My Wife’s Students Ch. 03

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Author’s Note: This is an act of fiction. For those who like this type of fantasy/situation, please enjoy! For those who do not, I hope you find something on this vast site that DOES interest you. None of my stories, this one and any follow up chapters included, are intended to be what every member of the community are looking for. If you simply don’t like the scenario I have set up here, please move on and stroke to something you do like. Thank you!


After Michelle left, my wife and I continued fucking doggy style on the floor of her office. I loved seeing the shape of her ass in this position. I loved seeing her ass hole presented to me. She’s let me rub and lick it (on rare occasions) but she’s never let me inside of it. Oh how badly I wanted to fuck that tight hole!

Oh well, I was going to take Michelle’s anal cherry the next time we all fucked, so I at least had that to look forward to. I kept railing into my wife from behind, never slowing down. This was a lustful fuck.

She lowered her upper body closer to the carpet, her arms straight out in front of her. This was not nice plush carpet, this was rough industrial grade carpet. It had to be leaving her nipples a little raw as they swayed back and forth with each thrust. I reached forward and pulled her hair just enough to lift her head a bit but left her tits rubbing. This set her off and she came on my cock. This had a train reaction, making my orgasm inevitable.

“I’m gonna cum,” I announced.

“I want you to cum on me,” the request surprising me. I pulled out, expecting to just cum on her back and ass. Instead, she spun around and got up on her knees. She pushed her chest forward and opened her mouth. This was too much.

“Oh fuck!”

I shot three ropes on her pretty face. One across her right eye, one landing on her lips and the third on her chin. The rest dropped on her chest. I’ve never been allowed to cum on my wife. I loved it! She scooped up the loads on her face and ate them like she had Michelle do earlier. She rubbed the rest into her chest like it was lotion and smiled at me.

“Let’s go home.”

We dressed and left.

A couple weeks later I got a text from my wife to come to her office after work. I had been waiting for another session with Michelle. Finally!

But as I walked into her office that evening, Michelle wasn’t there. Instead sitting in the chair in front of her desk was Adam, the male student who had previously presented with Michelle. Maybe they were just finishing up another meeting? Maybe Michelle was on her way?

“Come, sit and join us, honey,” was the greeting from my wife. I walked in, closed the door and took a seat.

“So,” my wife began, “I finally got around to asking young Adam here what he thought of you.”

Here it goes. The tables are going to turn and my wife is going to fuck a young stud student in front of me.

“He said, and I quote, ‘that you are absolutely gorgeous!'”


“It turns out, Adam here is bi. He said he leans closer to gay, but does occasionally enjoy the company of women. And what would you like, Adam?”

The boy was obviously nervous, but also excited. I could see a bulge in his tight pants.

“Um, I’d like to suck your husband’s aydın escort cock, professor. And have him fuck me, if he’s interested,” he responded.

My wife stood and walked to the front of her desk like she did the first day with Michelle. She had on another skirt, showing off her long legs.

“I think I’d really like to see that, honey,” she chided. “Would you do that for me, like I played with Michelle for you? I really liked what Michelle and I did. I bet you’ll like this, too. And think, you’ll get to fuck a tight ass, just like you want to.”

I wasn’t sure about this. I really didn’t have much interest in having sex with another dude. I would prefer he just left and I fuck my wife in her office again. But she made some good points. I’m sure she hadn’t really planned on screwing another girl, but she did. And she definitely enjoyed it once she tried it. The anal comment didn’t make up my mind, but it didn’t hurt, either. I stood and turned towards Adam. I decided if I was going to go through with this, I might as well get into it.

“On your knees, bitch. You’d better be good at this.”

My wife gasped in anticipation and smiled bigger than I’ve seen before. Adam dropped to his knees and began undoing my belt. His hands trembled as he pulled the belt through the loops and unbuckled the clasp. He unbuttoned the waist and unzipped the fly. He then tugged my jeans down my legs. As he reached for my boxers next, I was a little nervous myself. I looked at my wife and she was transfixed. Her right hand was under her skirt, slowly rubbing her pussy through her panties. I looked back down as Adam pulled down my boxers, displaying my cock that was now at half mast.

“Take him in your mouth, Adam,” my wife breathed. “Suck my husband’s cock.”

The student obeyed his teacher and took me in his mouth. He pushed his head forward and pulled back, slowly. He repeated the process.

“Oh my god, yes,” my wife gasped again. “How does it feel babe?”

My cock had grown fully in his mouth now and he was working a good amount of my 6.5 inches into his mouth and throat.

“Really good,” I responded. “He’s a very good cocksucker.”

I had quickly gotten past caring that this was a guy sucking my cock. It was a warm, wet mouth doing an excellent job sucking my dick. I placed my hand on the back of Adam’s head and began pulling him farther onto my shaft. At the same time, I started thrusting my hips forward. I wasn’t trying to choke the boy, but he was doing a nice job taking me into his throat a little.

“Fuck his mouth,” said my wife.

I looked over at her, having forgotten she was there for a moment. “Take off your clothes,” I told her. “Let me see you.”

My wife stood and removed her top. Then she unclasped her bra, dropping her beautiful breasts. Then the skirt and panties slid down her legs in unison.

“Is this what you wanted to see?” she asked rhetorically.

She took a couple steps toward me and kissed me passionately. I groped her breast and grabbed her ass as we kissed.

“I love watching him suck you,” she whispered in my ear, “but I want to see you fuck him now.”

Adam heard her and stood up without being asked. He took his clothes off preparing to be fucked. As he pulled down his underwear we both gasped. Adam was erect and at least 8 inches long. He wasn’t massively thick, but it was impressive. Adam went to bend over the desk but my wife stopped him.

