Naked Hot Tub Fun

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(Author’s note: This is a work of fiction, which I hope you will enjoy. Please assume that all characters have been recently tested for STDs, and that all female characters are on birth control. Oh, and if you enjoy this story, please take the time to vote and/or comment. Authors here write as a hobby, and we love feedback.)

“I think you girls should go topless. After all, we guys do it all the time,” I joked to my friends Carmen and Tracy. The three of us and my good buddy Dave were relaxing in our cabin’s hot tub after a long day of skiing.

“Sounds good to me!” Dave agreed eagerly.

“Fine with me,” Carmen quickly shot back. “Women sunbathe topless all the time in most of the world. You Americans make far too big a deal of breasts,” she said, smiling at me. Carmen was Brazilian, gorgeous, and she knew it. We’d been friends for two years, and always had a mutual attraction, yet had never both been single long enough to hook up. We were both recently back on the market; I had high hopes of getting together with her at some point during the trip.

“Hold on a second,” Tracy protested. Tracy is a former high school gymnast who made the tough choice no to compete in college in order to focus on her classes. She has the typical gymnast body; she’s a rather short, cute, pixyish brunette with small boobs and hips and a slender figure. “We can’t just give these guys a peep show for free,” Tracy continued, taking a big gulp of her drink. We were all pleasantly buzzed from the night’s consumption. “I say we girls only get topless if you guys get naked too.”

I could see Dave’s enthusiasm quickly dying.

“What are you guys talking about?” Kristen asked, coming back from the kitchen with more beer, followed by her boyfriend Mike. Kristen is a sweet, sexy yet wholesome looking natural blonde with a great, womanly figure. Her almost impossible large, natural breasts were almost spilling out of her bikini top. I was well acquainted with those breasts, as we’d dated for six months in the past. The sex had been fantastic, but we’d found we didn’t have much else in common, and had broken up shortly after the realization, with one last fuck for the road, naturally.

“We’re talking about hot tubbing topless,” Carmen told her.

“But only if the guys get naked,” Tracy added.

Mike looked over at Carmen, clearly hungry to see what her tits looked like without her top. Meanwhile, Dave’s eyes were locked on Kristen’s chest, hoping for the same thing, clearly weighing his options carefully. It was no secret that Dave wasn’t exactly the biggest of guys manhood-wise, and he was a little self-conscious about it.

“I’m in,” I said. I’m lucky to be blessed with a large package, a fact Kristen was, of course, well aware of thanks to her experiences with it. She smiled at me knowingly.

“I’ll go with the majority on this one,” Kristen replied. “Whatever you guys decide is fine.”

“Hold on, babe,” Mike said. He had only been dating her for a couple months, and was new to our circle of friends. He was rather defensive around Kristen, especially around me, since he knew our history. I realized it wasn’t easy for him being the new guy, since the rest of us had been friends since the beginning of freshman year of college.

“Don’t be a stick in the mud,” Kristen replied. “Dave’s the only guy here who hasn’t seen my ta-ta’s anyway. The only person here, actually, as us girls have all changed together.”

Mike was clearly aware of that and a bit non-plussed how familiar I was with Kristen’s tits. Dave blushed slightly at being singled out in regards to Kristen’s breasts.

“I’m tired of talking about this. If James is in, that’s enough for me,” Carmen said, taking off her orange bikini top. Her tits were beautiful. They were perfect tear-shaped half spheres, with small bright triangles of untanned flesh offset by her otherwise bronze body, topped with light brown nipples. It was sexy how serenely calm she was sitting topless, knowing that all three of us guys were staring at her nicely shaped tits.

Following Carmen’s example, I stood up and stripped off my trunks. I was only semi-erect thanks to the alcohol and the heat, but my cock still hung nicely between my legs. I was acutely aware that all the girls were now staring at me, and my cock jumped at my excitement. I slipped back down into the hot swirling water.

Kristen’s bright blue bikini top was untied and on the ground before any of the rest of us noticed she was removing it, including Mike. When he saw her exposed pendulous breasts, he quickly made a move to cover her.

“Mike, lighten up! Geez, it’s not like we’re making you strip,” she replied, obviously annoyed. She slipped into the hot tub in the space between Tracy and me. “And it’s not like you complained when Carmen took her top off!”

“Move over,” Mike told Tracy so he could sit next to his girlfriend, opposite me. Petite Tracy rolled her eyes, and slid towards Dave, who slid towards Carmen to make room. Dave obviously didn’t mind being so close maslak escort to the half-naked Brazilian, and I noticed his eyes darting between Kristen and Carmen’s exposed breasts.

