Mykonos Vacation Pt. 01

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Jane rolled over on to her side and sighed restlessly. God it was hot! Even at two in the morning it was almost stifling in her hotel room. She had been trying to sleep since just after 11pm and hadn’t yet managed a wink. With this the last night of her vacation and the prospect of a long, tedious flight back to London tomorrow afternoon — no, this afternoon, she suddenly realised — she desperately needed sleep.

Of course, it didn’t help she was almost terminally horny too. She had treated herself to a couple of weeks on Mykonos as a reward for having finally broken up with that prick Jason. Booked at the last minute and without any real planning or preparation, she had spent much of the flight over drinking gin and tonic and fantasising about the wild, rampant and uninhibited vacation sex she was going to indulge in. Sand, sea, sun and an ocean of cock had been the plan. Sadly, it hadn’t quite worked out that way.

She sat up in bed and hugged her knees. The real problem was she had grown up, she decided. Mykonos reeked of sex, but it was all a bit teenage and juvenile, she had quickly found out. Pushing 30 and with a string of fun but ultimately unproductive relationships behind her, she had discovered, somewhat to her chagrin, that she needed a bit more engagement than a just pretty face and a lame pickup line before deciding to entertain a new cock. She grinned wryly. “I’ll be the old maid my school friends taunted me with yet,” she thought.

Reaching a sudden decision, she got out of bed and struggled into one of the thin t-shirts she had bought at the market yesterday. Opening the door to her hotel room — well, suite, really: there was a large living room and a poorly equipped kitchen as well as a bedroom with the biggest damn king-size bed she had ever seen — she stepped out in to the corridor and made her way to the large communal terrace that served the ground floor of the tiny but quite luxurious hotel she had ended up in. She walked up to the railing and gazed down the hill towards the town, revelling in the tiniest of cool breezes that ruffled her hair and caused her always sensitive nipples to strain at the fabric of her t-shirt.

There were still a few late-night revellers staggering through the streets below on their way back from the bars, pubs and clubs that populated every street corner in town. She watched a couple of young lads arguing incoherently about which way to turn and watched an even younger couple necking vigorously up against the wall of the butcher’s shop. She stretched languorously and grinned on behalf of the couple: to be young, footloose and fancy free in Mykonos, with the prospect of a whole night of shagging followed by lie-in morning sex too. Bliss.

She turned round to head back to her room and see if she could get to sleep without the image of all the sex she hadn’t had whilst on holiday preventing her from doing so. As she did so, her eye was automatically drawn to a light being turned on in the suite opposite hers. Drawn mostly due to the fact that, like most rooms in Mykonos, the window was open and the little breeze there was had parted the curtains slightly, allowing the light to spill out across the terrace. She had seen the previous occupants of the suite — a couple in their 50s having a second honeymoon — check out that afternoon. She wondered who had moved in.

As she neared the window, prepared to shift to her left and appear to be making for her room if anyone should see her, a figure came into sight. The suite was the mirror image of her own and she was looking into the living room area, with one sofa backed up against the window and another facing it on the opposite wall. As the figure revealed itself around the edge of the curtain she saw it was a young man — probably early twenties, she thought to herself — just standing up from the sofa opposite the window. She immediately identified several things. He was fit — very fit — a fact made more obvious by the fact he was bare-chested. Bronzed, superbly buffed with a visible six pack, he was tall, with blond hair that had obviously been very carefully groomed and moussed, since it was spiky in the way she found indescribably attractive atop the right frame. And boy, she said to herself, was this the right frame!

She also identified he was distracted and smiling. He was obviously looking across the room and was totally absorbed by whatever he saw there. And, she suddenly realised, whatever it was he could see was turning him on. She inhaled involuntarily as she realised his tight and very brief bright yellow shorts revealed the outline of an erection. A very impressive erection.

“Now that’s a sight for sore eyes,” she thought to herself, quietly turned on at the sight of this young, tanned, buff Adonis just a few feet away from her. All of a sudden her thought process accelerated and focused somewhat. The Adonis in question, his eyes still fixed on something on her side of the room but which she couldn’t identify, stuck one hand down his shorts and started gently stroking himself.

