Naughty Games: Breakfast with Sis

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Breakfast With Sis

Note: Both characters are 18 years of age (exactly the same age, in fact!) and are consenting adults. The writers of this story do not condone incest in real life, just as writers of crime fiction do not condone acts of criminality. This story involves some naughty, kinky stuff, so please do not read it if naughtiness offends you…


I’m sitting on the sofa watching television when Jodhi comes downstairs and wanders into the living room. Even though she’s just woken up she looks really hot, dressed only in a pair of skimpy denim shorts and a baggy Lady Gaga t-shirt. Her hair’s wild and messy and she has no make-up on.

She smiles sweetly as she pads into the room barefoot.

“Morning,” she says through a half-stifled yawn. She stretches dramatically, arching her back so that I can see her tits lift beneath the loose fabric of her t-shirt, then comes over and hops onto the sofa beside me. Without a second word she wraps her arms around my shoulders and clamps her mouth onto mine, sticking her tongue down my throat and almost choking me. Her knee finds its way inside my robe and nudges my legs apart, pressing up close against my cock and balls.

I love the feel and taste of my twin sister’s kisses; they’re always wet, warm and sweet. I love the faint smell of her perfume first thing in the morning, too—the lingering remnants of it from the day before. And I also love the heat of her body against mine when we’re this close. Even though Mum’s in the kitchen a few metres away, I put my hands on her waist and join in with the kiss.

We are perfectly safe from discovery for the time being—I can hear the not-so-distant clinking and clanking of washing up being done in the background, and I know that Jodhi and I will have a couple of minutes of private time together. I slip my hands under her t-shirt and savour the warmth of her body against my palms as they slide up to fondle her chest. To my delight I find that she’s braless, and when my hands discover her soft, dangling breasts my cock starts to swell. I’m already partially erect from the kiss, but the sudden contact with her naked flesh makes me properly stiffen inside my boxer shorts.

“No bra?” I murmur with a smile. “You slut!”

“I thought I’d surprise you,” Jodhi whispers back. “You like?”

I nod and we resume our kiss. Her nipples are hard between my rolling fingertips, and I know that she’s wet between her legs. Meanwhile, her hand has found its way inside my dressing gown and into the opening of my boxer shorts, and she’s squeezing my erection gently.

“I wish I could suck you off right now,” she whispers in my ear. “I wish Mum wasn’t here so I could swallow your cum.”

I groan and close my eyes, enjoying the slow movements of her hand around my shaft. While she masturbates me so wonderfully I slide a hand down the back of her shorts to feel what I expect to be her bare ass—she’s braless so I don’t expect knickers either-but I’m surprised when my fingers encounter the soft, slippery texture of satin.

“They’re the ones you like,” she breathes into my mouth. “The sexy black ones.”

The knickers cling tightly to her ass cheeks and have a lovely silky feel which makes my cock even harder in my sister’s hand. While we kiss, my fingers trace the inner curve of her buttock and rub back and forth against her anus, using the satin material to stimulate her little rosebud. Jodhi always likes this, and right now she starts writhing under my touch and making little ‘Mmmn’ sounds in my mouth. Slipping my fingers under the elastic, I reach into her knickers and begin teasing her asshole directly, circling the crinkled knot and pressing at the opening. It starts to contract like a hungry little mouth.

“I want to feel your tongue there…” Jodhi says. “Will you lick it for me when Mum’s gone to work?”

I nod and push the very tip of my finger into her anus. Although it’s dry, I feel the hole open up just a little bit—not enough to get my finger properly inside, but certainly enough to turn us both on.

“God, my pussy’s soaking!” she groans. “I can’t wait till she’s gone! The things I want to do to you today!”

It’s at this point that we both become aware that the busy sounds in the kitchen have ceased and that Mum is probably about to leave for work. Sensing it would be wise to desist in our activities straight away, we pull away from each other and straighten up our clothing—me trying my best to conceal the very large erection that’s tenting stupendously under my robe.

“To be continued…” Jodhi says as we both hear the click-clacking of Mum’s heels coming down the hallway. We both start a little as our mother suddenly appears in the doorway, dressed for work in her smart business suit.

“Right then, you two,” she says, utterly oblivious to the naughtiness that has just been taking place in her living room. “I’m off. There’s plenty of food in the cupboards and şirinevler escort a list of jobs on the kitchen table. Have fun, won’t you?” She smiles warmly at us both.

