Nando and Will Ch. 06

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6 All that Glistens

©Pelaam: February 2008.

I was prompted to post this by requests to continue the series.

Bart gave a guttural groan as strong, rough hands yanked his hips up and back, changing the angle of the hard flesh ramming inside him, as well as its speed and depth. His neglected manhood slapped achingly against his stomach from the force of the man taking him. Bart’s head was dropped low and he needed both arms to brace himself so he was unable to stroke his throbbing erection. He moaned as his prostate was nailed over and over, but the stimulation just kept him on the brink. He needed a little extra to carry him over. Ecstasy shimmered just beyond him and Bart knew Madison would keep release tantalisingly out of reach until he all but begged. His lover enjoyed prolonged sessions, taking as much pleasure for himself from the union and usually leaving Bart well and truly saddle-sore.

“Madison, please,” he finally husked, knowing if he did not come soon, the elusive pleasure would be gone, leaving frustrated pain in its wake.

“Good boy, Bart,” Madison rasped. “Like hearing that tone, hearing you beg. Want my hand on you, hmmm? Say ‘please’ again.”

“Please,” Bart groaned. He loathed the soft laugh that accompanied the hand finally wrapping around his length. He cried out as it pulled roughly on his swollen, sensitive flesh. A couple of swift tugs and Bart was coming, his semen jetting into the hay bale over which he had been bent.

“Good boy,” Madison husked. “Tight little hole. Take it. Yes!”

Bart groaned as he felt the surge of wet heat inside him.

Madison’s hand in the small of his back kept him in place as the other man pumped until he had nothing left to give and then still slid in and out of the reddened channel, simply enjoying the feel of his softening flesh in the slick sheath.

“Madison,” Bart groaned, determined not to beg the bigger man to pull out.

“You’re a damn good ride, Bart,” Madison laughed. He gave three hard swats to the upturned rump, smiling as the cheek reddened. He withdrew carelessly, uncaring of his partner’s well-being. He scooped up an old shirt and cleaned his deflated weapon. The pained hiss from Bart simply had Madison grinning widely. He slapped the still alluring, pinkened cheek hard.

“Guess you’ll be feeling me awhile, Bart,” he laughed.

Bart forced his aching body to move before he was slapped or fingered any further. He flipped onto his rear, gritting his teeth against the discomfort. He gazed at the man before him.

Madison was drop-dead gorgeous. He was over six feet tall, smooth-skinned, powerfully muscled, hair like gold and eyes as blue as cornflowers. The two men had locked gazes on first meeting and Bart had bent over for the first time within an hour. That had been over two days ago. There was no love or affection between them, just raw, animalistic coupling. Bart had fleetingly hoped for a little more consideration as time went by, but it seemed the more they had sex, the harder and further Madison pushed his endurance. They had never kissed, or lay together afterwards. Although Bart had enjoyed the rough coupling to begin with, he was now starting to simply feel used.

As he slowly began to pull on his pants he did indeed feel well-ridden and not in a good way. He was sweating and shaky and Madison was staring, licking his lips as if he wanted to shove Bart down and do it all again. It was no secret at the ranch that the men were ‘seeing’ each other, but Jack was turning a blind-eye so long as it did not interfere with the business deal he had going with Madison’s employer.

Bart stood and turned his back on the other man to fasten his pants, so Madison could not see his shaking hands. It had been a long time and his body was protesting its misuse. As he finished dressing, a smile crossed Bart’s lips. Will was due home soon.

Jack had insisted Will make the trip from Don Carlos’ ranch to see how Jack concluded the deal. Bart knew his nephew had no interest in being a hands-on rancher, but the young man would dutifully obey his older uncle and come anyway. Bart idly wished Jack would stop forcing Will into things the blond had no interest in. It was more than obvious Will’s talent lay with horses, not cattle. But both he and Will simply accepted Jack for the way he was.

“Knew you enjoyed it good and rough,” Madison said smugly, misinterpreting Bart’s smile.

Bart decided against correcting the arrogant man. Maybe it was time he gathered what little dignity he had left and stopped allowing Madison to use him. Madison certainly was not the golden dream of first sight. Fool’s gold may be more appropriate, Bart mused.

“Hey, Bart,” a familiar voice called into the stable. “Will’s in sight with a couple of outriders. Get your sorry ass out here to welcome him.”

Bart’s smile became a full-blown grin. The manhandling forgotten, he scurried from the barn leaving Madison watching him with an inscrutable look on his face.

