Natasha , Matt Ch. 1

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I was invited to a St. Patty’s day party. It was supposed to be THE party to be at. I arrived and found it to be wall to wall. It was a cool party. The music was loud, it was hot with all the people, there were many kegs of beer, and the people just wanted to rub bodies together. My parents would have gone crazy, but it was my kind of party.

By just after midnight it began to thin out, but the people left were into partying. The beer had flowed all night so most of them were toasted or close to it. I was headed back to the keg and music room where everybody was congregating. I was trying to squeeze through the crowd when I ran into this beautiful woman, a plump woman with gorgeous tits, and wasn’t afraid to show her cleavage.

She was moving to the music, and was part of the crowd, but she appeared to be by herself. On her top she had a ‘Kiss me I’m Irish’ button. I stopped in front of her and looked down her blouse to see if she got offended. She just giggled. I reached up to her hair, grabbed a bunch of it, and pulled her to me to kiss her. It seemed that the harder I pulled the more she melted into me. I let go of the kiss but not the hair. I looked down at her eyes, but she didn’t open them. I noticed her nipples were standing at attention. She reached up and put her arms around my neck. When I looked into her eyes this time they were open but glazed over.

I pulled her to me, and stuck my tongue down her throat. I pulled her hair as hard as I could and grabbed one of her nipples and twisted with all my strength. Her knees buckled and we almost fell over. It was a good thing that there were enough people behind her, so there wasn’t any room to fall. I let go of her hair and nipple, and suggested we go outside. I didn’t wait for an answer, just left and hoped she would follow.

When I turned around she was right with me. I put my arm around her and walk her to my car. No words were spoken. I always park away from the crowd so things can happen. I leaned her up against the car, kneeled down raised her skirt and took her panties off. While I was there, I started to play with her clit and push my fingers into her. She was already wet, and with me playing with her clit, her cum started to run down her legs. I stood up to kiss her leaving a couple of finger in her. That’s when she told me she had to pee.

‘Go ahead’ I told her.

‘You going to let me go?’ she asked

‘No, do it right here’

‘What about your fingers:

‘They’re fine’

‘I can’t pee here or with you finger there’

I grabbed a nipple and twisted. She fought hard, but I twisted harder and she lost control. With my finger in her it couldn’t come out in a nice stream so it went all over her skirt, it was running down her legs, in her shoes, over my pants and shoes soaking everything. I did not let go of her nipple, so her legs went like rubber. All she could do is hold onto me while she was peeing and cumming.

When she finished, she was able to stand up, all she could say was ‘you are the kinkiest bastard I have ever met,’ and kissed me.

Her skirt was soaked so I made her take it off, and I dried her with her panties. ‘What am I supposed to do now?’ she asked

‘Get In’

‘Like this, what if we get stopped or something’

My pants and shoes were soaked, so I took them off and threw her skirt and my clothes in the trunk. ‘I guess I will have to drive carefully’ I said and headed back to my place. My car has the bench seat so she could scoot right up next to me. I put my hand between her legs and petted her pussy. My dick was so hard and standing straight up so I had to put my seat back to give it room. I was really giving her headroom, as I expected to get a blowjob before I got home.

She didn’t disappoint me. As soon as we got underway she scooted down the seat and took my cock. She was very talented. It wasn’t long before it was all the way down her throat. My cock is not enormous but not very many çapa escort women can do a good job of deep throating, not to mention having to deal with a steering wheel. She had gotten on her knees, with her ass sticking in the window. Several cars we went past almost went off the road trying to look in my window. It had to be an erotic sight, one of the pretties asses I had ever seen, mooning through the window. I am sure they were if not impressed with her ass, curious why that ass was mooning them.

With all that was going on and being as horny as I was, she really had me going. It was becoming hard to concentrate on the driving. She felt like she was going to suck the cum all the way from my throat through my cock. She was cupping one hand under my balls, deep throating and pumping me with the other hand, it didn’t take long for the cum to boil up, and erupt. I hadn’t been laid in 2 weeks, so there was plenty to fill and overfill her mouth. The excess dripped onto my thigh, but when she had swallowed what she had in her mouth, she lick me clean, none went to waist. It then occurred to me that so far she had peed all over me, she had cum at least twice herself and given me the best blowjob I had ever had, and I didn’t even know her name.

I didn’t live to far from the party, so as she was sitting up, we pulled into the apartment complex I lived. ‘How are we going to get in?’ she asked. ‘Walk’ was my reply. I got out of the car without getting our clothes walked towards my apartment. She waited a little bit to see if I was really was going to walk in without getting our clothes or putting something on. I turned around when I got to my door to see if she was going to get out of the car. She was looking for something to put on, but I had cleaned the car out, and there wasn’t anything there. She finally got out and ran to get in the apartment.

