Natasha And Her Big Hairy Bush

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“Ollie can you drive over to Natasha Davies and drop of the plate she brought to the party on Wednesday?” my mum shouted from the kitchen as I came in through the utility door after doing the evening stables. The afore mentioned party had been mums annual summer solstice party. It always starts of nice and sedately but ends up becoming a bit of a drunken garden party.

“Ye sure, I want to pick up the bridle I lent Charlie, so we can do a swap” I replied as I stuck my head round the kitchen door, “Let me just clean up and I will drive round”.

Now when I say drive round, it’s more like drive over. The Davies live 20 miles away in a small village and it takes about half an hour to get there along the main dual carriageway through the county.

As I clambered up into my Land Rover Defender I couldn’t help but think about Natasha. She is a larger woman, about size 16 with a lovely full arse and a fantastically large set of tits. I would say an f cup but I couldn’t be sure. She is a divorced mother of 2 (a son and a younger daughter) who works from home. Her son is a good friend of mine who I often hunt and ride with.

I have lost count about the amount of times I have wanked over Natasha, imagining that huge arse and those large tits bouncing around as I rammed my cock deep up inside her. As I drove round I knew that she would be home alone seeing as how Charlie and Millie were on holiday with their dad and their new step mother. Maybe I thought, as I reached the turn off for the village I can try and seduce her and hopefully fuck her. I knew that she hadn’t had sex in nearly 3 and a half years since she had divorced that bastard husband of hers, seeing as how she had got really drunk at the party on Wednesday and told everyone loudly that she was ugly and no one would want to fuck her.

As I pulled up in their yard, which also doubles up as the driveway I checked that I looked as handsome as I possibly could, in the rear view mirror. Before we go on let me just describe myself. I am 21, 6 foot 2 inch with long blonde hair. Climbing out I grabbed the plate off the passenger seat and headed towards the back door.

“Hello?” I called as I pushed it open.

“Hey Ollie come on in I’m in the lounge” Walking through the kitchen I could see a couple of lacy bras hanging on the Aga to dry. This instantly set me off thinking about Natasha’s tits and how I wanted to get my hands on them. As I strolled on through into the lounge I could see that Natasha had been crying and was already three quarters through a bottle of white.

Putting the plate down I asked why she had been crying.

“It’s just; I made a fool of myself Ollie. I made a fool of myself at your mother’s party. And the house feels so empty without Millie or Charlie racing around or out on the yard.”

“Natasha” I cooed sitting down beside her and taking her into my arms. “It’s not all bad. So what if you got drunk, people do it all the time. Also I think that you’re a very good looking woman. I would quite happily sleep with you. As I said this I dropped my hand so that it was now resting on the top of her thigh, right next to her pussy.

“Really Ollie? I didn’t think a fat women like me would ever have a hope in hell of having sex again. Let alone with a toy boy.”

“Natasha you’re not fat you’re perfect” I purred into her ear as I moved my hand from the top of her thigh until I could feel her pussy through the jeans she was wearing.

“Oh Ollie your just saying that to make me feel better” She giggled nervously as I nibbled her ear and started to kiss her neck.

The next thing I knew Natasha had stood and pulling me up next to her, wrapped her arms around my neck and started to kiss me passionately. At first I was a little surprised. I really hadn’t expected this to happen this easily. On the journey over I had planned many different ways of trying to get Natasha into bed.

Feeling her monster tits pressed up against my body I couldn’t help but slide my hands up under thin cotton top and unclip her bra. Releasing the glory that is f cup tits. Before I could get any further Natasha pulled away and grabbing my hand dragged me up to her bedroom. As she ran up the stairs he bum really bounced and wiggled in my face. Causing my dick to stir.

Dragging me into her bedroom Natasha pushed the door shut, pulled her top off and wrapped her arms back round my neck. “Oh Ollie it’s been so long since I had a man in my room. I don’t think…”

“Shhh” I hushed her “just relax, I’ll take care of you” Kissing her passionately, I started to undo the buttons on her jeans and pull them down leaving her in only a pair of lacy pink panties. As I pulled away to take a look at her I couldn’t believe my eyes. She had the biggest bush I have ever seen. It was huge. It spilled out of the top and the side of her panties.

Before I had the chance to do anything else Natasha had dropped to her knees and unzipped the flies on my trousers and stuck bağdat caddesi şişman escort her hand into my boxers to pull out my now semi erect dick. As she took it in her hand she looked up at me and said “Ollie, it’s been a while since I’ve handled one of these. So forgive me if I’m a little rusty.”

