My Wife’s Diary – Book Club Night

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I have known for some time that my wife is a little wild under the right circumstances, and especially when she gets together with her best friend Penny. I recently found this entry in her diary that confirmed that once again:

Oh my god – I can’t believe what I did last night! I was going to a book club meeting with Penny – it promised to be another ordinary evening when we started out, but it hardly turned out that way. The women in the club all use the meetings as an excuse to dress up, though Penny and I tend to dress more sexily than most. For this meeting I was dressed to kill, wearing a short black dress, black stockings, a matching bra and thong set and high heels. Penny had on a short red dress; I didn’t know what she had on underneath until later in the evening. We started off for the meeting and realized we had forgotten to buy our assigned snacks, so we headed to the nearest convenience store.

At the store we ran into one of my daughter’s friends, Ted, and another boy named Vince. We stopped and said hello to them; as we talked the boys couldn’t stop staring at the two of us. My dress was cut low enough that my 36D’s were showing some nice cleavage. Penny’s dress was a little more demure but her 38DD’s were also drawing a lot of attention. At one point I guess Vince got so excited he finally blurted out that we “both looked hot and awesomely sexy”. I thanked him for the compliment and jokingly told him we were going to a “wild” book club meeting. I said we would invite them but that there would be drinking.

They laughed and Vince said, “Yeah legally we can’t drink, but we’re eighteen, you know, and we drink anyway. We love to party.”

“Maybe you could skip your meeting and party with us tonight at Chuck’s house – it will definitely be hotter,” Ted chimed in.

I asked what they were going to be doing there, and they said they were just having a small party, drinking, dancing and hanging out. Penny kiddingly asked if we should bring dates; Ted smiled and told her “Nah, I think we can take of you ourselves.” He gave me a lusty look that instantly made me damp. The boys were handsome enough, and so obviously fascinated by us, that I was beginning to entertain the idea of playing with them. I told them that we had to go to the damn book club meeting, but that if it ended early we might stop by their party. Since my husband was out of town and my daughter was going to sleep over at a friend’s, I had the evening to myself.

“So maybe we’ll see you later,” I said, then turned to walk away. I glanced over my shoulder and saw the fellows staring at my ass. On impulse I reached down and gave my skirt a quick hike in back, flashing them. They almost fell down! I made sure to flash them my stocking tops and panties as I got into the car and drove off, Penny and I both laughing at the looks on their faces.

The book club meeting was pretty typical (dull), with the wine being the highlight of the evening. Penny and I looked at each other and silently agreed to leave at the first chance, but it was not quite two hours before we were able to escape. We got into my car and discussed going by the boys’ party. I could see that Penny was nervous about what we might be getting ourselves into, and I know my heart was pounding a bit. We finally decided to go and I drove over to the house. As we went up the front walk we both got even more nervous; after a little hesitation it was Penny who finally summoned up the courage to ring the bell.

Chuck just about fell over when he answered the door. He started stammering some excuse about the obvious party but then Vince and Ted came to the door and rescued him. Their jaws dropped too, seeing two sexy older women who, I’m sure, they had fantasized earlier would make their wet dreams come true. As they escorted us into the living room, we couldn’t büyükçekmece escort help but smile at their puppy-dog-like behavior.

The fellows, who were already a bit tipsy, offered us some beer, which we both accepted. In the course of socializing I saw at least six guys and two girls I knew as friends of my daughter. I soon found myself sitting on a couch with Vince on one side of me and Ted on the other. Chuck, Penny and a boy named Warren were squeezed into a love seat across from us. The other kids were scattered around the house; several of the girls, getting steadily drunker, had taken their already-sexy attire a step further by removing their tank tops. Now they were dancing in the next room in their sports bras.

Around midnight, a few more kids showed up; I was relieved that my daughter wasn’t with them! I was getting a bit drunk, and so was Penny. At some point I realized that the two guys each had a hand on my thighs, gently rubbing my stocking-clad legs. I guess I was pretty drunk by then, because it felt so good that I let them continue. Both hands slowly moved higher, and in time arrived at my stocking tops. Then they were stroking above the stocking tops and across my bare inner thighs, hiking my skirt up fairly high in the process. A hand reached my thong-covered pussy, and the touch sent electricity through me. I jumped and we all laughed at my reaction. I glanced over at Penny; she was in a deep kiss with Warren while Chuck was busy under her skirt stroking her pussy. Her skirt was hiked up high as well and her legs spread so wide that I could actually see Chuck’s hand moving inside her pantyhose. Penny squirmed and seemed to hunch upward into Chuck’s hand as she kept kissing Warren, who was also enthusiastically feeling up her big breasts through her dress.