“He must be watching the porn channel,” she thought to herself. ikitelli escort Five days into her holiday and with nary a sniff of an acceptable cock to play with, she had had an early night in front of the hotel porn herself. It was fairly typical of its genre, however — either frankly distasteful German or Italian rubbish or a succession of pornstars with unrealistically large chemically enhanced boobs bouncing up and down on monosyllabic male ‘talent.’ Wishing that there were more female porn directors — or at least a few more directors of any sex who realised what it was that women want (“after all we are 50% of the fucking planet,” she had sworn at the big screen TV fixed to the wall opposite the bed) and had resorted to an evening’s communion with her trusty rabbit.

Watching this unexpected but very welcome piece of eye candy rubbing one out for himself, Jane decided what was sauce for the gander was something the goose had every bloody right to. Her hand strayed beneath the hem of her t-shirt and within a very few seconds two fingers had pulled aside the gossamer thin pale blue panties she had been sleeping in and were stroking the lips of her pussy — which she could already feel moistening, a function of heady visual stimulation after no nookie for over two months since the Jason debacle.

Standing on the terrace frigging herself wasn’t terribly comfortable, despite the fact she was surprisingly turned on. She tried squatting but, discovering that took her sightline too far down and she lost sight of the subject of her rapidly building fantasy, she stood up again. And a good job it was that she did, for no sooner had she straightened up when a striking development took place.

In a movement that was so quick she would have missed it if she blinked, this gorgeous young man hooked his fingers into both sides of his shorts and, bending down, drew them swiftly down to the floor. As he straightened up, Jane’s breath almost stopped.

“Now THAT is a cock!” she breathed to herself. With a slight upward tilt to it and visibly straining with a tiny nod at every heartbeat, this was an impressive member indeed. “Fuck!” she thought, “that has to be nearly a foot long!” This was truly a cock to fantasise over, and Jane’s eyes closed — only for a second though, in case she missed anything — and her fingers progressed from a gentle stroking of her lips to an almost frantic in and out motion as she inserted them into her suddenly VERY wet pussy. As she opened her eyes she thanked the God she didn’t really believe in as the object of her swiftly building desire looked down and grasped his tool with one hand. As he started gently wanking his cock, Jane moaned — very softly — she was conscious of the fact she was stood on a hotel terrace with her hand in her pants — and took an involuntary step closer to the window.

The guy started to move, walking closer to the sofa under the window. As he did so, Jane drank in every part of the extremely horny picture. His gorgeous face and upper body; the startling difference between the slim tanned torso and the white area below his waist and round his groin; the gentle movement of his hand up and down the straining erect cock, which was almost vertical as it bobbed up and down with his gait.

He stopped in front of the sofa. He was now, Jane judged, only about six feet from her, completely unaware he was being watched as he jerked himself off, eyes closed and head thrown slightly back. This was the stuff fantasies were made of and Jane felt an orgasm building as she briefly closed her eyes again. “This is fucking typical,” she thought. “Why oh why does this godling of a man turn up just as I am leaving. What fun COULD we have had if he had been here when I arrived? Shit! Just my frigging luck.”

She opened her eyes again and couldn’t believe the next few seconds. The guy opened his eyes, looked down at the sofa, smiled …. and moved out of sight! Jane almost yelled out loud. “No! Not fair! Bring that wonderful cock back!!!” As the guy’s arse disappeared behind the right edge of the curtain her moan of frustration was so loud she was frightened for a moment she might have been heard. She held her breath and her fingers stopped their frantic motion. Her legs shaking, she waited for any indication she had been caught out, poised to run at the first sign of movement from behind the curtain.

But she needn’t have worried. The horny gods were on her side for a change. There was movement — but from the top of the sofa. A head of short platinum blonde hair appeared — or at least the top of one did. Obviously, the guy had been watching someone on the sofa from across the room — and whatever that someone was doing had inspired an eye-catching erection in no time flat. But why had he disappeared from view? Why hadn’t he climbed all over whoever was on the sofa and started introducing her to that magnificent cock?

As she wrestled with this conundrum a horrible thought entered her head. “Oh please God, PLEASE don’t let him be gay. That would be SUCH a waste…..please, istanbul escort please, please.”