I hadn’t opened the door and when she got to where I was, I kissed her and held her. ‘Aren’t we going in,’ she asked rather nervously. ‘Not yet.’ I waited till a car drove past us. It slowed down real slow. The look on the guy’s face as he drove past was worth the wait. She was fidgeting the whole time. ‘Can we go in now, I’m a little exposed here.’

I opened the door, and she jabbed me in the ribs, ‘that wasn’t nice, making me stand there with my ass hanging out,’ and she jabbed me again, a little harder. She kept pushing me and slapping at me until I sat on the couch. She kept trying to hit me, so I grabbed her wrists, put her over my knees and began spanking her. I held her down by her arms, but she was able to get free. She came at me again, in a playful wrestling manner so I decided to see what I was allowed to do. I grabbed her by the hair pulled her to the floor, and while holding her down by her hair in one hand and a knee in her back I began to make her butt red. I spanked her 1,2,3,4….. 10…….20………30 times. I release her hair took my knee out of her back, put my thumb in her pussy and made her butt crimson red 31, 32, 33…….40 I took thumb out of her pussy replaced it with 3 fingers and stuck my thumb up her ass.41………50. Her breathing had become erratic and her pussy soaked. I pushed and pulled the thumb and the fingers in and out. She was now yelling HARDER, HARDER, and then she got to the point she couldn’t yell at all, just scream. She had cum all over her thighs and my fingers. I made her lick my fingers clean and then my thumb. She never batted and eye, just licked it clean. I let her go and she never moved.

I never had a woman like this. I was so horny my cock ached. I climbed on top of her and buried my cock in her pussy. I thought of putting it in her ass, but decided to do that later. All she could say OH GOD, and off to the races we went. It did not take long and both of us were moaning and screaming. We both orgasmed at the same time and when I emptied my cum into her we both collapsed on the floor. After a few moments cihangir escort of recovery, she looked at me and asked ‘do you have a bed or do we sleep here.’

I led her to the bed and never saw anything till morning. When I woke there was a note about calling her girl friend and having to be somewhere, but she left a phone number and her name, Natasha, to call her about returning her skirt.

I called her later in the morning to make the arrangements and get a real date. When she answered the phone the conversation wasn’t as warm as I hoped it would be. I asked, ‘ is there something wrong, I was hoping we could go out tonight. My brother invited me over to dinner and I want you to go with me.’

‘I have never done anything like what we did last night’ she said ‘and ‘ she paused, ‘ I felt a little guilty about it.’

‘Guilty or dirty’ I asked. ‘Dirty, I guess’ she replied

‘Did you enjoy yourself.’ ‘Yes, but I always thought only sluts did those kind of things.’

‘How about we go to dinner and the strongest drink will be a glass of wine and I won’t do anything unless you give me your permission. I will pick you up about 6:30 tonight, Ok.’ ‘Yes’ she answered and told me her address ‘ I will see you tonight’ and we hung up.

I picked her up at 6:30 prompt not wanting to be late and she was ready. It was about a 30-minute drive, and we talked but avoided the night before for the first 10 minutes. I couldn’t take it any more, I told her ‘ I had more fun last night than I had in a long time. I hope you don’t mind that I had fun.’

‘I had fun too, it’s just scared me that I did those things. I thought you might think that I was a bad girl.’

‘A slut you mean. I have looked for a girl like you for a long time. I have fantasies that I want to share with a girl I could love, and live with.’

With that she scooted over by me and put her head on my shoulder and we drove in silence for the last 10 minutes of the trip. I wanted to know what she was thinking so badly, but decided that it was better to keep quiet for now.

My brother let me in and I made the introductions. ‘Natasha this is Nicole and Jeramy. This is Natasha.’ Nicole was one of the sexiest women I had ever met. It was too bad she was married to my brother. ‘Nicole you look hot tonight.’ ‘Thank you Matt. Natasha if you would help me why don’t we go finish dinner and let these boys get a beer.’ As Nicole walked away I just had to stare at her ass. She had a tight knit dress on. There were no panty or bra lines to be seen. I had noticed her tits swaying as she walked up to us for introduction and her nipples were utterly fantastic. They always stuck out and she was never embarrassed to let them show. She was a little skinny for my preferences, but god she gave me a hard on every time I saw her. I was hoping she was going to be good tonight, I didn’t want to scare Natasha off before we even got started.

