My Wild Travels Ch. 02

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This story is a fantasy, nothing more. It’s not real; please don’t leave feedback saying that you can’t believe that this really happened. If you don’t like gay sex or like reading about one man’s sexual fantasies, please don’t leave negative feedback because you were “surprised”. I know that I use the same opening paragraph in each chapter, it’s just a way to set up the stories.


A career change nine years ago has me driving all over North America on my way to photo assignments instead of sitting in an office all day. I much prefer being by myself in the car all day, it gives me the time and the freedom to think, and to fantasize. And, sometimes, to jerk off as I fantasize. Who’s going to see me, a truck driver? They’re usually texting anyway. Sometimes I jerk off just to see if anyone notices, and even better, to see if they notice and take an interest. I’ve had some naughty encounters on the road that have started because someone saw me working on myself, so to speak, and they got me to pull off the road and we ended up rolling around in the grass or they ended up pushing their cock in my ass in a rest stop bathroom stall and unloading their hot cum or pissing in there.

…There I was, naked, sweaty, and on my stomach on an old, dirty cot in the back of a dumpster enclosure in a hot Oklahoma town with my cock wedged in an inflatable hole and an old drunk had his cock wedged deep in my asshole! This day wasn’t turning out to be quite what I had expected after talking with a sexy, young guy at the drive-thru window and agreeing to meet back here for some fun. Now there’s a stinky, dirty drunk lying on my back with his cock shoved up my shitter and I have a feeling that he’s ready to start pounding into me.

I thought that I’d be being passed around by an eighteen-year old football player or two by now, not being a fuckhole for some drunk who still has his dirty trench coat on and his dick sticking out of his dirty pants and lodged up my asshole. I have to admit, though, I’m really turned on by being the subject of someone’s desire like this, or maybe I’m just a tight hole at the right time, that’s probably more like it. Maybe he even though I was a woman because my ass is like a figure skater’s ass, with nice, full cheeks that guys love to bounce off of while they pound into me. Whatever the reason, his dirty cock has really filled me up, although it’s not as rock hard as I thought it would be but he stuck it in my ass, probably because I had so much Vaseline shoved in there.

He finally starts pulling it out a bit and I get ready for a severe fucking, but he holds it in about halfway and he starts pissing! He’s filling my ass with his dirty, drunken, hot piss!! He didn’t even fuck me; he just wanted to piss in me! Not that I mind, I love feeling dirty and being treated like a urinal, it really turns me on to be degraded and treated like this, like anyone can do anything to me that they want to and I’m just here to accept whatever it is. I finally said something, “Hey, you’re pissing in my ass!”

He said, “No shit, I had to go anyway and your tight, little urinal hole was a good spot for it. I was on the other side of the dumpster when you walked in and started fucking that inflatable thing and that made my cock hard enough so I could shove it in your ass, so there ya go.. You have a nice, tight ass, my friend, probably the tightest one that I’ve ever pissed in back here. And, it was already slippery so you must have lubed it up, that was easier than it could have been.”

What did that mean, did he piss in other people’s asses in this dumpster enclosure? Were the little high school teen guys doing this back here, too? Did this homeless guy piss in their clean, toned, tight little asses, too?

I went into a frenzy, “It feels so hot, so nasty, so dirty, so good; fill me with your hot, nasty, dirty piss, you drunken fucker! Fill me up! Use me as your toilet; I can feel your hot piss streaming beşiktaş escort in my ass, filling every crevasse in my colon. Empty your drunken bladder in me, you dirty bastard. Spank me as you’re pissing in my ass, you drunk! Spank my ass HARD, you dirty bastard; HARD! Make my cheeks hot and red from slapping them. Make my cheeks sting when you spank them; I want to have hot, stinky, dirty, wet, sore, piss-covered, red ass cheeks from you slapping them and pulling them apart. Rub the shit on your dick back onto my ass cheeks. You were so deep bottoming out up my ass that you must have shit on the end of your dick; rub it on my ass and spank my shit-covered ass cheeks, hard! Pull out before you’re done and piss on my asshole as you spread my cheeks apart with your rough hands, pull them apart HARD and aim that dirty, hot piss right at my hole! I keep my little, pink, puckered hole shaved so that strangers who are raping me can see it to piss on it! It drives me wild!” I was losing control, babbling and talking so dirty.

