My Wife Finds a Load

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I have written about my wife Susie and how we both love cum and that she eagerly indulges my obsession with the precious fluid. I’m bisexual and sometimes involve the services of another man for my cum fix. She loves to see me with my mouth being stuffed by a hard cock and how much I enjoy it. Lately, she has pushed for a more active role in helping me. Susie had an idea for an evening where she did all the work getting me a cum fix and I would just wait and watch as she retrieved a sweet load for me.

We decided to go away for the weekend to another town where we wouldn’t run into anyone we knew. After settling in to a hotel, we drove down a seedy strip area where there were many nude strip bars. She told me to wait in the car and follow in about 30 minutes. Susie gave me the sweetest kiss and told me to trust her, follow her lead and that our next kiss would taste of cum. She wore some really short shorts and a white long sleeve shirt tied at the waist revealing her skinny frame. At 30, she still looks 20.

My cock was so hard and I was nervous not knowing what to expect. At last the time was over and I walked into the club. It wasn’t too busy and I got a beer and began to look for Susie. There were a dozen private rooms for up close and personal dances. I suddenly saw Susie sitting next to a guy in a coat and tie and he was holding a $100 bill. She was sitting close to him and had her hand on his crotch. She snatched the bill and whispered something in his ear. I just stood silivri escort in the doorway and watched as she stood up and took off her shirt. Her black short hair is so stark against her white skin. Her small breasts are so sweet. I have sprayed them with cum and licked them clean over and over again. Her face is baby smooth for the same reason. We both feel semen has rejuvenating qualities for the skin and body. She got down on her knees and undid his belt and pants to reveal a nicely shaped pink hard cock. This guy had no idea what he was in for as Susie is an excellent cock sucker. We both are in fact and love to give each other pointers during our sessions with other men. She looked over at me and smiled. I was so jealous of her position. She licked her lips and slowly wrapped them around his shaft and began her sweet journey down to the base. I watched, as I always do, in amazement as his 7 in cock disappeared into her small mouth. She strained to get it all. He just laid his head back and was obviously in heaven. She pulled back and his cock was now glistening with saliva. Susie began to suck him, bobbing her head up and down and settling into a nice sperm producing blow job. She is so fun to watch. Of course, I love to watch or participate in any blow job.

After a few minutes, she popped off of him and motioned for me to sit across from her on another sofa. I quietly sat down in the semi lit room and she stood up facing her şirinevler escort John. Susie took her shorts off and then turned her back to him. Her snatch is shaved which we love. She bent over showing her puffed out pussy to him and smiled at me. Suddenly, he saw me, but she told him I was her husband and this was my punishment. Little did he know that this was all for me to enjoy and that I would soon swallow his load of sperm. She spread her legs wide and slowly eased her hips onto his shiny cock. It looked so damn good to see him slide into her body and see her cunt stretch over him. She wiggled her hips and pushed hard. That sweet pain/pleasure look came over her face as the last of him pierced her pelvis. She began to ride him and begin the final milking of his balls for my load. I noticed two girls watching from the door. They obviously enjoyed the show. Susie was sweating and biting her lip. She was about to cum herself. Her breathing increased and she moaned as she came. There is no more wonderful look on someone’s face as when they cum.

She pulled off of him and again turned and got on her knees. She quickly sucked his cock and I could hear those sweet slurping sounds. He was close and began to hold her head. Many people don’t like this, but we both love to be face raped. It is such a thrill to be blasted with cum. He groaned and shot his load. Susie just held her head still as he emptied his balls into her mouth. She pulled şişli escort off of his cock and he quickly got up and ran out. She got up and just stood with her back to me. Her little white frame was covered in sweat. She composed herself and ran her hands through her hair. Still totally naked, she walked over to the girls who were still at the door and leaned her head back. She was showing them her mouth full of sperm. They just squealed and gasped. Susie then walked over to me and looked down at my face. I was positively wild for some hot cum. My cock was bursting. I had been beating off most of the time and now came in my hand. It was a nice hot load in my palm. I raised my hand to my mouth and licked it clean. Susies face was red and smeared with saliva. There was some cum dribble in the corner of her mouth. She looked into my eyes and smiled. I leaned my head back and opened my mouth wide.

Her cheeks were now full and she opened her mouth. A slimy flood of cum rolled out of her mouth and slithered into my to mix with my own load. My mouth was full of a delightful sperm drink. I closed my mouth to tasted the load, but didn’t swallow yet. We never do. Cum should be savored and enjoyed. I stood up and walked over to the girls. I leaned my head back and opened my mouth to show them my treat. There jaws just dropped. I guess they’d never seen a mans mouth full of cum. I closed my mouth and began to swallow my drink as they watched. There was so much and some ran down my chin. I just stared into one of the girls eyes the whole time. I then opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue to show them that is was allllllllll gone.

This would be a turning point in our lives and I have some more sessions to write about. I still get my own fix, but Susie is enjoying her new role. Lets talk on ICQ sometime.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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