My Two Aunts and Me

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This past summer I went home to see some family. I am at a small barbecue and saw my aunt Tina whom I had been dying to see for the last few years. When I was still 18 I saw my first lesbian porn with an actress who looked exactly like her. I was reluctant but as time went on I found myself masturbating almost daily to the one scene, imagining her and a family friend Kerri, who oddly enough resembled the other woman in the lesbian scene. My aunt Tina had gotten even hotter, with her short black hair, and huge tits all wrapped in her 5’1″ petite frame. So I went up to Aunt Tina and gave her a big hug and kiss. We talked and I told her I was in town for a few days. She said she was staying at our family beach house for the summer and had been feeling bored lonely and asked if wanted to come over later that night for a drink.

I came by later that night, and knocked on the door dreaming that we would some how hook up. She came to the door and she hugged me and then gave me a quick kiss, on my lips. She smiled and told me to come in, and she gave me a glass of wine. We sat on the couch watching TV for a bit as the drinks started to ease the mood more and more. I asked if the hot tub ever got fixed and she said it had and she wanted to hop in. I jokingly said ‘I don’t have a bathing suit’ and she said she didn’t either. So we both got up and I stripped nude with my cock in a full erection. She laughed at me, saying that wasn’t the first time she has seen my pee-pee!

She then led me by the hand to the hot tub and proceeded to straddle me. I kissed her gigantic tits just like I dreamed of all those times. I slowly moved to her pussy and began circling her engorged clit. She sat me on the edge and began to fellate my cock as I fingered her pussy, eventually getting all 4 up there! I finally told her how long I had been in love with her and she said she knew all along. We went to the master bed room and I laid face down on her stomach on the bed. I buried my face in her incredible bum! As she moaned in ecstasy I put my huge pee-pee in her tight 45 year old pussy and pounded away! We switched positions adalar escort and I railed her on top until pulling out and busting my load all over her hot sexy face. After we cleaned up I told her about the porn I used to jerk off over her, and she wanted to see it. We checked it out online and she said she was so happy that I associated such a hot porn star with her. I then told her about our friend Kerri, and she told me she secretly wants to hook up with her.

We decided, since I was living out of state and not sure if I’d be in town again for a while, to give ‘aunt’ Kerri a call. Kerri was a beautiful tall built woman with medium length light brown hair, and had a big strong body with gigantic tits. However Kerri was a bit shyer and quieter than Auntie Tina. I called Kerri and told her me and Aunt Tina were having dinner at the house and she should come. Before she came I had a quick anal sex with my Aunt Tina just to ensure my next time that night I could go longer. Kerri arrived that night and being the nice woman she is wanted to help us get ready. Me and Tina knew this was our chance to reenact the lesbian scene from the Marilyn Chambers movie that initiated my long time lust for these two. We asked Kerri since she had a pool at her house to clean the hot tub. She was in her one-piece bathing suit and sandals and went out to the hot tub and began skimming the tub. Aunt Tina and I spied on her from the upstairs window and both began to pleasure ourselves. Aunt Tina stripped completely nude and put on her black see-through lingerie robe and went down stairs first as I got the video camera ready.

I snuck down and filmed as Aunt Tina crept up behind the unsuspecting Kerri and tapped her on the shoulder. Kerri appeared a bit surprised and timid as Aunt Tina dropped her robe completely and put Kerri’s hand on her left breast. Kerri paused then slowly began to rub Tina’s nipple as Tina moaned gently. Kerri then removed her pink one-piece and the two entered the hot tub. After groping and smiling at one another they embraced in a deep, passionate, emotional anadolu yakası escort kiss. I nearly drained every drop of sperm from my pounding testicles as my fantasy was literally ‘Cumming’ true. It was absolutely amazing to see my 5 foot aunt completely seducing and taking charge of this nearly 6 foot woman, and completely making Kerri comfortable with her first time lesbian experience. The two kissed as if they were long lost lovers until Aunt Tina took Kerri and sat her on the edge and began to lick her soaking wet pussy. Kerri moaned and screamed in sheer lust as if she was cumming every 2 minutes. Finally I could not take just watching and positioned the camera on a tripod and moved in.

I came over to Kerri as she was sitting on the edge and placed me gigantic peepee in her mouth. For such a quiet woman she knew how to deep throat, having my peepee all the way in her mouth and licking my incredible balls all the while! Aunt Tina gave me a sly grin and came to the edge and joined in licking my balls ferociously as Kerri sucked up and down on my cock.

I grabbed both of them by the hand and the three of us went to the bed room. With Kerri and Tina on each side of me we engaged in a triple kiss as they both stroked my penis area aggressively. As we kissed Aunt Tina paused and asked Kerri if she had ever experienced a true anal adventure. Kerri seemingly nervous said not yet, and we knew it was time she learned how me and my aunt did anal worship! I laid Kerri on her stomach and spread her cheeks as Aunt Tina buried her tongue in her asshole just as she did her pussy. Tina went off in her own world at one point fully engulfed in Kerri’s incredible bum! Tina then laid stomach down on top of Kerri and instructed me to fellate both their gigantic bums! I started on Aunt Tina as she continued to kiss Kerri from on top and licked her ass and put two fingers up Kerri’s rear.

Finally my cock could not take it anymore and I told Kerri it was time for anal. I was amazed when Kerri, this seemingly quiet and shy family friend for all these ataköy escort years, looked me dead in the eyes and said “I better not be able to sit down for a week when you’re done! Now stick that big dick in my ass!” Yes Ma’am! I had Kerri get doggy as Tina sat against the head board so she could be eaten out. I lubed my pee-pee up with KY and slid it in to the tightest bum I had ever fucked. Each penetration was astonishing and both Kerri and Tina confessed their deep longtime love they had for me. I continued to penetrate Kerri’s backside and then Kerri felt guilty and told me it was Tina’s turn. Tina looked me in the eye and said “two things nephew: I love you so much, and make me feel 18 again!” I laid on my back and Aunt Tina jumped on my cock and Kerri sat on my face, bum-first so her and Tina could continue their high-school like make-out session. I felt the back of Tina’s tight juicy cunt each time she saddled me and the aroma of Kerri’s pussy juice and ass ( ok so I have an anal fetish,) made me that much harder. I finally announced all the cum-shots I had busted to that movie scene/ images of the two was about to culminate in the most incredible sperm dousing ever. They both laid on their backs and moaned out pure romantic lines on me as I began to groan and shot what seemed like a gallon of semen on both of their faces. Kerri grabbed my cock and licked up as much as she could. Tina looked a little sad but Kerri showed why she did as she licked up every drop of cum and held it in her mouth, before kissing Tina and sharing the juice of my love. As they finished kissing, my cum was strung between their mouths in an image words can’t describe.

We shared perhaps the most loving kiss of all of our lives for what seemed an eternity. I then confessed to Kerri my love for both her and Tina and how the fantasy had basically been a decade of pure escape and elation for me. Me and Tina decided to show Kerri the lesbian scene we essentially recreated and then some! She thought it was beautiful and was also elated I associated the other star with her. We went back to the pool and kept confessing our love for each other and went back to bed cuddling kissing and touching lightly. I left the next day and kissed each goodbye forever.

The 3 of us still talk and apparently Kerri and Tina have continued their lesbian relations. Since I am out of town the 2 bought a web cam and can give me shows of both of them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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