“Hit the pink bullseye with your streaming, steaming hot piss! Don’t stop slapping my ass! Slap it harder; HARDER!! I’ll probably shoot my load on this cot if you pull my cheeks apart as hard as you can with your rough hands and aim your hot, shooting piss at my tender, puckered shithole; that’ll put me over the edge. I can tell that I’m filled up with your hot piss and it’s leaking out, there’s so much. I’ve never been filled up with so much hot piss from one guy before, you must have really held it in. Treat me rough; treat me like the urinal that I am. I’m your personal toilet from now on; you own my ass for whatever you want to use it for; just keep pissing in and on me! Shit on my ass if you have to. Rub me all over with those dirty, rough hands as you’re filling my ass up with your hot, beer piss. I want to feel the burn as you rub my sweaty, naked skin with those rough, dirty, calloused hands. I feel so dirty; I deserve to be spanked, pissed in, and raped by drunken bums like you..”

I entered another universe there for a few minutes, it felt so good to be treated like a urinal by this drunken stranger that I couldn’t help myself!

His piss stream was finally slowing down so he did pull out and he did have some of my shit on his cock so he rubbed all over my beet red, hot, wet, piss-covered, spanked ass cheeks before washing it off with the last few spurts and trickles of his hot piss. It felt so good to be used like that, I love being a helpless sex toy for strangers to use and abuse. He really had a lot of piss in him; I bet there were beer bottles over on the other side of the dumpster. Well, I was about to find out about those beer bottles.

His piss finally stopped squirting out, it was like little jets at the end and I could finally turn around and see this guy. He did in fact have a dirty trench coat on and he was in fact dirty and had a short, salt-and-pepper beard and he was about 5′-8″ or so and in his late-50s. His big, fat cock was hanging out, sort of half hard, half soft; no wonder I felt so filled up with that cock in me! It was bigger than mine, maybe around 9″ and much fatter than mine was. He turned around and I thought he was leaving but I heard some clinking and he was back; he was back with four beer bottles! He told me to get on my back and when I did the little inflatable thing was still stuck to my cock, which was still hard. He moved it up and down on my cock a few times which made my cock rock hard! It felt great, I was his sex toy. He pulled out a bottle opener and opened all four beer bottles and they were warm from being in the sun for who knows how long. He pulled me off of the cot by my cock and he moved the cot to be sort of under the tapered end of the dumpster and had me get on the edge of the cot on my back.

He pulled my legs up in the air and hooked them under an opening in the dumpster so I was basically beylikdüzü escort helpless with my ass just hanging out there. I had to hang on to the bottom of the cot to keep from falling over so I was stuck, unless I wanted to tumble onto the pavement. Then, he stuck a rough finger in my ass; luckily it was full of Vaseline and piss. Then he stuck two fingers in me, then three, then four fingers and his thumb! He put them into a cone-shape and was basically fucking my ass with his cone-shaped, rough, dirty fingers; punching into my poor little pink hole! I was glad that he didn’t try to put his whole arm in me, I haven’t been that stretched out before. He was punching my asshole with his cone-shaped fingers, really punishing my greasy asshole for being so damn tight and hot. He kept punching my asshole with his fingers; punching and punching them in up to his knuckles, it was so tight that he couldn’t get his whole hand up there but his four fingers and thumb in that cone-shaped fist was punishing my hole like never before. I felt so helpless, so abused, so raped, so hot, so horny, so dirty…

The weird part happened next, if you can consider what just happened not-weird?! He slid an opened beer bottle in my ass, neck first! It was open and the beer was pouring out into my just pissed-in anal cavity! It felt good, almost as good as being pissed in with his huge dick a few minutes earlier. He emptied the first beer bottle in my ass and came at me with another one, but he shook this one up a few times first. When he got it up to my shaved hole he removed his thumb and jammed it in me and it started spraying hot beer up my little asshole! I was being filled up with old, hot beer from a spraying beer bottle! This time he started fucking the bottle into my ass as it was spraying in me, just up to the thick part of the bottle, and it felt good. My ass was so lubricated that when he slowly slide the bottle up to the thick part, it went right in. I was so stretched out but it felt good, like I was taking a huge shit when he pulled it out, and then he pushed it back in again. He did that with another beer bottle, too, and by that time he had a raging hard on so he grabbed my legs and pulled my helpless, naked, stinky, dirty body into his dirty trench coat, rammed his fat, stinky dick up my abused asshole all the way, bottoming out in me, and slam-fucked my ass in that odd position! I was helpless; I was just his plaything to be used and abused.