“We will,” answers Jodhi in a sing-song voice—provocative to my ears, innocent to Mum’s. “You have a good day at work, Mum.”

“Thank you, love.”

After a few more irritating words of procrastination, she heads out the front door.

We give it a minute or so, listening out for Mum’s car starting up and pulling off the drive, before Jodhi announces, “Right! Clothes off!” and strips off her vest. Excitedly, I undo my robe and slip off my boxers while Jodhi sloughs off her shorts and knickers.

We sit back down on the sofa and kiss and touch each other for a little while. It’s always nice to begin with a bit of naked contact—Jodhi rubbing her tits against my chest, her leg against my cock, while I caress her back and bottom, or run my hands through her hair. Kissing Jodhi is nice—much nicer than kissing other girls. Not only is there the constant thrill that we are doing something completely taboo, but she’s a much better kisser than anyone else I’ve been with. She always kisses like she enjoys it. Jodhi’s a sensual being and she kisses you with her whole body—it isn’t just her mouth and tongue; she kisses you with her cunt and her tits and her ass.

While we snog so passionately right there on the living room sofa, Jodhi takes my hand and returns it to her bottom. Picking up on her not-so-subtle hint, I slide my finger into the crack of her ass and resume playing with her little bumhole. Now free of her figure-hugging shorts, she moves her body sensually, rotating her hips so that she controls the way I touch her. When my fingertip dabs at the entrance of her anus, she pushes back on it so that it enters her—but again only a tiny little bit.

“It needs lubrication,” she says matter-of-factly. “Wet your finger.”

I bring my finger to my lips and suck it once so that it’s coated with my saliva. I pop it in Jodhi’s mouth for good measure—she gives it a good, slow suck with her eyes fixed naughtily upon me—before returning it to her bottom. This time, my finger slides in easily, up to the first knuckle, and my sister gives a little gasp of pleasure.

“That’s it,” she groans. “That feels nice. A bit further, though.”

Following her cue I push more of my finger up her ass—as far as the second knuckle—and she begins riding my hand, pushing back and forth onto it and moaning deeply. I can see the wetness on her inner thighs as she shifts position to take more of my finger inside her, can smell the gorgeous scent of her aroused cunt wafting up to greet me. All the while I’m fingering her ass she’s wanking my prick slowly, expertly.

“Touch my pussy, Jake,” she says in a low voice. “Feel how fucking wet I am for you right now.” She looks me directly in the eyes and chews her lower lip.

I reach down with my free hand—the one that’s not pleasuring her rear—and run two fingers through her puffy labia. Jodhi’s right—her cunt is practically dripping, and when I pass my fingertips across her clitoris she shivers as though an electric pulse has shot through her entire body.

“Oh God!” she moans, momentarily arching her back. “Oh, fuck!” She giggles girlishly as the pre-orgasmic frisson makes her tingle all over, her nipples standing out like bullets. “God, I’m close…”

“Let me make you come,” I say, working my fingers gently in both holes. “Please, Jo. I want to make you come.”

Jodhi grins and kisses me on the lips. “You can certainly help out.”

With that, she turns away from me and rolls onto the sofa, face down, so that she’s now lying with her ass sticking up in the air. She spreads her legs so that all her private parts are now on show and gazes at me over her shoulder.

“Lick my ass while I touch myself.”

I look down at the glorious sight of my sister’s spread, open pussy and, just above it, the dark brown ring of her anus. It’s still moist from my finger and seems to dilate in anticipation. Jodhi’s hand is already between her legs and rubbing away at her clitoris, and I wonder why I’m wasting time looking at her bottom and not licking it. As if reading my mind she mutters, eyes closed: “Are you going to look or are you going to lick? Come on—I’m almost there already!”

I move over her and lower my face to her ass, immediately noting the bitter, musky smell of her asshole. She moans as I stick my tongue right in there without hesitation—tasting her, probing her. She lifts her hips and her full buttocks squash against my face.

“Ooh, yeah. Lick me, Jake. Lick my ass…”

Closing my eyes, I savour the taste of her as I prod away with my tongue. It’s always how I imagine plasticine might taste—flavourless but distinctive—and it never fails to give me a ferocious erection. I’m gently stroking the one I have right now while I lick Jodhi’s bum, şişli escort careful not to get too excited and come right then and there. Meanwhile, Jodhi is busy masturbating with her face buried in one of the sofa cushions, rubbing her clitoris so frantically that her pussy is making wet smacking sounds. She comes quicker than I expect.

