Nasty Night Out

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My wife and I was getting bored sitting at home so we decided to go out to a new club that had opened up. We were both a little horny when we left the house, my wife was dressed up like a street-walker and she made me promise to help her get a good fucking tonight from some strangers.

I love to watch my wife being fucked by other men; it turns me on so much to see her sucking and fucking a huge cock. But when we are as horny as we are tonight you can never tell what is going to happen. We arrived at the club and got us a good table by the stage; the place was full. They were plenty of men and women for us to choose from.

We were sitting there when a nice looking couple came up to our table and ask us if they could join us for a drink. Their names were Jane and Jim, I looked over at my wife and she nodded her head so I told them to have a seat. We all hit it off real nice both of them where swingers and both of them where as horny as we where. We sat back and were watching the show when I noticed my wife had her hand under the table.

She had un-zipped Jim’s pants and was stroking his cock under the table. She leaned over to me and whispered in my ear that Jim had a huge cock and that she could barely wrap her fingers around it. Then she ask me if I cared if Jim fucked her tonight. I told her that I didn’t care as long as I could watch, and fuck Jane at the same time. She agreed and the subject of sex was brought up in the conversation.

I reached down and ran my hand up Jane’s leg I started running my fingers threw her pubic hair when I got the shock of the night Jane had a cock. A very large cock, I looked at her and she smiled and said” is there anything wrong honey” I was in shock manisa escort I just shook my head from side to side. My wife was getting real horny and she ask me if we could go now and have some fun at home.

We left the club in Jim and Jane’s car and went over to their house. Jim was driving and I sat in the back seat with Jane, she had my cock out and was sucking on it. My wife was in the front seat sucking on Jim’s cock, Jane had my cock all the way down her throat and I had to make her stop sucking me so hard or I was going to cum. All I could think about was Jane being a she-male and what my wife was going to say when she finds out that Jim and Jane both have a cock.

We finally arrived at their house and went inside to what they called the party room. It had a big bed in the middle of the floor with mirrors on the ceiling and one wall was completely covered with mirrors. Hell, with the four of us in there it looked like twenty people. We all started stripping our clothes off, we was all naked except for Jane she still had her panties on.

My wife had Jim down on the bed and she wasn’t lying when she said he had a big cock. She had both hands wrapped around it and they were still four inches of cock sticking out. All of a sudden Jane pulled her panties off and another huge cock came sticking out. My wife almost chocked on Jim’s cock when she saw Jane had a cock too. Jane’s cock was already hard and I took it into my mouth and started to work her cock over sucking and licking the head of it.

I wanted to taste her first load of cum. Her cock was so large I could only get half of it into my mouth it had large veins down the side of it and the head of it was big like a huge mushroom. I could taste pre-cum dribbling out of the end of it and knew it wouldn’t be long till I tasted my first load of she-male cream in a long time.

I couldn’t wait any longer I wanted to taste her sperm and I wanted to taste it right now, so I reached around and stuck a finger up her ass- pussy and she started hosing me down with thick white sperm. I swallowed all I could but I couldn’t capture all of her sweet cum it was running down my chin and dropping all over my chest. My tongue was coated with her cum and my lips where sticky from all the sperm that I had sucked out of her cock.

Jane told me that I was the best cocksucker she had ever been with and that she wanted to reward me for such a wonderful blow-job. With that she had me bend over and she started working her tongue around my asshole. She licked and sucked on my asshole for quiet awhile my cock was rock hard and it felt so good having a tongue up my hot asshole.

I was grinding my ass down on her mouth and she was sucking and licking. Then she stopped and whispered in my ear that she wanted her husband Jim to fuck me in the ass so she could eat his cum out of my asshole. She was begging me to just let him stick the head of his prick into my ass and cum. I told her that I thought Jim’s cock was to big, that it would never fit in my ass.

She ask me to try to take just enough of his cock in my ass to make him cum. I finally agreed and the next thing I knew Jim was prying my ass cheeks apart. My wife had crawled under me and was sucking on my cock when Jim started wedging his big cock in my ass. As soon as the head of his cock slid into my asshole I shot a huge load of cum into my wife’s mouth.

Jim’s cock was killing me but my wife started sucking on my swollen balls and licking that little piece of skin between my asshole and balls and Jim’s cock started felling good in my ass till he started to swell up and when he started cumming I though he was going to rip my asshole apart. As soon as he was finished cumming Jane went down and sucked his cum out of my swollen ass.

It felt so good her tongue licking on my gaping asshole. When Jane was done her cock was hard again. I looked over at my wife and she was riding on top of Jim’s big cock, I told Jane to go over there and stick her hard cock into my wife asshole and fuck her. Jane got up and got behind my wife and eased her cock into my wife’s asshole.

Both of them fucking her made my cock hard again and I went over and stuck it in her mouth. She now had three cocks in her at the same time and was enjoying every inch of them. We all three started groaning at the same time and all of a sudden we all three started cumming at the same time, shooting three loads of cum into her at the same time. My wife was in heaven, after she cleaned my cock off I went down between her legs and sucked up all the cum that was in her ass and cunt.

We fucked my wife all night long she had ether one, two or three cocks in her at all times. We fucked her so much that she was walking funny the next morning. And after each one of us would cum I would go down on her and lick it up.

We visit with Jim and Jane about twice a month they both enjoy fucking me and the wife as much as we enjoy fucking them. I can now take Jim and Jane’s cock in my ass at the same time. And it feels wonderful to have both of them swell up and cum at the same time. My wife always enjoys watching me get fucked and I love her so.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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