Then Vince began rubbing my pussy through my thong. Ted took my hand and placed it over the considerable tent in his pants, then began rubbing my tits through my dress as Vince began to kiss me. Of course, I had a little bit of history with Ted, so he was more comfortable with me than Vince. I had once run into him in town and we had got to chatting. The next thing I knew we were parked in a secluded spot in the nearby park. I had let Ted finger me and eat me until I came; then I gave him a blowjob I don’t think he’ll ever forget. We might have fucked too, but a patrol car entered the park and we quickly straightened our clothes and left. Now, I kept rubbing Ted’s cock through the fabric of his pants until he pulled down his zipper and took it out. As I stroked the warm hard shaft, Ted leaned close to my ear and whispered, “I’ve been dying to fuck you ever since that day in the park.” I shivered at the thought of that, and then shivered some more as Vince’s finger entered my pussy and his thumb rolled over my clit. As I got wetter I started moaning into Vince’s mouth. Now it was my turn to roll my hips, trying to get his finger farther inside me.

I was getting really excited when one of the girls I knew came around the corner and gasped when she saw what was happening. This snapped me back to reality and I quickly stood up, straightening my dress. The guys were disappointed and tried to pull me back onto the couch again, but I said this was the wrong place. Ted stood up and held out his hand to me, saying he could fix that. I took it and him and Vince led me upstairs to a bedroom. On the way, I looked back at Penny; I could see Chuck easing her pantyhose and panties (a red thong!) down her long legs while Warren kissed her and fingered her now-exposed pussy. They had also managed to unzip her dress in back and pull it off one shoulder and arm, revealing her right breast, only barely covered by a very sheer, low-cut red bra. Several other boys were standing near çağlayan escort the love seat with hungry looks in their eyes. I had no doubt that Penny would be getting fucked, and probably gangbanged, very soon.

As soon as we got to the bedroom Vince and Ted were all over me. Vince unzipped my dress in the back and Ted’s hands went under my skirt to finger my pussy and rub my ass. Vince slid my dress over my shoulders and down past my breasts, his hands going to my cleavage as the flesh was exposed. He was lowering his head to suck on my breasts through my bra when Ted said, “Take her damn bra off, Vince. Let’s see those big tits.”

Vince was a little clumsy as he reached behind me and undid the bra, but he managed to get it loose. It fell to the floor, revealing my breasts to the two guys. “Aw, Mrs. L., you got some really spectacular tits!” Ted exclaimed. Vince just lowered his head again and began to suck on my right breast.

After he had worked on both of my breasts for a few minutes (and got me even hotter!) Vince stepped back to undress. Ted guided me to the bed, gently pushed me down onto it and hiked up my skirt. Then he pulled off my thong and spread my legs. I realized that Vince had climbed on the bed next to me; he turned my head to the side and rubbed his cock across my lips. I began to suck him while wonderful Ted licked my pussy.

After I had my first climax against his mouth, Ted climbed forward and began to mount me. He teased me at first, rubbing his cock up and down my slit. I moaned in desire around Vince’s cock until Ted finally slid his cock into my sopping pussy and started fucking. He fucked me hard for about ten minutes until he came. Feeling him spurting inside me, I climaxed too, and just then Vince came in my mouth.

The guys rested for a little bit and then switched places, Ted in my mouth and Vince fucking me. I sucked Ted for all I was worth until he finally came in my mouth; soon after, Vince looked ready to cum but instead he pulled out of me. He moved up my body until he was straddling my chest and rubbed his hard cock against me.

“Hold your tits together,” he begged. “I’ve always wanted to fuck a set of big tits like yours.” Who was I to refuse? I gathered my breasts in each hand and held them together, his cock nestled between them. Vince began fucking into my cleavage, his cock turning red as he moved between my breasts. It was very arousing to watch him get more and more excited. Suddenly he stiffened and started to cum all over my upper chest and neck – a bit of it even splashed onto my face! I rubbed my breasts around his cock to finish him off and leaned forward to suck the end of his dick clean. Vince shuddered, and rolled off me.

