over she went the deeper he went. She could not remember ever feeling a cock inside her to such depths before, touching places that had never been touched before. He began raising and lowering her hips as he kissed her, as she laid on top of him.

He held her tight and rolled her over again this time he was on top of her driving slowly and methodically into her. She could feel his balls slapping against her ass with each stroke. She began to move against him and they began slamming together, the rhythm quickening, her pussy muscles tightening against his cock. The strokes came harder and deeper each time until she could take no more. Her pussy contracted against him, they were both moaning and could feel their impending orgasms. She began screaming in ecstasy which only prodded him t drive harder until she began cumming in gasps and screams and the head of his cock grew until it finally exploded washing her insides with his cum. Both were gasping and grinding like there was no tomorrow until he gave one final thrust and they came again in unison and collapsed in a heap of sated sweaty bodies, his face nestled into her neck kissing it, neither able to move, him still embedded inside her sweet pussy.

They recovered slowly to the distant sound of the town church bell tolling, they strolled silently back to the shower. They slowly lathered each other and rinsed in silence. They toweled off and went back into the bedroom to dress, he on the far side of the room where his clothes landed and she at the dressing table to apply her makeup. The silence was deafening as she sat going about her task watching him in the mirror. Finally he said, “God you were fantastic Wilma.”

“You were pretty fabulous yourself. It was almost as if someone had cast a magical love spell over us,” she replied still watching him.

“A spell of lust, yes” he agreed. He finished dressing and headed for the door. He looked back at her still sitting naked, the glow of their lovemaking still about her. Neither quite knew what to say but knew something had to say as the situation was too awkward as it was. With one hand on the door he turned t her and said, “I promise never to try that again, but I’m not sorry it happened. See you later.”

She looked back at him and said “Neither am I, neither am I.”

He let himself out the door both knew it couldn’t happen again and yet it had to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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