‘You must be something special,’ Nicole said, ‘he never brings anybody for us to meet. He is afraid we will drive them away.’ Nicole gave Natasha a glass of wine then turned and bent over to get some dishes from the lower cabinet. She didn’t bend her knees, she wanted her dress would to ride up, giving Natasha a good view of her pussy lips and ass.

Natasha felt her stomach doing flip flops. She had to take a gulp of wine, but she couldn’t take her eyes from Nicole’s ass. She finished her glass quickly trying to calm her stomach down. Matt had said he wouldn’t make her do anything she didn’t want, but Nicole was making her crazy. Nicole was taking her time, leaving herself on display. It was making Natasha wet, and dizzy. She poured another glass of wine for herself. She had never looked at a woman sexually, but Nicole was having an effect on her. The rest of the time getting ready for dinner went quickly with chatter that Natasha didn’t really listen too, and poured another glass of wine. Her esenyurt escort mind was reeling from the display that Nicole had put on, but the wine was loosening her up. She felt ready for what ever was going to happen, and she wasn’t going to feel bad this time.

Finally dinner was ready, Nicole walked up to Natasha thanked her for helping and gave her a kiss on the lips. Just a peck, but Natasha’s knees just about gave out.

‘You look flushed’ I said ‘is there something wrong, do you feel ok.’

‘Actually I feel fine’ Natasha said ‘Nicole and I had a nice conversation and got to know each other. She thought you were a litter nervous about bringing me to dinner. I think we’re going to get along great.’

I looked over at Nicole, and she gave me a wink like everything was going wonderful. I was still nervous. Natasha excused herself to use the bathroom. She picked her purse up and left the room.

‘What happened? I asked Nicole. ‘None of your business’ she replied

Natasha was returning far to quickly to have used the facilities, and I noticed her tits were swinging unencumbered by her bra, and the top tow buttons were now unbuttoned. What ever had happened in the kitchen, this was going to be a better night than expected. Then Natasha did something that just absolutely blew me away, she bent down kissed Nicole on the lips and pushed her tongue into her mouth. When she broke the kiss, she told Nicole ‘Thank you.’

Dinner became giggles, jokes, wine and more wine. At the end of dinner Nicole invited us down stairs. Natasha wanted to use the bathroom but Nicole and Jeramy led her downstairs. She was getting a little tipsy from the wine, and was having a hard time walking. ‘I would wet my panties,’ she giggled ‘except I took them off a long time ago, and flashed everybody her naked pussy. She had shaved her pussy since yesterday.

Nicole put her arms around Natasha and mashed her mouth against Natasha’s. Natasha could hardly stand up she had to go so bad but managed to play swords with Nicole’s tongue. When they broke their kiss Nicole sat down on a sheet that was covering a plastic tarp. Jeramy made Natasha straddle Nicole, he took his cock out and began peeing all over Nicole. Her dress became soaked with pee. Natasha couldn’t stand it any more and let loose, she lifted her dress and aimed at Nicole’s tits. Nicole was getting hit with a double stream, then Jeramy directed his cock at her face and Nicole opened her mouth and drank it down. I got so excited that I took my cock and started shooting at Natasha’s ass, and dress. Nicole lifted her ass up off the sheet and she let go. Her stream was actually aiming at Natasha pussy. Nicole’s was splashing everybody after it hit Natasha. Natasha’s dress was soaked and was dripping all over Nicole’s pussy. When Natasha was done sat down on Nicole’s lap. She pushed her to lie down and began kissing Nicole mouth, moved down pushing Nicole’s dress down and begins sucking on Nicole’s nipples and the puddles of pee. She was drinking everybody’s piss off of Nicole. Nicole rolled her head back and let out a low moan of orgasm.

Natasha stood up and removed her dress. She looked at me ‘Am I ever going to be able wear my clothes home? She helped me to remove mine and we went to the couch. I sat down she straddled me and sat on my cock. She did not move, just sat and kissed me. It was several moments before she began to move back and forth just a little. ‘I want you in me all night’ she said. ‘I have decided that the idea of you and me together doing anything you want sounded real nice, but you had better be in love with me, or I will scratch your eyes out.

I saw Jeramy walking up behind Natasha, I scooted my butt to the edge of the couch, giving Jeramy a shot a Natasha’s back hole. His finger was coated with goo that he pushed into her ass. When she was nice and lubricated, he moved forward and pushed his cock into her. It was a strange feeling, I could feel his cock fucking her ass.

Her eyes had rolled back, her look was of sheer ecstasy, and the words she tried to speak were unintelligent garble. Her first orgasm exploded causing her to scream. She finished up her orgasm and she looked like she was ready to be done, but Jeramy and I had just got started.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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