His cock was a fat, squishy, drunken machine with a mind of its own, slamming deep into my shitter as far as it would go and then pulling out all the way. My poor, abused, punished fuckhole was gaping wide open when he pulled his inflated dick out of it and he was spitting on it trying to spit in my gaping hole. Then, when it would wink shut he’d SLAM his cock in there again, stretching it out to the maximum, laughing the whole time! He was having a great time raping my asshole. His fat cock was filling me up and I just had a piss and beer enema so his cock didn’t have any shit on it this time, I know because every few seconds he’d pull it out and shove it in my mouth, kneeling down on the cot where I was stuck like a helpless slave. I had no choice but to suck on that fat, dirty, smelly, perfect cock. It was one of the nicest cocks that I had ever seen, or sucked on, or that had pissed on and in me and he was by far the dirtiest, nastiest, most abusive, roughest ass-raper who ever raped my helpless little asshole! I think I was in love…

He stopped laughing and was now punishing me, he was angry-fucking my ass now, he kept fucking and fucking, hard and deep, slapping my ass the whole time, just fucking like he didn’t have any nerve endings in his cockhead, like he didn’t have any feeling, like he was still raging drunk, or raging mad about something and he was taking it out on me by bottoming out over and over again in my poor little beyoğlu escort shit hole. I won’t be able to shit for a week; my shit will be so far packed up my colon by the punishing-pounding that he’s giving me.

He grabbed me by the waist and brought me to one of the tall chairs that the fast food workers would sit on when they took smoke breaks and put me on it so I was sitting facing the back and then he pulled my ass so it was hanging over the edge and he RAMMED his cock in me without any warning! SLAM! All the way in past my shut, punished, puckered hole and as far up my ass as anyone has ever gone, slamming against my sweaty, dirty ass cheeks! He took on a new life, he was now a wild beast and he was raping me like I was his prey; bouncing off of my cheeks and pulling out and then DRIVING his fat cock in my shithole again! He was a possessed machine, really punishing my hole, like a pile driver, SLAM, SLAM, SLAM, against my poor little hole.

I was wrong about not shitting for a week; all of this anal stimulation had me thinking that I had to go! And, soon! What would he do if I said to stop so I could shit? I knew that he wouldn’t stop, he couldn’t stop right now; he was in another world and he was punishing me for something. I couldn’t wait to go, I was too full of two days of oatmeal and piss and beer. When he would pull his cock all the way out I would start pushing. That worked for a while but he must not have noticed the shit that had to be on his cock, or he didn’t care, he was like a shark with his eyes rolled back, or like the eighteen-year old fast food worker that I thought would be spider-monkey-fucking my ass right now instead of this drunken, psycho guy!

I kept pushing and pushing; he was fucking into my shit and was using it for lubrication. It felt so full, so dirty, so nasty, so good. His cock had to be covered with my shit because I kept pushing it out, I had no choice, it was coming out whether he wanted it on his dick or not. He didn’t even slow down as I kept pushing a nice, long, solid turd out, he just kept fucking into my dirty, smelly, shit-covered ass! It felt so good, so incredibly dirty and nasty to have this drunk rape my ass as I’m shitting at the same time. It was so gooey and slippery; it felt so nasty and so good, what a feeling.

I don’t know if it was just fucking into my tight ass or fucking into my shitting ass, but he grabbed onto my hips and started slam-fucking into me, creating a shitty mess. My ass cheeks must have been covered in shit and he was going to cum in me for the first time! And, he did! I thought the beer bottle had a lot of pressure! His hot sperm shot into me so hard and deep that I thought it was going to come out of my nose! He kept ramming into me with every pulse of his hot, sticky cum; RAM, RAM RAM.. slamming his shitty cock as far up my shitty colon as it would go. It felt great to be abused and treated like this bum’s sex slave.

Well, now I could smell it, my shit had to be all over his cock and all over my ass. He finally pulled his stinky cock out of my sore ass and was rubbing it around, in-between my cheeks pushing them together and rubbing his cock through them like a hot dog in a bun. Fucking my shitty ass cheeks as he pushed them together like a hot dog bun. Wait, what was that? It’s something smaller than his cock, he had reached up on top of the dumpster and grabbed one of the old hot dogs that the fast food workers put up there and he started fucking my shitty asshole with it! It felt funny after being raped by his fat cock but it felt good. It was short and soft but he kept sliding it in and out of my shitty ass, and then there were two of them in there! That felt more like his cock size, but not quite as long. What was he thinking as he looked at my ass, all covered with shit and piss and cum and now he was fucking into it with old hot dogs that were sitting on the top of a dumpster? He broke off a couple of the hot dogs as he worked them into my hole. Now he was just pushing hot dogs into my shitty asshole! What else was he going to do to me? How else would he use and abuse me?! What else was going to happen to me back here in this dumpster enclosure? And, whatever happened to the young guy that I was going to meet back here an hour ago?! Was he in on all of this?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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