“Oh, God…” she moans, her words half-muffled by the cushion. “Oh, fuck! I’m coming… Lick me! Lick me! Don’t stop!”

I do as she asks, lapping away at her tender ring while she makes herself come. I wonder if the neighbours can hear her as she screams loudly into the pillow, her whole body stiffening as her orgasm courses through her from top to toe. Her anus contracts spasmodically—the sensitive nerve endings there seem to drive her wild as I run my tongue back and forth over it—and her buttocks shake like two pale-pink jellies.

“Oh, fuck!” she gasps, trembling. “Oh, Gohhhhhhhhd!”

Her orgasm seems to last for ages—way after she’s stopped touching herself. Perhaps it’s because I keep my face glued to her bum crack, licking away at it deeply, lovingly, while she lies there spent on the sofa, her whole body tingling with erotic pleasure.

“Oh, Jake…” she murmurs dreamily, “That was amazing…”

I don’t respond—I’m lost in the sheer joy of eating out my sister’s tangy asshole.

Jodhi sighs and folds her arms under her head. “Mmm. That feels nice, too. Don’t stop.”

I have no intention of doing so. I must spend a good ten minutes licking her, occasionally breaking away to kiss and lick her bum cheeks but always quickly returning my attention to her anus. At one point she laughs lightly.

“You really do like my ass, don’t you?”

“I love it.”

“I love it that you love it.”

I take that as carte blanche to carry on, and lose myself once again in her perfect backside. I could happily stay here for hours, and I contentedly lap away at her tight little hole with my erection pressing into the leather sofa. Meanwhile, Jodhi drifts into a light sleep, only occasionally making quiet sounds of pleasure or shifting drowsily on the sofa. I wonder, while she sleeps, why she’s perfectly happy for me to do this to her when most girls would undoubtedly find it shocking or disgusting. Not Jodhi—as I had discovered during the last few weeks, my sister is as horny and dirty-minded as me.

Eventually, after a nice little doze, she stirs, glances sleepily over her shoulder, and grins to see me still at work.

“Bloody hell, I must have the cleanest ass ever.”

“You have the best ass ever.”

“I’m glad you enjoy it so much. Maybe soon I’ll let you put your cock back in there again.”

I’m about to ask for more details when a noise from the hallway frightens the life out of the pair of us. We both instinctively freeze as the familiar squeak of the letterbox sounds in the background, loud in the emptiness of the hall. This is followed by three quiet slaps, one after the other. Jodhi and I look at each other and relax a little, our hearts fluttering like crazy, as we realize it’s just the morning post.

“Fuck!” my sister exclaims, breathing out a deep sigh of relief. “Every bloody time!”

I stroke her back softly with the backs of my fingers, eager for us to return to the previous topic of discussion.

“Um, what were you saying just now, Jo?”


“Something about letting me put my cock in your ass?”

She smiles and lays her head back down on the sofa cushion, closing her eyes. “We’ll have to see. I’m still a bit sore from the last time. We’ll need to use a better lube that’s for sure—something better than my spit anyway.”

Jodhi’s right; it was stupid to try anal sex without proper lubrication. But a few days ago we’d gotten carried away with the moment—half a bottle of tequila and a sloppy blowjob and we both thought it would be a painless experience for her. Wrong. Jodhi couldn’t sit down properly a day afterwards.

“You’ll have to go into town and buy some KY or something,” she murmurs into her crossed arms, still a little drowsy from her nap. Her eyes are closed as she talks to me. “My ass stings just thinking it. But I’d like to try it again, Jake. Definitely. I’d love to feel you coming inside my ass—it’s such a sexy idea!”

Jodhi is suddenly interrupted by a quiet gurgling sound coming from her stomach—a low burble that vibrates against the sofa. “Excuse me!” she says with a light laugh. “I must be hungry after that amazing orgasm. I need some breakfast.”

I rise to my knees, my cock jutting out like a flagpole.

“I’ll make you some. What do you want?”

Jodhi stretches lazily, languidly, extending her legs and fanning out all ten of her pretty little toes. The leather sofa creaks under her movement.

“Mmm, how about my brother’s cum?”

“For breakfast?”

“Anytime. Come with me to the kitchen?”

I grin, taksim escort rubbing my cock excitedly, then move aside so that she can get up from the sofa. As she does so, she has to peel her naked body from the warm, sticky leather. The contact has left big red blotches on her tits and stomach.