Carmen and Kristen were topless, but I was the only one fully naked. Still, my cock was mostly obscured under the water. I was happily wedged between the two topless women, and it was tough with six people in the tub for our legs not to brush against each other, something I didn’t mind considering who the sexy, smooth legs next to me belonged to.

“A couple of years ago, back when I was eighteen, and still living in Brazil, my friends and I spent a summer at one of their parent’s vacation homes,” Carmen began. “It was very hot that summer, and we rarely wore much clothing if any.”

“Did it turn into an orgy?” Kristen joked.

“Not exactly… but really, I think almost everyone had sex with each other by summer’s end. It was mostly discrete, done privately, but we still knew about who had slept with whom. There’s something about the heat, and warm, sexy bare bodies in close proximity…” she said, looking in my direction.

“I don’t see the big deal with nudity. Bodies are just bodies. It’s not like guys haven’t seen tits before,” Kristen said, hefting her breasts upwards and together for emphasis. From the way Dave’s eyes were bugging out it seemed he hadn’t seen tits quite like hers before, at least not in live flesh.

“Sweetie, I’m sure you just gave all the guys a hard on doing that,” Tracy replied.

It was true, at least on my end, I was fully erect. I was shocked when I felt Carmen reach under the water and grab my cock.

“Yes, I can confirm that James is hard,” Carmen stated, calmly taking a sip of her drink while everyone else laughed, some obviously more surprised that others by her action.

“Glad to see I still do it for you,” Kristen told me, grinning sexily. I glanced at Mike, who was silent and obviously not pleased. Carmen had released my cock, but I suddenly felt Kristen’s hand slip across my thigh and grab my erection. Under the water no one could see what she was doing, but she winked at me when no one else was looking and retracted her hand.

“Well fuck it,” Tracy said. “I may barely have tits, but damn it, I’m no prude.” Tracy untied her top and hung it on the side of the tub. Her breasts were small, perky, and milky white, with delightfully pale pink nipples on top. Although I’d noticed it earlier in her bikini, I once again appreciated her compact, firm gymnast’s body for a few glorious moments. She slid halfway down into the water in an attempt to hide. Of course, the majority of my attention was still on Kristen’s hand, and my cock.

I noticed Dave toss his trunks to the side, which he had discretely removed underwater without standing up. Kristen discretely released my cock and turned to Mike. “So are you brave enough to strip around my friends, lover of mine?” she asked.

“Yes, but only if Carmen gets totally naked too, since it’s no big deal for her to be topless,” Mike replied.

Carmen boldly stood and slipped off her bikini bottoms before anyone replied to Mike’s statement. Her pussy sported the classic “Brazilian”, a small strip of pubic hair above fully bare labia.

Mike was clearly excited by the sight of Carmen’s naked body. He stood up and shucked his trunks. He was mostly hard, and I have to admit, while he wasn’t quite as large as me, he still had a good sized dick. I wasn’t that surprised, as Kristen had confessed to me that she does prefer her men on the larger side.

Dave shrunk back even more in the tub after catching an unintentional glimpse of Mike’s package. Kristen looked over at Tracy and asked “Well, should we get totally naked too? It will be fun, and only fair since all the boys are nude now.”

“Ok,” Tracy shrugged, and slipped her bottoms off under the water, carefully draping them onto the side of the tub. Kristen stood, and turned slightly towards me as she slipped off her bottoms. Her pussy was still fully shaved as it had been when we dated.

“Oh wow, you’re totally shaved!” Tracy exclaimed. “How long have you been doing that? It is hard to maintain?” she asked excitedly.

“The first time I shaved it all off was when James asked me to. He loved it. I think he ate my pussy for an hour that night. As long as I shave it every other day, it doesn’t get irritated. I rub lotion on it too.”

“Have you guys ever shaved?” Tracy asked us.

“I did once, to get one of my old girlfriends to shave hers. It was an interesting experience. I’d do it again if a lover asked, but most women seem to prefer trimmed over totally bare,” I said.

“I agree,” Carmen said. “I don’t like hairless men, but I don’t want a forest either. Trimmed is nice. I’ve removed all of mine in the past, but I like the way having a little hair looks on top, and no one has ever complained.”

“I shaved it all a couple times too,” Dave confessed. “It felt nice, especially with mecidiyeköy escort bayan my ex being shaved too.”

Everyone seemed to relax a little as we continued drinking. Neither Kristen nor Carmen made any more moves on me, much to my disappointment.