Madison haramidere escort sauntered to the barn door and leant idly against it. He was not popular with the other ranchmen and did not give a rat’s ass. He was there till his boss concluded his business and Bart was a pleasurable enough distraction. He gave a cold, calculating smile. Bart’s pride meant the older man kept holding out, giving Madison the extended sessions he enjoyed so much. Bart’s final capitulation was almost as enjoyable as the thorough ride Madison got every time.

He suddenly stood a little straighter, more interested in the proceedings that had been of no concern mere seconds earlier. This was the nephew of Jack and Bart? He had been told Will was married to a Rojan and at his father-in-law’s ranch. He had assumed they had some ugly, buck-toothed kid that they had been only too relieved to marry off anywhere. He was stunned by the vision of the delicate, blond beauty that was gracefully jumping from his horse’s back to run into Bart’s outstretched arms.

Madison watched the pain from the rough lovemaking disappear as well as the years that fell away from Bart’s face as the older man ruffled blond hair and kissed Will’s forehead. Madison felt his tongue slide across his lips. He had enjoyed the uncle, why not the nephew? A sudden vision of Will on his knees sucking him then bent over the hay bale, as Bart had been, caused his sated sex to begin to fill anew. He would enjoy a threesome even more, but knew Bart would not consider such a thing even with someone who was not his nephew. However, Madison had confidence in his abilities. He could be very persuasive and very few refused. Those who did…well that was another thing entirely. He grinned. He was certain he could easily seduce the pretty, slip of a boy whose laugh was carefree as he stood in his uncle’s embrace.


Madison had no opportunity to get close to Will that afternoon. He and his boss had ridden out with Jack and Will to look over the cattle once more. He could tell the smaller blond was both intimidated and impressed by his build and confidence. He saw Will come out of the hacienda and from the direction he took, his goal was the barn. Madison rushed ahead, unfastening his shirt, throwing it down hurriedly as he hefted a hay bale, lifting and lowering it to show off his muscles to best advantage.

“Oh, I’m sorry…I didn’t realise,” Will said, somewhat flustered by the imposing man who stood half-naked before him. Will was not sure where to look. Madison was completely different to his dark-skinned husband and Will was not used to being so close to someone like the blond who seemed to exude some kind of charisma. He tried to avoid looking at the sweat-sheened torso. His intention had simply been to give his mare an apple treat.

“It’s a good place to…work out,” Madison said slowly.

Will frowned. He was not sure whether the big man was intimating something more and then shook his head. Madison knew he was married, even if the marriage was still unrecognised this side of the border.

“Gives me real good muscles.” He dropped the hay and flexed his arm, the bicep muscle bulging upwards. “See? Feel how…hard… it is.”

“I…no…I don’t think so,” Will said taking a step backwards. He was still unsure whether Madison was being anything other than friendly, but something was setting off warning bells.

“You scared of me…boy?” Madison gave his trademark soft laugh. He could see Will bristle indignantly immediately.

“No,” the smaller blond said resolutely. He reached to touch the muscle, stunned by just how hard it actually was. He had considered Nando strong and Roberto exceedingly well-muscled, but this was something else entirely. Before he could move away, he gasped with shock as he was lifted and slammed against a wooden support. The breath whooshed from his body, his hands were pinned over his head and a thickly muscled thigh inserted itself between his slender limbs to suggestively thrust against Will’s crotch.

Will tried to struggle, but was held in an iron-hard grip. He tried to call out, but Madison’s mouth ground hard against his and Will tasted his own blood. The bigger man’s body was crushing heavily against him and black dots swam before his eyes. He could feel the lack of air sapping what little strength he possessed.

Madison made a rumbling noise of satisfaction as his free hand explored Will’s soft sex through his pants. He could feel the slighter body weakening. Just a little more and he would have a barely conscious boy to play freely with.

At the sound by the stable door, Madison let Will wilt slowly to the floor, taking three strides way from the gasping young man and hefted a hay bale casually.

“Will? You still in here?” Bart’s voice preceded the appearance of the man himself. His eyes narrowed at the sight of the slumped Will, who still panted softly. His nephew’s lip was swollen and a small trickle of ikitelli escort blood ran down towards his chin. He growled menacingly as Will struggled to regain his feet, worried blue eyes flitting between the unconcerned blond giant and his angry uncle.

“Did he hurt ya, Will?” Bart ground menacingly from between tightly clenched teeth.