“God, I hate that sensation,” she mutters. She stretches again and runs a hand through her messy-but-oh-so-sexy bed hair. “Come on then, Jakey-Poo.” And with that she grasps my erection and proceeds to lead me through to the kitchen by it. I simply follow obediently, like a panting puppy dog. Once there, Jodhi lets go of my prick and begins rooting through the fridge for something she fancies, so I step up behind her and press my naked body close to hers. She smells lovely—like butterscotch, or freshly baked biscuits.

“Hmm…” she muses aloud to herself while I squeeze her tits and bury my face in her hair. She opens the drawer to the salad crisper and reaches inside.

“Grapefruit?” she says aloud and weighs two of them thoughtfully in her hands.

I do the same with her boobs.

“Nah.” She roots around again. “Strawberries? Hmm. Maybe later…” She turns a little towards me and adds suggestively, “Strawberries are really post-sex food, don’t you think?”

I don’t care—I’m too busy rubbing my erection against the crack of her ass, which is still slick with my saliva. I fantasise about putting my cock up there but I don’t want to push my luck.

Jodhi continues her appraisal of the contents of the fridge until finally—”Ah! Perfect!”—she reaches up and takes down a tray of lemon yoghurts from the top shelf. As she does so, her tits momentarily lift out of my hands and then drop back into them. She snaps off one of the pots and puts the others back, making her tits rise again. “Come over here,” she says, grabbing my erection once again and leading me over to the dining table. She sits down bare-assed on one of the dining chairs, peels the lid off the yoghurt, then positions me in front of her.

“I want you to squirt your yoghurt in here,” she grins, handing it to me. “Nice and gooey and salty. Fill it up.”

“Okay,” I laugh, shaking my head. She never ceases to surprise me, my sister. Grasping my cock, I am about to fulfil her kinky request when she announces, “Ooh, wait!” and pushes me aside. She rises from the chair and skips naked through the kitchen to one of the drawers.

“I need a spoon!”

Her C-cup tits jiggle nicely as she hurries back and plops herself back down in the chair. Meanwhile, I start manipulating my prick slowly, carefully, above the waiting yoghurt pot.

Lately I’ve developed a technique that allows me to come without having an orgasm. It sounds crazy—what guy doesn’t want an orgasm, you ask—but sometimes it has its advantages. For a start it allows me to prolong sex for hours. I can carry on fucking Jodhi immediately after coming in this way—there’s no period of depletion like there is when I fully climax. So after shooting my jizz over her tits or her face, I can keep going straightaway and still have an orgasm at the end.

So here I am, slowly rubbing the tip of my penis with my fingertips, pulling the foreskin back and forth over the sensitized helmet. The trick is to stimulate the cock just to the point of orgasm—that moment when you feel a tingling in your balls and at the tip of your prick. You rub slowly for as long as possible, then stop yourself just before you’re about to come. With a bit of practice you can halt the full orgasm but still release your load—slowly, usually a bit at a time. And this is what I’m doing right now into my sister’s breakfast yoghurt. Jodhi’s watching with naughty, glinting eyes as, eventually, a stream of watery semen pours out of my prick and pools up on the surface of the creamy yoghurt. This is the seminal fluid, without much of the actual sperm. For some reason, this method of wanking sends the juice first and the pulp later, so to speak. It takes a little bit more manipulation of my cock to release the thick, cloudy spunk itself, which now plops sluggishly onto the come I’ve already deposited there. Pinching the end of my prick to milk out every last drop, I hand Jodhi the yoghurt and she holds it up excitedly.

“Wow,” she says, impressed. “That’s a lot of cum! You’re amazing.” She licks her lips and stands up. “Sit here.”

I swap places with her. The seat of the wooden dining chair is warm and I can feel her wet pussy juices on my balls and asshole. She’s still really turned-on. Clutching the yoghurt in one hand and spreading her cunt with the other, Jodhi lowers herself onto my erect cock, sliding slowly down onto it and straddling me. That’s another bonus of my new-found technique—I can maintain a serious erection immediately after coming.

“God, I love your cock, brother,” she says, kissing me on the mouth. “It’s so big…”

We snog with tongues for a little bit while she rides me gently, grinding her clit against my pubic bone. Then she breaks off the kiss and sits up, still with my cock inside her, and grabs her spoon from the dining table. She dips it into the little pot and brings up a spoonful of creamy yellow yoghurt mixed with slimy, glistening sperm. Some of it drips from the spoon back into the pot.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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