When we ran out of drinks, Kristen offered to go get more, and asked me to help her, which I agreed. We both got out of the tub, fully naked, and wrapped towels around our waists to try to drip less water inside.

Once in the kitchen, she turned to me and said hurriedly, “Want to fuck once more, for old time’s sake?”

“Um, sure, but what about Mike?” I asked.

“Have you seen how he’s looking at Carmen? Trust me, if I can help him get a piece of her pussy tonight, he’ll gladly agree to you fucking me,” Kristen replied.

“And you’re ok with that?” I asked, somewhat surprised.

“Yeah. I dunno, I don’t really see a future with Mike, so I’m not that emotionally attached. I think we should just have fun, and go with the flow right now,” she said, looking out the window. Mike had slid up next to Carmen and was chatting with her flirtatiously.

“Do you think Carmen is interested in Mike?” I asked.

“Carmen is… Carmen. She’d fuck any attractive guy if she’s in the mood, and Mike fits that bill. She’s quite loyal to her friends and respecting their territory, but as long as I give my permission, she’ll go for it,” she said. She looked down at my towel, where my cock was tenting it. “Now, I’d love to get on my knees and suck you off right now, but the others will be wondering where we are. Just think about what I’ll be doing to you later.”

When we got back outside, Dave had stood up and was wrapping a towel to cover up. “I’d love to stay out here with you guys, but I’m exhausted. Have a good night everyone,” he said taking one last long look at each of the girls before, grabbing his trunks and going inside.

I noticed Tracy checking out my cock when I dropped my towel and got back into the hot tub. She smiled at me shyly, and I winked, slipping between her and Carmen, while Kristen was between Mike and the Brazilian girl.

When Dave was out of earshot, Tracy observed quietly, “It’s amazing how much of a difference there is in guy’s dick sizes.”

“You only just noticed?” Kristen responded with a smile.

“Well, I haven’t exactly been with many guys. Three in fact. So tonight I doubled the number of dicks I’ve seen in person. And the guys I’d been with were all about the same size, really average. I’d never seen one as big as James or…” she looked around, as if Dave was going to pop up all of a sudden, then whispered, “or as small as Dave.”

The two American girls giggled, but Carmen simply said “Yes, some men are bigger and some are smaller. But I can say from experience that the big ones aren’t always the best.”

“Sure, but if you had the choice between two guys who were both good in bed, but one had a bigger dick, wouldn’t you choose the bigger one?” Kristen shot back.

“It’s never as simple as that,” Carmen replied. “Yes, big dicks are very nice,” she said, looking straight at me, “But the man behind it matters a lot. I’ve had great sex with large men and great sex with more modest men.”

“Sounds like you’ve had a lot of men,” Tracy giggled, taking another sip of her drink.

“And there’s nothing wrong with that,” I piped up. “I think it’s great when a woman is confident enough in her sexuality to feel free to be with whomever she chooses.”

“Amen, brother,” Mike added, lifting his drink to me. “I think Carmen should fuck whoever she wants to. Tracy should too.”

“And what about me?” Kristen asked him, slyly. She whispered something into his ear, and I saw him look first at Carmen, then me.

That shut Mike up, and for a minute we were silent except for the jets of the hot tub.

Kristen leaned over to whisper in Carmen’s ear. Tracy rolled her eyes and asked “Is there something you’d like to share with the class?” When she got no response, she added “Fine then,” and leaned over to whisper “What do you think they’re whispering about?” to me.

“Probably who they want to fuck tonight?” I whispered back. I was acutely aware of how close her nude body was to mine.

“Oh. Well, Mike wants Carmen, Kristen and I both want you, and Carmen just wants a hard cock. So I should make a move on you before Carmen realizes she’s not getting Mike,” she said, and slipped her hand between my legs, completing the trifecta of women stroking my cock under the water of the hot tub that night.

“But what if Mike ends up with Carmen?” I whispered to Tracy. Kristen was now whispering to Mike, clearly stroking his dick under the water. I saw him glancing at me and Carmen, mentally weighing his options.

“Well then, we’ll just invite Kristen to join you and me. I’ve always fantasized about being watched,” she added, and grinned at me mischievously.

“Seriously?” asked out loud, surprised. The merter escort others glanced over at us, wondering what Tracy and I were conspiring about.

“Oh yes, I’m very serious,” she replied out loud and stood up, water dripping off her slim, naked body. Her pussy was neatly trimmed with dark colored hair. “I’m going to my room, think about my proposal,” she said, fetching her suit and wrapping a towel around her body.