We relaxed for a little while to recover and then dressed to go back downstairs. I wiped my chest off with my thong and stuffed it and my bra in my purse – no need for either of them anymore! I had a big load of Ted’s cum in my pussy, and could feel it leaking down onto my stocking tops.

When we got downstairs, I was mildly (only mildly, knowing Penny) surprised to find Penny on the love seat with her thong and hose off and her skirt hiked up to her waist. The top of her dress was pulled down, her bra gone and her voluptuous tits out. A young man whose name I didn’t know was kneeling between her legs fucking her. Warren was standing on the love seat in front of her with his cock in her mouth and Chuck stood by watching, naked and stroking his cock. Two other guys were standing there, also naked, and stroking their eager, young hard-ons. Lord knew how many guys had already fucked her.

I joined them standing there, watching silently. Chuck turned to me; still stroking his cock with his left hand, he began to play with my braless tits with the right.

“Where’s çapa escort Charlotte tonight?” he asked.

Warren didn’t even turn toward us, intent as he was on pushing his cock into Penny’s upturned mouth. “Didn’t she have a sleep-over at Meghan’s?”

The last thing I wanted to think about was my daughter – things were crazy enough! Like when the fellow who was fucking Penny finished, I actually felt a twinge of jealousy as Ted moved in to fuck her. She moaned around Warren’s cock as Ted entered her, making Warren fuck her face hard until she was rewarded by a flood of cum as he climaxed. I watched her throat muscles work as she eagerly swallowed his load. As soon as Warren moved away Chuck climbed onto the love seat and buried his boner down her throat. I watched mesmerized as Ted and Chuck had their way with Penny, who was obviously enjoying her evening of hard, young cock.

I was so focused on them that I hardly noticed that one of the other guys was now paying attention to me. Suddenly I realized that he was rubbing his hard cock against my ass through my skirt while fondling my tits from behind me. Even through the dress his hands felt good on my braless breasts and he had my nipples hard in seconds. He led me over to a nearby chair and bent me over it. I was so incredibly horny from watching Penny and her two that I gurgled blissfully as he lifted my skirt and entered me from behind. As he began to fuck me he unzipped my dress and slipped his hands inside, running them all over my bare breasts and hard nipples. A second fellow moved into the chair and rubbed his cock over my face until I twisted around, capturing the hard young shaft in my mouth. I was enflamed as I fucked and sucked, all the while watching Ted and Chuck service my best friend and hearing her animal lust as she urged them on.

About the same time as Ted and Chuck lost their loads inside Penny, the young man fucking me came, making wild noises as he spewed his juice inside me. Another fellow sat on the love seat next to Penny and pulled her over on top of him, proceeding to enter her from underneath as she straddled him. Her long dark hair flew about wildly as he fucked her hard. I heard her gasp loudly as he took one of her pendulous breasts in his mouth and sucked the prominent nipple. I was still bent over, sucking my second guy, and felt another cock probing my pussy. Whoever it was entered my now-soaked passage easily and began fucking me. I watched as another boy approached Penny from behind and eased her down onto her young lover, raising her ass into the air. He reached down, scooped up some of the juices on her thighs, lubricated his cock with them and started to try to fuck her ass, mumbling something about “Booty time”. Penny groaned, but didn’t protest as he slowly entered her ass and the two fellows began to fuck her together.

My young man seemed inspired by this and withdrew from my pussy. He placed his soaking-wet cock at my back entrance and pushed in. I moaned around the cock in my mouth, but was too horny to try to stop him. His cock slowly buried itself in my ass, and I felt fuller than I had all night. Both of us got double-penetrated like this for a while – Penny taking her two in her pussy and ass, me taking my two in my ass and mouth. I could see Penny having multiple orgasms as her guys fucked her, and I envied her. I reached down to my clit and brought myself off just as the guy in my mouth exploded. Distracted, I wasn’t able to swallow all his cum and it ran onto my chin. Then I felt my ass-fucker go off, spewing into my tight backside, and I came again. In the background I could hear Penny coming one last time as her lovers gushed into her as well.

We were both exhausted and lay still as the guys peeled themselves off and from under us. Eventually I realized that most of the girls and guys at the party were standing there staring at us. I helped Penny off the love seat and we dressed hurriedly, leaving with our clothes askew and cum running down our legs. Penny later missed her panties and bra – we assumed that those had become trophies for a couple of the guys, along with memories of two MILF’s who had come to play.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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