Madison cocked an eyebrow. He had not seen Bart look so angry or dangerous. However he was willing to brazen things out. He turned his gaze enquiringly at Will as though scared young blonds were a daily part of his life.

“No, Uncle Bart,” Will said shakily. He was ashamed he had fallen so easily into the big man’s trap.

Bart remained unconvinced and ushered Will outside.

“If he didn’t hurt ya, then who did this?” Bart demanded angrily, pointing at Will’s lip.

“It was my own stupid fault, Uncle Bart,” Will sighed. “I let him trick me.”

“You didn’t ask to be hurt, Will,” Bart said softly. “No matter how stupid you were.”

“I let him goad me,” Will confessed. “He grabbed me and kissed me. I was so stupid. Please, Uncle Bart, let it drop. Nando’s following me here and he’ll be so angry I did something so idiotic.”

“No, Will,” Bart said gently, as he reacted to his nephew’s growing distress. “He’ll be angry someone took advantage of ya and hurt ya.”

“Please, Uncle Bart,” Will pleaded.

“Ok, ok, we’ll say we were skylarking and I caught ya to explain your lip. We don’t make no mention of Madison.” Bart accepted the hug from the small blond. “I’m real sorry, Will, but Madison was probably in there waiting for me.”

“Madison and … you?” Will asked with a gasp.

“I don’t have no Nando,” Bart smiled sadly. “I was kinda lonely and Madison was…well…willing,” the older man said. “Guess I shoulda been a mite more fussy. Him and me are over.”

“Uncle Bart, no. If he makes you happy…” Will began, but a gentle finger over his lips silenced him.

“I never said he did that. I said he was willing. He hurt you, Will.” He hurt me, too, the older man thought. “He had no right to do that. He knew you had Nando. You’re my family, Will and you come first. Always. You understand me?’

Will nodded as he was drawn into a tight embrace.

“Now you wait here, this’ll only take a minute.”

Madison barely glanced at Bart as the older man strode furiously towards him.

“I was only fooling, Bart,” he said. “Didn’t mean to catch the boy’s lip. ‘Tweren’t nothing serious.”

“Nothing serious,” Bart echoed, his voice cold, hard and clipped.” You split his lip and I could see his wrists were red. He was off limits and you knew it. Everyone here told you he was married.”

“Oh come on, Bart. He’s fine,” Madison said, with a put-upon sigh.

“He is now,” Bart growled. “Just how far would you have gone?” Bart asked, his eyes narrowed. “Don’t matter no how,” he added, when no reply came. “You touch him again and I’ll beat you bloody myself. You and me are through. You keep away from both of us.”

Madison glowered furiously at Bart’s back. He decided when he was bored and ready to move on, not his bed-mate. He grinned nastily. He was sure he would have one more really good ride from Bart before he left the ranch. He began to amble to the bunkhouse. He would have something figured by the next day.


Bart was not happy to find he and Madison were out together checking out one of the water holes that the cattle would drink from whilst still on the ranch’s land. It annoyed the older man even more that Madison was simply smirking smugly as they rode together. They arrived at the water hole and Madison dismounted and stretched in an easy manner. Bart studiously ignored the other man. The pretty packaging hid something ugly underneath and the older man was no longer fooled by it.

Madison ambled around, not saying anything until, exasperated, Bart also dismounted and headed towards the muscular blond.

“Just what is it you’re lookin’ for?” Bart grumbled.

“Opportunity, Bart,” Madison grinned. His fist caught Bart completely by surprise and the stunned man crumpled instantly. “Don’t worry, Bart. No fun if you ain’t awake enough to enjoy things,” Madison said conversationally as he divested Bart of his gun belt and then used the older man’s leather belt to tie his hands behind his back. He dragged Bart to a rock that had caught his eye and draped him over it. He undid Bart’s pants and pulled out the bound man’s lax sex.

“Soon have this fella beggin’, Bart,” Madison said, smiling nastily.

Bart groaned in a mix of shame and pain. With his arms pinioned he could not easily straighten up. His legs were kept apart by Madison’s and when he tried to lift his torso it was shoved down by the bigger man. He could feel his body betraying him. It was used to rough handling by the big blond and had learnt to respond to it. A mix of rapid pulls, squeezing and slapping at Bart’s penis had it hardening as Madison istanbul escort laughed. A finger probed roughly inside him. Bart tried desperately to pull away, but he was unable to move. A strong arm kept him immobile whilst a second dry finger joined the first; rubbing roughly over Bart’s sweet spot mixing pain and pleasure as his shaft was then fisted once more. He had no doubts that Madison would succeed in making him come.