I had to admire the way Tracy had played things, and was flattered she’d pursued me so aggressively. I wondered if I could convince Kristen into going to Tracy’s room and fulfilling one of my biggest fantasies; having a threesome.

The four of us who remained sat in silence for a few minutes before Kristen asked, “So, is everyone game for what we’ve discussed?”

Carmen nodded confidently, and Mike nodded nervously, eyeing me and clearly trying to decide if he’d made a mistake. He focused his attention on Carmen’s chest, perhaps to keep his eyes on the prize. Kristen slid across the tub and wrapped her arms around my body. My erection brushed against her hip under the water.

“Do you want to watch them?” I whispered to Kristen. Carmen and Mike were already wrapped in an embrace, kissing.

“I’d rather not,” she replied. “With privacy I could get wilder with you.”

I nodded, and announced, “We’re heading inside. See you guys tomorrow.”

I took Kristen by the hand and led her inside, neither of us bothering to cover up. I glanced over my shoulder, and saw that Mike was too occupied with Carmen to pay us any mind.

The cabin we were renting had five bedrooms. Kristen was confused when I led her past my room, and opened the door to Tracy’s.

“You’ll see,” I told her. Inside, Tracy was naked, lying on her bed with her legs spread, masturbating. I heard Kristen gasp softly, but Tracy smiled lustfully when she saw Kristen and I step in.

“Tracy’s proposition was that you and she share me tonight. How do you feel about that?” I asked.

“You’re ballsy, James.” Kristen said. “I always liked that about you.” She kissed my lips and then walked across the room to take Tracy’s face gently in her hands and kiss the other woman passionately. “Mmmm she tastes good. Come join us,” Kristen said.

“Yes, join us, big boy!” Tracy exclaimed.

I didn’t need a second invitation to join the two beautiful naked women. I’d never really thought of Tracy sexually, but I’d also never seen her naked before that night. She was one of those women whose petite body and subtle curves were hidden under her clothes, but who looked much sexier naked. Her body was slender and taut, where Kristen was curvy and womanly, with round hips and those luscious tits, which Tracy and I began feasting on together.

“God, I can’t believe we’re actually doing this!” Tracy exclaimed. “I’ve wanted James forever, but tonight, seeing Kristen naked in the tub, I’ll admit I found myself thinking about her too. And now I get you both. This is too wild!” It was almost surreal for me as well. I’d fantasized about threesomes plenty of times, but had never been in one before.

“Yes, it’s a blast. I can’t wait to see you enjoy James’s big dick. He really knows how to use it on a woman,” Kristen replied.

Kristen and I rearranged ourselves to double team Tracy’s smallish breasts. “So is Mike fucking Carmen?” Tracy asked. “Does she know what we’re up to?”

“He knows that I’m with James, and he’s undoubtedly balls deep in Carmen by now. He’s lucky he fucks well and has a lot of stamina, because he’s not exactly the foreplay king. He has no idea that the three of us are together,” Kristen chuckled, trailing kisses up Tracy’s neck back to her lips. “And that makes it extra hot,” Kristen added.

“So you’ve had a threesome before?” I asked Kristen between licks on Tracy’s hard pink nipple. Kristen and I had joked about sharing a woman when we were together, but it had never materialized.

“Yes, Mike really wanted one, and I was definitely curious about being with a woman. I agreed to have one, as long as I got to pick the woman, and he agreed to just watch she and I together at first. Do you remember that night we all went to Club Puerto?” she asked, her fingers gently sliding up and down Tracy’s firm, flat tummy.

“I remember you were dancing with some hot Asian girl with a great rack. I was really enjoying that show and sad when you left early,” I replied. On the bed, Tracy thrashed, enjoying the continued attention of Kristen and I on her little body as we continued our conversation.

“Oh, well you would have enjoyed the show she and I gave Mike at our apartment later even more. God, we fucked all night, and Mike must have come six times between the two of us!” Kristen said.

“Maybe we can get seven out of James!” Tracy exclaimed, grasping and stroking my rock hard dick.

“Mmmm want to help me blow him to bring the first one?” Kristen asked her friend. “Its ok if you don’t swallow, I’m more than happy to gobble up James’s load. He always did taste better than most guys.”

“I wouldn’t mind sharing it, if that’s possible,” Tracy replied.

Kristen and I both laughed as I arranged myself to lie on my back on the bed, and the two women got between my legs. “You’ve heard of snowballing, right?” Kristen asked Tracy. Both girls had a hand wrapped around my cock and were stroking it in unison.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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