She started to come to terms with the fact that, if anything at all was going to happen, it was going to happen out of sight. She started to resign herself to the fact that she needed to take her by now slightly shaky but REALLY turned on body back to her suite, maybe to act out the fantasy that had formed in her mind’s eye. She bit her lower lip softly in frustration and removed her hand from her panties.

Only to put it back again almost immediately. In a flurry of movement that almost panicked her into flight, a sequence of events took place before her eyes that took her fantasy to new heights — and her imagination to new levels of horniness.

The blonde head rose above the back of the sofa and proved to be that of a girl (“thank you God,” she thought), actually, rather a pretty young girl. Short hair in almost a pageboy style and pouting lips that currently had a lazy smile on them. As the head came up, so it moved to the right hand edge of the sofa and the sofa itself was moved sharply against the wall and to the right, with the result (a fortunate one from Jane’s point of view), that the curtain got caught against the wall and dragged a few more inches to the right, widening her point of view. Uncertain which direction to look in first, she took the path of least resistance and, moving to her right, looked left to gain the maximum viewing angle into the living room.

And she got her reward. There was the cock! No — wait. That couldn’t be right. Blondie had gone to the right and unless he had crawled on all fours …. she had a fleeting image of riding his naked body around the room, slapping his arse as he carried her towards the bedroom, but she shook her head quickly and banished it. Besides — this was a cock of a very different colour. Well — size, anyway. Nowhere near as long as Blondie’s, but certainly above average length, what it lacked in the horizontal department it certainly made up for in girth. “Well hello, hello there,” thought Jane. “Where were you when I needed you last week?” The other immediately obvious difference was the body said cock was attached to. Whereas it was pretty apparent that Blondie had not a single hair between neck and knees, this body sported a well-trimmed jet black bush of pubes above the cock and a line of wispy hair from there towards the navel, narrowing and running out entirely by the time it reached the navel. Jane knew from experience that licking that line of hair softly but insistently could reduce the sternest of men to putty. Her pussy gave a quick spasm to remind her it was there, waiting and in increasing need of attention. “Shut up puss!” she muttered, giggling softly as she raised her sight line a little.

She couldn’t see any further up this second anonymous body than the nipples, but looking down at the far more important bits, she noted the hand round the cock guiding it slowly to the pale and ever so pert arse that was its’ obvious target. By a process of elimination (another soft giggle) this must be the opposite end of the cute platinum blonde, the unexpected appearance of whose head had given her such a fright just a few seconds earlier.

“Well gentlemen prefer blondes (thank God) they say,” she thought “so this guy is obviously a gentleman, since he is just about to…..” With the thought author to the deed, the owner of the anonymous cock (she called him Hairy to distinguish him from Blondie) slipped it slowly, almost reverently, into the arse before it. “Well — not necessarily the arse, but I can’t be absolutely certain from this angle,” she mused.

Whichever orifice was the recipient of the offering Hairy was making, Cutie (well — she had to give them names to make the fantasy run efficiently, didn’t she?) was evidently appropriately appreciative, since Jane heard a muffled squeal from the other end of the sofa. Ignoring it for a moment, she craned her neck to get the best possible vantage point and, fingers still firmly lodged in her pussy, which by now was dripping all over the terrace, she got a further reward. Hairy’s cock began to set up a rhythm that was as ancient as the rocks on which the hotel perched. He was clearly a guy who had put some thought into his technique, for his strokes were long and slow, with almost all the head of his cock appearing on each backstroke and a teasing, tantalising pause before the forward motion began again. Jane closed her eyes — only for a moment — she couldn’t afford to miss the action on offer while the opportunity lasted — and could almost feel the delicious friction as Hairy plunged in and out of her pussy. Why the hell did this have to happen on her last night?

Hang on a mo! That squeal was muffled! Why was it muffled? What’s happening…..the rest of the thought was lost as Jane scrambled to alter her position and see what was happening at the other end of the sofa. Imagination and reality arrived at the same point in parallel. Scooting as far left as she dared and leaning far enough forward almost to kadıköy escort bayan overbalance, Jane saw what she had expected and hoped for. Cutie had her mouth firmly clamped around Blondie’s amazing cock and was taking it as deep and as fast into her throat as she could. Blondie was evidently losing at least some of the control he had demonstrated earlier when having a languid wank, because even as Jane watched his strokes became faster and deeper and both his hands descended onto Cutie’s cropped blonde hair, pulling her hard into each forward stroke.