“Ohhh Natasha you’re not that bad!” I gasped as she wrapped her lips around the head of my dick and started to suck. As she sucked I couldn’t help but look around the room. It wasn’t huge, but had a massive double bed with underwear strewn all over the place and an ensuite attached. I was brought back to the situation in front of me as I felt the sucking strengthen on my dick. “Wooah Natasha you might want to slow down if you want to get fucked.”

“O yes I want a fucking. In fact I want you to stay the night and fuck me till the morning”

“Really?” I asked as I pulled her up before pushing her back onto her bed. “And how do I explain to your good friend, my mother, that I’m staying the night?”

“Just tell her that you’re fucking me. Now are you going to stand there or are you going to go down on me?”

Climbing up between her legs I slid my fingers into the waistband of her knickers and pulled them off in one swift action. Releasing that huge bush. I couldn’t help but stop for a second and look at it.

“I know, I know. It’s not very nice. But I haven’t had a man in so long that I have forgone shaving my bush as I didn’t think that a man would be seeing it anytime soon.” I can get rid of some of it now if you want”

“No Natasha don’t. I love it. I love hairy women.”

“Really” she replied. “I thought young men like you wanted a shaven haven to fuck rather than a jungle like I have”

“Don’t be silly, hairy girls are great. Now lie back and spread your legs. I’ll take care of you and your bush.” As I pulled the hair aside so I could get a good view of her pussy I got a fantastic waft of her pussy juice. I could see it beginning to dribble out between her labia. So spreading her hair and pussy lips I proceeded to have my first ever taste of a woman over forty. And what a flavour she had. It was musky and yet so very sweat. As I slowly ran my tongue along Natasha’s slit I couldn’t help but notice the clit that had started to rear its head. Running my tongue back up again I took her clit into my mouth and sucked gently. As soon as I touched it Natasha squirmed in my face and really ground her cunt into my lips and chin. “Yes suck my clit you bad boy!!” She exclaimed “Suck it until I flood the bed with my juices”

Upon hearing this I began to pull her clit slightly with my teeth and the next thing I knew Natasha started screaming the house down. Luckily there house is detached and is a good couple of hundred metres away from the next house. “Stop. Stop. Stop.” I let go of her clit and lifted my head. “What’s wrong??” I asked. “I’m going to cum unless you stop, and I don’t want to cum with your face between my legs.” “What’s wrong with my head between your legs when you cum??” I questioned with a puzzled look on my face. “It’s just that when I cum I produce a complete flood. I literally flood the bed and I don’t want to drown you.” I chuckled at this “Natasha I promise you, you’re not going to drown me when you cum.” And with that I put my head straight back between her legs and started to suck on her clit again. “Shit Ollie. It’s here, oh my god I’m going to… Ha here it is. Ohhhhhhhh shit ahhhhhh.” And with that Natasha’s cunt opened like a dam and my face was completely coated in her cum. I tried to drink down as much of it as I possibly could but there was just too much. Natasha sprayed everywhere. And she really wasn’t lying she really did flood the bed. “ohhh that was good. I haven’t cum like that in years. Your tongue beats my fingers hands down”.

By now my cock was like I plank of wood. It was harder and bigger than I had ever known it. So I took it and lined it up with Natasha’s slit and slowly started to push it in. “Oh my God Ollie go slow.” Natasha suddenly moaned “I haven’t had anything that fat in there for 3 years so please go slow till I get used to being filled again. Now my cock isn’t huge about 6 inches long, but it is fat. It’s about 7 inches around. So I slowly started to work my cock back and forth. Pushing it a little further into Natasha’s pussy each time. When I finally bottomed out inside her I started to thrust harder and harder. “Yes, yes, yes.” She moaned “Fuck me, fuck me harder. Fuck me so it hurts!” Wanting it give her what she asked for I started to plough into Natasha as hard and as fast as I could. “Ughh yeah” she cried. “Give it to me, harder, harder. Fuck me”. So I thrust back and forth as hard and as fast as I could. It was obviously having a serious effect on Natasha as she started to thrust back against me whilst breathing heavily into my ear. “Oh shit Natasha. You’re so tight” I groaned as I ground my cock deep into bağdat caddesi ucuz escort her pussy. I could feel her huge bush rubbing against the top of my legs and on my navel.