“Get away from him! Leave him alone!”

“Will, no!” Bart yelled desperately, as he recognised the distressed voice of his nephew. He felt Madison’s unwelcome weight vanish and forced himself upright. He watched, straining frantically against the belt as he watched Madison and Will roll in the dust as the smaller man’s reckless challenge tumbled them onto unforgiving desert ground.

Madison gave a growl of discontent. He might get away with taking his pleasure with Bart, but not the little blond brat. As Will struggled to his hands and knees, Madison aimed a kick into the slender man’s ribs.

“You hurt him and I’ll kill, ya, Madison,” Bart screamed.

Madison yanked Will to his feet and ground his lips on the stunned blond, but gave a yell of his own as Will bit him hard. With an enraged bellow, Madison backhanded Will to leave the lithe form barely moving as he raced to his horse. He wanted to take no chances that Bart would get free before he could make his escape. Will’s bite would work to his advantage. He already had his story ready and would get back to his boss to spin his yarn effectively. He urged his horse away, his laughter in his wake.

Bart ignored the pain in his wrists as he twisted them roughly to finally get free. He shoved himself roughly inside his pants as he refastened them before running and dropping to his knees by Will. He pulled the slight man into his lap, checking Will’s dazed turquoise orbs and the rapidly bruising cheek.

“B…Bart?” Will husked. His lip was bleeding again and his ribs hurt, but he knew he was alright. He was more concerned about his uncle, but did not know how to ask the question forefront in his mind.

“I’m ok, Will, I’m ok,” Bart said, guessing Will’s worry as the young man gazed anxiously up at him. “You got here before he could…go too far,” Bart added. “What made you follow me out?”

“I didn’t like the way Madison was looking at you this morning,” Will said. “I asked Uncle Jack to let me come after you, but couldn’t explain why I was so worried. He’s going to be angry I disobeyed him.”

Bart carefully helped the younger man to stand. He used his neckerchief to clean the blood from Will’s lip. He let Will lean into him and held the slightly trembling blond as Will’s arms clung tenaciously to him.

“It’s ok, Will. It’s over now.” He did not try and push Will away; preferring to wait until his nephew felt composed enough. He smiled reassuringly as Will leant back a little to look into Bart’s eyes. He felt Will take a deep, if shaky, breath and step back. “Let’s go home.” Bart smiled as Will nodded. He wanted the blond safely back at the ranch. *Then* he was going to find and deal with Madison.


The ride home took longer than Bart would have liked. He kept glancing worriedly at Will. The events were catching up on the sensitive young man. Bart could see Will trembling and the blond’s face was ashen, apart from the bruise to his cheek. A part of Bart wanted to pull Will into his arms and have them both ride his horse, but if Will could keep going, they would get home faster.

Finally the ranch came into view and as they rode past its wooden gates, Bart could see Jack striding angrily towards them. He gave a low, feral growl. He did not have time for some two-bit telling-off from his older brother. He needed to take care of Will. And then Madison, his mind added.

“I don’t know what the Hell you and Will have been playing at, Bart,” Jack thundered angrily. “But Madison came back with his face bloody and his shirt torn. He and Emerson got their heads together and told me the deal was off. They’ve been gone nearly two hours. It’s going to cost the ranch with the loss of the contract…”

“You really wanna know what happened?” Bart finally bellowed, dismounting and moving swiftly to help Will off his mare. “If Will hadn’t shown up when he did, Madison would’ve raped me. I was a dumb ass ever to have trusted him and now Will’s hurt because of me.” Bart no longer cared who heard. The whole ranch could know what a complete idiot he was, just so long as he could get Will inside and settled. He swung the unsteady blond into his arms and strode past his older brother who gaped as Bart moved past.

Jack could scarcely believe what he had just heard. He glanced around at the ranch hands Joel and Samuel. He was not sure what to expect from his men at Bart’s outburst, but the angry murmurings were levied against Madison, not his brother.

“You’d best go in and help Bart, boss,” Joel said, noticing Jack still standing unmoving.

“Yes…yes, of course,” Jack muttered. He took refuge in the house. He watched helplessly as Marguerita bustled from the living room to the kitchen, shouting her orders in Spanish to Vacho. He moved further inside. He looked at Bart sitting on the sofa and who was already supporting Will against his body, a rug wrapped around the slight form

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