Having so quickly become accustomed to the horny scene, Jane pouted a bit because she couldn’t see Blondie’s face. She so much wanted to see him and feel him grunting softly and see the grimace appear on his face as his cock enjoyed the apparent consummate blowjob skills Cutie was demonstrating. But the booby prize, so to speak, was that she did get to see his cock in action. If only she was in Cutie’s shoes (not that she was wearing any, probably) — boy, would she show Blondie a thing or two about blowjobs.

As Hairy and Blondie continued to spitroast Cutie, Jane gave herself up to the moment. Taking a step back from the window and throwing her head back a little, she gave full reign to the speedy motion of her fingers as she approached a mind-bending standing orgasm. She had the presence of mind to check her footing so that she wouldn’t hurt herself if she fell over as she came, grunted (quite loudly, under the circumstances, the tiny sane portion of her back brain suggested) and……cursed out loud as a sudden gust of wind blew the curtain shut.

She stood rooted to the spot for an instant. She waited for Divine Providence to send a second gust of wind to reopen the window into the stunning scene of sexuality she had borne witness to for the last few minutes. “I said, I’m waiting for Divine Providence to send….” Her voice died away as she stared heavenward in vain.

“Bollocks. Shitty fucking bollocksy fuck tits wank shit fuck dammit,” she whispered. Slowly, she removed her hand from her now thoroughly wet knickers. She stood up straight, staring down into the town. Not even a courting couple on the street corner by way of consolation. “Sod it! Oh well — back to bed and break out the rabbit. Maybe if I turn it right up to number seven setting and shove it up me as far as I can I’ll be able to cum as hard as Cutie is about to any moment,” she thought. She straightened her t-shirt, took another step back and turned to go back to her own, regrettably empty suite.

And stopped dead in her tracks. In the doorway to the corridor between her suite and the one she had been gazing lustfully into, one hand leaning on the wall, the other by his side, was Blondie. Blondie naked. Blondie naked with a heart-stopping erection. Blondie naked with a heart-stopping erection that she couldn’t take her eyes off. It was mesmerising. It had a life of its own, the upward curve of the last couple of inches simply serving to demonstrate just how erect it was. She estimated the degree of inclination as 70 plus degrees. She wondered where she could get a protractor at this time of night to verify her estimate. She wondered if she pulled it down to the horizontal, what would happen when she let it go. Would it go as far as to hit him in the stomach, she wondered, or would it….

“American?” The walking cock spoke.

“Phhthnnnng!” she replied eloquently in negation. Shaking her head to restore all the neurons to their proper places from those they had occupied when her brain was in Gagging for Cock mode, Jane reluctantly took her eyes of the cock and looked at Blondie.

“No — English actually,” she said.

“English? Oh great — we don’t really like Americans that much.”


“My friends and I,” he said, one hand coming down to tug idly on the object of Jane’s deepest transitory desire.

“Friends?” queried Jane, increasingly desperately.

“My friends in there.” His head tilted towards the window Jane had been glued to till just moments before she came face to cock with her fantasy. “The friends you have been watching fuck for the last 15 minutes.”

“Watch? Me? No — you are mistaken, I….I…..I errr….” Her voice tailed off, partly in embarrassment and partly because Blondie was walking towards her, his cock swaying gently from side to side with the motion of his body. He stopped inside her personal space — well inside — wet two fingers by drawing them across her lips and placed them on his cock. She looked down. She looked up at his smiling face. She looked down again.

“I saw you before I even took my shorts off. In fact, seeing you was the reason I took my shorts off in the first place. I was going to leave Dan and Perla to it, since they’re celebrating a sort of anniversary tonight. I was about to go join the others, but then I saw you, looking so beautiful against the lights of the town and obviously so lonely, so I thought we should give you a bit of a show. That’s why when I ducked out of sight I motioned Dan to move the sofa against the wall so we could ‘accidentally’ open the curtain a bit wider. I reckon we were close to making you cum when the wind interfered. Pity.” He shrugged. Which made his cock do a little waltz in mid-air (she was still looking down). Which made Jane’s pussy do an insane little tango all of its own. She looked up, into piercingly deep blue eyes — almost violet.

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