With a couple more hard thrusts I pulled out and got Natasha to get onto her hand s and knees so I could fuck her from behind. As Natasha got on her hands and knees I could see the pink of her labia showing through the dark of her huge hairy bush. Her pubes spread right round her fanny and carried up around her arsehole. Putting the head of my cock against her slit. I asked if she wanted me to impale her on it. “Yes, Ram it in me. Fuck me like a dirty little slut.” As Natasha said this she pushed her hips back trying to get my dick inside her. Feeling her push onto me I pulled back. Keeping the head of my cock right at her entrance. Tantalising and teasing her. “Please?” She begged me. “Put it in me. Make me cum on your cock”. Hearing this I couldn’t help but thrust up inside her. “Ommmnghhh uuggghhhh yeah”. Holding Natasha’s hips I started to really go to town. I could hear my balls slapping up against her clit as I rammed my cock back and forth into the depths of her incredibly tight fanny. “Is this what you want? My cock pounding into your tight fanny from behind??”

“Ugghhh yes this is it. This is what I need. I man who will fuck me like a slut.” She screamed So I didn’t stop. I carried on fucking Natasha from behind with my balls still banging away on her clit. The next thing I knew I could feel her hand between my balls and her clit. “Yes Ollie don’t stop. Do me harder. I’m so close. I want to cum all over your cock” Hearing this I upped the pace until I couldn’t go any faster. Within seconds Natasha was moaning and making noises that can’t be described as words. Then she arched her back and screamed “Yes. This is it. Here. I. Cum.” And with that a river of clear liquid ran out of her, around my dick. It streamed down her legs and soaked my pubic hair. With each of my thrusts into her a stream of her cum squirted out of her fanny and landed on the bed. By now the sheets were completely soaked they looked like they had just been taken out of the washing machine and put onto the bed. When Natasha finally came down from her orgasm she pulled herself off my cock and turned around to face me. “I’m going to suck your cock until you cum in my mouth, and then I’m going to swill it round and swallow it.” And with that my cock was gobbled up into her warm wet mouth. Before I could do anything else she had pulled off and said “omg my cum tastes amazing” before diving straight back onto my cock. Within a couple of minutes I could feel my cum starting to move from my balls.

“O shit. Natasha I’m going to…” but before I could finish a warning, my cum exploded from my cock. I could feel it was a huge load as it left my cock. Spurt after spurt coated the inside of Natasha’s mouth. Finally after six spurts my cum stopped flowing. Sliding her mouth of my now wilting cock Natasha opened her mouth too show me just how much I’d cummed. It was a huge amount and looking me straight in the eye Natasha swallowed it all down in one before falling back to lie on the bed. Lying down next to her we kissed before Natasha commented on the sex. “That was just what I needed. I haven’t had sex in three years and I haven’t been fucked like that since I was a student at university”.

As I recovered from the serious session I looked over at the clock on the bedside table. It was now a quarter past eight. I had been in Natasha’s house for an hour and a half. Natasha and I talked for a while about what she had planned for new years, how her job was going and general chat like that. As we talked I used one of my hands to massage her right boob. As I did I could feel my cock beginning to stir and rise to the occasion. It was soon pressing against Natasha’s plump leg.

“Ollie are you ready for another fuck?” She asked coyly. “Have you seen you?!” I replied in mock disbelief. “Who wouldn’t be ready to give you another fuck?” “Well in that case” she replied as she rolled over to face me “can I ask you a slightly personal question?” With a little trepidation I told her to fire away. After a slight pause Natasha finally blurted out “Can you? No wait. Will you fuck my arsehole?” Of course I could. But not wanting to look too keen and trying to play it cool I asked why she thought it would be a personal question? “Well” she replied “I have always enjoyed being fucked in the arse. And a few people I have slept with before think it’s a disgusting thing to do. They call it unnatural. So I feel it’s a bit of a personal question as it’s quite a personal thing to do”. As she said all this Natasha was gently and slowly stroking my thick shaft that had been poking her in the leg. “I’d love to slip my cock in your arse” I replied. No sooner had I said this then Natasha was up and on all fours again spreading her arse cheeks and facing the headboard. “look in the bedside bağdat caddesi yabancı escort table next to you” she said excitedly “There’s a bottle of lube in there”. So I rolled over and pulled the draw out. A bottle of super silk lube rolled towards the end with the handle. As I reached down to grab the lube I pulled the draw out a little further and a bullet vibrater and long (like 9 inches) purple dildo with a suction cup rolled towards me. Not mentioning them I grabbed the lube and the dildo. I left the dildo on the bed where Natasha couldn’t see it and knelt up behind her with the lube in one hand and my cock in the other.

