My wife’s 1st BBC in our marriage. (Notice I

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My wife’s 1st BBC in our marriage. (Notice I
I first met my wife to be when I was 21 and she was 16 through a friend of mine. Carole was a tom boy who had lost her virginity at 14, and shortly afterwards she was introduced to having multiple partners in her life. Carole liked hanging out with us which was a group of 5 guys working on cars, riding motorcycles camping and etc. etc. etc. In a matter of a couple months she just became the group slut and even at 16 she had voracious appetite for sex. The real turn on she looked like the innocent girl next door, and in public she did(and still does act the role) For couple of years until she went off to college we would take Carole out to Ortega hot springs and pull train on her and during the week she was servicing all of us.

As it was I really liked her she was cute, pretty, a tom boy with a I’ll try anything once attitude. Then off to college she went and it was trade school for me and we lost touch of each other. We both got married had k**s got divorced and wound up reconnecting when she as around 30. Got married a year later and helped raise each others k**s and life got really hectic and our sex life waned causing bitterness and resentment.

During the good times after we married, during a moment of intimacy Carole shared with me she dater a black guy for a couple of years and being the pervert I am I asked her if the sex was any good. Carole didn’t answer me directly but she shared with me that he had a horse cock and even though she was on the pill she was afraid he would get her pregnant due to his reach and volume of cum that would explode out of his cock.

For Carole’s 20 years school reunion she got breast implants perky (C-cups) going from an floppy A cups (due to breast güvenilir bahis siteleri feeding 2 k**s). During this time she had managed to keep in touch with Jerome (her boyfriend in college) and it was agreed to a meet and greet that weekend with Jerome.

Being curious and devious I spoke to Jerome and asked him if he would like to have sex with Carole during that weekend? His response was “HELL YES!!!”. So the plan was put into play originally we had planned to go to the reunion for a few hours and then excuse ourselves citing we were tired from flying in the day and retire back to the hotel.

New plan called for me convincing Carole to wear a nice slutty black dress that showed off her legs and accentuated her breasts. How I convinced Carole to go bare was just in case she wanted to show any of the men what they were missing.That night without a hitch and we left any 11 pm and went to a nice cozy little bar with dancing for a nightcap. Grabbing booth having a nightcap I began making love to her mouth, when Jerome came in plopping down in the booth and when Carole turned around Jerome planted a lip lock on her sliding one of her massive finger in Carole vjj followed by another one while teasing her clit with his thumb. This went on for a good five minutes before Carole remembered I was there and broke off in horror to look at me to see my perverted looking smile. Then it dawned on what was going on and she gave me her slutty looking smile back.

While they were cuddling together with one of Jerome paws inside Carole’s dress caressing her breast and lightly tickling her nipple, Carole introduce Jerome to me proper and we made small talk until I suggested they go out to the dance floor. After one slow dance, perabet giriş in which, grabbed her ass and held her tight against him rubbing his monster she came back with glazed look on her face and she was ready to go!!!

We went back to the hotel and I had reserved a master suite with double king size beds. As soon as we got into the bed Jerome picked up Carole threw her on the bed and began to fuck her like the slut she was now. I mean he really fucked her in earnest and he had this rhythm they were bouncing up and down off the bed and then he would bottom out in her and wiggle side to side. This has only happened with Jerome, Carole has this sexy little shrill when he does that to her and it gets intense when he bottoms out in her and a load of com explodes from his hose. Wow, she has past out on him more than once when this happens.

After about an hour Jerome unloads a river of cum in her, while bottoming out in her and holding it in for a bit. The next thing that blew my mind, Jerome continues to stroke her and gets hard again inside her and then makes the most sensual love to Carole before cumming again. Same thing happens again but this time he needs his paw to guide his monster inside her but he get hard again and proceeds to alternate between royally fucking her and making love to her. At about that time I was nodding off and it was around 3 am, so I went to sleep leaving them together on their bed.

Carole confided in my later she started to nod off around 4:30 am as he was cuddle fucking her, and that even in college he had been multi-orgasmic back then. They woke up around 10 am to me watching TV, and since Carole loves the morning wood Jerome gently fucked her to multiple orgasms and then took shower perabet güvenilir mi together.

We went out for while coming back to the hotel to freshen up and go out to dinner and a show, and while freshening up they fucked again. Had a good time going out to dinner and the show, ending back up at the motel around 10:30 or so. So what do you do for fun? Fuck of course but this time it was a sensual gently fuck which Jerome teased Carole and had Carole begging him to let her orgasm.

In the morning we had to get ready to leave so they had quickie and for Jerome that was 45 minutes. One thing I did notice while he did cum and it ran out of Carole it wasn’t as nearly as much as the 1st time Friday night. That blew my mind that he could pump it out like a fire hose.

We left Carole kissed him goodbye promising they would “get together soon”. Two things I noticed about Carole she had this glow on her said she had been satiated by getting soundly fucked, and Jerome wore her out. Carole confided in me she still felt him for about a week after their sex marathon weekend.

Needless to say our marriage life changed for the better, and in the last 18 years she has fucked over 100 black men (more on that at a later date) and up until about 5 years ago she met with Jerome 3 to 4 times a year by herself for a weekend. When the last k** moved out, Carole sees Jerome 2 to 3 times a year and he comes to stay for a week and fucks Carole everywhere imaginable.

What I found out Carole needs to be fucked more often than not daily it releases endorphins causing her to relax, focus and and it’s stress reliever, therefore she is more fun and loving with me and we are more compatible today than we ever have been. I still have sex with and luckily she does her kagel exercises daily so she can tighten up on me.

Last item, I’m not into clean-up, but Carole loves to kiss and make-out and it took awhile to get use to kissing her when she came home with her breath smelling like cum, but we worked through it.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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