“Lay on the desk,” she told him. “I want my husband to remember it’s a man he’s fucking. Don’t want him pretending it’s some pretty girl from behind,” she teased.

Adam laid on the desk like my wife and Michelle had done so recently. He spread his legs and rotated his hips upward so I had access to his ass hole. My cock still glistened with his sweat. I lined my cock up to his puckered hole.

“You ready to feel my cock, bitch?”

“Yes,” he replied. “Please fuck me.”

I grabbed my cock and pushed forward. My wife – Adam’s professor – stood right next to me watching. As to be expected, there was quite a bit of resistance at first. But I continued to push a little and Adam started to relax. After a minute or two he opened enough that my head popped into his ring. He groaned and I pulled back to allow him a minute to adjust. He looked at me again and I took that as a sign to proceed.

Slowly, I pushed forward, quarter inch by quarter inch, as much as his ass would accept its invader. Once I was half way inside of him, I pulled back and then pushed forward again.


I took that as acceptance and started fucking him at a normal pace.

“Oh my,” my wife moaned. “Fuck him, babe. Fuck his ass!”

She had one hand on my ass, encouraging me to thrust into Adam’s ass. Her other hand was back between her legs rubbing her pussy. Adam’s ass was fully open for me now. I slammed the entire length inside of him and pulled back. I established a rhythm and fucked him just like I would my wife’s pussy.

“Oh yes, fuck my ass,” the boy moaned. “Fuck me good. It feels so good.”

“Stroke his cock for him a little,” my wife encouraged. “Touch another cock for the first time.”

I was lost in pleasure as his tight hole pulled against my thrusting cock. I would do anything right now. I reached down and stroked his pole, and Adam moaned his appreciation.

“Yeah, stroke it,” my wife coaxed. “I bet that big cock feels great in your hands, doesn’t it? I like watching you fuck his ass and stroke his cock. Such a nice looking cock …”

I fucked him another couple of minutes. Fuck, his ass really felt good. And I liked the feel of his cock in my hand. But my wife got tired of her fingers and wanted to join in.

“I need some cock,” she stated. I need fucked hard!”

I pulled out of Adam. He got up off the desk and my wife laid down on the carpet floor, spreading her legs.

“Come fuck me, Adam,” she said, surprising us both.

“Um, professor, but your husband …”

“We both shared Michelle, I want us to share you, too. I love my husband’s cock, but I need to feel that beautiful thing inside of me. Now fuck me.”

Adam looked at me. “Do you make it a habit to disobey your teacher?”

He climbed onto the floor and entered her missionary style. “Oh fuck yes,” she moaned under her breath as he entered her. She was soaking wet and didn’t need much time to adjust to his cock.

“Give me the whole thing,” she pleaded.

Adam thrust fully into her, reaching depths I just couldn’t reach. Her breathing increased as he long dicked her. Long strokes. All the way in, all the way out. Eight inches in, eight inches out. I was watching my wife get fucked by another man and it made me incredibly hard. I got on the floor for a closer look and slowly stroked my cock.

“I said I wanted fucked hard, Adam. Do as your professor says. Fuck me!”

Adam’s hips started thrusting furiously. He was in a pushup position on top of my wife, fucking her as hard as he could. I moved to their side to watch. My wife’s breasts were swaying wildly from the force. It was incredible.

“Oh fuck, professor, I’m going to cum! Oh fuck. Oh fuck.”

“Yes, Adam, that’s it, fuck me! Harder!”

“But I’m going to cum. I need to pull out,” he said frantically.

“Don’t you dare pull out! Keep fucking me, Adam. Almost there. Fuck me harder!”

She hooked her heels around him, making sure he couldn’t pull out. Bang, bang, bang he kept fucking her. Harder and harder. Finally, he stiffened and pushed his member deep inside of my wife. He moaned as he came, spilling his seed in her womb. It pushed her over the edge and my wife orgasmed on his large cock.

Both lay there for a minute recovering. She dropped her legs and Adam rolled off of her. My wife looked at me, saw my cock was still hard, and gave me a sly grin.

“Sit in my chair.”

I did as I was told. She stood up, walked over and straddled me, sinking easily onto my cock.

“I’ve never had two different guys cum inside of me in one day,” she whispered in my ear. “It makes me feel like a slut. Make me feel slutty!”

I had never felt her so slippery. I could definitely tell there was another man’s spunk inside my wife. Her pussy was so sloppy and it was turning me on.

She rode me hard. As she bounced up and down on my cock I could feel Adam’s cum sliding down my cock. Some even escaped during the vigorous fucking. She noticed it, too, and said how hot it made her.

“Fuck, babe, I’m close to cumming.”

“Fuck yes, cum for me. Can you feel his cum inside of me like I can? Is that turning you on? Knowing your slutty wife already has a load inside of her is turning you on? Cum for me babe. Cum inside of me. Make me a slut!”

I had never heard her talk like this and it was turning me on.

“Yes, my slutty wife is so hot! You want my load? You want to be a slut? You want two loads in you at once, huh slut? Here you go! Fuck, I’m cumming!”

I erupted inside my wife. My pulsing cock brought her to an orgasm, too. After I stopped cumming, she raised off of me and hovered above the chair. A big grin appeared on her face as she dropped cum from her pussy onto my cock.

“Adam, come help me clean up this mess,” she demanded.

My wife got down on her knees and licked some of the cum off my cock. Adam joined her and took a long lick of the cum mixture, too. They took turns licking and taking little sucks of my cock until all the cum was gone.

“Thank you, Adam, you may leave my office now.”

He stood and dressed, and we did, too.

“Thank you,” he said. “That was incredible. Can we do it again?”

“What do you think, babe? You want to fuck his ass again? Maybe give him your load next time?”

“I think he’ll be up for,” my wife responded for me. “We’ll call you.”

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