Squirting a liberal amount of lube into my hand I quickly covered my cock in it with a few quick tugs. My cock was now glistening with the lube coating as I lined up the head with Natasha’s pink, puckered and hairy arsehole.

“Please take it steady” Natasha asked of me. “It’s been some time since I’ve taken something as fat as your cock up my arse”.

“No problem” I replied as I placed the my cock against Natasha’s arse. Putting pressure on that tight little sphincter I slowly eased myself into that big fat arse. “Slowly!!” Natasha exclaimed “You stay still and I’ll push myself back onto your cock. That way I can get used to your size on my own terms.”

So I stayed still as she ever so slowly worked her arse backwards down towards the hilt of my cock. Finally Natasha bottomed out on my cock making small little moans and noises as she did. “Ok” she breathed “Fuck my tight arse”. So I did. I started slow with little thrusts and Natasha thrust back as well. Steadily I built up the speed and the depth of my thrusts until I was pounding Natasha’s arse as hard and as fast as I possibly could.

“Ugghh yeah, fuck me. Harder, fuck my arse” She groaned. I could feel the cum already beginning to move in my balls caused by the hot, tight hole that was Natasha’s arse. So I quickly slowed down to deep slow thrusts. “Yes I like it.” She said “I like it deep give it to me deeper”. So I did. I kept my thrusts slow but as deep as I could. Whilst I did this I reached for the dildo that I had left out of Natasha’s sight. Whilst one hand kept hold of Natasha’s hip I used the free hand to squirt a little bit of lube onto the head of the dildo. Meanwhile Natasha carried on moaning and thrusting her arse back against my cock as I slowly and deeply fucked her poop chute. I lined the dildo up with what I thought would be Natasha’s fanny and slowly pushed.

“OHH My God. Is that…” Before she could finish, the dildo slipped deep inside her big hairy wet cunt. “Fuck!!!” Natasha’s scream filled the room as she came all over the dildo. Her cum squirted all down her legs and made the bed even wetter. It was like someone had turned a tap on inside Natasha’s cunt. The cum just didn’t seem to stop. As she started to come down from her orgasm Natasha looked over her shoulder and said playfully “Oh gosh, that was fantastic. But you are a bad boy. You could have at least warned me you were going to do that. I’ve never had more than one of my holes filled before” And with that she resumed thrusting her arse against my cock. I could feel the dildo pressing against my cock as I slid in and out of her arse. So I told her “ughh Natasha I can feel the dildo against my cock” “I know Ollie it feels so good. I feel so full. Now fuck me. Cum in my arse.” Hearing this I proceeded to ram my cock hard and fast into her arse. As soon as I did this I watched as Natasha lifted her right arm and slid it back towards her cunt. As I carried on thrusting into Natasha’s arse I could feel the back of her hand brushing against my ball sack. That was then I started to feel the dildo moving against my cock. Christ!! I thought to myself. She’s fucking herself with that dildo. “hmmmmfff” she grunted “faster ollie. Faster.” She urged and so I tried to oblige. Picking up the pace it wasn’t long until I could feel the cum building and this time I wasn’t going to stop. “shit Natasha!!” I exclaimed “I’m going to cum!” “Me too!! I’m so close” she cried as she increased the speed with which she fucked her hairy cunt.

And before I knew it I was cumming. “Fuck Natasha I’m cumming” and with that the cum spewed out of my cock and sprayed deep into Natasha’s bowel.

“Jesus!! I’m cumming too! Here it is, UGGHHH!!” and again the cum started to spray out of Natasha’s fanny and run down her legs. Whilst we climaxed together I couldn’t help but think to myself that Natasha fucked better than any other woman I had ever been with. As her fourth huge orgasm of the night slowed down and finally came to a stop Natasha pulled herself off my now semi flaccid cock and collapsed down onto the bed. The dildo was still deeply impaled deep in her cunt. Rolling over Natasha looked up at me smiling and said “Thank you. I haven’t been fucked like that in years.”

“No Natasha thank you. I’ve never had a woman who can fuck like you do. Your husband was a complete idiot for leaving you. If I had you in my bed every night I wouldn’t get out of that bed ever.” She laughed at this. “Ollie you’re too kind I’m not that experienced you’re only the sixth guy I’ve ever slept with. And I can honestly say…” she was cut off by my phone ringing. I jumped out of bed grabbed my jeans and fished out my phone. Home flashed up on the screen. “Hello?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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